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I am profoundly saddened that friend, hero and creator of the rainbow 🌈 flag, Gilbert Baker died today.

‘We are a people, a tribe if you will. And flags are about proclaiming power, so it’s very appropriate. We needed something beautiful, something from us. The rainbow is so perfect because it really fits our diversity in terms of race, gender, ages, all of those things.’ – Gilbert Baker (June 2, 1951 – March 31, 2017)


Javier Fernández, Pirates of the Caribbean | 2010 Winter Olympics

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Maid For A Day - Dave Hodgman

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dave Hodgman/Reader

Word Count: 4345

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving in a way), Master Kink

Notes: I blame Persona 5 for this idea. It was just a funny idea and I can see Dave’s friends trying to get him laid. This is kinda just pure silliness that leads to fucking a hot guy.

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They told me “home is where the heart is.”
But maybe they were wrong.
Maybe home holds its own heart, mind, body.
Maybe it’s walking amongst the crowed, waiting to house anyone who comes looking for a place to stay.
Some are merely a bed and breakfast, while others are mansions full of luxuries unseen to most.
Some are just homes.
Three bedroom houses with a spacious backyard and enough room for a swing set.
Others have large porches for evening lemonade and trampolines for star gazing.
Everyone can find a home.
They see them pass and watch couples move in, each one an apartment, but building their dream house together.
We search until we find the perfect fit.
From broken down homes to abandoned buildings.
Two story homes to cabins.
Home isn’t wood trapping us inside,
But a safe haven we’ve found inside the arms over an individual.

(By @bbysaturn she has credits)


Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 3

C is for Confidence

I’ve been preparing for a Ye Olde SCA campout this weekend.

My technique in sewing medieval clothes without a paper pattern is a little involved, but I like being able to make a garment and have it fit perfectly the first time I put it on, without having to do a fitting even one time.

How do I do this? Two programs - MakeHuman and Marvelous Designer

- I made a perfect 3D model of myself in MakeHuman by using my measurements and height, following this tutorial

- I imported the creepily perfect 3D model of myself into Marvelous Designer.

- I took medieval patterns from the internet, traced them, and resized them to fit the perfect 3D model of me. Like this t-tunic.

or more complicated clothes:

- Cut out the fabric using the same dimensions, adding a seam allowance

- sew it together (correctly the first time, not wasting fabric)

The first time I made a t-tunic, it went over my head and fit perfectly. I made a t-tunic for my brother using this technique, and he didn’t have to be involved in the process at all except for putting it over his head and it fitting perfectly. 

The hard part would be cutting out the fabric for more complicated clothes, but with ancient/custom clothing like this, you’d have to find a way to do that anyway. With this program, you know at least that it’s going to fit your beautiful body, and there’s less chance of wasting expensive linen..

I was actually using this technique to make custom 3D clothing to fit a Skyrim character (a much more difficult and painstaking process), but then realized that the skillset of making 3D model clothes could be applied to real life. And now all I want to do is invent my own weirdly perfect wizard fashion clothes, or even just make custom normal clothes that fit me weirdly perfectly.

Morning Conquests

Note: This fic is the follow-up to Late Night Desires. Thank you all for reading and leaving kind notes on the first part!

As always, a huge thanks goes out to my dear friends @skittle479 and @larkistin.

Rafael had given you one of his shirts to sleep in. He also offered a pair of sweatpants, but since the waist would have been significantly loose, and you still wanted to make an impression, you opted to forego the bottoms and stayed in your panties.

The shirt he gave you had a Harvard logo on it, so he must have had it for a while. You breathed in Rafael’s scent, permanently ingrained in the shirt by now. The pleasant aroma attributed to the difficulty of waiting until morning to see, to touch, Rafael again.

And his bed! The peacock of a lawyer sure knew how to assemble a lavish bed set. Based on their crisp texture, the bed sheets had been recently ironed and starched. A man who cared about clean, pressed laundry was a turn on all on its own.

When you crawled into the bed, you were surprised to find yourself sinking into the mattress slightly more than you expected. Apparently his firm presentation did not extend to all aspects of his comfort zone.

Sleep found you soon after you built a cocoon for yourself in Rafael’s bed, his scent aiding in a peaceful slumber.

