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Every Time You Call

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written by: Mel | @caramelkru

prompt: ‘modern day fic where bellarke decide to send nudes to each other even though they’re just friends? ’ for anonymous

word count: 1406

[10.42pm] bellamy?

[10.45pm] Clarke

[10.45pm] ok good. just making sure u’re holding ur phone

[10.46pm] … What??

[10.47pm] Clarke sent an image

[10.49pm] Uh

[10.49pm] That is

[10.50pm] stop typing n backspacing n typing again u can ditch the awkward idk-whats-goin-on spiel i just needed to vent

[10.51pm] With a picture of your boobs?????

[10.51pm] … Those are YOUR boobs, right?

[10.53pm] yes very much mine

[10.54pm] i’m making up for all the unsolicited dick pics out there in the world

[10.54pm] By sending an unsolicited boob pic?

[10.54pm] boob pics are always solicited

[10.55pm] Fair point

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Im Youngmin Harry Potter AU

  • youngmin is fairly well-known at hogwarts
  • he’s a gryffindor obv
  • but not super loud or outspoken? when it comes down to it, though, he’ll definitely speak his mind
  • he’s a chaser and good friends with kang dongho, ong seongwoo, kang daniel, lee daehwi, and park woojin
  • once dyed his hair (permanently) red for a gryffindor quidditch match
  • is muggleborn, and sometimes struggles with wand motions/familiarity with like how to use his wand
  • wow sexual innuendo go away pls nope
  • you’re one of the better spell-casters in your year and a member of the dueling club so mcgonagall asks you to just quickly help him get familiar with using a wand
  • you’re a slytherin but you’re not really into that whole house rivalry thing and neither is he
  • you guys are both pretty chill with each other
  • your tutoring sessions literally just consist of the two of you dueling and he gets accustomed really quickly
  • he’s actually pretty good at dueling?
  • “you should try out for the dueling club”
  • “nah, i probably wouldn’t be that good, i’m better at history of magic and herbology than wand-based stuff”
  • “not from what i saw”
  • you’re so blunt and straight forward that he can tell you mean it, and it kind of boosts his confidence in terms of his ability to use his magic
  • mcgonagall notices it and pulls you aside one time after your transfiguration class and thanks you
  • he finally decides to join the dueling club!!
  • and you’re like
  • “oh sick”
  • he gets really good at it with the proper training and you know that the only reason why he wasn’t doing well before is just that he wasn’t adjusted to it
  • you find it ironic that people call you rude things for “being prejudiced against muggle-born” just bc you’re a slytherin when you helped someone overcome that challenge?
  • one time youngmin saw you hex a person trying to jinx you in the hall and it happened so fast and you were so used to it
  • “is this like a daily thing?”
  • “pretty much.”
  • youngmin frowns and continues practicing the shield charm
  • a few days later, the head boy, kang daniel, announces a new program to promote inter-house relationships where the houses have like an “exchange program” with each other
  • and you turn to look at youngmin at the gryffindor table and he sends you a smile
  • and instantly you know that this all happened at youngmin’s encouragement
  • one time during dueling club youngmin gets knocked out
  • and you rush him to the infirmary and you’re like super panicked that he’s okay
  • and you’re just sitting there waiting for him to wake up when kang daniel comes in
  • he takes a seat next to you and is just kind of studying your face?
  • “can i help you?”
  • “you like youngmin, don’t you?”
  • you glance at him with a raised eyebrow
  • “why would you care?”
  • “just being a good friend.”
  • “wha-”
  • “he likes you too, (y/n)” daniel sing-songed on his way out of the infirmary, apparently not even going to wait for youngmin to wake up
  • when he does you just kind of stare down at him
  • “what’s up?”
  • “you like me?” you asked bluntly, making him laugh at your straightforward mannerisms
  • “yeah, i like you,” he’d respond, reaching down to hold your hand
  • “okay”
  • long pause
  • “that’s all you’re going to say?”
  • “well yeah, i figured it was obvious that i liked you as well, seeing as i didn’t reject you”
  • youngmin just kind of laughs at you in exasperated amusement
  • dueling club becomes your guys’ thing
  • and you two help daniel coordinate more inter-house programs and activities it’s cute
  • when you tell youngmin that daniel told you he liked you, youngmin snapped his broom in half
  • (daniel was able to fix it bc magic)
  • the type to jinx his sweatshirts to always smell like him so when you wear them, you always think of him
  • would also probably give you weasley’s wizarding wheezes joke sweets in a chocolate box for valentines day
  • “im youngmin why the hell would you do that? i coudn’t stop throwing up in flitwick’s class!”
  • “i did it for the lols”
All You Would Ever Be

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel X Reader [ fem ver ]


bullet point ver.

wanna one masterlist
produce 101 masterlist

• you, Seongwoo and Daniel are the Trio™, a sub unit from your actual clique of like idk a lot of friends ??? there are different units like jinhwi
• Jinyoung isn’t the only one in his unit who has fallen for someone else. You have too
• and Seongwoo is going to get you together

hello, @collecting-smiley-taehyung  welcome to your scenario okay
i need to stop
it’s the stress of exams, really
anyways, I hope you like your scenario and THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US SO OPENLY IM IN TEARS 💕 thanks for the request beb.
hope you don’t mind I did it in bulletpoint style, I’m working on requests in the midst of exams so my scenarios aren’t the best right now 😭 maybe scenario ver ? but that will take me a longer time

- Admin L 

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anonymous asked:

Hey, Fran! Have u ever consider headcanon abt Baku and Kiri met before they entered Yuuei? I mean, just think about it: Baku is a huge bully while Kiri stand up for them who get bullied. Like?? What if they got into fight?? How would they react when they meet again in Yuuei?? WHAT IF KIRI HATED HIM BEFORE

Aw anon, I’m so not gonna give you the answer you hoped you’d get to this haha I’ve talked briefly about something on these lines on my main blog not too long ago, but in general the way I feel about this is, there’s no way Kirishima could ever hate Bakugou. I’m positive their relationship would have been a friendship whatever moment in time they were to meet, tbh!

And this is in part about how Kirishima just doesn’t seem to know how to hate, like, anything so why would he hate Bakugou of all people, but it’s also about how I don’t feel like Bakugou changed all that much between middle school and the first day of high school? Kirishima didn’t meet a perfect version of Bakugou, he met a Bakugou that lauched himself at Deku and had to be restrained by Aizawa, a Bakugou that blew up half a building to beat Deku, a Bakugou that was more yelling and explosions than anything else - and Kirishima looked at him and saw him anyway, you know? He looked at Bakugou fighting against Deku and thought “he looks desperate”. He looked at Bakugou and didn’t stop at his yelling and violence, not even in the very beginning. This would have happened before their UA days too, in my opinion - Kirishima and Bakugou, they have personalities made to fit together. You don’t need to chip anything away for them to like each other, they see worth in each other, they understand each other. When they first became friends Bakugou wasn’t any less shouty and angry and Kirishima wasn’t any less righteous and earnest than how they were back in middle school, all in all!

Well, what you were talking about was a one-time meeting anyway, right? Considering Bakugou’s always been cocky and shouty but has never engaged in uncalled-for fights, and how all his bully-like behaviours have always been restricted only to interacting with Deku, I doubt he would have actually fought Kirishima. At best he could have told him to mind his own business before angrily stomping away, tbh. A meeting like that would have hardly left an impression on either of them, let’s be real haha

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This is the Fenrys and Whitethorn/Galathynius daughter are mates HC (I am writing a detailed fic but I’m just gonna do this to BECAUSE WHY NOT)

