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I saw a post in the jjba tag about a week or so ago, that said something like 

“Why do most people hate Anasui but like Yukako? they’re basically the same character! If Anasui was a lesbian I bet everyone would like him then uwu" 

I’ve been thinking about it lately and it’s like… honey… Yukako actually becomes a better person after the incident (or at least, she stops being a destructive asshole towards Koichi), Koichi accepts her and returns her feelings, and they become a cute and happy couple. 

Anasui on the other hand never gets over his obsession with Jolyne, or his hostility at anyone that tries to get close to her, and Jolyne never returns his feelings so their relationship goes nowhere… 

And there’s the fact that Anasui’s a murderer and is fairly older than Jolyne; the latter doesn’t REALLY matter since Jolyne is of legal age, but still: his situation with Jolyne is very obviously different from Yukako’s. 

…This doesn’t have anything to do with gender either? I’ve seen plenty of people who dislike Yukako because of how her kidnapping thing was never properly resolved, and plenty of people still love Anasui anyway, just like how terrible characters like all of the villains are adored in the fandom.

how to avoid the drama on tungle. com
  • don’t follow anybody
  • don’t go on anybody’s blog
  • don’t mention politics. not even once
  • if you mention the term “SJW” then you’re fuckigm n dead. don’t even do it. don’t
  • stay away from the memes. i know it’s tempting to reblog at least one meme but don’t do it. this meme….it could……..become…………..political
  • don’t ship anything
  • don’t even mention anything about fandoms
  • don’t post your opinion about anything
  • don’t set your icon to anything. if you’re gonna set it to something then just set it to a black screen or some shit
  • just put a fucking key smash as your url. who the fuck is gonna get mad at a keysmash
  • don’t open your inbox at all. not even for submissions
  • only allow messages from tumblrs you follow since you’re not gonna be following anybody
  • don’t put anything in the tags of your posts
  • don’t reblog anything
  • don’t post anything
  • don’t even make a tumblr account
  • stay off of tumblr
  • live your life

So, @destieldrabblesdaily convinced me to post it and was kind enough to even beta read it. It’s just one of the many ways i want destiel to become canon ;)

“I’m gonna go grab some coffee.” Sam said on his way out of motel room. It was so obvious, Dean wanted to roll his eyes. His brother was never good at subtlety.

They all came back to their motel room not long ago, after another successful hunt, but the atmosphere was still tense. Castiel was sitting in the chair, reading a book and refusing to look at Dean. He was embarrassed, Dean could tell. What couldn’t they tell about each other after all these years? Well, apparently, there was one thing.

During the hunt, Dean was taken hostage by a shapeshifter, who had taken his form and was holding him at gunpoint, when Castiel stormed into the warehouse, looking fierce, and Dean swore he could see the remains of grace in his blue eyes. At first, Castiel tried to negotiate with the shifter, then he tried to threaten him, after which the shapeshifter snapped and shouted, obviously channeling some of Dean’s inner emotions.

“Why would you wanna save him? He ruined you!” 

To which Cas answered quietly. “Because I love him.” 

Both Dean and his doppelgänger were too shocked to notice Sam getting out of his cover, taking aim at the shapeshifter’s heart and shooting. The dead body hit the floor, but Dean couldn’t look away from the fallen angel.

The ride back to the motel was filled with tense silence. Sam was driving, and sending Castiel, who was sleeping in the backseat, worried glances, while Dean was trying to convince himself that Cas didn’t mean it, that he’d said it to catch the shifter by surprise. Because it couldn’t possibly be true, could it? The shapeshifter was right, Dean ruined Castiel. He was the reason for every bad thing that had ever happened to the fallen angel. Hell, the fact that he was no longer an angel was proof enough that he couldn’t feel that way about Dean.

Castiel was still reading his book, while Dean fidgeted nervously on the bed, trying hard to think of what to say, how to make things alright again. He cleared his throat, which made Cas still, eyes stopping in their movement, and then finally the fallen angel spoke in that gravelly voice of his that sent shivers down Dean’s back more often than it was allowed.

“You don’t have to say anything, Dean. I couldn’t possibly hope for my feelings to be reciprocated, and I assure you that nothing will or should change between us, now that you know.” Castiel didn’t even look at him once. But Dean didn’t pay attention to any of that. His mind went black the second Cas said ‘reciprocated’. What was he talking about? Did he mean…

“Wait, what?” Dean asked a minute later with his heart in his heels. The question forced the fallen angel to finally look at him. Cas sighed tiredly, the obvious pain in his eyes made Dean’s heart clench.