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BANGTAN reaction to their s/o not giving skinship often

Bts reaction to their s/o not giving skinship often

i just put vv nice gifs of them bc i couldnt find fitting gifs :(( WARNING THESE GIFS MIGHT KILL YOU FROM PERFECT AND SEXYNESS

JIN: Wouldn’t mind I guess, yes he’d love hugs but he wouldn’t pressure you or anything.

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SUGA: I think Yoongi isn’t much of a skinship person, so he would not mind. but he’d be always up for a hug.

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JHOPE: Like Seokjin he wouldn’t mind but he’d sometimes feel sad and just wanted a hug, so you’d let him hug you.

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RAP MONSTER: He wouldn’t mind, but he had made a deal with you that he did wanted a quick hug before he got on stage.

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JIMIN: He’d be pretty upset the first time you rejected his hug, but when you had explained everything he was okay with it.

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V: Would be very pouty and mad at the circumstances but he wouldn’t be mad at you. 

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JUNGKOOK: Would be okay with it but the times he really needed a hug, he didn’t give a fuck about your rules.

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Request: can I ask one with John Shelby? Something like he is jealous and possessive and some fluff ahah I really like your fics😍😍😍

Ch: John Shelby

Warnings: curses

John would never admit to anyone that he was jealous. but to himself no problem, I’m jealous. Of course you would pick a handsome bloke as your assistant, having such a big role in Shelby Company limited made it almost impossible to keep you with the daily tasked you face, and he would make it easier.

Jack was a simple man, single, hair saved into military style, just returning from war as a private in need of a job to support his mother, and sister. You had thought nothing more of him just a nice, mannered man, who was in need of a job, from his military background he seemed the perfect fit for organizing meetings and files. 

Jack’s perfect set of pearly whites shined through out the room, and John couldn’t help but notice you smiling back through the window. On the end of his chair, elbow plopped on the stack of papers he’ll probably never finish. 

“John boy you might as well fucking go in.” Arthur’s laugh only made him scowl. John’s patients were thinning, Jack and you just continued talking, smiling, and laughing.

Finally he had enough, his hands slamming against his desk as support of lifting his body up. The small knock on your door caught your attention, “Come in.” You mumble.

John’s presence filled the whole room, Jack nodded in respect towards the blinder. Before John even spoke, he took out the tooth pick out from the hug of his teeth, since he knew how much it bothered you when he spoke with it.

“Jus’ wonderin’ if you’re ready to leave.” You give an apologetic smile, standing up you look at Jack who is now standing up as well, “We were going for a round at the pub, for celebration.”

John’s jaw clenched at the thought of you both alone, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He mumbled, through grittened teeth. Jack’s eyes widen, realizing that you two were together. “I’m just going to go home.” 

You shake your head, “No, we’re going.” John glares at the poor man, “Get out before I cut you, and you lose your job.” Your mouth fell ajar, as Jack shuffled out the door. You quickly gathered your stuff, “Shut the fucking door behind you.” 

Before you could get far John caught your arm. “Where do ya think you’re going?” Your glare was enough to make him growl at you, he had no idea why you were angry. “That poor man probably thinks he is working for gangsters.”

“It’s not my fault you two were flirting in here, why would you even hire a man like him? Maybe you fancy him… yeah?” John’s jaw clenched as your hand met with his cheek, the slap being heard from the smaller offices outside yours.

“You want to know why I hired him? Not also is he really organized, he is friendly. Friendly is what we need! My job in the company is me trying to make this place into a legit business, and to do that we need friendly people!” You yelled, “Here you are walking and talking like a fucking gangster because you’re jealous! Time to be mature and fucking grow up because you’re not a gangster anymore. You are a business man.”

Before he could even get a word in, you were gone. John suddenly felt stupid, as he looked for a moment to gather his thoughts. The night was tough on you, the moment you got home you were stripped down, changed and slipped into sleep.

The warm embrace scared you, but the scent so familiar. “My dove.” the nickname fell so flawlessly from his mouth. “I’m sorry for being an ass.” You roll your eyes, snuggling into the pillow.

“Listen to me.” His lips met with your neck, trailing soft kisses to your shoulder blade. “I got scared, my love.” His arms pull you to face him, the warmth enough to make you pur.

