is this how the journey will end

A hand on her cheek. A loving look. A shared sentiment. The warmth of magic caressing her face. Ar lasa mala revas. You are free. A breathtaking kiss.

Elisansa sighed as she rubbed her eyes wearily. The previous day weighed heavily on her mind. Watching Solas disappear without a word after she pleaded with him to reconsider his decision to end the relationship that had cultivated between them. The journey back to Skyhold spent in complete silence as she recalled what had just happened. The memories of receiving her vallaslin and how proud she had been - how proud her Keeper had been. The knowledge that everything they held dear had been nothing more than a lie knotted her stomach and left a unpleasant taste in her mouth.

She should not be dwelling on her confusion. She should be steeling her heart for the battle ahead of her. And yet she cannot shake the pain she feels. She couldn’t smile in front of the guests earlier in the morning so she had banished herself to her chambers until she could push the dreadful feelings away. They relied on her confidence, on her ability to seem unshakable. That is what they needed from her. They did not need to see her break.

A knock on the bannister of her staircase jogged Sansa from her anguishes. A surprised expression must have shown on her face because Commander Cullen sent a hand behind his head to nervously rub his neck.

“I, uh, thought I might come and see if you were feeling okay.” He cautiously glanced at her expression and averted his eyes. “I know the coming battle won’t be easy but -” his words faltered at the sight of tears rolling down her cheeks.

She had meant to respond. Had meant to say something encouraging. And yet she had become overwhelmed by the simple gesture shown to her. She knew he was being friendly and yet his words meant more to her than he knew. A broken noise escaped her lips as tears spilled from her eyes and blurred her vision.

She didn’t know when Cullen had crossed the room until she felt the warmth of his touch laid lightly around her shoulders.

“It will be alright.” His voice, nothing more than a whisper against her ear.

She wanted to believe.

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The First 2 Miles

Pairings: Chibs x Reader

Warnings: slight fat shaming, swearing

Word Count: 760

A/N: So I walked my first 2 miles today. First workout in maybe ten years. Sucked ass but I came up with this idea while I walked.



The California sun seemed ten times harder than it usually did as you walked past your house at the end of the first mile. You were determined to walk two that day, no matter how much your head hurt or your chest ached. You tried not to focus on how much your toes and the balls of your feet throbbed with each and every step. You just forced yourself to keep moving.

Your fingers shook as you gripped your phone tight in your left hand and the handle of your empty Tervis Tumbler water bottle in the other. Sweat dripped down your back, chest, face- it soaked through every inch of clothing you had on.

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Our Asteroid-Bound Mission is Set to Slingshot Around Earth

NASA’s first spacecraft to travel to an asteroid will get a boost from Earth tomorrow, Sept. 22. 

Earth’s gravity is going to slingshot OSIRIS-REx toward its target, an asteroid named Bennu.

Asteroids are relatively small, inactive, rocky bodies that orbit around the Sun. Scientists think asteroids like Bennu may have collided with Earth a long time ago, seeding our planet with the organic compounds that made life possible. That means that there’s a good chance Bennu contains answers to fundamental questions about the origins of life and how our solar system came to be. We sent OSIRIS-REx on a journey to investigate.

One of the best ways to change the trajectory of a spacecraft is by using the gravity of a planet or large moon to catapult it. It sounds like science fiction, but this type of maneuver, called a gravity assist, is a fuel-efficient way of traveling through space.

We’re not using the slingshot to speed the spacecraft, we’re doing it to change its direction. That’s because the asteroid’s orbit is tilted six degrees in comparison to Earth’s orbit. When OSIRIS-REx swings by, Earth’s gravity will lift it up and sling it toward Bennu.

Spot the spacecraft

Because at its closest approach OSIRIS-REx will only be 11,000 miles above Earth, you can see it with a backyard telescope. For most observers, the spacecraft will appear between the constellations Cetus and Pisces, but its exact position in the sky will vary by location.

For specifics on locating and photographing OSIRIS-REx, visit our Spot the Spacecraft page.