“I said, nothing will change between us, now that you know of my feelings for you. I promise I will keep myself in check in the future as to not embarrass you anymore.” Hope prickled inside Dean’s heart. In that moment he thought he knew what happiness felt like. The thought that Cas might… no, felt the same way as Dean made the hunter laugh with relief, joy and many other emotions. His laugh, though, made Castiel very irritated and angry.

“I’m glad that my misery brings you joy, Dean, but…”

“No, no, no, Cas! That’s not… Do you really think I’d laugh at something like this? Am I that much of an asshole? Don’t answer it.” Dean stood up and took a few steps closer to where Castiel was sitting. This is it, he thought. He was finally going to admit something he had never even admitted to himself.

“Cas, I…” Dean closed his mouth, at a loss for words. Shit, it was harder than he thought. His palms were sweating, heart beating so fast, it felt like a heart attack. Castiel huffed and also stood up, placing the book on the table.

“Spare me your pity, Dean. I said, it’s okay. You really don’t have to say anything.” Now the pain was in his voice too. Castiel moved quickly to the door, but Dean dashed in front of him with his hands in the air.

“Wait, Cas, please, just… Just hear me out!” Deep breath. “Please.”

Cas slowly nodded and tilted his head, as if trying to figure Dean out. The gesture made Dean’s chest swell with affection. How could someone look so fierce and terrifying in one moment, and so cute and adorable in another? Focus, Winchester. Now’s not the time for heart eyes. Dean cleared his throat, nervous again with Cas’s eyes that were slightly narrowed, piercing right through him. 

“Cas, um, your feelings are, you know, reciprocated.” A pause. Cas’s eyes were wide open this time. Dean felt himself blush and started muttering.

“Yeah, they’ve been, um, for quite some time now, and, you know…” But the sentence was cut off abruptly as Cas’s lips covered his own. Dean shivered. Hard. Castiel’s lips were everything and nothing he’d ever imagined. Chapped, dry, but so very soft at the same time, moving against his with such ferocity that it made Dean’s head spin and open his lips with a moan. Castiel didn’t waste a second and immediately slipped his tongue past Dean’s lips, inside his mouth, and gently, and maybe even a little bit scared, touched Dean’s tongue with his own. Dean almost passed out. He’d never felt like this before. Castiel’s hands cradled his face, making it impossible for the hunter to move away even if he wanted to. Which he didn’t. Ever. Again.

Cas was nipping at his lower lip, when Dean finally regained control of his limbs and put his hands around Castiel’s waist. That made the angel stumble a little, and Dean felt a shudder run through his body. Dean smiled against his mouth, and Cas bit his lip in return, then deepened the kiss, putting his hands around the hunter.

Dean honestly felt like he was in heaven, was starting to consider moving the party to the bed, when he heard the mix of a chuckle and a cough. He immediately pulled away, though Cas tried to follow him with glazed eyes, but Sam’s now proper laugh brought him down to earth too.

“Glad, you guys, finally… talked.” Dean wanted to hit that smug face, but Castiel’s arms tightened around him.

“Yes, me too.” Dean heard the angel say. He looked back at Cas and saw him smiling with swollen lips and a blush on his cheeks, looking just perfect. Dean smiled back and pecked Cas on the lips one more time, just because he could, and then whispered. 

“Me too.”

In the background Sam rolled his eyes, but smiled nonetheless.

okay, so. i thought mlp season 5 was pretty decent overall. i liked a lot of it. but the finale was bad. this is not a particularly uncommon opinion, and it’s over a year old now, and since then we’ve had a whole nother season that i think people generally liked. but i’m gonna elaborate anyway!!

i like the premise. a villain trying to change the past so that the mane six weren’t destined to become friends? cool idea. i like that idea a lot. but boy did they fuck it up

even if you don’t watch mlp, you’ve probably heard about this one. because this is the one where they go to a bunch of “what if” post-apocalyptic timelines where various mlp villains succeeded in taking over the world

and shit gets weird, and it makes no goddamn sense

the changes to the present are completely random, just for the sake of showing a bunch of different weird, fanservicey “what if” scenarios that bring back all the big bads. starlight is only ever trying to prevent this one event (the first sonic rainboom) in slightly different ways. and they always return to the same time in the present. how does this lead to all these wildly different timelines where one particular villain takes over the world and the rest just aren’t a factor?