He was stripped to nothing but his skivvies, his blue eyes meeting yours. “You’re so classy, and he’s a real man, with manners and I’m nothing but a gangster, I -.” 

You just cute him off, hands meeting his cheeks. “John I love you, and nothing is going to change that.” The feeling of his lips made you smile once again, he was hot headed, hostile and silly but he was yours and will forever be.

John’s hands drew circles into your back, his lips attaching to you cheeks, sprinkling kisses all over your face. ‘How’d I get so lucky with you?”

Don’t forget your phone

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Story idea

summary:  "You forgot your phone at the library yesterday,“ he started as he saw how she raised her brows in anticipation of explanations. She felt how the rush of tingles erupted through her body as she understood that if he had taken her phone and knew her name, he definitely had seen her photos in there, hidden from other people.

"Yes, I did,” she said trying to avoid eye contact with him. Guy shoved his hand into his black jeans pocket to pull out her cellphone.

“Here you go,” he nodded, handing her phone. “You don’t need to diet anymore, you’re gorgeous already,” wide reassuring smile appeared on his face, etching dimples on his cheeks. She froze, looking down at her hand holding phone tightly.

“I’m sorry for doing this, but I had to go through your files in order to find your contacts,” he said with guilty in his voice. Warmth pinched her cheeks leaving pinkish hue on it.

Where she had been dieting since sweet age of 15, and now, at the university, when she started to hide it from everyone in order to fit in the picture of perfect society, she hid her progress pictures and was really dreading of someone seeing it. And he came to save her from that “skinny” disaster.

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kivalidali  asked:

What Is the best method to cure stress and anxiety? In your opinion of course.

As long as you live with fear in your heart you will always be subject to stress and anxiety. So you need to get clear on what you’re afraid of, ask yourself where do you feel a sense of lack within yourself and life, then seek ways on how to develop or change that. Having a strong sense of hope and faith really makes you fearless, it’s psychologically proven that people who have a healthy relationship with God tend to be much healthier and happy in life. God alone suffices. When you know God is guiding you every step of the way what is there to fear? Even death is seen in a positive light, liberation as a way into eternal life. With God all things are possible.

Rumi said it beautifully:
Any soul that drank the nectar of your passion was lifted.
From that water of life he is in a state of elation.
Death came, smelled me, and sensed your fragrance instead.
From then on, death lost all hope of me.

So if you have no fear of death, no fear of the afterlife, then what is there to truly fear? This is why we say this world is an illusion, why people live in ignorance and death is when they wake up. All that is asked is that you do what is required of you in every moment and that’s simply being in the moment, dealing with what’s in the moment. All these purposes we set for ourselves are born from ego, it’s our own impure nature that desires them, thus it is ourselves that causes unnecessary anxiety and stress. We set ourselves many tasks and then reward ourselves with failure when life doesn’t go the way we planned, although we are aware how nature works and it never has its own plan. People just need to let go and let God, to go with the flow, to trust life and ones own heart. We fulfil our souls duties and that is all we must do:

Bhagavad Gita 18.5
Actions based upon sacrifice, charity, and penance should never be abandoned; they must certainly be performed. Indeed, acts of sacrifice, charity, and penance are purifying even for those who are wise.

Bhagavad Gita 18.8
To give up prescribed duties because they are troublesome or cause bodily discomfort is renunciation in the mode of passion. Such renunciation is never beneficial or elevating.

Bhagavad Gita 18.9
When actions are taken in response to duty, Arjun, and one relinquishes attachment to any reward, it is considered renunciation in the nature of goodness.

Bhagavad Gita 18.10
Those who neither avoid disagreeable work nor seek work because it is agreeable are persons of true renunciation. They are endowed with the quality of the mode of goodness and have no doubts (about the nature of work).

Bhagavad Gita 18.11
For the embodied being, it is impossible to give up activities entirely. But those who relinquish the fruits of their actions are said to be truly renounced.

Bhagavad Gita 18.23
Action that is in accordance with the scriptures, which is free from attachment and aversion, and which is done without desire for rewards, is in the mode of goodness.

Bhagavad Gita 18.24
Action that is prompted by selfish desire, enacted with pride, and full of stress, is in the nature of passion.