-okay so Fenrys is living in the castle with Aelin and Rowan, and when they have their daughter he’s like “omg she’s adorable”
-but then she gets older and learns she has a powerful mixture of fire, water, ice and wind magic and Fenrys is like damn I’m just gonna keep out of your way
-rowan and Aelin are Proud Parents
-their daughter, let’s say her name is Mia (short for Nehemia, kill me) and she’s ALWAYS had a lil crush on Fenrys like who wouldn’t???
-ANYWAY, Mia has grown up being trained as a warrior but always been shown love and kindness besides that. She could kill a man in 4 seconds let’s be real this is rutting whitethorn’s daughter.
-so she and Fenrys are sparring one day, and he’s laughing at her bc she’s hungover as FUCK (she’s around 30+ years old and immortal) and she’s snarling at him getting real pissed off
-she throws a fire ball at him. It curves away all on its own and lands in the snow
- Fenrys just whispers, “Oh fuck” and stares at her and is thinking “so that’s what it is”
-and fucking Mia is like “Ha, oh no. Dad’s gonna kill you, boyo,”
-Fenrys laughs nervously and goes to walk away but rowan swoops in in hawk form then shifts to see how the training is going
-Fenrys is shitting bricks and Mia is kinda nervous too
-rowan scents their nerves and is like, “What is wrong with you two???”
- “Daddy….” -Mia is pulling the puppy dog eyes and charming smile she’d inherited off her mother
-rowan is like what do you want Mia. She’s all smiles and nerves and Fenrys is vehemently swiping a hand over his throat like “ABORT FUCKING MISSION ABORT” behind rowan’s back.
-anyway Mia sees and is trying not to laugh and rowan is a Confused Birdie
-Mia quickly saves their asses by asking Rowan to go buy her favorite chocolates
-he agrees bc she’s his baby lmao (rowan is the Ultimate Softie"
-anyway a few weeks pass and Fenrys and Mia have been sneaking around and making out and being naughty little turds and one night they making out in the freaking pantry when Aelin comes down for a snack
-she just laughs and says, “Good luck telling your father, Nehemia,”
-Fenrys kinda pales and looks at Mia, “I don’t want to die,”
-“Don’t be so freaking dramatic, Fenrys. Shut up and - oh my gods”
-Fenrys is good with his hands okay
-a couple days later they’re all having a family dinner. Aelin, Rowan, Mia, Aedion, Lys, Fenrys, Gavriel, Elide, and Lorcan.
-Fenrys and Mia’s scents have kind of merged bc they have been getting down and freakay in the pantry
-Gavriel scents it first and is just like “R u fuckin kidden me???”
-Every one but Aelin is confused. Mia chokes on her wine. Everyone is just staring.
-Lorcan is next and he’s like “you couldn’t keep it in your pants just once?”
-Fenrys is trying so hard not to look guilty or at rowan or Mia. Aelin is just leaning back in her chair sipping wine and smirking
-rowan sniffs and his mouth just drops open in shock at first because my best friend is sneaking around with my daughter what in the hell
-Fenrys is trying to explain, but a harsh wind knocks him on his ass and then it’s on
-everyone rushes outside behind rowan who is dragging Fenrys by the shirt lmao
-Mia is a freaking mess. Lysandra is trying to console her
-rowan and Fenrys begin to brawl
- halfway through Mia screams, “HE’S MY MATE”
-rowan drops Fenrys and turns to her like what??? This idiot is your mate?
-Fenrys gets up off the ground and wipes blood from his nose, looking angry and still kinda wary
-Mia shoves her way through the small crowd towards him to inspect his wounds.
-rowan growls when Mia touches Fenrys, and aelin just rolls her eyes and “stupid territorial fae bullshit”
-rowan calms down a bit when aelin holds his hand (what a sook )
-Mia is fuming mad, like she’s so pissed off. She turns to her father and is like “you’re such an asshole”
-“I’m just trying to protect you”
-“im a big girl, dad. If my mate was someone other than Fenrys you’d be fine with it”
-rowan looks uncomfortable because it’s true
-“It’s not like we can control who our mates are” Mia grabs Fenrys’ hand and storms inside, dragging him with her.
-rowan snarls at them “where do you think you’re going?”
-“to clean him up, you buzzard!”
-at few days later Fenrys and Mia are sitting in the lounge room. He’s watching her read bc she’s beautiful
-rowan stalks in looking pissed at their close proximity. Mia doesn’t look up, just ignores he father. Fenrys shifts away looking nervous lmao (I fucking love this kid)
-“Fenrys did you hear something?”
-“did you say something Fenrys?’
-the book flies from her hand, and she finally looks at her father. He looks frustrated and mad, but not at her.
-rowan apologies and says he will try to be okay with their mating bond. He also says the reason he lost it is because he thought Fenrys was just taking advantage of the crush she has on him
-Fenrys is trying SO HARD not to grin because omg Mia was crushing on me
-rowan is STILL TALKING.
-"dad. Shut up. Or I’ll start making out with him right now,”
-rowan growls a bit. Mia smirks, realizing she’s got a way to make her dad suffer for being an ass
-Fenrys snorts, and says he won’t do that to rowan
-Mia grins at him, and he can feel his control slipping because he loves her and wants her and OMG SHE’S GORGEOUS
-rowan is wincing like please stop that right now young lady you’re grounded
-Mia ignores him and kisses Fenrys and god if Fenrys doesn’t try not to kiss her back but she’s so amazing
-rowan pulls them apart with his wind and declares they are not allowed to do that in front of him ever again
-Mia is smirking, knowing she’s won
-over the course of the next few weeks every time rowan catches Mia and Fenrys together they’re either making out our holding hands or being fucking cute. Fenrys always rubs his nose on her throat bc damn she smells good.
-rowan’s form of conversation with them is growing and snarling and “rutting stop that”
-when Fenrys and Mia claim each other (eh eh *nudges you with elbow*) they stay away from the family for a week
-when they get back all rowan can think about is “one of my closest friends is sleeping with my daughter. Must kill him. don’t care if they’re mates”
-and rowan slams Fenrys into the ground. And y'all thought fae males were territorial. Ha. Mia yanks rowan off Fenrys and snarls, “Touch him again and I’ll pluck you like a chicken”
-rowan can’t help but be Proud. His daughter is feisty. He laughs and looks at Fenrys and says, “Good luck, boyo,”
-“help me up you prick,”
-Mia rolls her eyes because fucking fae males I hate them!!!!
-rowan and Fenrys are as good as new. Best buds
-Mia wants to kill them both. She’s so over her family, but she loves them so much. She punches rowan and Fenrys both in the arms and they’re like ow!! What was that for.
-“you’re both juveniles”
-she huffs and kisses Fenrys, rowan sighs. He’s always sighing. He’s suffering OK. Fenrys fights the urge to make out with her. “goddbye” she goes inside to find her mumma to ask for assistance on how to deal with annoying males.
-the cadre are getting drunk af in the kitchen later. The women join in and sit with their respective males.
-when Mia sits on Fenrys’ lap, rowan growls, but it’s half hearted.
“You know if you hurt her you’ve got four males ready to kill you” Lorcan laughs
-“nah, boyo, Mia could quite easily kill him” Gavriel is SO AMUSED by the thought of his great niece killing an all powerful male warrior
-“That’s so true,” rowan is delighted by the idea
-“I honestly don’t know why I bother with any of you” but Mia is grinning bc her family is amazing.
-they all get drunk together and joke about random things until Mia falls asleep on Fenrys lap and everyone is like aww omg that’s adorable.
-and rowan thinks maybe it isn’t so bad at all.

(This is shit forgive me)

Bad Boy! Kino

*bad boy! kino has the same aesthetic as the Can You Feel It MV where he’s wearing dark clothes 24/7

*its a bad boy staple

*On your college campus, you see Kino around sometimes

*pause he has the aesthetic of the Mommae performance from Pentagon Maker

*yES kaNG KInO

*y’all already know kino fucks me up


*you’re new on campus, so you aren’t quite sure where you fit in in the grand scheme of things. Like most freshmen, you’re just there trying to figure yourself out

*Kino is in your general physics class, but its rare if he shows up

*When he does he’s sitting in the back trying to look all scary and brooding

*pffft it doesn’t even work

*but his attitude is what got him his bad boy reputation

*he always has a remark for everything anyone says

*and the things he says are never very nice

*he’s kind of a jerk, actually

*but you’ve never actually spoken to him so you can’t really judge

*until one day you’re on your way to class and you’re looking down at your phone and you feel yourself slam into someone

*and you look up and it’s Kino

*’oh shit oh fuck oh no oh god he’s gonna kill me’

*he could kill me and I’d thank him what

*but he isn’t screaming at you??

*”looks like neither of us were really watching where we were going”

*you can’t figure out how to speak because of the way he’s looking at you

*it’s not hate, but you don’t know what it is

*he doesn’t even look angry

*so you gotta blast away before he changes his mind

*in Physics he’s back to signature Kino where he’s making rude comments about the teacher when the teacher leaves the room

*eventually you get tired of it

*”Can you shut the hell up?!”

*Kino looks appalled for half a second and then just smirks at you

*”What? am I annoying you?

*”you’re being a dick.”

*”Tell me something I don’t know, darling”

*why are you blushing when he called you that we’ll never know

*okay I’ll tell you its bc he’s super hot

*luckily the teacher walks back in and saves you from having to respond

*class finishes without other incident, mostly because neither you nor kino speak

*you rush out of class like a lightning bolt, not wanting to hear from Kino

*or see him ever again

*because he’s a prick but damn if that look he gave you earlier didn’t have you feeling some type of way

*but your luck doesn’t last and you feel a hand on your shoulder

*surprise bitch its me

*nah it’s kino

*”hey, I just wanted to apologize about being a dick to you in class”

*”oh- uh- its whatever, don’t worry about it”

*Kino looks a bit sad you didn’t really seem to accept the apology

*”Im serious. You looked really shaken up afterwards. You okay?”

*”Do you run and apologize to everyone you’re an asshole to?”

*there’s that smirk again

*”Nah, just the cutest one”

*then he winks at you and walks away

(this is actual traSH I am so sorry oh man oh buddy)

(anon requested this; I love you anon ❤️)

(requests are open for ALL boy groups)


- winwin as a boyfriend would be a1 seriously
- it all started when winwin saw your name on kun’s friend list on facebook and clicked on it only because you looked pretty
- he really did think you were pretty though
- he tried to keep it a secret because thats embarrassing. hes lookin thru one of kun’s pretty friends’ profile pics. kun would never let him live it down
- and he thinks hes bein all slick and secretive
- but nah kuns already seen him lookin thru your profile
- winwin has a habit of keepin his phone screen bright
- and having no password
- “so ur into my friend, i see”
- winwin would widen his eyes and smile stiffly “hahaha…..what r u talking about”
- “dont play dumb with me sicheng you literally sat in front of me and scrolled through her profile with your screen at maximum brightness”
- “…………..oh”
- kun would set the both of you up together
- except winwin won’t know that he is
- on the other hand, you do, but you didnt know it was gonna be him. u just asked kun to set you up on a blind date
- and wala
- “kun where are u taking me-_- i have to get up early tomorrow to practice the dance we learned a few days ago”
- “you can get up later lets go on an adventure”
- winwin would actually think him and kun are goin on an adventure like best buds
- kun plays him a lot tho
- hes surprised winwin hasnt caught on yet
- winwins all like “ohhh my we’re d best of friends!” then he’ turn around and kuns gone
- “hi… are you sicheng?”
- winwin would turn around all angry nd peeved bc how dare kun do that but then his heart would drop to his stomach and all of a sudden his hands are all clammy
- “oh, s-sorry. my friend set me up on a date and you look like the guy he showed me a pictu-”
- “yes im sicheng, but you can call me winwin.”
- he’d think hes bein all suave n shit but in reality he’s like purple nd it sounds like hes choking on something
- u guys would hit it off actually nd now winwin kinda feels bad he was creepin ur fb profile for the past few days
- you guys would depart all buddy-like nd he would feel bad bc he felt like he needed to do smth else but he was jus scared :(
- the next day he’d wake up to a new fb notification and it says that u’ve requested to become his friend and he literally jumps through the roof
- “good now u can look through her profile like a friend rather than a stranger”
- kuns a lowkey savage. truss mi
- winwin would glare at him “yeah ok whats the big deal wit ditchin me last night anyw-?”
- “if it werent for me y/n probably wouldnt of had added you so i’m pretty sure you need to use a diff tone with me sicheng :)”
- “…………..thank you qian kun you are everything a best friend could ever ask for have i ever told u that? ur my best friend. winkun is real and thriving.”
- you on the other hand wouldnt be able to stop smiling. he made that much of an impact on you
- he was very gentlemanly on your date. something most guys are lacking of these days
- he really left a good impression on you.
- you find yourself texting kun “can i get winwin’s number?”
- before you know it, you guys are texting 24/7
- when winwin isn’t dancing, he’s either texting you or sleeping
- you guys would make a lot of inside jokes and things
- i feel like he’d also be the type to start talkin about deep things once 11pm strikes
- the both of you wouldn’t know what you were.
- dating? in a relationship?
- the only thing yall did know is that yall felt right together
- winwin would always be on his phone smilin and taeyong would notice
- “who ya texting winwinnie?” taeyong would nudge winwin’s arm
- “no one” winwin would blush
- “someone special?”
- winwin would smile really big. “yeah.”
- kun would invite you over to the dorms to surprise winwin
- you get along really well with the boys
- “winwins goin from a big baby to a big boy” taeyong would say
- “its not that deep taeyong” yuta would say
- they’d jus be rly happy for u nd winwin honestly
- winwin would walk out the door and see you
- “(y/n)?!?” he’d smile real big and run towards you
- he’d hug you and you’d hug him back and everyone would be oohing and awhing
- winwin wouldnt even notice them being there
- you guys would just stay there hugging for a while then donghyuck would go “JUST KISS EACH OTHER ALREADY-_-”
- and you do
- the minis would make disgusted noises
- jeno wouldn’t tho he’d probably smile real big and clap his hands along with his hyungs aw
- he’d be such a spoilt bf omg
- you’d buy him anything he wants. seriously. anything he asks for from you and he gets it within a week
- it’s okay though because he does the same for you
- you guys just spoil each other continuously
- he asks for ice cream all the time. its really cute
- also whenever you eat the last few scoops of ice cream he gets a lil bit mad. but he restocks every other day just in case
- also getting scared at times bc he sleeps with his eyes open
- he probably falls asleep at random times too
- “sicheng? hun? wake up.. you gotta get to bed..”
- “*groans* i love u babe *goes back to sleep*”
- he’d really just be a big baby
- watching him do his morning stretches while you drink tea omg
- he’d clear out your living room and just take the time to stretch. it rly is another form of art
- “sicheng? hey babe? i gotta question?”
- “yeah?”
- “what’s this kun’s saying about you knowing who i was before our first date?”
- “…….idk a kun who is he”

Alpacas Over Flowers

who? : MXM’s Im Youngmin
bullet-point ver. 

the ‘Our Two Lips’ flower boys

LGL [ coming soon ] | JH [ coming soon ] 

blog navigator.

ndlahdkdhdj last few instalments of the flower boy AU series….for now. Please don’t request anymore for this series until further notice but I thank you to all who requested, these were really fun to write and experiment with but it is not something I want to dwell on for too long. I don’t think I’m very good at it either…lol rip. There’s still Guanlin and Justin left. Since it is October, it’s time to get spooky. 👻 Request Halloween, fall-related things, please! Never had a go at them but I will try.
Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to this series, especially all the sweet and kind comments you guys leave. 💕 It was fun, and until Guanlin’s!

