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Random things about book Richie

- he got A’s and B’s in school except in deportment because he couldn’t stop himself from talking

- people called him Bucky Beaver because of his front teeth

- he went to church every Sunday and youth group every Thursday

- he wanted to be the world’s greatest ventriloquist

- he was a smoker, even as a kid

- he liked to say “got off a good one” when it came to both telling a good joke and farting

- as an adult, he did cocaine like 8 times

- he had a vasectomy when he was older but it ended up not working

- how often did he say YOWZA? A lot.

- he believed his first IT encounter to be a dream

- he gave nicknames to his friends (eds, haystack, stan the man, stuttering bill/big bill, etc.)

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Cliche; Love At First Sight

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You’re a model in Jins mv and he falls for you


Jin x Reader - F

Filming for music videos was something you did consistently, you were never stressed, continually had a smile on your face and simply enjoyed yourself. You were easy to work with as you never complained, you were always helpful and everyone loved you; including Jin.

Jin was filming an MV for a solo, he was usually very talkative and funny, telling jokes whenever he could. However, when he saw you or when your eyes met he’d become shy and avoid you. He had fallen for you. He would call it love, at first sight, yes, it was cliche and super cheesy but he couldn’t help but consider that was how he felt.

You patiently waited behind the camera, ready for your last scene with Jin, he was somewhat different on camera. Jin would become this strong-minded, hard worker that never made a mistake. It was amazing how seriously he took his role and then become this funny person that constantly told jokes and made everyone laugh when he was done.

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Tim Drake + Attic, please! ♡

What is the character afraid of?

Sleep because of his PTSD and he doesn’t want the dreams to come back. That’s why he never sleeps and is always drinking coffee, it helps him stay awake therefor the nightmares can’t get him

How do they deal with bad memories?

He doesn’t

What is this character’s role in a horror movie?

The conspiracy theorist who is aware of the game or the murderer or whatever is going on, and is trying to tell everyone what is going on but no one believes him because “he always does this haha”

How do they hide their secrets?

Behind layers of self deprecating jokes and self loathing

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins does the character relate to most?

Greed because he always wants things. He wanted to work with Batman so he followed him around until Bruce agreed to adopt him. Tim has a tendency to let his greed get the better of him and he is aware of this

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Today at work a prolifer made the most disgusting joke. We found a bunch of clotheshangers on the floor and they joked "Are we opening an abortion clinic in the break room now?"

Oh my fucking god. Antis are absolutely soulless. I don’t understand how anyone can even say something like that and actually think it’s in any way justified to say. I’m really sorry you had to witness that. That’s incredibly upsetting


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it's disgusting af if it's true (and good for nina for being away from him bc even making jokes like that it's disgusting) but i really can't get how that worked. you take a pill evey day to not get pregnant, you loose them you buy new ones, use other methods or you don't have sex. so he hid them and what? she had sex without birth control and it was a suprise to her that she got pregnant?

Jesus fucking Christ if there was ever a reason for me to hate Ian Somerhalder more then I already do!!!!!

starkofthrones said: it wasn’t a joke. he even told them they have a video of her having a little panic attack. it’s a disgusting interview and she is right next him laughing saying she doesn’t remember it (they mentioned drinking a lot of sangria). it was a textbook example of reproductive coercion. he said he wanted to have kids before he was 40 and so decided to go to her purse and get rid of her birth control “unbeknownst to her” (his words). in the end he jokes “so i guess i decided we should start a family.

Honestly this is so weird that I don’t even know how to respond to it, but at the very least I think it’s incredibly bizarre that anyone would think that this is a cutesy story to share with the world. I think it’s really weird that he didn’t know how strangely this would come across.

All these pewdiepie fans saying, “Words just slip out when you’re mad.”

Like… yeah but not the N-word… Typically the words that slip out when you’re worked up are words that are already in your regular vocabulary. The *only* non-black people for whom the N-word “slips out” are, you guessed it, racists.

Because it’s 2017, and the internet exists and there is no WAY you wouldn’t know that the N-word is off limits. You should ESPECIALLY be aware of this fact if you work in entertainment, reach a global audience, and have *already* gotten in trouble for your #edgelord anti-semitic “jokes”.

Like how can you all still be like, “He’s human. It was a mistake!” If someone makes that kind of “mistake” multiple times, it’s no longer a mistake. It’s clearly a facet of who they are and not something they’re intent on changing. If he ACTUALLY cared about these kinds of “mistakes”, he’d be working a lot harder to make sure they didn’t happen in the first place. “I’m sorry” is worthless if you don’t fix your garbage behavior.


I’m currently in the process of moving (probably will post on that another time once I settle down,) but just really wanted to get this out. Ricklantis Mixup was amazing, guys. This was awesome. Just the storytelling aspect of it was so strong and this was super serious and dark throughout. I was planning on doodling a few jokes but that didn’t work out. The newbie Cop Rick and Campaign Manager Morty are some new favorites and I kinda hoped they would meet, but guess that didn’t work out. The storyline was awesome though so no complaints.

Just a personal note, this episode gave me chills from how it really echoed what happened last year. Through personal experience working on student projects and stuff, film/tv productions don’t get made in a week, it’s usually years of planning and drawing and stuff and it gave me goosebumps to see how the episode began to sound like what had happened last year. Man, I really don’t want to get super political on this so I’ll leave it at that but it always blows my mind to see films and shows that have been in the works for years to be culturally relevant when they come out.

And SO MANY CALLBACKS!!!!! SIMPLE RICK!!! LITTLE BETH!!! EEEEEEEEEVILLLLL MORTYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Wondering if my guess post of Evil Morty collecting and army of Morty’s still stands. Maybe it might be an army of Ricks. Who knows.

I also want to say, I find the SP Ricks and the Guard Mortys pretty adorable. 

Personal things I loved about It (2017)

  • Mike fucking up Henry Bowers (the movie theatre erupted with clapping no joke)
  • Pennywise’s weird little jig he did (idk if that was supposed to be scary or funny bc y'all know I was laughing my ass off)
  • Beverly in general she’s a goddess
  • When Pennywise fucked up Patrick Hocketter (that shit was funny af)
  • How fucking adorable Georgie was ???
  • The fact mike couldn’t kill the sheep (I called mike chocolate daddy throughout the movie my friend was hating me for it)
  • Every one of Ritchie’s joke about Eddie’s mom
  • Eddies mom in general (literally me ??)
  • How shook the theatre was when Pennywise haD FUCKING THIRTEEN ROWS OF TEETH WTF
  • The overall dedication and hard work they put into the movie it was wonderful
  • “If we stick together, all of us. We’ll win.”
  • “Welcome to the Loser’s Club asshole!”
  • How shook I was at literally every Beverly scene ??
  • L O (S)V E R
  • When Bill found Georgie’s jacket (yeah I cried at that)
  • Me yelling ‘rip’ when anyone died
  • Just the overall movie was amazing. Honestly I loved it (ps i stan Stan ;;))

Bucky Barnes X Barista!Reader

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Words: 1718

Prompt: “I got your message. What the hell was that supposed to mean?”

Warnings: bad fluff again bc im a hoe for soft things but idk how to write soft things rip


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  • Sirius: Pick one, between me, James, Peter, and Lily. If you had to - if you had to - who would you punch?
  • Remus: No one, they’re my friends, I wouldn’t punch any of them.
  • Sirius: Peter?
  • Remus: Yeah, but I don’t know why.