Wave to OSIRIS-REx

After its closest approach, OSIRIS-REx flip around and look back at Earth, so here’s your chance to say hello! Take a picture of yourself or your group waving to OSIRIS-REx. Then share your photo using the hashtag #HelloOSIRISREx and tag the mission account on Twitter @OSIRISREx or Instagram @OSIRIS_REx.

To Bennu and back

In about a year from now, OSIRIS-REx will arrive at asteroid Bennu.

After it surveys and maps Bennu, OSIRIS-REx will “high-five” the asteroid with its robotic arm to collect a sample, which it will send to Earth. This asteroid sample will be the largest amount of space material transported to Earth since we brought back rocks from the Moon. High-fives all around!

If everything goes according to plan, on Sept. 24, 2023, the capsule containing the asteroid sample will make a soft landing in the Utah desert. That’s the end of the spacecraft’s seven-year-long journey to Bennu and back.

But the mission doesn’t stop there. On Earth, the sample material collected by OSIRIS-REx will be analyzed to determine the asteroid’s chemical composition. Scientists will look for organic compounds like amino acids and sugars — the building blocks for life. 

Bennu is approximately 4.5 billion years old. Our solar system is 4.6 billion years old. That means that Bennu is made up of some of the oldest stuff in our solar system. So samples from Bennu could tell us more about how our solar system evolved and possibly even how life began on Earth!
Learn more about asteroid Bennu, the OSIRIS-REx mission and the Earth gravity assist. 

Follow the mission on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates. 

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The Big Four™ in the last chapter
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Jerza:</b> Erza caring more about her looks to impress a certain someone, we get hints that Erza and Jellal see each other often, basically canon.<p/><b>Gajevy:</b> After a year they're already together, probs having sex, trying for a baby, domestic asf, hints that Levy might be pregnant??? 100% canon<p/><b>Gruvia:</b> Roles reversed, Juvia strips, Gildarts struggled to keep it in his pants, Gray gets jealous and pulls Juvia away from everyone else, offers Juvia to get her scars healed because her body belongs to him, if this ain't canon idk what is<p/><b>Nalu:</b> Might not have been as obvious as the rest of the couples but Mashima did a good job of expressing to us how Natsu and Lucy really feel about each other. They're the most innocent couple from the 4 so they're moving a bit slower than the rest, but from my perspective, Nalu is canon guys, don't worry ;)<p/><b></b><p/><b></b> Basically The Big Four are all canon, we can all die happy and thank Mashima for the wonderful journey he put us through and say it was all worth it in the end ♡<p/></p><p/></p>
Jonerys in 7.07 and Beyond :)

Okay so I have gotten a steady flow of asks both positive and worried after the finale so I thought I would just post one, big analysis of Jonerys in the finale for anyone interested in my take on things!

First of all I just want to establish that I loved this episode and it is my favorite of the season. There was much more to love than Jonerys here, but they are what I will focus on for this particular post, and I think this episode solidified their love in a major and lasting way. This is giant so I used a cut. 

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I know this is absolute shit and looks like it was made by a 7-year-old instead of a 24-year-old. I’m not an artist by any definition, but I still wanted to do something to celebrate because he means a lot to me, so I just kinda did this on my whiteboard last night. (Don’t know why I didn’t just stick to paper, honestly. Would’ve looked better and been so much easier to deal with.) Anyway, I’ve only been following the channel for about 5 months, and the podcast about 2 months, but it didn’t take me long to get hooked. Ethan’s content has been one of my biggest coping mechanisms these past few months. I was working a job I hated, the living situation at the apartment I shared with my friends had changed, and I couldn’t afford my loans on top of rent and my other bills, so I recently had to move out of town and back in with my parents, which has put me away from all of my friends. All these circumstances, on top of the anxiety and depression I already feel on a normal basis, quickly sent me in a downward spiral. But Ethan’s stuff has been giving me something to look forward to every day, something to smile and laugh at. And his words have often given me more motivation and made me feel better about myself. Even though I haven’t been here since the beginning, and I wish I had been cause he’s wonderful, I’m still so happy to see how far he’s come the past 5 years and all he’s accomplished and what he’s going to accomplish. He deserves it. And despite all of it, he’s still such a humble, sweet, genuine, honest, giving, caring, and compassionate person, and still full of enthusiasm, passion, love, and determination towards his work and his fans. I know this got kind of rambly and ended up being long, so sorry, but I just want to say, congratulations, Ethan. We’re all so proud of everything you’ve done and will continue to do. I’m honored to be able to share this part of your journey with you. Thank you so much for being you and doing what you do. You are so important. 💙
- Anne


Okay, wow. This right here is when a good show becomes a great one.