- Admin L

• so there’s this cute adorable lovable amiable guy in your uni lecture
• you have a major
• major
• major crush on him but honestly, who doesn’t ???
• but he doesn’t attend classes very often bc he’s sick
• jokes
• he’s just out there being an underground rapper
• you don’t really pay attention to that scene but your best friend found out and pretty much told the whole squad
• and she also spilled the part where you really liked him
• wow thanks a lot andrea 

• 2017 best friend award
• it’s embarrassing asf
• now everyone ships you too together
• Jinsoul offers to accompany you to one of his gigs but you decline since it’s super close to mid-terms and you aren’t sure how Youngmin can keep his grades, music and life balanced
• plus, you can’t exactly picture cute, red haired Youngmin with an alpaca keychain on his backpack as a rapper
• let alone one that spits utter fire
• it’s lit 🔥🔥🔥
• you listened to two seconds of his diss track for Mnet and shut your laptop
• contemplating life and sobbing over how good he was
• it was that good
• the track was titled was titled SnakeNet™ ft. Park Woojin
• bouta catch snakes with my net
• * insert badly edited picture of Admin L swinging a net at Mnet and SM *
• I need to stop making Mnet snake jokes i’m sorry

• so
• yeah, Woojin, that shy, awkward kid who majored in dance
• Brand New College thrived with the talent
• so anyway, your alpaca boy rarely came to class but whenever he did, you tried to sit as near as him as possible
• he radiated sunshine and happiness
• it made you all fuzzy and happy on the inside too, it was like he rarely had a bad day
• trying to suck some of that positive energy
moving on……………..
• somehow, you always ended up like three seats away
• Youngmin seemed to always be flanked by his best friends, Jeong Sewoon and Kim Donghyun
• they always protected him from the world
asdfghjkl stop separating me from my man
• but it’s cute to have such an amazing protection squad, they’re a force to be reckoned with
• one day, you decided to approach him after your lecture
• yes you did it
• two steps away
• his back was towards you, displaying some expensive brand of the shirt he wore
• unfortunately, he seemed to be hurried and rushed off,  a few pieces of paper dropped out of his backpack
• even his cute little plushie alpaca keychain thudded to the ground
“hey! Youngmin!” you had yelled but he was already dashing down the corridor with his friends struggling to keep up
• you were the last one in the lecture hall
• deciding to return it to him another day, you picked up the soft plushie and the sheets of paper that fell out of his bag
• c'mon you were a decent classmate
• as you shuffled through the papers, a pastel coloured flyer fell out from one of them
• it was very pretty
• puzzled, you picked it up and examined it
“Our Two Lips?”
• you showed it to the queen of knowing everything that happened in your city, Jennie
“ahhh, so the rumours are true.” she said, amused
• furrowing your brows and frowning, you cocked your head to one side “what?”
“ahhh, Im Youngmin, Park Woojin and Lee Daehwi are rumoured to have been hired to work at this new cafe”
• you swore you walked passed the place before when it was all boarded up and had no clue what tf it was
• you nodded as Andrea cackled away
“oh my god Y/N you would love that place so much”
• your friends confused you beyond imagination
“huh, why?”
• Jennie and Andrea burst into laughter
“It’s a flower boy cafe!”
• oh my god
w a s t e d
• i’m still confused by this idea though…never heard of it until now and even though I’m able to grasp the basic concept, idk much i’m sorry :((
• okay just imagine
• Im Youngmin as a barista
• Im Youngmin as a barista in a flower boy cafe
• Red-haired Im Youngmin as a barista in a flower boy cafe, Our Two Lips wearing a flower crown
• Red-haired Im Youngmin as a barista in a flower boy cafe, Our Two Lips, wearing a flower crown as he serves you coffee
• and food
• food is important I hope you guys are eating well
• you pretty much spit out a bunch of gibberish as your face becomes tomato red
• “Oh! Wasn’t your last lecture today? Looks like you’ll have to visit him if you want to return his charm”
• a s d f g h j k l
• you really can just wait until the summer is up but that’s mean and he might want his charm back immediately
• of course, he loves his charm, it is adorable
• you love it too
• it’s a soft, small plushie that has been patched on the side
• :“)
• you make it sit on your bed side table so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see when you sleep
• also because you’re scared of losing it
• how would you explain to the flower boy?
• it takes you a couple of days to visit the place
• a few of your classmates went on the opening day
• it’s safe to say they almost fainted from the cuteness
• they facetimed you right after
“oHMy gOD y/N yOu goTTa cOMe anD SEE YounGMIn” Jinsoul yelled as she shakily held her phone
“yO i’m shOokeTH” - Andrea, about the cafe, 2017
“bye bye sweetie”
• honestly, you were a anxious mess, your palms were sweating, your legs felt like jelly
• it’s just to return his charm!
• and his lecture notes
• calm down!!!!!

• nah
• you fretted about it until you reached the cafe and put on a fake relax look
• the plan was simple, approach the counter, ignore the food, pass Youngmin his charm back and leave
• that was the original plan
• until you saw how breathtakingly beautiful he looked
• it was probably the first proper glance you had gotten at him
• that was not from your seat, far away, through the lens of a pair of binoculars, like a creep
“hello! I’m Youngmin, and I’ll be your flower,” proceeds to grab a rose out of his apron pocket, “boy for today”
• you weren’t joking when you said you felt a teensy bit light headed
• your hand closed around the plastic-wrapped rose and you stared at it in awe
stick!! to!! the!! plan!!
• you cleared your throat, “actually-”
“ahhh, table for one”
• youngmin wasn’t being rude - at least he hoped you thought so- he just wanted to get to know you a bit better, plus, you willingly came to the cafe
“you’re in the same friday and wednesday lecture as me right?” he asked as he escorted you to your seat, ignoring your reluctant protests. Youngmin was going to keep you here
“um yes.” you replied softly, heartbeat accelerating by the seconds
• he nodded, “ahhh, no wonder your face seemed familiar”
• eye contact, charming smile, faint tinges of pink of his cheeks
“i knew i’d never forget a beauty like you”
• he left you with the menu and your red face with a disorganised plan
• that boy is smooth
• @ Youngmin, I see you
it’ll be rude if i reject him as a server… i can’t do that
• you ordered something because you were hungry though, it seemed too good to resist
“what’s a beauty doing here all alone?” Youngmin posed as he collected your menu
• you mumbled out an incoherent, embarrassed reply
• he chuckled, “will my aegyo get you to open up?”
• instead of speaking, you plucked the plushie charm from your pocket. “i found this in the hall the other day, I figured I should return it.”
• truthfully, Youngmin allowed it to fall, hoping you would return it and take it as a sign
• Donghyun had taught him a trick or two on how to be the nation’s boyfriend and he was ready to win your heart
“are you serious? I went crazy trying to find this! Thank you so much! Isn’t your name y/n? Can I call you that?”
• he appeared a little flustered and surprised, clutching his plushie close
• he genuinely treasures his plushie okay, fight me
• it was cute
• ugh
“y/n, and yeah sure”
• Youngmin opened his mouth to speak but he was called away by another server. He smiled apologetically and thanked you again, promising to be back with your order soon
• you scrambled to text your friends but your hands were trembling like a leaf that you missed all the keys
• do leaves tremble?
• your texts to them were a mess but they got your drift anyway
• Youngmin arrived with your order, “I’m here to give you your food and my heart.”
• you really couldn’t help but burst into giggles
“will you accept it, Y/N?”
• beaming brightly, you nodded but was still unable to keep the laughter at bay
• youngmin chuckled along with you
• boi i kid you not hearing his laugh was a blessing
• b l e s s
• since the cafe was pretty empty, Youngmin settled down in the seat across from your own because “everyone should have company”
• he wasn’t much of a talker but he was a good listener, the more he warmed up to you the more he spoke
• his eyes lit up when you mentioned you listened to his mix tapes
“you’re a really great rapper”
• he just blushed and mumbled a ‘thank you’ in reply, the ability to speak left him
“ahh, t-thank you.”
• you took note of how well his red hair contrasted against his peach coloured flower crown. It only made him all the more charming and prince like
• Youngmin’s company was enjoyable and you could foresee him becoming one of your good friends
• you were reluctant to leave
• he felt the same way
• Youngmin isn’t the kind for a hella lot of aegyo but he has a way with words
• even though he says he doesn’t
“y/n? do you have a map? cause honey, I’m getting lost in your eyes,” he said, tapping the pot of honey on your table
• o i love puns
“you’re so sweet, are you made out of sugar?” *lifts up jar of sugar*
you’re just out there dying at his lame ass puns
• but at the same time, dying bc he’s FLIRTING WITH YOU
• imagine your crush flirting with you
• hah can’t relate
“y/n, we’re like a four-leafed clover, you are C, I’m R and there’s love between us” he purred out, making finger hearts
• you’re nearly dead and although these are somewhat awful, it’s cute
“i never knew you were like this, you never really talk in class…..” you muttered. “so innocent…”
“the only crime I’ll commit is stealing your heart”
• it gets late and you eventually have to bid him goodbye
• but before you leave, he slides you a note and says, “y/n, if you can accept my love, how about accepting my number?”
“yes! I’ll text you.”
• you hastily punch his number into your phone, nearly messing up because you’re still freaking out
• there’s an alpaca, llama emoji next to his name, whatever you can find on your phone
• suddenly, you become the envy of all the customers, especially when he gives you a matching alpaca plushie
*makes a mental reminder to attach it to your uni bag*
• Youngmin smiles bashfully at you but says nothing
• when you hand back the board to him after writing your signature - because you paid by credit card, he whistles
“damn, i was looking for a signature on you because a masterpiece always has one”
• you are about to punch him
• but only out of love
• your heart is going to explode
• he winks from behind the counter as you head out
“see you soon, Y/N.” 

