is this going to be a thing am i going to keep drawing these

Hi hellO, @wittyy-name is at it again with another klance fanfic! 

>>The Marks We Make<<

Now, this is a soulmate college AU. Everything your soulmate writes/draws on their skin, will appear on your skin as well.

We are still doing the suadwm fanfic, no worries about that. This is a side project we’re doing, so the updates to this are gonna be significantly slower, however Witty does her best to give you guys something to look forward to to keep you going for a little while before the next update! We work on it whenever witty wants a break from her other writing stuff.

Meanwhile, the art I will be doing for this fic will be one art piece per chapter. But they’re all going to be animated in one way or another. I am not an experienced animator, and a lot of the things I’ll be doing with this are 100% experimental, and there wil be like 1937 mistakes, both in the progress and “final” piece. I consider this a challenge for myself, since I wanted that kind of practice.

Anyway, have fun reading, tell us what you think <3

oh and before you ask, yes, our lives are 100% dedicated to klance, we have nothing else.

Elucien bedsharing part 2/2

@americaswan @tragically-broken


part 1  //  ao3  

When he speaks again, it’s a low rumble in his chest. “If you keep doing that, dove, neither of us is going to get any sleep.”

Heat coils in Elain’s stomach. “I’m not tired.”

Lucien stills for a moment, and then one of his hands comes to trail up her arm, knuckles skimming against her skin and raising goosebumps. Her heart drums in her chest, afraid he’ll stop her or draw back, but she presses a kiss to the bit of his chest exposed by the deep V of his shirt collar.

He makes a faint humming noise. “Wicked little thing, aren’t you.”

Elain flushes a little. “I don’t mean to be.” She’s glad they’re not making eye contact or she’d never have the courage to say, “I just… want to touch you.”

All of the oxygen seems to go out of the room, the way it does when fire ignites in a burst and eats it up. The fingers on her upper arm stop, and for a beat Elain thinks she’s made a mistake.

“You can touch me all you like,” Lucien says coolly.

Arousal courses through her at his answer and Elain bites back a noise. Lucien’s fingers come up to grip her chin, tilt her head up towards his.

His gaze flickers over her. “As long as I get to touch you too.”

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Hey dreamers! Can you believe it? One year ago I started working on this project that came from a dream I had and I can’t believe it has turned into what it has. Daisuga makes me the happiest~ o(*^▽^*)o

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I don’t know anymore...

I am sorry for the long absences and the short amount of time I come back before I leave. I am currently trying to figure things out with school and whether or not to keep running this blog. I love MotherUnderground, but due to the fact that my partner is now gone and I am not comfortable around them its just not the same. this blog was something we did together. we were as close as siblings and now he has changed to the point if I was meeting him for the first time I wouldn’t go near him from disgust at the way he behaves…  

I am not going to delete this blog, I will leave it up for people to see, but please dont expect me to post things. I will try and draw things from time to time but Id be lying if I said I was going to make the time to work on it, because I dont have time. undertale was a beautiful game that means a lot to me and molded me quite a lot as a person and Va/artist. I mean maybe in a couple of months when I am out of school for good I could sit and concentrate, but for now, I am on Hiatus. thank you all for making this AU blog a wonderful experience for me and hopefully I will see you all soon.

Do svidaniya

anonymous asked:

Hi! THANK YOU. For your reply on the ‘Why Perez needs to go’ nonsense. I am generally against such personal name-calling of authors and actors (even the Bucklemming to some extent) and that post was such negative nonsense that it had me gnashing my teeth (the fact that I LOVE Perez’ work didn’t help). It was deeply satisfying to read your intelligent reply, and your claws were very welcome : D Bless you for speaking for a creepy tumblr-less lurker too!

Aw, thank you.

I tolerate and ignore wank about the actors, and well reasoned criticism of writers is completely valid, but calling for someone to go based on a frankly silly misunderstanding or writing and structure is apparently where I draw the line.

Even in the case of Bucklemming, I try to be kind and keep it wank free. These are all people who are working hard to make something I love. I really truly respect them. Critiquing is one thing but calling for a firing because you don’t like a line is something else.

