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Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 3

C is for Confidence

I get a lot of people asking what I can do with my degree in Women’s Studies with a Communications minor (or rudely telling me that it was useless like this commenter here.) This is an example. Plus it’s feminist publication (y’all know which one I’m talking about probs) and they are looking for WS degrees as well. I get a lot of crap for my degree from randos online but honestly it was the perfect fit for what I want to do <3

The Perfect Fit - Part 4

Pairing: Model!Sam x Reader AU

Part 4 Summary: After Charlie interrupts an epic moment, Sam offers to help you out with your career aspirations

Word Count: 1239

Warning: Fluff, Smidge of Angst, Charlie’s still cool

A/N: I missed writing this series so much. Things are going to change in a good way in the next part. Feel free to send me any feedback. I’d love to hear from you!

The Perfect Fit Masterlist



You loved Charlie. Truly. She was your best friend, she was an awesome roommate, and she’s always been there for you… even in those moments when you wished she didn’t exist, like now. Charlie had the worst timing for calling you in the middle of what could’ve been an epically romantic moment between you and Sam.

If only the two of you didn’t get interrupted by the muffled tinny echo of a pop chorus, that inevitable kiss would’ve been so perfect.

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The Perfect Fit - Part 7

Pairing: Model!Sam x Reader AU

Part 7 Summary: The interruption of your romantic evening with Sam turns out to be more of a hassle leading you to a tireless night.

Word Count: 1903

Warning: Fluff, Smidge of Angst, Annoying but Lovable Friends

A/N:  Text exchanges are bolded and italicized. It’s been a while but Model!Sam is back! Planned for a longer fic but I got impatient. Feel free to send me any feedback. I’d love to hear from you!

The Perfect Fit Masterlist


“Cas needs us.”

Overhearing the serious tone of the older Winchester echo through your head, you instantly felt the adrenaline spike through your body.  The anxious concern destroyed any arousal you had moments prior. Dean’s phone call, followed by the fact that he was immediately at Sam’s doorstep dictated that this was an emergency.

Everything happened so fast that you didn’t question a thing as you walked out of Sam’s room with a look of concern. You didn’t ask why Dean grabbed Sam’s arm without explanation and dragged him to his room. You didn’t ask why Kevin was also there, taking your hand and tugging you outside. You didn’t ask if you could say a few seconds to say goodnight to Sam, only the rushed split second of somber yet hopeful glances at each other had to suffice.

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anonymous asked:

From the is there a future to us prompt. This sounded really flirty/funny. :3 “you’d look great in a wedding ring… ”

It is flirty/funny XD that’s a good prompt, thank you! I hope you like this ^^

Modern au~

“What do you think?” Killua asked.

Gon watched the paler male turn around in a circle, arms held out at the perfect height to show off his new suit from every angle. Killua had bought this suit yesterday out of spite just after a silk tux had arrived in the mail from his family. 

The silk tux probably would’ve fit fine, but this suit was completely perfect- from the way the jacket rested on Killua’s shoulders and the pants fell just shy of hitting the floor, to how the navy tie brought out the blue in Killua’s eyes…

Gon sighed wistfully and cupped his chin in one hand. “You look great, Killua. You always look great. But, you know, I think you’d look even better with a wedding ring…”

“And you’d look even better with my fist slammed into your face,” Killua said without missing a beat. “But you don’t see me complaining about it, now do you?”

Gon blanched as fear jolted down his spine- until he saw the smirk on Killua’s face, that was.

“Ah- Killua! That’s mean; you shouldn’t say stuff like that!”

Killua rolled his eyes. “Then stop it with the proposals, already! I mean, this is the- what? Twentieth day in a row-”

“Twenty-first,” Gon corrected automatically.

Killua snorted “Oh, right, how silly of me to forget. I just kind of lost count after the fifteenth day, so you’ll have to forgive me.”

Gon pouted at his boyfriend as he sat cross-legged at the edge of their bed. Killua hadn’t lost count, and both of them knew it.

“You should just accept already, then!” Gon said, bouncing his knees and sending tremors through the mattress.

“Mmmm, nah.” Killua spun back around to look at himself in the mirror. “I don’t think so.”

“Why not? We wouldn’t have to get married right away or anything-”

“Yeah, we would. C’mon, don’t give me that look- I know you too well by now, Gon! When you want something, you want it right away. Not later, immediately. There won’t be an engagement period when I say yes. You’ll just whisk me away to get eloped.”

Gon let his gaze drag up and down Killua’s slim figure as he asked, “Is that such a bad thing that I want to be with you that much? Is it a bad thing that I want the world to know that I belong to you, and you to me?”

Killua turned back around. Gon sat up straighter as Killua slowly approached him, pulse starting to race in anticipation. 