So I watched the new season of Bojack Horseman, and at one point there was this tiny comment Todd made just before coming out to Bojack, and I had to play it back a few times because I couldn’t believe I was hearing it.

Because I thought the same thing for so long.

After finding out I was asexual, it was such a relief for me knowing I wasn’t broken and that there were others feeling how I felt. But just after, this is how I felt. and I still feel like this sometimes. like, even if I was accepting and loving myself, could anyone love and accept me? could they fall in love with me even if I couldn’t give them the relatioship they wanted? could I love them knowing I wan not enough? was I even allowed to be in love?

At the end of the season we find out that, yes, asexuals are allowed be in love and have relationships and come out without shame. 

But for me, it was still very importat that this scene was included in Todd’s journey, and I’m still so astonished about how amazingly it was portrayed

Bojack Horseman is one good show

Why Lucy Heartfilia is as heroic, or more heroic than Erza Scarlet- Even though Erza is stronger and seen as more brave

In my AP Literature class, we have been reading, and intensely discussing, Beowulf along with Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Beowulf was written in Anglo-Saxon times, which came before the time of knights’ tales, more specifically, the time of King Arthur, The Medieval Period. Which is when SGGK takes place. Beowulf and Gawain are both considered the heroes of these two works. Even though they are so different

Author’s Note: This is from a literature-based point of view. Also, I love Erza to death and I’m not at all ripping on her.

I already made a post showing heavy comparisons between Erza and Beowulf. Their shared superhuman strength, belief in fate, and leadership stance makes the two seem almost like siblings. But there is more that the two share: Neither of them fear death, and both are on impossibly high levels compared to other legends, or in Erza’s case, characters. When I talk about Erza, most of what I say about her will compare to Beowulf, leading to my point. The same thing goes for Gawain and Lucy.

Erza fights for her people, she fights because she has to. Because she has been blessed and also cursed with a body and magic that is practically all-powerful. While she isn’t as prideful as Beowulf, she knows her power is god-tier and she refuses limits. Erza will do anything to destroy evil, including destroy herself. Although she is not completely fearless just like Beowulf, her fear never stops her from doing anything, making not only her strength, but her will stronger than anyone, especially the average Joe. She is a savior, and warrior, and a hero every viewer looks at and says “holy shit, her power is incredible, i’m awe-struck”. Her wisdom and stoic conscience telling right from wrong also heavily relate her to the all-powerful Beowulf.

Lucy Heartfilia is powerful, her magic is versatile, and her quantity of magic power is extraordinary. But that still leaves her behind God-Tier characters like Erza. While characters like Erza are generally looked up to as a kind of “superhero” figure, Lucy is looked up to as being relatable as fuck. While she provides an entertaining battle, it’s obviously never as flashy as Erza’s or Natsu’s. She shows her fear way more often than Erza, and fears death, much like Gawain. People in my class generally thought of Gawain as a coward, as being weak, and being a wimp. Sound familiar? I thought so.

We usually dislike the more average characters because they are so much like ourselves. We don’t like to admit that there’s only so much we can do, and cowardice is a negative term in society. Lucy fights for her friends, and she fights to protect others from having to fight. Beowulf and Erza also fight for honor, but in Gawain and Lucy’s case, it’s so much more than that. 

Lucy must fight harder and struggle more to leave a dent, while Erza can dent with one kick. Lucy has so much more to lose, much like Gawain on his journey to finish the deal with the Green Knight. As she implies often, her and her guild’s honor and dignity are on the line when she battles. Gawain accepts the Green Knight’s challenge to protect his king, because he thinks he is weak and no one needs him anyway. Sounds alot like Lucy, and it sounds a lot like the rest of us. Gawain’s journey and destination proves how truly strong he is, but within limits. He still chooses to show fear and cowardice, but lets go of it in the end as a final push against the Green Knight, and he passes the Knight’s lesson. Lucy also has physical and mental limits, but can still win. Because she’s so incredibly human

Gawain/Lucy are normal people, with the same fear and the same strength and ability as every single one of us. Gawain beats the Knight’s game; Lucy defeats several powerful enemies through her own attainable strength. That is the difference between Lucy and Erza. 