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boyf riends

Who’s the cuddler: Michael has a lot of love in his heart, ok? He’s the kinda dude who Craves Affection and Reassurance (yea im lowkey projecting here but this is a hc and none of you cockroosters can legally stop me) but like he needs it in a physical sense??to ground him in a way (plus christine and jenna give the best hugs and that’s a Fact) so like I can just imagine everyone in the squip squad at some point being like: “I think Michael likes me??? I mean he’s constantly touching me and saying he loves me so like???there’s that” and then slowly that develops into Gossip bc highschoolers are Evil and Petty and it becomes “did you see michael and brooke holding hands last week in the hallway??yea, I heard they’re a thing now” and then next week it’s “michael went to jenna’s house last weekend and SPENT!THE!NIGHT!poor brooke tho” and then soon there’s gossip about Michael sleeping with the whole squip squad and basketball team (he briefly met up with Jake and met some of his teammates) (some of which are like “yo so are you dating that cutie or…” and Jake’s all “nope nope-ity nope, michael is 100% Off Limits, you hear me?“) and I imagine all this happening while Jeremy and Rich are still in the hospital recovering and they come back and Jeremy’s like “I leave for a couple of weeks and you fuck half of our grade??this is why I don’t go on vacations anymore mikey,, this is exactly why” SO ANYWAY I GOT RLLY CARRIED AWAY but basically Michael needs a lot of Physical Touch and ofc cuddles the fuck outta Jeremy

Who’s more clingy: I know some of y'all think Michael’s this Princess Peach motherfucker who Can’t Exist without Jeremy but lemme tell you,,,you think Michael was upset when Jeremy abandoned him for Christine?? just wait until you see Jeremy after 5 days of not getting 100% of Michael’s attention 24/7,,,he’ll start to shake my guy,,,he’ll start showing symptoms of withdrawal from not getting those fabulous hugs on the reg! I’m just gonna say it, Jeremy’s a mcfucking hypocrite,,,he’ll be like “lol michael is so needy with all of these hugs and hand holding” but like The Second michael is enjoying something not involving Jeremy he’s all “I’m sorry, what???this isn’t about me,,,,im confused???” bc the way I see it after the Squipcident, michael learns how to live a Jeremy-free life and with the added friends (the squip squad) he’s trying to show that he’s more than Jeremy’s Sidekick or Jeremy’s Friend With The Headphones so he’s discovering who he is beyond who he’s close to and so he grows from that horrible experience meanwhile Jeremy’s like “what do you mean you like things other than music, video games, and me???that sounds,,,fake,honestly??” 

 Who wakes up first: Ok so you know for a fact that Michael’s up all night arguing with 40 year old Christian mothers in the youtube comment section of a 50 Shades Of Grey trailer (“I don’t care if you think it’s sexy, Marlene! It’s still abuse!”) and we can all agree that Jeremy “Unfortunate Erection” Heere is up til 2 on pornhub with increasingly specific searches like “interracial gay gamer bros have sex” so in conclusion neither of these Heathen Fucks wake up early and they both need to reevaluate their life choices. 

 Who tends to get more sick: Jeremy is probs the BIGGEST BABY when it comes to getting sick. Like it doesn’t matter if it’s allergies or the flu that boy will act like he’s got the motherfucking bubonic plague

Who’s the little spoon: I’d say typically Jeremy, unless Michael’s having a bad day. 

Who’s more productive: Listen my dude,,,,,,michael has Depression okay? (im going thru an episode rn and michael’s my fave so…) it’s hard for him To Do Shit. Jeremy will try to help Michael out by doing a study group thing with the squip squad but that’s if Michael even has the energy to leave his house,,,,,and don’t even get me started on how hard it would be to C O M M U N I C A T E and D I S P L A Y  A N D  P R O C E S S  E M O T I O  N S,,,,,but anyway Jeremy is a Good Boy who does his homework on time and michael is still trying to get thru his make up work from last month (#relatable)

Who sings in the shower: Michael sings in the shower but not like…regular music??like you’d think he’d sing Bob Marley or something but nah, miss me with that,,,,he’ll be belting “I need a hero” from Shrek 2′s soundtrack until the Day He Dies

Who likes to embarrass the other: They both do, but Michael will do it on accident. Like, Michael’s just one of those dudes who rlly doesn’t have any concept of what’s socially acceptable or not, like they’ll be at the mall surrounded by kids and Michael will just start talking about vibrators at a volume that’s WAY too loud and Jeremy’s trying to shush him and Michael’s all completely unaware that he’s doing anything wrong and Jeremy’s all Red bc he just had to date the most ridiculous guy in all of New Jersey, didn’t he?? But then it’s the complete opposite with Jeremy bc that boy Knows What He’s Doing. So before they were dating if Michael e v e r tried to flirt with someone Jeremy would do his damn best to embarrass him in front of the guy (and I imagine him doing this even before he realized he liked Michael, just to be an asshole) “so, if you aren’t too busy after work, I was wondering if you wanted to…”  “HEY MICHAEL, IS THIS THE OINTMENT YOU USUALLY USE FOR YOUR DICK RASH OR IS THAT ONE INTERFERING WITH THE MEDICINE YOU TAKE FOR YOUR BLOOD FARTS”  “why the fuck are you like this”

Who cries during movies: they both do, but Jeremy will legit SOB ,,like you think Michael’s emotional look at Jeremy after wreck it ralph,,,,that boy was IN! TEARS!

Who kisses more roughly: Michael. Jeremy is p self concious and is not rlly the type to make the first move bc he’s Terrified Of Rejection (shit im projecting again) so like if Jeremy won’t even initiate a majority of the kisses, forget about doing any of that Rough Shit. (I do think that Jeremy’s Relationship Anxieties will mostly dissappear over time as the two of them work thru their shit together but anyway)

Who’s more dominate: I’m a firm believer that they are 100% Equals in their relationship but if you’re talking kinky I know of ZERO 17 year olds who have gotten into that kinda shit yet,,,,like if you’re talking about who calls who “daddy” the thing is they both do but to piss off their other friends. Like if you have a friend group where two people are dating (or just fucking) then there’s a 99% chance ur gonna know things you never wanted to know about that couple. There’s always the few people who try to get The Deets from the couple (Rich, Jenna, and Chloe) and so then they start to make up the grossest shit like “yea mikey over here’s got a thing for lingerie,,,he has at least 50 pairs of panty pleasers man, I swear on my life” “JEREMY CAN’T COME UNLESS THE OTHER PERSON IS IN CAT EARS” “yOu LitTlE sHit,,,,,THAT WAS A S E C R E T !”

anYWAY my rating of this ship on a scale from 1-10 is a 10 bc I love the whole “childhood friends then lovers” relationship, it’s like My Shit

《NCT “Dream”Theory》

So, as we all try to make sense of NCT’s concept, I decided to try and make sense of the story line the MVs bring along instead; just cause it’s more fun. So grab some fishy crackers, fruit, pizza rolls, whatever floats your boat, because you’re in for a dramatic explanation (?) that I tried so hard to make sense of. Beware of grammar errors, jumping around, inconsistency, as well as spelling, I’m not perfect, and  enjoy~ tell me what you think!

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Hey,could you please write a HC about what the RFA+V+Saeran would do for MC'S birthday? I looooove your writing,thanks a lot :)

sorry i took so long!! hope u enjoy!!!! AND TO ANYONE WHO’S BIRTHDAY IT IS (or even isn’t) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


-he makes a Day of it
-three bouquets throughout the day
-one is straight up just red roses
-the other two are a lovely bouquet of seasonal flowers depending on MC’s birth date and a bouquet of MC’s favorite flower(s)
-each bouquet has the same amount of flowers, all depending on how old MC is turning!! (though he caps it at 30….. bc he knows what’s good for his health and his wallet haha)
-tbh Zen has thought A LOT about this (and all the holidays etc, he’s wanted to do this kind of thing for his SO since before even meeting MC that first time in the chatroom……. like….. remember the Christmas DLC? yeah.. he wants this to be a very special occasion. he literally has fantasized about this)
-he takes MC out for breakfast at a local family diner and the staff sings “Happy Birthday”/variant birthday song and it emBARRASSES MC to no end
-y this hyun
-and they go out for a movie after breakfast, whatever one MC wants to see
-the movie theatre is mostly empty and it’s.. really nice…….
-Zen and MC wander around town, window shopping (maybe actually shopping), and do food cart foods for lunch!!
-he knows where all the best ones are and he’s so excited to show them to MC
-it’s so cute he’s so cute!!
-next up!!
-motorcycle ride!!!!
-he rly gets a kick out of MC clinging to him while they ride haha
-Zen takes MC to a place with a great view, possibly his spot in the mountains if there’s time
-they manage to stop on the way home to watch the sunset
-it’s beautiful
-selfies r taken and subsequently posted to the chatroom
-Zen gets out some light snacks when they finally get home, and sets about making dinner (it’s curry, that’s his best dish)
-he planned this whole day out
-for MC
-and has just…… been v affectionate all day, physically and vocally
-he loves them
-so, so much
-more than he can truly express
-and he’s so glad that he gets to spend their birthday with them
-even if the day hadn’t gone to plan… he would have been happy just being near MC


-yo listen……. Yoosung throws a party. he invites the RFA..
-but like. okay.
-it’s not just like….. a party at home
-Yoosung springs for a party at a bowling alley with an arcade and open bar
-things get drinky
-Yoosung gets drinky
-he’s been so nervous about this all day he just wants to impress and please MC omg so precious fuck
-this boy can’t do shots though
-so he’s had like two cocktails in the last 20 minutes he is tipsy
-like….. cocktails have a p high alcohol content, my children……. but u can hardly taste it
-Yoosung wants to down these like juice, ‘cause that’s what it tastes like “MC just lemme have one more please i promise im not even drunk MC”
-“yoosung pls.”
-he’s so clingy…. just wants to hold MC forever, even just their hand!!
-and if MC isn’t in his immediate vicinity he is hanging off of one of the others (usually Zen)
-there is definitely. 4 sure.
-drunk bowling
-Jumin Han, not nearly as tipsy as anyone else, requires gutter shields
-Zen will neeeever let him live that down
-Jaehee wins every round she plays
-she brought her own bowling ball
-after a couple games the group splits up and Yoosung, MC, and Seven go to the arcade, which is on its own floor of the building
-there are plans to regroup back downstairs for junk food and cake later
-but first.. arcade!!!
-Seven heads straight for the racing games
-while Yoosung and MC take their time wandering around trying different things while Yoosung is sobering back up
-they play giant Connect Four
-and a couple crane games
-there’s a giant Fruit Ninja (Yoosung gets the new high score)
-they get into one of the two player booth games and it’s a horror/suspense game
-Yoosung is terrified.. and clingy
-MC is maybe not……. as scared.. haha
-Seven takes video
-there’s a lot of screaming (some of it is Seven actually….)
-all three go play skeeball together
-they’ve been racking up tickets this whole time
-maybe not enough for anything rly fancy like the PS4?????? that’s on display???
-but….. Yoosung and MC pool their tickets and manage to get a dragon plushie (it’s beautiful, like opal colors and ice blue horns and shit)
-they use the leftover tickets on candy
-they name the dragon
-it’s their child now
-they introduce the dragon plush to everybody back downstairs as such
-“This is our child, Iseul, and we love them dearly.”
-“they’re scaly and breathe fire, but they’re beautiful and we love them. Our lovely Iseul~”
-“I thought we agreed on ice powers??”
-“fire is classic, tho!!”
-“…….u have a point..”
-“oh!! oh!!! both???”