Killua cupped Gon’s warming face in cool hands, offering him a gentle smile that made Gon forget to breathe.

“No,” Killua said softly. “Its not a bad thing. But we have all the time in the world, Gon. I’m not going anywhere. I can promise you that, at least.”

He released Gon and his smile widened at Gon’s immediate whine of protest. 

“How about this,” Killua said as he tipped Gon’s chin up to make Gon look him in the eyes. “When I’m ready, I’ll be the one to propose to you. Okay?”

Gon pursed his lips. If they did that, Killua would stop getting irritated at him whenever he asked for Killua’s hand. But…

“But I wanted to ask you,” he said.

Killua dropped his hand with a laugh. “Tough shit, Gon. You’re not gonna get everything in life exactly the way you want it, especially if you’re marrying me. So deal with it and stop making that stupid puppy dog face- its driving me crazy.”

Jeff Buckley, footage from an interview ca. late 1994.


Seth Rollins/OC. You suffer a pulled muscle while training with Sami Zayn and Bayley. Seth walks in on Sami giving you a massage to ease your aching muscles, he automatically gets jealous and pulls you from training, taking you home and showing you who you belong to.

Requested by anon, hope you enjoy!!

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Anna Kendrick: I love all the characters of Pitch Perfect equally, this? it’s nothing — [trips] wait a minu- [hundreds of pictures and fanfics of bechloe spill out of her pockets] fuck those aren’t mine i swear i- [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen I just- listen fUck [more pictures and fanfics spill out on the floor] no wait I’m holding them for a friend just- liStEN

Watanabe Miyuki Graduation Memories Eng Sub (SayaMilky Fan Vid)

So I happened to see this SayaMilky fanvid which I really liked on Youtube and thought it was really really well done. I enjoyed it a lot, and watching it puts a smile onto my face <3

Like first of all, the song choice, Ippun Ichibyou Kimi to Boku no by HoneyWorks meets Sphere from the anime movie, Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita perfect and fitting.

But what impressed me even more was how the OP timed this video with the lyrics of the song, so I hope people will be able to appreciate more with the English subtitles!

As I only added the subs, all credits go to  小樂 BK on Youtube. You can find the link to the original video here

Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

My feelings on the Pokemon Anime!

Taken from my DeviantArt journal.

Long ago, I asked various people on what is so great about the Pokemon anime.
The main one with Ash as the (never dying/quitting) protagonist.

I enjoyed it as a kid for some time.
But as I grew up, I learned to hate it.
It’s such a nonsensical mess…
And yet people love it to bits, for some incomprehensible reason.

In fact, if there were to be a movie scene to describe, how incomprehensible this is to me…
The “Ass Movie” scene from Idiocracy would be a perfect fit.
(Go look it up yourself. It shouldn’t be hard to find on YouTube. ;) )
With everyone loving it, but me as the only one who can’t believe the people around myself.

So I tried to understand, why people like it so much.
Because I seriously can’t understand how grown up people can enjoy such a trippy, random mess of events.
Especially Pokemon-Fans, considering the Anime is a very poor representation of the Pokemon-games…

So I asked around…
It’s been a while, since then.
But the people I asked seem to agree with some of the criticism the anime receives.

But they don’t mind it too much.
The good things the anime has is enough for them to enjoy.
Or they find Ash an interesting character to follow, despite how much the writers decide to misuse him…
Or it is about the better look at the world of Pokemon and the Pokemon themselves…
Or to see what other forms of competitions are there in the Pokemon-World, outside of battles.

I still don’t agree with most of them. But if they can enjoy it, then all is good.
But sadly, I can’t!
Despite liking the main games, I have a lot of problems with the Pokemon-Series in general.
The main anime is at the top of my list!

I have a VERY harsh opinion of the Pokemon Anime.
One that I will share with you now.
If you are sensitive about stuff like this, then you better stop reading now.
You have been warned…

To be fair, not everything about the anime is terrible.
It does have some good things going for it.

The aforementioned better look on the world, seeing what wild Pokemon do outside of battling and seeing other forms of competition, like sled races and such.

So basicly a mix of expanding upon the world seen in the games, Pokemon Wildlife Documentary and action-packed battling.

And if it were only that, I would probably enjoy it.

But sadly, it has a lot of terrible things, ruining all the good stuff for me.
So much, that I hate it, regardless of the things it did correct!

The trippy, random things.
Such as Jessie, James and Meowth constantly attacking the party with “Dr. Robotnik” machines.
Them always getting blasted, giant Pokemon mimicing Godzilla, Mecha-Pokemon, men with boobs, etc. etc.