None of us can be like Erza, but all of us can be like Lucy. Both of them are amazing, but Erza is…inhuman in many ways. Lucy is a hero even when she knows she is the weakest one, Lucy is compassionate and even naive, Lucy shows honor when she didn’t have to. She makes bad choices, like all of us. And yet, she is a hero. Not just because she is strong, but because she is human. She’s so much like the rest of us. 

Erza is the one we all tell awesome stories and legends about. Lucy is the character we all learn lessons and humanity from, weakness and strength.

Erza and Lucy are both heroes. One shapes our will, and one shapes our heart.

I wanted to go into depth but I don’t want to make this a novel

Once Upon a Time star Colin O'Donoghue on major Hook twist

So that‘s how Hook is sticking with Once Upon a Time!

Sunday’s Hook-centric episode revealed that the Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) we thought we were watching in Hyperion Heights during last week’s season premiere wasn’t actually the one-armed pirate we’ve come to know and love since season 2.

When Henry (Andrew J. West) called upon his family for help in Enchanted Forest flashbacks, Emma (Jennifer Morrison), Regina (Lana Parrilla), and Hook all answer the call — but so does Wish Hook! Remember that drunken, bumbling Wish Realm version of Hook we met last season? Well, he momentarily aligns with Lady Tremaine (Gabrielle Anwar) to make him look like our Hook in a bid gain Emma’s heart, which will help him find his missing daughter. Yup! Ultimately, Wish Hook discovers Emma is pregnant, so he lets her and Hook-Prime return to Storybrooke to get their happy ending. It’s then Wish Hook and Regina who continue on this journey with Henry, thus answering the question of how O’Donoghue is sticking with the show, but Morrison is not.

“I was really happy that they got their happy ending, to be honest,” O’Donoghue tells EW. “It had been such a long journey for those two characters, and such a difficult journey that I was glad to see that, in the end, they get their happy ending, because that was the whole point of the musical episode, and the big number with a happy beginning right before the Black Fairy’s curse hit. For me, I think it was the right way to go for those two characters.”

Knowing he’d be playing a different version of this character is actually one of the reasons the actor decided to continue on with the show. “I knew about Wish Hook from early on,” O’Donoghue says. “I had spoken to Eddy [Kitsis] and Adam [Horowitz] about that. Also, because Wish Hook — not the younger version of Wish Hook, but the older version of Wish Hook — was one of my favorite versions of him to play, so it was exciting to get to do that. Trying to bring elements of who that crazy old man was into this younger version of him has been fun.”

“It’s good because it also allows Hook to move on, because it’s a different version of him from the Emma-Hook relationship, which has been such a huge part of the show,” O’Donoghue continues. “It’s a very clever way of making sure the Captain Swan fans — fans of Hook and Emma — get their happy ending after going on such a big journey with them for the last few seasons. I think it’s a clever way of us being able to move on with a new version of Hook.”

But how different is this version of Hook? As O’Donoghue reveals, Wish Realm Hook and Hook-Prime both have similar backgrounds, but where their experiences differ is that the Evil Queen never cast her curse in the Wish Realm. “They had the same journey up until that point, so they are similar,” O’Donoghue says. “Wish Hook has a whole different set of rules and agendas that the original Hook didn’t have. Whereas his main thing was to get revenge on Rumplestiltskin, Wish Hook has a separate thing.”

That separate thing is finding his missing daughter — twist! — which actually gives him a similar M.O. to the original Hook in a surprising way. “We see that that’s where Wish Hook’s main motive lies in him wanting to find his daughter,” O’Donoghue says. “I guess it’s similar to original Hook where he was motivated by love for Milah, everything that Wish Hook does is motivated out of love for his daughter. It’s been fascinating to try and explore how to make Wish Hook the same as the other version of Hook that I played. That’s been a big thing for me for the season is trying to figure out how do I keep this character similar enough for him to be the same character on the show, but different enough for him to be interesting and kind of new?”