-they take a couple days off and go to the beach together
-the hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub
-so there can be swimming and chilling in the water no matter the time of year MC’s birthday is!!
-they go out early in the morning at low tide to comb the beach for shells
-so many sand dollars!!!
-they saw some rly big starfish in the tide pools it was awesome!!!!
-since they’re staying in a lil touristy beach town they have breakfast in a local café
-one that’s got like lace curtains and all the tables are only big enough for two people
-a cutesy cozy place!!
-after breakfast MC gets a FaceTime call from Zen and he sings them Happy Birthday what a dork
-MC and Jaehee are crying wth y is he so sweet???
-Zen is flustered at the crying and promises to do this same thing for Jaehee for her birthday too!!
-more crying
-Zen is freaking out whY ARE U CRYING PLS DONT IM SORRY IM SOR—
-aaaaand he accidentally hung up
-cue both MC and Jaehee receiving frantic apology texts from Zen
-they don’t reply fast enough??
-Zen has already promised VIP tickets to his next show to apologize for making his two biggest fans cry
-omg zen calm down they were happy tears
-aaanyway MC and Jaehee do a bunch of wandering around the kitschy tourist shops and spots
-holding hands and occasionally smooching
-they take a bunch of photos and selfies to document the trip
-they go to the local seafood restaurant for dinner and take a slice of cake each back to the hotel for dessert
-Jaehee and MC enjoy some quiet time in the hotel together, snuggled up on the bed reading separate books
-and then they start getting handsy
-it’s kind of become a competition
-how high up the thigh before u react type of chicken
-except they both win bc…… it leads to sexy fun times??
-anyway it is a good time!!! at the beach!!!!


-he promises that they’ll do whatever MC wants to do for their birthday (within reason)
-they choose an amusement park date
-Jumin does some research and ends up flying the two of them to Disneyland
-in France
-I mean……. they def discussed this trip before it happened but like..
-jumin is kind of extra i love him
-he wears a suit the first day in Didneylan
-MC is not surprised, but also…… “Jumin we’re getting u comfy clothes for this”
-he gets
-and a couple Disney shirts bc they’re everywhere
-he and MC get matching shirts
-it’s too cute
-Jumin tries to take selfies but they are all blurry af
-he keeps them and posts them to the chatroom anyway
-MC thinks it’s rly precious and takes much better selfies (but only posts the shitty ones, partly for solidarity but also bc Jumin thinks it’s funny too)
-also Jumin calls Yoosung every day bc he is pet- and penthouse-sitting for them
-FaceTime with Elizabeth the 3rd
-she cries over the phone
-she recognizes her humans omg
-oh my god Jumin takes MC to a fancy restaurant while they’re both still wearing their Disneyland clothes
-they almost get turned away from their own reservation because the place has a dress code
-but MC’s partner is Jumin Han
-they get in
-surrounded by other people all in their fanciest dinner clothes, Jumin Han is wearing a Mickey Mouse ears hat(“a classic! a tradition, even!!” MC had insisted), a shirt with the Aristocats on it, jeans, and sneakers, and MC is dressed p similarly as they eat
-it’s beautiful
-MC takes photos and videos for the chatroom this is the best goddamn thing Happy Birthday to Me
-Jumin is glad that MC is enjoying their birthday trip so much


-it starts at midnight
-“MC!! MC!!! It’s ur birthday!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!”
-Seven is shoved onto the floor
-no mercy
-he’s laughing tho
-and pouting and whining playfully
-“but it’s your birfday and i luv u”
-MC leans over the side of the bed to squint at him
-“love me in the morning when im a human again”
-MC bundles back up in the blankets, they become a blankety burrito
-dramatic GASP from Seven
-“my SO is an alien” v soft tone, full of wonder
-he crawls back into the bed and flops onto and embraces the burrito MC (“ugh, be gentle, Saeyoung omg” “aaaaa sorry sorry I’ll be gentle I promise! im the gentlest boy!!”)
-“the love of my life lived among the stars….. in a SPACESHIP!!”
-“pls sleep Saeyoung…….”
-but he just keeps going and it’s less MC Is An Alien, and more….
-“MC did u know? that statistically you r a miracle?”
-MC turns their head “…..yeah?”
-Seven’s eyes are wide and earnest and his tone has gone from jokingly in awe to genuinely so
-“yeah!!” he snuggles up nice n close “like,, even just genetically ,, , you exist because certain events led your parents to each other and if any one little thing had gone differently….. you wouldn’t be here.. and it’s the same for them! Their parents and their parents’ parents!!
-“the chances of you being here in this moment are so astronomically low!! but ur here!!! u exist here and now and I–”
-he stops for a moment, just.. overwhelmed with his feelings
-“and im so glad that you exist, MC”
-he sounds out of breath like the thought knocked it out of him
-“im so so glad you’re here.. i love you”
-he presses his forehead to the space between MC’s neck and shoulder, nose pressed against their skin
-his nose might be a lil cold
-but his breath is warm
-“happy birthday, MC”


-he does not want to go out
-he’d rather stay in to celebrate
-okay. three words
-ice cream cake
-the goal here for Saeran is to get one
-to just… experience it
-but also for MC’s birthday
-there’s a conversation that goes something like:
-“MC, can we just stay in? nothin fancy?”
-and MC shrugs “sure. that actually sounds p nice……. although…….”
-Saeran is suspicious “although what?”
-“I kind of want…… ice cream cake?”
-and just. he stops
-he stops???
-“that’s a thing?????”
-MC goes for a dramatic look and answer
-“that is a thing
-“y didn’t I know about this what the hell yOURE GETTING ICE CREAM CAKE FOR UR BIRTHDAY MC”
-and he is on his way OUT THE DOOR
-MC shouting after him “U CANT FOOL ME SAERAN!!!! I KNOW U WANT THE CAKE FOR YOU!!!!”
-and i mean
-he’s not gonna deny it
-he is gone for three hours
-comes back home with two ice cream cakes bc he couldn’t decide between the funfetti one or the chocolate one
-MC is a lil exasperated, but indulgent bc hey ice cream cake for days!!
-as long as they moderate themselves
-they otherwise stay in and Saeran surprises MC with a lil necklace with a skull charm and a heart charm
-Saeran with a shrug about the charms: “the skull is me and heart is you”
-“r u sure tho”
-“shut up MC”
-a blushing Saeran……… what nice gift


-they start with a lazy morning in bed
-sloppy kisses
-soft touches and messy hair
-intermittently falling back to sleep
-eventually they get out of bed and get ready for the rest of the day
-breakfast at noon
-pancakes and eggs and bacon and sausage and warm flaky biscuits and coffee
-after breakfast V presents MC with what appears to be a scrapbook
-he kisses the side of their head with a happy little “happy birthday, sweetheart” while handing the gift over
-it IS a scrapbook
-it’s full of photos starting from MC’s first time working with the RFA on the party, and over the next few years up until this point
-it’s……. a journey through their life together
-their friendship, their love, their relationships with their friends
-there are notes scrawled all over every page in every free space between photos
-notes from their friends
-little stories giving context to the photos
-a few little doodles and well-wishes
-it honestly makes MC tear up
-it just….. feels so warm

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I need some angsty fluff so may I request some headcanons or scenario for Todoroki & Izuku of Bakugou's ex moving into class 1A which surprises everyone since she is the exact opposite of him? (Maybe adding Bakugou and his ex getting back together too *cough*? As a separate thing from the other two boys of course)

HOLY SHIT THANK U FOR THIS REQUEST BC I *coughs* LOVE DRAMA !!! Have a very nice day and I hope you like this!!

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To be fully honest, he did not care who she was. At all. But everyone was around her, jumping and screaming. Laughing. And, god, it was so fucking annoying.

Everyone? Not everyone. Bakugou kept still in his seat, on the verge of exploding. He was getting more and more red everytime someone jumped or screamed or, simply, had fun with the newbie. In a fucked up way, Todoroki was amused, and now, he was intrigued as well. Why was Bakugou like that?

During lunch Todoroki did as he used to, he sat with Deku, Iida and Uraraka, not expenting them to give him anything to talk about, but rather, just a bit of company. But that day was different. She sat with them as well. She was talkative. Very talkative. And Todorki was not used to that. But she was interesting, very.

Todoroki didn’t know how, but he ended up eating with her every lunch time. It was not even difficult for her to bring up a topic. She had a natural talent in making Todoroki as comfortable as he has ever been.

-What do you wanna talk about today?

-Tell me about you- He said once. And her heart jumped in happiness.- And about why you seem so off with Bakugou.

And all that happiness vanished. Todoroki could be warm, but he could alse freeze your heart in matter of seconds.

-He was my ex, and I guess things are still a bit cold between us.

Her ex? That bastard?

-I’m sorry, I shoul-

-Nah, I guess I’ve gotten over it already. Or almost.

They kept talking. They always talked. She talked. Todoroki answered. He loved to listen to her. And maybe, deep inside. she loved her as well.

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-Excuse me, are you Izuku? Midoriya Izuku?- A sweet tender voice asked from above. Midoriya raised his voice from the notebook he was writting on, and nooded.- I’m (Y/N), and I’m new here. I spoke with All might and he told me to ask you if you could show me around. He said you are one of his nicest students.

-Oh, of course! I will show you the building after lunch.

With a loud thank you, she sat in the desk next to his. Class started.

And lunch arrived.

They were walking towards the cafeteria when Bakugou went past them. And her eyes changed. A bit sadder, a bit darker, a bit smaller. Whatever happened between those two, Izuku did not know.

-Everything okay?- He asked.

-Yeah of couse, don’t worry…Do you know Bakugou a lot?

-Well, kinda, we have been together since childhood. Tho he has been changing a lot lately.

-How is he now?

-A little bit more careless, maybe even a little bit less angry- Deku laughed.- But not that much.

Again, sad eyes.

-Y’know what? Imma show you our highschool before we we eat lunch, we have more than enough time for everything.- Whatever happened between them, Midoriya knew he had to keep her away from Bakugou and the sadness he brought to her eyes.