This is the primary reason, why I think the story writers must be on a drug-trip, on their jobs.
I can’t explain why else, people would put this in a Pokemon-related thing and think of it as a good idea.
It’s not funny…
And more importantly, THIS ISN’T POKEMON!!!
Pokemon isn’t fighting Dr. Robotnik/Dr. Wily machines over and over again…
Or fighting mechs in general…
Or Pokemon pulling a Godzilla, growing massive and destroying entire cities…
There are too much of these stupid things happening in the anime. Far more than I can count or remember…

It doesn’t tell a good story or develops the main character well.
Story-writing and character development is something I expect from every sort of storytelling, including animes.
A good story and characters that grow, learn and develop over time, make a story compelling.
But the anime story-writers completely fail at this!

It is obvious to me now, that storytelling and character development was never a factor in the making of this anime.
It’s all about the cash-in and advertisement.
Which is exactly why it’s so bad!

And the thing that makes it most obvious to me, that they don’t really care about developing Ash as a character…
Is the fact that they always push the “Reset Button” at the end of every reason, completely negating everything Ash has learned and making him start all over again in a different region.
The most infuriating thing to most people, as I have seen.
And I completely agree with the anger (though personally, I think there is an offense far worse than this one.).

And I kinda feel sorry for Ash.
I don’t really see him as a bad character.
Throughout most seasons, I think he had a cool design and in the anime he actually did some badass-things!
It’s a shame the story-writers never decided to make use of his full potential and instead use him as a cash-cow.
Milking him for everything he is worth, instead of giving him closure and a strong ending.

He has suffered the same fate as characters like “SpongeBob”.
SpongeBob was a great series and he himself a really likable character.
Then the creator ran out of ideas and wanted to end the series.
But SpongeBob was too much of financial success to Nickelodeon…
They didn’t want to lose their primary cash-cow!
So they artifically extended the series, without the creator’s blessing.
The result was a massive loss in story and character quality.
SpongeBob heavily deteriorated as a character, as a result!

And a similar thing happened to Ash.
He is a cash-cow and not a true character, like a should be!

One thing about making a good character, is to know when to end his/her story!
Every story has an end!
So giving a character a fitting end and closure, and maybe passing the torch to the next main character, is something vital to making a good character.
There are a lot of anime-series who do this right and have great characters as a result!
Such as “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” or even “Digimon”.
(Seriously, give the Rival-Monsters a chance! Their anime-series are FAR BETTER than the Pokemon anime will ever be!)

Now you have Plot-Armor… Now you don’t!
The powers of Ash and his Pokemon are so inconsistent…
One episode he can take down the Gym Leaders with ease, or even stand toe to toe with LEGENDARY POKEMON!
While in another episode he loses to someone with the stupidest of excuses!

And as the series went on, they decided to come up with the most ridiculous excuses to make Ash lose and keep him around.
Such as creating a random, uninteresting character with a FULL LEGENDARY TEAM!!
But yeah, this stupid thing adds to the point of “Bad storytelling”.

The anime-writers are unwilling to have any other main characters
Seriously, if they gave Ash closure in the Gen 1 season and started featuring the other seasons with a main character of their own, it’d be a much better anime.
Such as an anime-version of “Gold” as the main protagonist of Gen 2, May as the main character of Gen 3, etc.

And speaking of May, I have to ask one thing:
Why are Pokemon Anime-makers in general so against the idea of a female lead?!
Seriously in every Pokemon-anime in existence (not just the Ash-Anime!), it’s always the male character featured.
And the female counterpart is either not featured at all or is put in a much lesser role, than she should be.
Ever since Crystal, we could pick our gender.
Given that, is it really so bad for a female character to be the main character for once?!

The anime doesn’t represent the games well at all.
For instance there are so many “Canonical Errors” in this anime-series!
The most annoying thing is “Pokemon saying their own names”.
While in actuality they are supposed to make roars and noises, similar to real-life animals!

Ok, in the game-canon there are SOME Pokemon, that do this.
Such as Pikachu!
But most Pokemon are supposed to make grunts, cries and roars.
Not to mention Pokemon constantly saying their own names IS ABSOLUTE TORTURE TO LISTEN TO!
Seriously, it’s one of these things that give me the idea of forcing a running drill through my ears!

And it is one of the reasons, why Pikachu is my least favourite Pokemon in the series!

But then there are also a lot of other things:
In-game characters being totally different in the anime, story-differences, etc etc.
Basicly the anime not trying to capture the games.

To be fair, in some of these instances, the changes were actually good.
And it felt more like the anime “taking artistic liberties”, rather than failing at completely capturing the games.
But most of the changes are bad, rather than good.
Prime example: The entirety of the Black/White season!
With Team Plasma mind controlling Pokemon, rather than trying to liberate them.
It was a story-change so bad, that the Pokemon Company finally had the balls to FIRE the story-writers.
(Good riddance. They belong to rehab anyways…)
Too bad the new ones aren’t that much better…

I’m not against changes in the story.
But they should be well thought out and add to the experience, rather than taking away from it.
But more often than not, the changes were absolutely terrible.
And the few good ones don’t exactly help it.