Naturally, one of the burning questions is: Who is Hook’s daughter? Alas, O’Donoghue won’t reveal that just yet. All viewers know is she was locked away by an evil witch. But even more pressing: Who is the mother? Again, O’Donoghue is mum. “No,” O’Donoghue says with a hearty laugh. “But I can tease that we will get to find out.”



chamomile, rose water, and other unlikely intoxicants

written by callmearcturus. cover art by nightcigale.

“I do swear by Skaia’s guiding light to eschew ambition and direction to serve in the holy retinue. I will lay my head in the safety of the bower and pay penance in thought and deed. For the King of All Winters and the Undying Prince, I will provide succor and balm, and yield my being to ease the burden he carries for us all.”

An off-the-cuff jamfic for the Strilondes discord that spun rapidly out of control. In which Dirk plays the role of resigned god-prince of Skaia, locked in a twisted version of the Year King fable. His life is a sorry routine until one year, he receives a very bold, strange offering from the heir to House Harley, Jake.

A story about cycles, and how to break them, and the patterns left in the scattered pieces afterward.


or, already caught up? then:



I think you just kind of always knew that there was something more. I don’t think that that ever really changed. I just think that you just kind of acknowledge it or you don’t, you know? And it changes when you acknowledge it.

One of the most uncomfortable and unkind things I have ever heard someone say was to a trans person.

The words were “You are destroying your body.”

And after saying this terrible body shaming thing, they looked to me, another cis person for support in their ignorant point of view.

So I took a deep breath and said, “No. No, she is not destroying her body. Do you understand how difficult it must have been for a trans person to grow up feeling like they are not at home in their own skin? Constantly feel like something is wrong? Then having to tell the people they love who may not agree with them? Do you understand how much courage it takes to be that kind of exceptional human being who will not lie to themselves or the people they love about who they are and what body they belong in? Because we cannot even fathom that struggle as cis gendered people. They have a longer journey to get the body they feel at home in. They have a more difficult path to get what we take for granted because we have always felt at home in our own bodies. They are braver than you or I could ever be. And one wonderful day, they will end up with a body that they appreciate and look after far more as home because they have struggled and broken and survived so much more to get it.”

—  Nikita Gill, Respect Trans People And Their Bodies

I’ve been meaning to post something about these two stills. 

The beginning of the film and the end of the film.

It’s such a powerful comparison and it’s amazing how a character can literally go from one end of the spectrum to the other without becoming almost unrecognisable.

Surrounded by his peers, trainees and people who are watching him, right and centre stage. boasting a successful career and brimming with confidence and ego. and sure as hell likes to flaunt it.


You see a man alone, closed off from the outside world, nobody there watching him, instead he’s there watching them, quietly gazing out on to a world that seems so different to how he left it. 

everything has flipped, in a manner of speaking.

It’s why I feel Doctor Strange as a film stands out from other mcu films, the impact of the his journey to becoming this hero, he never expected to be is an ongoing one, we have yet to see. But it is realised at the very end, how far he has come already.

I mean I would love to know what you guys think of this.

anonymous asked:

I have the hardest time ending my stories. Beginnings are fine and middles are managable...but when it comes to ending....I never seem to know when or how. Part of me just never wants it to end till I get bored and suddenly want it to end with no idea how or a good place or maybe not end it till everyone is dead and there is absolutely nothing left to possibly tell because the world is gone...but that's no good. Advice for ending and how and when?

Thanks for your question, darling!  I totally understand the pressure of crafting an ending.  A novel’s conclusion forces the reader to assess the whole story from top to bottom – the themes, the message, and the resolution of all the plots and subplots.  And the more you love your story, the more difficult it is to let go.