Their walk was led by the multiple laughs between them, and their lovely chit chats. They were really comfortable with each other and they weren’t scared to show it. But when they got back to the cafeteria, her happiness started to fade again.

-(Y/N), whatever happens with Bakugou…you don’t have to go in there if you don’t want to.

(Y/N) knew she didn’t have to, she freaking knew but…

-Come with me Midoriya- She said as she grabbed her and and ran towards the exit.

-What happens?- He said exausted from the long run, as he sat on some stairs.

-Bakugou is my ex.

-Wait what


He did not expect that. At all. She was a happy, laidback and careless girl, and Bakugou was…well, just the opposite.

-We did not end on good terms, and I still have my issues with him. I know he won’t try to chase me or anything, he is not that type of guy.- She smiled sadly, and sat next to Deku, taking his hand.- Would you like to be my friend, Midoriya? You are the best thing which has happened to me since I finished things with Bakugou.

He was overwhelmed by her touch, but he still had to do his best. She was truly an undiscovered diamond.

-Only if you are my friend as well- Deku laughed and she pulled him into her arms.

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He was about to swallow his pride and apologize. He was about to do what he had never done, pronounce what he had never pronounced. And well, he was kinda nervous.

(Y/N) exited the school and as fast as he saw her, he approached her.

-Bakugou if you are gonna start shit again, I don’t want to hear you.

-Can you shut the fuck up for a sec? You are so strongheaded. Just let me talk for one.

She said talk but her stare said shut up and lemme go home already.

-I…eh….IM FUCKING SORRY FOR EVERYTHING I DID, OKAY? I shouldn’t have said that awful stuff, just because I was damn angry.

(Y/N) chuckled. The sight of Bakugou, lowkey blushed, sweating, and shaking, was more than a win for her.

-Thank you for having the guts to say this Bakugou. I trully appreciate it.- She said as she started to go away.


She stopped. Together? Who said together? Did he just ask her out again?

-I don’t know Bakugou, do you want to be together again?

-Do you really think I would swallowed my pride in such a painful way if I didn’t?

It wasn’t funny, but she laughed again. Of course no, of couse he wouldn’t have.

-Okay Bakugou, we can try again. But I ain’t giving you more opportunities, uh?

The sun was hiding and Bakugou’s hands hugged (Y/N)’s hips.

-I knew you missed me too.

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sin city 10 was so good (as expected, duh), but also so :(


i’m dying and living @ the same time bcus of sin city holy shIt istg what thE fuck even this plot gets deeper each chapter but omfg thanks for updating whenever you get the chance to !!

You are the bighit of this fandom omfg IM DYING THE ANGST OMG I WAS READING THIS IN CLASS IDC IM SO EXCITED EVEN IF ITS SAD AND UGLY BCS YOU ALWAYS WRITE BEAUTIFUL STUFF SO BELIEVE IN U BBY ❤️ im so curious abt the ending.. whatever ur doing, keep it up… its working… ;)

can you hear that? is my heart breaking into a million pieces>.< nah, i’m okay! :“) i really love your writing style, and i felt so happy when i saw that "ten” in your masterlist! i’m following sin city since last month and i can’t wait to read more :“) <3 lots of love for you! thanks for writing and giving us such masterpieces! <3 bye-bye x

SIN CITY TEN here you go again being fucking early and angsting my life up. im so immersed in this fic … thank you thank you for this 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 wish you all the happiness and love in the world

sin city got me so fucked up, like i didn’t even notice i started crying??????? my heart hurts 😪 bUt THANK YOU, I LOVE UR WRITING SO MUCH 💞 sin city has been my favourite fic ever since the first part — shy anon 💕 

Keep it short & sweet. Thank you for updating Sin City. Thank you for putting the time and effort into your writing, its beautiful. I’m currently dying bc of what occured, and i’m excited but nervous for what’s to come next! Looking forward to it Dee! All the love 🌹


i feel so sorry for sin city jimin omg i want to protect (and also, burn sam!!!!!) i wasn’t expecting that shocking plot, you’re such an amazing writer i admire you so much

sin city is honestly my favourite series on here of all time ! I really admire all the time and effort you put into your writing and amazed as to how you make such good plots with such deep meanings. and LOL I obviously love the smut here, no one can write smut as good as you do and I truly appreciate all your works on here. BUT SIN CITY 10 GOT ME… oMY I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT BUT I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK. Agh this series will be the death of me

Thank you for updating Sin City! A really good chapter as all ways. But…… Why would you put us through all that angst….how could you?


I’m so emotional HELP

Look, Dee. I love you but Sin City 10 made me teary. I don’t think I’m ready for the next chapter. I hope they talk about it soon, like really soon. Ahfhsja i loved the chapter dee

I don’t think I’ve ever disliked somebody as much as I dislike Sam 💔💔😭 how dare she hurt chim chim like that! But that was a good update though, and I look forward to anything to come.

dee what the fuck I hate you, u rlly gotta end sin city 10 like that honestly I’m gonna commit it was so good i neEED MORE YOURE SUCH AN AMZAING WRITER FU C K


I am heartbroken. Why is sin city affecting me this much ?? I love it though 😭😭


Wait… did samtan used to torture jimin?

sin city 10 slayed me fight me dee

HOLU SHTNRND IVE BEEN STARINF AT MY PHONE SCREEN FOR TEN MINUTES ICANT BELIEVE WHAT I JUSR READ. anyways though i’m absolutely in love with this story and how far you’ve come with it!!

Dee…. I’m in pain… I FEEL SO BAD FOR JIMIN. Not only is he probably in pain but he probably feels guilty and disgusted and hurt. My heart…

Sam is about to catch these hands I swear, my poor baby jiminnieuu

I cried reading Sin City 10…. 😭

she will not take tasha im ready to fight

ahh sin city last chapter is too sad, you really good to playing with my feeling. it probably will take a long time for next chapter again erggh i can’t wait

FUCK, Dee, what have you done? *jaw remains on the floor* 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Such a twisted story! ☠️

Sin city,,is making me feel so many things 😭😩 Tho I have a question; when jimin and y/n will talk about what just transpired/been revealed, will he go on to explain more of his past and what he intends to do with Tasha,, or will he apologize and tell her to forget about their arrangement D:?? I have a lot of indications on to where this may go but it is ALl ANGST which is great don’t get me wrong but anyways! I love this new update!!!!! Sm!!! I can’t wait to see the plot develop even more!!


now I don’t know if Jimin was being honest with y/n or nah omg I’ve never hated a character like I hate sam

i just finished the new chapter and i’m in tears?? It was so good and so well written and i’m so excited for where Sin City is going to go as a story!! the chapter left me heartbroken (that’s a compliment, not many stories affect me so much emotionally). I can’t wait for the next chapters!! love u lots :*

I’m sorry about this chapter getting everyone emotional! I knwo some things are left unanswered but I promise you will know everything in the next one - all the details about his time working there, his intentions with the OC, her opinion on all of this, and his opinion on Tasha and everything. Thank you all for reading, I’m glad you liked the chapter! :*

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Aight imma call you anwar now so you know it's my dumb ass but I want to read ur jooheon essays bc he destroyed my bias list as well as shownu but jooheon still is just a dream of a boy every man on this earth should aspire to be as beautiful of a person as jooheon

oh! wow ive been given free reign??to discuss my love? for jaaneman jooheon

lee jooheon is fucking perfect to me okay? like as monbebes, we always talk abt his stage charisma and stuff, but honestly? jooheon owns the stage, the way he raps, the way he moves with the music, is so utterly raw, it’s like he’s pouring his everything into the music. the way he spits out the words, does the little lilts in tone, growls out the fading bits, jooheon becomes the music, like he is the song. this isn’t even because he likes the song or smth, jooheon just has such a strong passion, a driving energy, it’s like everything he does up there on the stage is bc he loves it and he wants to do it jooheon becomes the song because he doesn’t know how to do anything but

furthermore i would like to bring a new item of discussion to the table as an unpopular opinion: jooheon is not 2 ppl–soft offstage, charismatic on stage. in fact, they are both amplified aspects of lee jooheon. 

ok okay hear me out. look, lee jooheon is different than jooheon of mx, right?  okay so lee jooheon is actually  rlly sweet, but slightly more reserved than jooheon of mx. and you can argue w me on this, but my man and i literally have the same fucking birthday so fuck off i Get Him (im joking i promise im not a bitch). okay so moving on, here’s what i mean: he plays the whole role of the cutie, the lil adorable fluffball, but jooheon isnt a huge fan of physical affection unless you’re close with him and That right there is lee jooheon not jooheon of mx. literally he would only let minhyuk actually cuddle him as of recent–jooheon fucking loves it when minhyuk hugs him or cuddles him. and im not saying he outright rejects hugs or affection, but he really only initiates this when he’s completely comfortable with you, like wholly and fully is close with you. however, he’s been getting closer and closer with the members and now he’s comfortable with even kihyun hugging him. but see, his affection is interesting, bc it’s like he doesn’t necessarily like it, but he knows what helps his members out. when changkyun’s nervous, or a lil fidgety, jooheon is quick to put his arms around him, to rest his head on changkyun’s shoulder. jooheon picks up quickly on people and their personalities, which then helps him figure out what he has to do to help them when they’re upset.

my point is, jooheon amplifies the cuteness, the fluffiness bc he’s trying to become a better version of himself. the jooheon we see offstage is actually an amplified aspect of lee jooheon, just like the jooheon on stage is an amplified version of lee jooheon’s passion. jooheon of mx embodies the raw passion lee jooheon has, the energy, the drive, everything he loves. so the jooheon of mx we see is actually the parts of lee jooheon that he amplifies! so what im trying to say is that jooheon is actually giving us his real personality through joohoen of mx. this sounds fucking weird and also like i spend wayyyy too much time analyzing him, but the thing is, we never realize that when we get jooheon of mx, he’s actually feeding us his favorite parts of lee jooheon, the boy who just really fuckin loves music and is sweet beyond words. jooheon of mx is lee jooheon, but the parts that he wants us to see, the parts he knows will make us happy.

jooheon is so completely selfless, like everything he does is just to make people happy. the cuteness we get? bc he knows it’ll make us happy. the hugs he gives the members? makes em happy. the way he carefully cheers on each of the member? good loRD hes so fucking good at that. lee jooheon is KING of soft compliments, of “wow! u hit that high note really well!” to kihyun when they’re reacting to their stages and kihyun looks nervous (boy always looks so stressed abt his lines – breathe baby, breathe) or “ooh, have you been working out?” when he sees hoseok walkin around in tighter shirts or telling changkyun ”brooo ur flow” like it’s all second nature to him, it’s like an extension of who he is. that is lee jooheon transitioning and bleeding into jooheon of mx.

okok also! i love the way jooheon doesn’t pit himself against anyone! like kihyun also does this really well!! they get better bc they want to get better for themselves! when he practices (think back to no mercy) he doesnt think “oh wow, i need to be better than X person”  he critiques himself, he anazlyzes each and everything he does, down to the little noises he makes, the way he breathes during certain parts. jooheon doesnt think that he should get better because someone is catching up to him. he gets better because he feels like he is his own competition. this is something thats like hecka clear in no mercy, like when he won that recording thing w hyorin and san e and l i t e r al l y aced the recording in one go, but my bby was like nah i think i can do better. jooheon flourishes under praise, but he doesnt end it there. he doesnt think that just bc he’s been praised he can stop–no, his mind immediately jumps forward, he’s already moving onto wow how can i be even better, how do i continue to get praised. his mind is so interesting, like the satisfaction that comes with being praised is immediately overridden, by the need to get better so that the praise continues. 

also when he gets praised his face does this rlly cute thing where he baiscally tries to do a humble smile, but he’s so happy that someone complimented him taht he gets this strain on his faCE AND HE LOOKS SO FUCKING HAPPY! also when he smiles, like genuinely, and his upper lip curls just a bit over his teeth and the dimples pop out (aka my home) and his eyes scrunch shut!! beauty!! also the way he laughs!! when jooheon thinks something is really funny, he laughs in high pitched hiccups with lil choked off noises. when he’s giggling, it’s lower pitched with a sort of warmth to it, but my favorite laugh is when he’s with his fans and someone says or does smth. like jooheon LIGHTS THE FUCK UP for his fans im not even joking hes so beautiful im sobbing i love him

ok wow this got rlly long and im gonna stop now pls dont hate me this is the one time i cried about him pls

Newt Scamander Imagine 3 soulmate au

In which people who have a soulmate will see whatever is written/drawn on each other’s skin.