Bhagavad Gita 18.25
That action is declared to be in the mode of ignorance, which is begun out of delusion, without thought to one’s own ability, and disregarding consequences, loss, and injury to others.

Bhagavad Gita 18.26
The performer is said to be in the mode of goodness, when he or she is free from egotism and attachment, and endowed with enthusiasm and determination.

Bhagavad Gita 18.27
The performer is considered in the mode of passion when he or she craves the fruits of the work, is covetous, violent-natured, impure, and moved by joy and sorrow.

Bhagavad Gita 18.28
A performer in the mode of ignorance is one who is undisciplined, vulgar, stubborn, deceitful, slothful, despondent, and procrastinating.

Bhagavad Gita 18.33
The steadfast will that is developed through Yoga and which sustains the activities of the mind, the life-airs, and the senses, is said to be determination in the mode of goodness.

Bhagavad Gita 18.34
The steadfast will by which one holds to duty, pleasures, and wealth, out of attachment and desire for rewards, is determination in the mode of passion.

Bhagavad Gita 18.35
That unintelligent resolve is said to be determination in the mode of ignorance, in which one does not give up dreaming, fearing, grieving, despair, and conceit.

Bhagavad Gita 18.49
Those whose intellect is unattached everywhere, who have mastered the mind, and are free from desires by the practice of renunciation, attain the highest perfection of freedom from action.

Bhagavad Gita 18.51 – 18.53
One becomes fit to attain Brahman when he or she possesses a purified intellect and firmly restrains the senses, abandoning sound and other objects of the senses, casting aside attraction and aversion. Such a person relishes solitude, eats lightly, controls body, mind, and speech, is ever engaged in meditation, and practices dispassion. Free from egotism, violence, arrogance, desire, possessiveness of property, and selfishness, such a person, situated in tranquility, is fit for union with Brahman (i.e., realization of the Absolute Truth as Brahman).

Bhagavad Gita 18.54
One situated in the transcendental Brahman realization becomes mentally serene, neither grieving nor desiring. Being equitably disposed toward all living beings, such a yogi attains supreme devotion unto me.

Bhagavad Gita 18.55
Only by loving devotion to me does one come to know who I am in truth. Then, having come to know me, my devotee enters into full consciousness of me.

Bhagavad Gita 18.56
My devotees, though performing all kinds of actions, take full refuge in me. By my grace, they attain the eternal and imperishable abode.

Bhagavad Gita 18.57
Dedicate your every activity to me, making me your supreme goal. Taking shelter of the yoga of the intellect, keep your consciousness absorbed in me always.

Simply put: do what is required of you, fulfil your duties, let everything be in sacrifice to God and not motivated by ones of selfish desires, do not seek reward but act to serve, remember nothing actually belongs to you, do not be attached for all things in the world are temporary and will waste away including ones own body. A beautiful example of this is one someone was complaining to Jesus about money and taxes, Jesus simply asked “Who’s face is on that coin” the man replied “Caesars” Jesus said “Well give it back to Caesar then and be free from sin” Jesus was telling the man no to be attached to anything, that even money does not belong to him for it does not come from him, and that one shall be free from Sin because he is free from desire. Jesus was showing how truly simple life is. Sin literally means ‘to make a mistake’ to act unconsciously without knowing where the true desire is coming from, which is always the ego and never the soul, for soul is pure without desire. We are here to love and serve, that is all, everything should be done in love and given in service. Never out of desire and the need for selfish gain. We are filled with anxiety and stress when we are not being true to our natural nature, for our natural nature is situated in bliss and enthusiasm.

I would start by following the yogic path (research it) ones own dharma (the natural way), surrender ones self to God so life is lived in accordance with goodness, thus one has no reason to fear or doubt anything for one is doing ones duty. It’s really honestly that simple, ignore the chatter of the mind (ego) and listen to ones own heart and perform through the intellect, a state of knowledge.


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A/N: I wrote this in the perspective as “I, me” in hopes that it would be more enjoyable. I hope it is… I had really fun writing this. I wrote this in a rush of an hour. It all poured out. Anyway, enough being deep, enjoy the scenario.