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so your face shapes always look so??? Natural. idk how long they take you but i tend to spend forever trying to figure out a face shape and end up with something i still think looks awkward? idk

:o! thank you!! i would make a tutorial on face shapes but i honestly don’t know what i’m doing 80% of the time either…….they normally only take me a few seconds-a minute unless i get a bad angle or something?? i’d say, try drawing people from pictures and imitating and exaggerating their face shapes for practice! it takes a while, don’t worry!! it’s taken me two years to get to where i am and i’m still working on it. also, if you ever start looking down on your art, remember it always looks much better to the viewer than the artist! viewers tend to pick out things they like, while the artist mulls over the things they did wrong. i’m sorry i can’t be of more help?? keep working towards it!! you can do it ok!! 

Yet another update guys

I’m gonna be going on that hiatus a lot longer than I intended/anticipated ;v;”

This also goes for my other daily blog @slowpokes-whenever which if you already follow it’s pretty obvious the hiatus is indefinite. “orz

If y’all do want to keep up with me, however, I do have a main blog, though it isn’t a daily blog it is Pokemon related; hollowsart I draw other things and blog lots of Pokemon stuff there as well.

Anyways my reasons for going on hiatus are under the cut:

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Back with another one this took me maybe 3 hours? i didn’t super keep track but it sounds more or less right haha

i have been drawing underfell sans with a scarf/bow handkerchief thing and this was a sort of origin for it

If he found himself in underswap after a genocide route (and you go with popular fanon) sans would have his scarf

So underswap tried to help him cope, use his memory as something good, and just hold out hope for the next reset to see his papyrus again

anyway i hope you guys like it, and i am aware that there are a couple of spelling mistakes, but i will not go back and fix them

Single frames under the read more if you prefer

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Hey guys!
so originally i was going to be finishing artwork (which i still plan to do) but i noticed i had 150 followers?! (like what?!)
idk why y’all follow me, but thank you for sticking with me! it means alot to me!
i know im not the greatest artist out there, and i know that i doodle alot… which means i dont make alot of big art (like detailed, you know?) but i will eventually get something on here that is more than a doodle. (which is what im going to be working on after this, i gotta finish like 3 things lol but they are important to me)
i was wanting to do an art raffle, but i dont have that much time on my hands haha. i have this week and then i go back to school (im on spring break if you dont know) and i have grades to keep up. its the last nine weeks so summer is coming soon! but i am going to have lots of testing this nine weeks so it will be back to minor doodles more than likely.. (unless i somehow get the motivation, thats been my main problem lately. i doodle cause of stress and boredness ahah)
anyway, i just wanted to say thank you so much for being here with me and following me! i love all of you guys! <333 (so do the rest of Krystalia Productions, even Dice ;) )

Peace out my friends! <33

thelickwitch  asked:

Hey could I get a match up? (I asked earlier but maybe u were closed?) I'm 18, 5'1 blond curvy but muscular and green eyes. I'm polyamorous/pansexual non binary. I really love the put doors (hiking is my Jam) I love to cook (I make a mean pasta primavera and I slay at Thai mango salad) and I love to write draw and paint. I'm always angry because people with degrees keep inventing things that I thought of first. I have 10 years of martial arts and am currently enrolled in kickboxing. 💜

I match you with…

Originally posted by monsterflavor


Hunk would totally help you invent things you think of, that way you don’t get mad! You juts k n o w he would cook with you, he enjoys your coking as much as you enjoy his!

He would also go on hikes with you. Y’all usually go to State parks like Palo Duro Canyon and Yellow Stone because I mean, hiking trails. Sometime y’all take an RV to the campsites but if you guys want to you just go with some tents.

He is impressed by your ten years of martial arts, he can tell your dedication is r e a l.

You keep using that Word: Totalitarian

Welcome back to “You keep using that word” where I take a politically overused phrase and try pin down exactly how the word should be used.  Last time we did terrorist and today we are going to go into Totalitarian which people love to throw at people but don’t understand.  Notice how both terms not only begin with T, but are also vaguely negative things that you throw at things you don’t like, because when ever people find a negative term they just like to apply it to willy nilly till it losses all meaning. 