Newt remembered the first time any marks from his soulmate had turned up on his skin. Of course he had tried to connect with whomever it was before, but there had always been no response. Eventually he just assumed he didn’t have a soulmate. 

But one day when he was in potions class during the beginning of 6th year, he was giving a presentation on how to make Amortentia (due to the fact that he had skipped class the day before to sneak into the forbidden forest and this was part of his punishment) when someone from the back of the room yelled out, “Woah!! What’s on your hand?” 

Newt stopped and looked over at the short, blond haired boy with large glasses confused before holding up his hand to see what all the astonished looks were about. His hand was covered, front and back, with black ink that drew out flowers and swirls and intricate designs. He pulled down he sleeve and watched as slowly, another flower was being drawn on his wrist on its own. Only, it wasn’t appearing on its own. His fantastic soulmate was drawing the art on his/her arm, which was appearing on Newts. 

“Damn!” one girl yelled out, “Your soulmate has some skills!!”

“I have a soulmate,” Newt whispered to himself, “I thought I would die alone and i have a soulmate!” 

“Ah, thank you, but shall we return to the potion,” to Professor interjected, giving Newt a glare for disrupting the class. 

Newt nodded, his spirits lifted immensely, and rolled his sleeve all the way up so he could watch the illustrations growing on his arm from the corner of his eye while continuing the demonstration. 


You rolled up your sleeve further to continue the flowers and designs your were drawing with ink when you heard your name. 


"Y-yes?” you said, snapping out of a daze. 

“What do you think?" 

You laughed nervously, "Oh, um, ha, could you repeat the question?" 

Professor Rose sighed, "Y/n, if you are incapable of focusing during my lessons maybe it would be wise of me to confiscate the quill that distracts you." 

You put the quill down, "No! I swear, I’ll listen!" 

The Professor gave you a skeptical look but turned and continued the lecture. You sighed in relief and sat back in your chair before turing back to your friend Queenie. 

"Y/n! Pay attention!” she whisper-yelled. 

You rolled your eyes thinking ‘fine, I guess I won’t tell you about my soulmate.’

Her eyes went wide and she smiled, “You never told me you had a soulmate??!!" 

"Miss Goldstein!" 

Queenie winced and looked up, "Sorry Professor." 

"Perhaps you and Miss y/l/n would like to take this conversation outside? And then come talk to me when class is over?" 

You and Queenie glanced at each other before gathering your things and going to sit in the hallway. 

"Tell me everything!!” Queenie was beyond exited. 

You laughed, “Alright, alright. So whoever it is has tried to contact me a couple of times but I haven’t responded-”


"Oh, because-" 

"Oh you don’t want to 'tempt fate’? That’s foolish, don’t you want to know them? Oh you do but you want to meet in person normally?" 

"Well, anyways, I was drawing on my arm in class instead of my paper and look what they wrote!!" 

You showed Queenie your bicep proudly, which displayed the words 'you’re a bloody amazing artist!!' 

Queenie smiled, "Aw how cute! But what’s with the 'bloody’?" 

"I don’t know. I read in a book that brits say that. Do you think they could be British?”

“Yeah, why not?" 

"God, I’m going to have to wait forever to meet them then." 

"Don’t worry honey, it’ll feel like no time has passed when you meet them.”


You walked into the living room of the apartment you had spent the night in wearing nothing but your undergarments. Queenie smiled as she was magically tending to both of your outfits for the day. You were about to ask where Tina was when the door opened and she slipped in, two men following her. You stood up, shocked. 

“Teenie! You brought men home!" 

"Tina!” you sounded much less enthusiastic than Queenie and more alarmed, “You brought men home?!" 

 She nodded, "Why don’t you two put something on." 

You were still in disbelief at the strange round man wandering around, seemingly lost in his own world. 

"Is he okay?” You asked no one in particular. 

“Got bitten by a murtlap,” the other man responded. 

“Isn’t that harmful to no-maj- woah." 

You looked up only to be meet with a shockingly handsome face with bright eyes and countless freckles. The stranger gave a weak smile and you heard Queenie giggle in the background. 

"I’m Newt." 

"Y/n,” you responded, still in awe. 

You looked down after a moment and realized you still weren’t properly dressed. 

“I-I should-" 


You walked over to Queenie and grabbed your clothes. 

She elbowed you and whispered, "Y/n! Remember, I know what you’re thinking, you naughty girl/boy!" 

You shot her an angry look and slipped away, going to get dressed and collect yourself before returning to the main room. 


 You and Newt had become very true friends, and you couldn’t wait for him to return back to New York with his newly published book. You had developed some feelings for him, but you tried your best to shoo them away, falling for your best friend was a one-way ticket to HeartBrokenville. The only person who knew of your feelings was Queenie, and only because it was impossible to hide things from her. Finally, after what seemed like hours, there was a knock on the door if Queenie and Tina’s apartment. You stood up, filled with excitement, and Queenie gave you a knowing look before following Tina to answer the door. 

"Hello.” You heard Newt’s sweet voice and you couldn’t help but grin. 

 He greeted Tina and Queenie and before turning in your direction. 

“Y/n,” he spoke your name breathlessly, as though he had been incapable of speaking or breathing or living until he saw you. 

You flashed a smile. 


He opened his arms and you ran into them, "It’s been too long, Newtie!" 

Newt laughed, "I missed you too, love." 

You pulled away, "So… Let me see it!" 

He smiled and held up the book, the bright orange cover making everything else in the room-aside from Newt’s proud smile- seem dull. 

You took it in your hands and felt the cover, "It’s beautiful! I love the smell of a new book!" 

Newt laughed, "I hope you’ll buy it for more than just the smell." 

You faked contemplation, "Nah, that’s it." 

Newt rolled his eyes and you pushed his arm gently. 

"I’m kidding, don’t worry. But I am serious when I say I am so proud of you!" 

Newt’s face turned red. "T-thank you, y/n." 


You could hear the laughter coming from the kitchen in the bathroom. Earlier you had excused yourself to freshen up before Newt’s welcome home dinner, but had become somewhat side-tracked looking at your face in the mirror, you looked over at the quill on the desk in the connecting room and back in the mirror. Wouldn’t it be kinda neat to draw on your face and neck? You could make it look like a tree was growing up your neck and around your face, then wash it off before dinner. Yeah, that would be super neat! You hadn’t drawn on your own skin since Illvermorny years, but it was worth a shot! Besides, you’d had plenty of practice drawing on paper. You dipped the tip in in and began drawing on your neck as you looked in the mirror. You had gotten a little past your chin with the branches and leaves when your ears tuned in to the commotion coming from the living room. You heard shocked tones and rushed words turning into arguing. You didn’t take the time to drop the quill and rushed out to make sure everyone was okay. Newt was looking in the mirror and Queenie, Tina, and Jacob were huddled around him, all shouting suggestions to a distressed Newt. 

"Just wash it off!” Tina recommend. 

“Leave it for a moment!” Queenie interjected. 

“Will you get ink poisoning?” Jacob asked Newt with concern, putting a hand on his shoulder. 

You remained confused and speechless for a moment before yelling, “What on earth is going on?" 

All four turned to you in a rush to explain themselves before pausing. 

You sighed, "Look, I was going to wash it off before I came back but then I heard all the commotion and-" 

"Y/n,” Queenie interupted, “Look at Newt." 

Your eyes made contact with his and you noticed the black in his neck. 

Branches, leaves, and flowers were delicately drawn all the way up to his chin, identical to yours. You remained speechless and looked down at the quill before looking back up at Newt. You took the quill while watching his face and dragged in down your cheek, watching an identical mark paint itself on Newt’s face. 

"It’s you,” you both said in unison. 

Newt and laughed, almost in disbelief, “How lucky can a man get?" 

You smiled, "I guess this would be a good time to say I love you." 

He took in a breath, "Good idea." 

You laughed, joy ringing through the gentle melody coming from your moth, and ran to Newt, who was ready to pull you into a hug and spin you around before looking into your eyes, "I think, deep down, I always knew it was you, y/n y/l/n.”  

You smiled, “I may not have guessed you were my soulmate, but hell, I knew I was in love with you." 

He laughed and smashed his lips against yours. You pulled apart and noticed your three awe-struck friends. Queenie winked and looked back and forth between the two of you, "Why don’t you two go wash that ink off, maybe a shower would work?" 

"Queenie!” Newt scolded and blushed. 

 "Honey, you’re both thinking it!“

hey so im on mobile bc my computer got taken away half way through this, sucks right? so ill fix the other half tomorrow but i really want to get this up for yall!!! pleaseeee remind me if you want to be tagged in anything!! also i loveeee you!!

title: how to get a boyfriend: a comprehensive guide by kuroo tetsurou
fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: kurodai
word count: 2311
summary: kuroo asks daichi out thru texts, then regrets it: the fic

for @maskyoursmile! i hope this is everything that u wanted!!

here on ao3

Daichi lets out a long, relieved sigh as he finally finishes his homework for the weekend. It’s only Friday, but he’s always found it much easier to do all of his homework as soon as he gets home from school instead of leaving it until Sunday night. It makes it a lot easier to enjoy his weekend, he finds, so even though the guys poke fun at him for it, he sticks to his routine because it’s something that works for him.

After a nice stretch of his arms and spine that leaves his bones feeling pleasantly melty, he reaches for his phone. He always turns it on silent and leaves it facedown while he does his homework to avoid any distractions, but Suga always sends him messages anyway so he figures he should probably check them and get back to him.