It’s hard to tell you where to end your story without knowing anything about your story, but I can tell you a few things your ending will need.  This should help you narrow down your options :)

Traits of a Strong Ending

  • Reward – Whether your ending is happy or sad, it should give the reader some sort of reward for their patience and dedication to the story.  The reward should be based on the journey of the story: for instance, a story built on character development shouldn’t end with all the characters’ deaths.  However, reward does not always mean success.  A good example is School of Rock, which doesn’t end in the stereotypical “victory,” but still rewards the reader through the character development and relationships cultivated.
  • Character Change – A strong ending will not only include, but showcase the development of the main character/s, bringing it to a resolution or at least giving hope for more development to come.  If your character has spent the whole story learning to be brave, the ending should show how far they’ve come – a display of bravery.  If your character’s journey involves their mortality, or their dedication to a cause, or their love for someone, a death or self-sacrifice ending may be more appropriate.
  • A Question – Endings should provide plenty of answers, of course, but they should also prompt the reader to question something.  If your story is big on politics, morality, or beliefs, it should leave the reader questioning their own politics, morality, or beliefs.  If your story revolves around a character or a place or a mystery, the reader should have something to wonder about that character, place, or mystery.  This is key to making sure your story sticks with readers long after it’s finished.
  • Familiarity – If your characters spend the whole story in a few key settings or activities, this should be tied into the ending.  A story that takes place in Washington D.C. for twenty-four chapters shouldn’t end in Honolulu; a story that revolves around drama and humor shouldn’t end in a grotesque horror scene.  Never do I stan for strict genre-keeping, but the ending should resemble the rest of the story in some way.  Otherwise, it will feel disconnected and surreal, leaving readers feeling hungover.
  • Finality – The ending of your story needs to be clearly the ending, even if nothing strictly “The End”-like happens.  This is one reason why Friends and Parks and Recreation, both character-centric comedies, score very differently on their endings.  Friends had a definitive ending that gave viewers closure, while Parks had a painfully open ending with no landmarks – nothing you could point toward and say, “This is what happened in the last episode.  This is how it ended.”  Whatever you do, however you end this story, end it.  Don’t let it feel uncertain.

That’s all I’ve got, but if you still need help, you can send us another ask with more information :)  Until then, I wish you good luck and a happy ending!  Or a sad ending.  Or a bittersweet ending, but you know what I mean.

– Mod Joanna ♥️

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

Honestly, no matter how Mashima had ended the manga, this fandom would have done nothing but complain and insult the series and its author. We all seem to be forgetting something very important: Not everything is about the ships. From the start, fairy tail has been a manga about friendships - about the adventures of the guild members and the people they met on their journey. Yet, somewhere along the way, all this fandom started to care about was their ships. Even going so far as to insult and threaten each other and the author. Surely, I’m not the only one tired of shipwars and shounen mangas all ending with kids and timeskips?


7 Reasons Why You Need To Chase Your Dreams

1. What do you have to lose? Something that holds many of us back from chasing our dreams is what others will think of us if we fail. If we take the opinions of others too seriously we become their prisoner and waste our whole lives chasing the validation of others rather than living our lives for ourselves.

2. It’s an experience. Regardless of how our journeys end - it’s the experiences we’ve had along the way that make our lives worth living. It’s not about the number of years in the life that count - rather it’s the life in the years. We can put more life into our years by chasing our dreams.

3. There’s no such thing as security. Some of us have been told that trying to be great is too risky and that we should live for “security” - there is no such thing as security because tomorrow is never promised. The only choice we have to make is if we want to die with memories or regrets.

4. Playing it safe leads to resentment. Whether it’s a job, relationship or way of life - we need to create the life we want to live, or else we’ll suffer the pain of regret which turns to resentment over time. Settling for less than we know we’re truly worth is the path that leads to us resenting everything and everyone around us.

5. We’re gonna die anyway. The only reward for not chasing our dreams is comfort, we get to remain safe in a small bubble of limitation. There’s a whole world to explore, remaining in a comfort zone is a choice that many of us make - which is why so many people on the planet are suffering internally every day.

6. Low risk - low reward. There’s no such thing as something for nothing, we have to be willing to spend either our time or money to acquire that which we seek. If we aren’t willing to risk what we have now, we will never have what we desire.

7. What’s the worst that can happen? We’re on a rock in the middle of space flying around a massive ball of fire - there are no certainties in this life except death. There’s nothing holding us back from greatness except ourselves.

Our lives are made from the choices we make, choose to be great.

Peace & positive vibes.