   Ok so for the adults in the room, what does Totalitarian actually mean?  Well I am going to draw on Hannah Arendt a lot here and break it down.  

The key part of Totalitarian to pay attention too is “Total” as in “Totality” because it is specifically about total state control.  And this is really important here

All Totalitarian Regimes are Authoritarian

Not all Authoritarian Regimes are Totalitarian.

Remember that going forward.

    See, most states build in inherent limitations upon their own power into the system.  Obliviously in the democracy make it so that the leadership can be replaced in regular elections, in a federalist systems you have multiple layers of government (The President can’t just order the Government of NY to implement all his policies).  But this is also true for many non democratic goverments. 

    In Ancient Regmin France before the revolution, the monarch was the most powerful person in the country, but there were things he couldn’t legally do, he had to for example abide by the regional councils (parlements) and the CHurch had certain rights he couldn’t violate.  In Saudi Arabia today, the Monarchy has almost all the power but there are a few other families and the Clerics who can wield power separate from the state.  That isn’t to say that Saudi Arabia isn’t a horrible oppressive dictatorship who oppress their own citizens, but it isn’t totalitarian.  Something can be evil without being totalitarian.   

    Because here is the thing…totalitarian regimes don’t allow any limitations upon their power, at least in theory.  The Soviet Union for example said that the goverment, or rather the party, had the legal right to do basically anything they want without any recourse or limitation on their power.  Same with Fascist Germany.  And while Imperial Japan never had one faction or person have all the power, the goverment as an institution was totally unified.  

Also sorry to yall who are like “WTF is up with your art?” I’m going through a bit of a style search? I have so many different ways to draw things and so when I draw they all mush together in the most abhorrent ways. Plus everything takes me a full say to a few days to draw, so I can’t get much done and am drained by the end of the day. This new style I am definitely keeping and going to help cultivate and grow because its fun, quick, easy, I dont stress, and I like it. Yeah its not super detailed but I’m having way more fun with it. I hope you all like the art style too.

benignmilitancy  asked:

Just curious: fave games and top five Sonic characters?

*cracks knuckles* OK, let’s go!

Favorite Sonic Characters:
1. Sonic, because he was the first introduction ever of who I am today, not to mention he literally inspired me a lot to keep on going, try new things, even shape my drawing (that is now a hobby) . I never felt so much imagination coming from this blue blur, and I seriously thank him for everything he has done in my life.

2. Shadow; at first, I grew fondly with him, but not that much when younger (while watching Sonic X) because I was a young smol bean that wasn’t that much in edginess or “ow the edge”. More like a pity. But recently, I have grown so much with him both as a character and gameplay wise because I could finally understand his way to be. Poor guy is dealing with PTSD, so he excludes himself (rationally) from getting experiences similar to those.
Also, his dynamic with Team Dark is just priceless. When I watched Sonic heroes, I saw that side of him where he keeps his distance but it’s cool about it. But he still cares.
He does things without the need of being obligued to, like, how can I explain? Bruh, I just go and enjoy his persona.

3. Maria Robotnik. OK, YOU KNOW THIS WAS COMING. Like, how can you not have a like for this young maiden? Poor girl she was suffering from NIDS, wanted to go to Earth so that Shadow and she could explore together, but never happened, as she sacrificed herself to send Shadow instead to be the hope for humanity. LIKE HOW CAN YOU NOT FEEL SOMETHING STINGING IN YOUR HEART WHEN THAT HAPPENED.
She was too young, and had a life ahead that cut too short. But by the time she was living, she never had remorse, bitterness, and was selfless to open her heart towards a hybrid infused with Black Arms DNA, that was going to be her cure. She was such a massive influence on Shadow that is the reason why he allies from time to Sonic. To protect the Earth, the planet she could never be.

4. Silver, because despite of his stupidity and naive nature, he has good intentions. He has a gold heart. He just wanted a future where everyone could be happy. Hell, he was born in post-apocalyptic Sonic Forces beginning (I needed to x’D), and was too young to understand the perks of time traveling because he felt desperate to make a change.
Also add the fact he’s super fluffy, like 2x than Shadow x’D .