When he turns his phone over, however, he finds the screen flashing with an incoming call from Kuroo Tetsurou.

Keep reading

Wonwoo roommates!au
  • the roommate who gets stressed and talks in his sleep
  • and walks around the room with his eyes closed which makes you really worried
  • [worrying intensifies]
  • “i was sleepwalking again”
  • so you make him a cup of chamomile before going to bed now
  • like it could stop him lmao
  • rarely calls you because the ringtone you gave him is rainism
  • “y/n stop it happened centuries ago”
  • “CAN I LIVE ????”
  • also really likes frogs
  • gets jealous of the convenience store cashier bc he always says something cheesy to you
  • “that was a really bad pick up line y/n trust me”
  • “but wonwoo—”
  • “just horrible”
  • makes mingyu enter eating competitions and bets with you who’s gonna win
  • “if mingyu wins we get a frog”
  • “perfect”
  • what you don’t know is that wonwoo bribed mingyu with candies on the day of the competition bc he really really wants that frog
  • but what hE DOESN’T KNOW is that you threatened mingyu too :))
  • just save mingyu from these people please
  • now wonwoo is ignoring you because apparently your threats are more effective than his bribes
  • he’s not gonna be mad for long anyway
  • “stop making cute faces y/n i’m mad at you”
  • “nah you’re not”
  • you feel a bit guilty tho
  • bc after all wonwoo didn’t ask for the moon okay he asked for a damn frog
  • so you go check out animal shops to get an idea of what having a frog would actually mean and you discover that it’s pricey like wow it this terrarium really 140$ ??
  • and man you don’t have money so you call all his and your friends to get help
  • at the end of the day you have [drum roll] 20$
  • ??? you are questioning your friendship okay like hE’S YOUR FRIEND TOO !! HELP ME !!
  • so you take a few shifts at your mom’s restaurant to pay it and wonwoo is a bit suspicious bc no ?? she never left the house this much ?? is she dating someone ?? sUSPICIOUS
  • wtf no way who has time for that the present comes first
  • oh right i forgot to mention that wonwoo’s birthday is coming up and you have to get it before it’s too late
  • you just keep telling him that you are busy with lessons and friends and other things :)) wonwoo is not happy :))
  • everyone is giving you obvious disapproving stares when you meet and it’s funny because what y’all looking at i’m working my butt off
  • “u like breaking hearts y/n ?? because that’s what u doin”
  • “really seokmin ??”
  • “we trUSTED YOU”
  • are they implying something ?? who knows !! you are too busy to think about that anyway
  • so when the day finally comes you are ready gurl you got your money and your mom is proud of your dish-washing technique
  • so you text wonwoo when you realize he is not in the room and ?? why is he mad ?? no emojis ?? no funny nicknames ??
  • when he gets back he’s with mingyu and his face says “stay away or i might start to scream slash cry slash strangle you”
  • “why are you making that face wonwoo i have something to show you and—”
  • ?? BOY
  • “if you let me finish you will underst—”
  • this whole situation is so confusing because first wonwoo is always pretty calm and it’s rare that his emotions get the best of him and second you didn’t forget ?? it was just a surprise ?? aND THIRD WHAT BOYFRIEND
  • so you turn to mingyu to get help
  • “wonwoo maybe we should let y/n talk and—”
  • bruh really
  • so when you understand that he’s not gonna let you talk you rip the wrapping paper and ta-da
  • is that thing melted on the floor wonwoo ?? yes it is
  • “you dIDN’T FORGET ??”
  • nope you didn’t but why isn’t he already staring at the frog with heart eyes ?? like you expected to be ignored for weeks bc of the frog
  • “…thank you y/n :)) this is awesome :)) really :))”
  • why is this situation so odd omfg
  • “what’s wrong ?? why are you still sad ??”
  • “i’m not sad y/n :)) i’m just thinking about the fact that i will spend a lot of time with toad while you go out with your boyfriend :))”
  • “ boyfriend ?? waIT YOU ARE NOT NAMING OUR FROG TOAD !!”
  • “i’m toadally naming him that”
  • did he just make a frog pun
  • anyway
  • “you don’t have a boyfriend ??”
  • “duh ?? i was working to buy this thing ??”
  • “ so i was heartbroken for nothing ??”
  • “are you saying what i think you are saying”
  • “i don’t know…? am i…..?”
  • “guys im still here” 
  • [crickets]
  • “i think seungcheol is calling you mingyu”
  • “i didn’t hear—”
  • wonwoo’s ears are so powerful wow
  • “so……”
  • “if you change toad’s name i’m gonna date you”
  • “wow y/n haha i never thought of naming him that :)) how did you come to that conclusion :))”
  • smooth or lame ?? debatable
  • “are you sure”
  • “ofc y/n i love you a lot haha i can’t risk this :))”
  • uhm
  • “did you just”
  • “i mean…”
  • blushing!wonwoo is perfect so you ignore the hideous name bc honestly ?? who cares about that if wonwoo is gonna be like this ??
  • and this is how you ended up feeding crickets to toad while wonwoo fed you
  • a win-win situation don’t you think :))

tbh its not finished but i had to post it :)))))

okie to start we will begin with bradley will simpson

i thought id ease you in with a lovely smile bc holy moly u fine

i think someones been doin the marrajuanna





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*You felt awful and that was reason enough for Jongin to not do anything work related, his priority was making sure you felt better and so he spent the day making you soup (about the only thing he can actually make lmao) and making up dumb word poems together*

K: “Woah that poem was actually really impressive”

*He comes in for a kiss and you tell him that you feel gross and he may get sick too*

K: “Not if I kiss you on the forehead :)”

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*He was actually really good at looking after you whilst you were sick, he was fully stocked up on medicine and blankets for you as well as stories about his day to make you laugh along with snarky comments about the members. As you were sick he basically let anything sway to make you feel better and one of those things was you constantly asking him to do his lotto body roll*

S: “Y/N I have already done it three times today”

Y/N: “But i’m sick and it makes me feel better”

*Gives in and does it again*

Y/N: “Yes my boi arch that back!”

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*As soon as he found out you were sick he decided to make food to take around your house to cheer you up only to be interrupted by Sehun and his dog*

S: I swear to god Sehun you better not let that dog on this table again or I will kick you out the group I have the power to do that you know”

S: “But why are you making food if y/n is sick he/she might not have any taste buds and they wont be able to keep it down”

S: “You always have to ruin everything don’t you”

*Settles for just coming over and providing some TLC instead*

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*He is the literal KING of making you feel better (looking at his cute face is enough anyways) he tells jokes that he then laughs at himself and kind of dies as he does which also amuses you so you start dying too (just in a more coughy way). Then he feels bad for making you laugh because your throat probably hurts so he goes to get you some water before coming back and lying next you to show you some new game he found on his phone that you both should play. You end up falling asleep and he finally comes to bed at 4 in the morning*

CY: “Ah y/n i know your sick but I’ma lay with you anyways, If I get sick it can be what people call couple goals or something” 

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*Seriously the amount of Witt and humour that escapes this mans mouth in such a short span of time is unbelievable (except he is actually doing it so not really but u get me). You could have your leg half hanging off but when he next to you he can easily do something to make you laugh. However it came with quite a bit of sarcasm too*

BH: “Don’t pass your disease onto me Y/N I have a singing career to protect ok”

Y/N: “You have five seconds to leave or I’’ll cough all over you” 

BH: “Nah it’s fine..I mean please don’t cough on me but if I get sick you get to take care of me which means I get to spend alone time in this bedroom with you for a whole day..lovely”

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*When he wasn’t doing thing round the apartment or making you something to eat he spent most of the time just chillin with you on the bed just kinda talking about life until you said something to make him crack one of those adorable laughs*

KS: “Hang on I’m meant to be the one cheering you up, I’m doing it wrong stop being good at what I’m mean to be good at”

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*Chen brought round your favourite plushie which you had left at his house and began to make stupid conversations with it to amuse you whilst he was taking care of you*

C: “You know you’re right Matilda I am the best boyfriend in the world, I do take care of Y/N well right however will Y/N repay me”

Y/N: “I’d say with a kiss but If I move my head gets dizzy and also germs and all”

C: “Im always up for a kiss..and a bit more yanno”

Y/N: “Go buy a pencil Jongdae and draw a line”

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*You felt awful but for some reason you felt like getting one of those Chocolate milkshakes from Mcdonalds, you told Tao and at first he refused to take you until he decided he didn’t really have a choice bc you wouldn’t stop going on about how much you wanted it and how you were bored of staying in bed all day. You made him piggy back you to the car so you wouldn’t have to move*

T: “You are too much you know Y/N, normal sick people just stay in bed I could have gone out and got you a milkshake myself”

Y/N: “Are you saying you’re sick of me?”  (mind the pun)

T: “You know I didn’t mean it like that”

Y/N: “Okay cool also btw can you get me a Big Mac and two portions of chips I’m hungry”

*Is you srs m8*

why is my man so cute he is the cutest of the cute so darn cute

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One minute he is all:

“I will take care of you Y/N you are the love of my life allow me to make you feel better” along with his bowl of soup and a traditional Yixing guitar sing song to soothe you to sleep. 

The next minute it’s all ‘You better hurry up and get better Y/N it must be a shame to look at these abs and not be able to touch”

Y/N: “You know what Lay as soon as I get better i’m gonna pop down to Victoria secret buy the best lingerie there and make your life hell”

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*He wasn’t able to be there for the first day of you being unwell as his music video just dropped and he had interviews coming out of his (insert polite word for ass here) but he got back in the evening and made sure to take good care of you. You jokes around as he came into the bedroom*

Y/N: “It’s alright Kris don’t worry about me or my extremely ill health, it’s not like I’m on my death bed here”

K: “Would a man who doesn’t worry bring you ice cream, a teddy bear and my love Y/N. See all this love in my heart -  it’s all for you”

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*He was awoken in the middle of the night to you throwing up sunshine in the bathroom and immediately after registering what was going on tried to go in but you had locked the door. He kept asking you to let him in but you refused and didn’t come out until you showered & brushed your teeth about half an hour later*

L: “Looks like I’ll have to be taking care of you for the next few days, we will go and see the doctor in the morning. Also how is it you just threw up and you still look good, unreal Y/N unreal I tell you”

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*You had a fever for the past three days and he was at home making sure you were alright. You had a lot of trouble sleeping so he would make sure you were cuddled into his chest so you were able to get some rest (dat rhyme tho, my talent is wasted). You hadn’t really eaten anything so he would bring you something light. Both of you spent the day catching up on shows together as he kept you snuggled into him*

XM: “I know you’re sick and all but it’s nice to spend quiet time just like this”

Y/N: “I agree hopefully when I’m better we can also spend it in other more adventurous ways too”

XM: “Adventurous was when we did it behind the clothes rack back stage and Lay almost caught us bc he broke the buttons on his shirt AGAIN and had to get a new one”


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