Especially with the absolute worst offense the anime has done, in my opinion…

Character Bastardization and the “Fan Character Curse”
This is where I get really angry at the anime!
Great characters from the games, that either not exist at all in the anime (such as Krys, Brendan or Wally!) or WORSE, are heavily bastardized.
The best example of character bastardization happening in the anime, is May!

An unpopular opinion perhaps.
But May from the original Ruby and Sapphire is one my favourite characters in the series.
In the Player-Role, she is the badass-trainer you can expect her to be.
And in the Rival-Role, I found her to be lovable, yet slightly tomboyish and capable.
Not to mention she had a cool design in the GBA-originals!
She really looked like a brave adventurer.
And to this day, she has my favourite design of any Player-Character in the series.
(Screw the naysayers, I love her!)

Which is why I find it so infuriating, how much the anime destroyed her character!
In the anime, she basicly dislikes Pokemon and only takes on the trainer-route for travelling.
Not to mention she is A FREAKING WUSS in the anime!
She gets scared of every little thing happening.
And is absolutely terrible as a trainer!
Basicly the exact opposite, as she is in the games!

And ultimately she was demoted to being Ash’s tag-along, when she easily could’ve been the main character herself!
I will come back to that later…

And they did it to other characters as well.
Such as Dawn or Serena!
Who also easily could’ve been the main characters, but took on a much lesser role, that didn’t do them justice at all!
Or Maylene, who was first depicted as being absolutely useless as a Gym Leader, only growing capable under Ash’s guidance.
Or Korrina, who couldn’t control Mega Evolution and was rather weak, when compared to the games, where she is the successor of her grandfather, who passed on the knowledge of Mega Evolution and passed it on to you.

And considering that both Maylene and Korrina were my favourite Gym Leaders in the respective Gens, it breaks my heart to see them bastardized like this.

And then they make terrible OCs like Max from the Gen 3.
Did anyone even like this arrogant, obnoxious little piece of sh**?!

And most of these bastardizations seem to happen, to give Ash more of a presence.
This is where the “Fan Character Curse” part comes into play.

For those of you who don’t know:
The “Fan Character Curse” is a phenomenon among fan-created works, mostly FanFictions.
Where said fanworks feature canon characters, but make them weak or otherwise bastardize them, in order to promote their own Fan Characters.
And as a result, completely negates the achievements and strength of the official characters, in said fanwork.

This may be a phenomenon happening in fan-works most of the time.
But Ash Ketchum is the prime example that even official characters can be guilty of this!
Because seriously, the exact same thing is happening here!

Many of the in-game characters are bastardized and/or are given a much less important role than they deserve, just to promote Ash!
Which is why the anime feels like a badly written FanFiction most of the time!

In honestly don’t have anything else to say to this.

There are other strange things about the anime, such as Ash constantly having human sidekicks (including two Gym Leaders in both Gen 1 and 2!).
Why does he need them again…?
And considering you always travel alone in the games, at least as far as humans are concerned, it just feels strange.
But this isn’t really bad, just strange.

In any case, this is the end of my long essay.
So basicly, the anime doesn’t fail completely.
Expanding the world, seeing the Pokemon Wild Life, more competitions outside battling and action-packed Pokemon battles, are the things it does correctly!

But the Canonical Errors, bad storytelling and character development, the random BS happening and the bastardization of characters from the games, is what makes it so unbearable!
In my opinion it does far more things wrong, than correct!

So for me “Pokemon Origins” remains as the only good Pokemon Anime series.
It may be short and cut out a lot of criticial plot-points, to cram everything from Pokemon Red and Blue into 4 episodes.
But what it did deliver, didn’t disappoint at all!
We saw Red starting out as a weakling, but he grew as a character, became champion and even caught Mewtwo in the end.
These 4 episodes of Origins succeed, where 1000+ episodes of Pokemon Main Anime fail horribly!

And I recently watched “Digimon Adventures 1 and 2” again.
Since I had fond memories of them as well.
And unlike the Pokemon Main Anime, they still hold up today.
Simply because the Digimon-Anime takes their characters seriously.
They grow and develop as characters and actually are given closure and a fitting end.
It tells a good story, rather than being a 30 minutes advertisement.

Seriously, I recommend the Digimon Anime series.
They handle their characters so much better.
So please give the Rival-Monsters a chance.
You might be pleasantly surprised.

And that is all I’m saying today.

See ya! :D


Minority Report!Leverage AU