5. Amy, because holy Jesus she’s so cute. Her design is simple, she can kick ass with a big ass hammer, and her personality is like the bubbly me from 5 years ago.
She cab be of great help when needed, she’s strong, cheerful, independent. Hell, I even love the silly chases she does for Sonic. At first, I was super cringed about it, but over the years I learnt so much from her. Follow your sweet passion and show dem all boys you’re untouchable ;D

Now, for the games:

1. The Sonic Storybook Series. TOP 1, MMMM THAT SOME GOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE, CAN’T COMPLAIN ABOUT THE GAMEPLAY, BUT PLOT HAS GREAT CHARACTERIZATION OF SONIC AND STORY KICKS ASS. Both soundtracks are all day everyday in my playlist. It’s so good.



3. Sonic Colors, Currently playing it, good and smooth gameplay, DEM CORNY JOKES OF BLUE ASS BOY, wisps are cute, plot could be better but DEM MUSIC IS MY MIXTAPE. The plot was there, just average executed. Could be better but it’s enjoyable 👌

4. Sonic CD, currently playing it, JAPANESE SOUNDTRACK OH MY GOD, it’s hella hard on mobile but it’s super fun exploring the past and to save little planet from the bad futures. But I have to admit, BLOODY HELL BAD FUTURE MUDIC HAS SOME GOOD VIBES.
I’m trying to collect all time stoned but I can’t , BECAUSE ITS TOO HARD JESUS, but decided to explore instead.
Having a good time 💕

5. Sonic Next Gen (2006) and Chronicles, OK OK HEAR ME OUT BEFORE YOU COME TO MY HOUSE AND KILL ME. There was some good plot there, they had it, but it was poorly executed. Like VERY. Nevertheless, gameplay is funny because of the wacky bugs, mediocre characterization, but let’s not forget SILVER WAS INTRODUCED, DREAMS OF ABSOLUTION, SHADOW STORY KICKS BETTER ASS, like ALL HAIL SHADOW 🎶.
With Chronicles, I like the exploration RPG style, that was good, but fixing and tweaking many plot holes and interactions between characters could have made it a better enjoyable experience. Plus, I actually find it hilarious controlling Sonic being a salty jackass towards Shadow or Knuckles x’D

I have to add Sonic Adventure 2 because ITS HELLA GOOD STORY ,I want to escape from the city, haven’t played it but it’s in the bucket list, Punpkin hill jams, MOTHER FUCKIN CHAO GARDEN LIKE SO MUCH YES.
Also that the dark themes that the game touched were accurate at the era.


siucraclouds  asked:

(3/3) I got a tablet during Christmas and I've been working away with it regularly, and a lot of my motivation comes from looking at your blog. So, in short, thank you for being one of my biggest inspirations, and for being the one to give me that last shove to pick up the one thing I loved to do most as a kid! Have a nice day!! (๑و•̀ω•́)و

YES!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOUUUUUUUUUU! -hugs- I AM SO HAPPY YOU PICKED IT UP AGAIN!!! I hope you never give it up~ and always keep trying. ;w; HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY/NIGHT! 

Originally posted by stitch-addict

Also thank you too, like… I originally never thought I would be someone’s inspiration when growing up. But many of you have proved me wrong about that. It really does help me continue drawing, I am glad there are people who sincerely enjoy something I do. GIVES ME THE MOTIVATION! 

Go go go! Also there are A LOT of speed drawings and tutorials for digital art. I suggest looking at many of those, or if you feel like you get stuck maybe? They are really helpful and inspiring! Good luck! <3 ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

Every rose has its thorns

I CGED SOMETHING AGAIN? TWO IN A ROW? q__q SO PROUD OF MYSELF LMFAO Pretty sure this month beats all of last year in terms of things I actually cged … . which is kinda sad, but DETERMINED TO KEEP MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!

That and this weekend was a good drawing week LOL (motivation and ability have synced up!) But here’s Alex Hansen from GGP! :) Wanted to doodle someone from GGP after I finished my Izaac picture. (I SWEAR EVERYONE’S HAIR IS LIKE ???? HOW DO YOU WORK????) Picked him because I started his route on my ipad last week or so? HAHA This was originally going to be just a sketch, but then the bg happened … somehow! :D Starting 2016 out well for art!

rule number two ✰ beek fanfiction

disclaimer: i do not own bunny and creek, nor the idea behind them. everything belongs to @vikconder and vik only. i’m also so sorry for ruining your babies with my writing, vik, but i felt like i needed to get this out of my system or else. by the way, this is a tiny little bit nsfw-ish, but it doesn’t go into full nsfw territory so, don’t worry if you want to read this in public !! by the way, i didn’t edit this so, this is the full thing unreviewed.