nightmare moon was the first villain the mane six stopped, so wouldn’t that mean she would always be the one who took over? what happened when nightmare moon returned in the other timelines, and why was it different? why is luna normal in the timeline where discord took over? why is sombra not a threat in the other timelines? the first alternate timeline shows that celestia had to commit the entire country to the war effort in order to keep his army at bay. why does ponyville just straight up not exist in some of these universes? why the fuck did the flim flam brothers take over ponyville in one of them????

what the FUCK happened here

then in the ending twilight shows starlight the error of her ways, and the mane six take pity on starlight and decide to make friends with her, and it’s quickly brushed over in a song

and of course, the WORST part of the episode is when starlight, in the past, teaches fluttershy’s childhood bullies that bullying is wrong (so that rainbow dash would never have to defend fluttershy and get challenged to race in the race where she did the first sonic rainboom), and twilight butts in and tries to stop her to preserve the timeline. you get this awful scene where twilight has to go “oh, well, of course bullying is wrong!“ but she can’t tell the kids that it will change the future because that would make no sense to them and it’s just bad. that is hands down one of the most unpleasant scenes in the history of mlp

skype trans support group!

hello!! my name’s jack, and my friend @dorklordprince (jason) and i want to form a sort of skype support group for other trans kids! 

i’m putting everything under a “read more” so it doesn’t become a super long post, but if you’re interested then please keep reading!! 

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You folks have all been very patient, and it’s time for this to finally become a blackice story like you know, the tags have been promising 150,000 damn words ago, lol.

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That masterpost is awesome, I've noticed there's been a rise in Molliarty interest since S4, think that post will help with it's rise too!! 😆👌

Thank you! xD I noticed some people are becoming more interested in this ship as well. And I’m lovin’ it! This pair really deserves more attention from this fandom. For those who’d like to lean more about the Dark Forces the Molliarty fandom, feel free to visit these sites:

- The Molliarty Community on

- The Molliarty Tag on ao3

- My Molliarty fic recs

- My Molliarty Tag 

I was productive today! Yay! I did an exam I was hella nervous over and then I drew a little self-portrait and started a new needle felting project. Posting achievement victory selfies has kind of become a habit so here’s le me snoopin’ around in my fabulous Spyro kigurumi and some Foo drawings + a sneak peek of the next wool buddy! Can you guess who it’s gonna be? :>

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felix you're the reason your mother is dead. it's all your fault. xoxo norman

 it’s  saturday  night.   you’ve  been  attending  school  a  few  weeks  now,  falling  into  a  structured  routine  as  your  once  wildest  fantasies  become  part  of  the  daily  grind.   you  go  to  classes,  socialize  with  the  humans,  all  while  keeping  up  your  end of  the  bargain  &  feeding  on  the  regular  –––  you  know,  for  those  just-in-case  blood  cravings.   at  home,  things  were  tense  as  per  usual,  but  could  that  really  be  considered  a  new  development ?   absolutely  not.   regardless  of  your  father’s  predictable  chagrin  for  sharing  his  favorite  punching  bag  with  the  outside  world,  things  were  great   –––  better  than  great.   you  were,  for  the  first  time  in  your  sixteen  years  of  life,  happy.

 earlier  that  evening,  you’d  crossed  another  teenage  milestone  off  your  bucket  list   –––   your  very  first  house  party.   your  new  friend  grace  was  hardly  a  social  butterfly  herself,  but  once  she’d  found  out  you’ve  not  once  had  the  full  rager  experience,  she  insisted  you  be  given  a  taste.   a  self-proclaimed  sucker  for  adventure  &  eager  to  impress  the  raven-haired  misfit  currently  occupying  your  attention,  the  clock  struck  eight  &  with  a  holler  about  going  to  study  at  the  library,  you  were  off.

