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reylos make me sick. dont you have an idea what it is you ship? you lot are completely uninformed and wrong. to actually be okay with abuse? Get a education and make better choices in your life instead of liking trash

My favorite things about the pll finale

1. This new Addison character, how fun and relevant! 👍🏻
2. How the liars all ended up with their high school boyfriends (very realistic!!!❤️) (also to just be able to move on from cheating?? Very brave)
3. That very necessary cameo from my QUEEN Marlene which obviously shows that she was so proud of this finale she wanted to make sure her face was in it!! 💞💘
4. All of the answers!! To every question!! I’ve ever had!!!!👌🏻
5. The way Troian pulled off that very subtle British accent that sounded for sure like it should belong to a young woman and not an aggressive old man 🤗
6. Getting to see all of those romance and sex scenes again! I just couldn’t get enough of how every other episode this season was full of them I just didn’t think it was quite enough so thank goodness they put it in the finale some more!! 🙉🙈
7. How in depth that back story for Alex was. I totally get the motivation. Makes complete sense that she wanted to torture all of those girls because a half sister that she barely knew about was not killed by any of them!! 👯
8. Horse detectives! Based on all of the horse stuff we have seen throughout the series I really should have guessed that the horse would be endgame. 🐴🐴🕵🏽
9. The Melissa mask! Super relevant and I’m so happy that it really had an effect on the episode. Thank gosh they didn’t actually tie Melissa in to the actual AD team! That would have been not very interesting.
10.My favorite thing OF ALL: all of the girls look like they’re going to be staying in rosewood forever! That is so awesome. They can forever live out all of the wonderful memories that they had there and never try to broaden their horizons. I’m excited that they are all going to be moms and raise their children there in that town! Obviously it’s where they should want their daughters to go to school. Maybe that new fun character Addison can babysit??? ❤️❤️❤️💘💘💘💞💞🎉🎉🎉


guys….i think im watching the unauthorized hindi remake of mamma mia called mother (1997) but it’s really just a 2+ hour long advertisement for britannia biscuits. literally the first, absolutely unexplained, scene following the credits just has asrani give some dude britannia TIGER biscuits. and then lmao rekha is distributing biscuits to poor kids in Mauritius like alms…. then OMFG her fucking name is Asha Britannia!!