Very few people knew this, but Bunny – local teenage heartthrob that doubled as that one rebellious kid with the sides of his head shaved and his ears pierced – lived his life by two very simple rules, rules that were made both for special occasions and that he strongly adhered to:

1) If he came across anything, from a dirty magazine to a simple shirt, that was bunny-themed or reminded him of bunnies, he had to buy it, no matter the amount of money he had with him at the time or the price of the thing in question. It was a fact that Bunny fucking loved bunnies, a love that was only rivaled by one thing, and one thing only…

2) If the moment was right, whether he was in public or in private with his ‘special friend’, Bunny had to fuck Creek. Or Creek had to fuck him. Whatever, really, as long as someone had a dick up their ass, anything suited his boat. (Besides, Creek was pretty hot in any position they had tried so far anyway so, who cares if Bunny was the one being fucked, as long as he could enjoy the view?)

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This is going to be a very interesting wild ride, guys lol

Okay so, I was not expecting to do something so detailed..but things kind of snowballed out of control and this happened. I know I wanted to go with Atem and not Yami for this thing totally not an excuse to use pretty skintones, no way.

I had some things running around in my head this morning when I woke up. I can’t wait to do more, whether it is drawings like the one I did yesterday, stuff like this where it’s multiple images like a mini comic, or some short fiction..I want to keep this going for as long as I can. I still have concept work to do, but I can draw that as I go. I like making shit up as I go, it’s fun lol ANYWAY! I think I am going to take a break for an hour or so before I do some doodles and sketches. It’s..still early surprisingly. But I’ve been up since eight this morning and I’ve gotten a lot done. Time to relax for a while and then come back. Thanks for stopping by! :3c

Gonna try something a little bit different.


BUT! rather than beg for money, I’ve decided to offer something in exchange! 

You see, I cant draw- otherwise id accept commissions. i cant make things or sell music or do “adult” content in order for money. Indeed I have no skills whatsoever. But I am a writer. And it just so happens I have a novel on fictionpress. 

So here’s what I promise. I link everybody to my novel. its very long, its almost done, only 4 more chapters to go. You read as much or as little as you want. 

And, if you enjoy it, please go to my paypal and leave me a donation. Just donate what you think its worth. That way I can eat. See if I eat- I dont die! and if I dont die– that means I can keep on writing! And if you like my novel— thats a good thing! YAAAAY EVERYBODY WINS. 




trigger warnings: everything. …dont read if you’re sensitive to bad things. >_> 

general premise: a dark fantasy epic about demons and demigods inspired by japanese anime/manga set in a fictional land. 


ts-owns-my-butt  asked:

Please!!! More Garcy edits! The ones you make are amazing and the fandom has such little new content.

Aww. Well, thank you. Aren’t you sweet?

I hope to continue making lots of Garcy things. Edits, gifsets, fics. I have a few art ideas I want to draw. Just gotta find the time. I have a new schedule at work I’m still trying to adjust to. But I do have every weekend off now. Whoooooo! So hopefully I can keep the content coming. Because if there is one thing I am not short on, it is ideas for this trash ship. lol.

There’s just so much… dang… potential for these two. Like literally? The only limit is your imagination. Because the possibility is there for anything and everything.

Anything. Eeeeeeeeeeverything. O__O

Oi, I’m going to take a hiatus.  4-5 hours of free time after work is not my ideal amount of time to draw since I like to finish a piece in one sitting.  Instead, I’m going to waste my free time by playing Pokemon and watch anime to distract myself.  Please don’t bother me.  I am angry at my current life schedule and little things are bugging me more than they normally should.  I don’t want to snap on people I care about.  Art is the only thing that keeps me happy and I’m too frustrated to do that.  I’ll be back when things get better.