 the  party,  as  promised,  was  everything  you  hoped  it  would  be,  but  the  most  memorable  part  of  that  night  is  what  happened  after  the  fact.   you  arrive  home  on  a  natural  high,  walking  on  wild  with  a  feeling  of  ecstasy  more  powerful  than  the  blood  you  claimed  you  could  go  without.   once  you  retrieve  a  stack  of  textbooks  from  the  bush  where  you’d stashed  them  after  breezing  out  hours  earlier,  you  slide  into  the  house  with  finesse.   at  this  point,  you  have  sneaking  around  down  to  a  science  with  a  helpful  advantage  in  the  form  of  norman,  ever  the  predictable,  locked  away  in  his  study.   or  so  you  thought.   enhanced  sight  may  prevent  you  from  tripping  over  immaculately  kept  air,  but  it’s  only  after  a  loud  ‘ahem’  that  you  notice  your  father  sitting  on  the  sofa,  awaiting  your  arrival.

 he  anticipates  no  explanation.   immediately,  the  tirade  begins.   stopping  by  the  library  two  hours  earlier,  norman  price,  father  of  the  year,  thought  he’d  give  his  studious  offspring  a  ride  home.   he  would  search  &  search,  going  as  far  as  to  compel  the  librarian  just  in  case  you’d  convinced  her  to  cover  for  you,  before  coming  to  a  not-so-surprising  conclusion  –––  you  lied  to  him.   it’s  at  this  point  that  you  should  back  down,  immediately  apologizing  &  accepting  whatever  punishment  deemed  fit,  but  the  apple  doesn’t  fall  far  from  the  tree  –––  &  this  particular  apple  just  loves  to  fight  back.

it  begins  like  all  other  messy  argument  you’ve  had  in  the  past.   the  shouting,  the  flying  objects,  the  lowering  of  voices  only  for  them  to  rise  again,  louder  than  ever.   the  last  time  you  fought  like  this  was  fairly  recently,  a  few  months  back  in  a  similar  situation.   both  times,  you’d  been  caught  sneaking  out.   both  times,  things  were  said  out  of  anger.   the  previous  would  conclude  with  an  icy  silent  treatment  on  both  parts,  followed  by  norman  eventually  caving  a  week  later  &  agreeing  to  let  you  attend  school.   this  time ?   someone  rewrote  the  ending  –––  &  it  fucking  hurt.

 make  no  mistake,  the  words  hit  with  a  sense  of  bitter  familiarity.   in  the  past,  norman  made  no  secret  of  his  true  feelings,  that  if  it  weren’t  for  you,  your  mother  would  still  be  alive.   though  never  spoken  aloud,  the  sentence  was  almost  inevitable,  yet  stung  like  a  slap  to  the  face  upon  release.   a  wash  of  emotions  (  anger,  hurt,  despair  )  cleanse  the  color  from  your  features,  numb  fury  taking  its  place  as  pale,  wordless  lips  tremble  with  complete  &  total  rage.

                –––  GO.  TO.  HELL.  

On a chance visit to the Golden Cat bath house, the notorious assassin Daud meets its highest-paid courtesan: Cheeky, canny, and willing to become his informant - for a price. But when secrets threaten their alliance and Daud takes his last, fateful job, what began as “just business” changes forever. As Dishonored unfolds and the clock starts ticking toward Daud’s fate, the women of Dunwall’s famous brothel tell their side of the story - and Daud learns that regret can kill, but redemption is a choice.

The Garden of Earthly Delights is a 50,000-word fanfic, to be serialized with 22 illustrations, either one or two chapters a week [depending on schedule and proximity to Dishonored 2′s release date.] New side characters join the cast and some minor canon names have been fleshed out, and scenes from the game have new dialogue to reflect the changed universe. Coming soon!

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Would you mind tagging trc as the full version of the name (the raven chronicles, right?)? I have another series with the same acronym ^^

uh oh man i feel like such a bitch for saying this bc i try to tag stuff for you guys but honestly im reblogging more and more raven cycle and typing out the entire title every time i want to reblog a post really isnt something i want to do so unless it becomes a whole thing that a bunch of my followers need me to do this i’m gonna stick with my current tag system. im really sorry and i get it if you need to unfollow

the signs and how they feel about notes on posts
  • always thirsty for notes: Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces
  • indifferent about notes: Aries, Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • deletes posts that become successful because they can't handle it: Taurus, Cancer, Libra

i read most tags on the first 2 days of posting stuff

all of you that tagged my stuff saying you’re gonna practice and get as good as _____ picture of mine. i see you and i want to tell you all



does anyone understand how much i’m gonna gloat when we get winds and jaime x brienne becomes canon