Byun Baekhyun x Reader angst

Summary: Just because you run away with the boy you love doesn’t mean that life is like a happy ending. There’s so many bumps on the roads you walk with Baekhyun. In the end, it was still a good decision. Even if you get into a lot of fights

Word count: 1,828

We managed to not argue for a full three days. Running away from home sounded like a brilliant idea a year and a half ago, but we had no idea what it was really like to be on our own. We never knew that living together would accentuate our differences. We truly believed that life was going to be perfect.

It was easy for Baekhyun to run away. He had grew tired of having to live up to his parents expectations that his older brother provided. He grew tired of his “friends” only talking to him to get closer to his brother. The only people that cared about his wellbeing were his piano teacher, his housekeeper that practically raised him, and well… me.

I never really liked his older brother. He graduated from an Ivy League law school in America and suggested (more like enforced, if you ask me) Baekhyun to do the same. So, a load of money later, Baekhyun started his path of resentment towards his blood family. Everyday, he used to tell me, “Jagiya, you, Teacher Jung, and Miss Kwang are the only people in this world I consider family. You are the only ones that know what I really am. Who I really am. You know that, right?”

For me? I told my dad upfront I was ready to leave the house. To be responsible on my own. Surprisingly, my dad was supportive of me. So I’m not really a runaway. He even pays for my phone, just as long as I tell him where I’m at. My dad always taught me to be able to rely on myself when I needed it.

Back to arguing, after the honeymoon phase (which lasted a month), I figured out a lot of things about Baekhyun than I ever did in two years of knowing him. He… was really lazy. Which was a given since he was taken care of his whole life. I would lightly nag him to do this or that. He’d whine constantly and maybe mess things up, but I just put up with it most of the time. But then came the time I came back to the small apartment after a day of job hunting, and the place was a complete dump. I was completely drained, body aching from walking, and my own boyfriend was sitting in luxury with no worry about anything. We argued and didn’t talk for three days until we made up.

Then there was the time he came back home late from god knows where. He smelled like alcohol and had weird shit in his eye. I calmly asked what he was doing and he pulled out a thick, rubber-band bounded sum of cash from his jacket. I got scared. What was I supposed to think? Baekhyun coming home in ungodly hours wearing makeup and getting amounts of money that could get us a dream home.

I followed him one night, trying to prepare myself for the worst (although no matter the turnout, what was I going to do?). Caught off guard, I see this alleyway he’s walking down with a sign bared with gentle colored lights that wrote, “Night Walkers.” I had pulled my hoodie more over my head and remembered thinking “I can’t believe he’s working for a strip club.”

Walking in, the atmosphere was the complete opposite. Everyone was dressed elegantly in the underground club. The place took the breath away from my mouth, leaving me staring in a wide-eyed awe. Center of the club was Baekhyun doing what he did best, singing with his hands dancing on the piano keys. I couldn’t believe I didn’t trust him.

Just the thought alone brought shame to me. At the end of his performance, a woman, much prettier than me, much richer than me grabbed his arm and bowed to the applauding audience. He smiled and would wave his hands to the people around him. And by chance, he saw me, in the back by myself.

It didn’t take much of me to leave and go back “home.” I had stood up all night waiting for him to tell me everything. How did he get this job? Why didn’t he want to tell me? And who was that lady?

1 am came around and Baekhyun had changed from a clean suit to some ripped jeans and a colorful sweater with the makeup still on his face. He saw my body on the bed sitting upright and asked me, “Why did you follow me?”

“Why didn’t you tell me about what you were doing?” He visibly had gotten annoyed by my interrogation, which confused me because he had no right. “I’m working and getting money for us, what do I need to explain?”

Had he really said that? I still don’t believe it, but when they effortlessly fell out of his mouth, my own hand had effortlessly slapped him across the face. “Are you stupid? You think I would be happy with you coming home at 1 am with makeup on your face and that huge stack of money in your pocket? You think I would keep my mouth shut and walk around happily as long as we can keep up with rent?”

Ironically, I ran away that night. He had tried to come up with an excuse, even to the point that he thought that maybe, he could’ve let you in on something. That lady at the club was on the clear though. She was the owner of the club and married. But Baekhyun was keeping a secret and didn’t want to admit how stupid the secret was.

I hadn’t gone far, just to a motel literally a block away. And about four days later, I went back to the apartment and we made up like we always did.

Another thing we fought about; the guy who hit on me at work. Mind you, I always ignored him. Sure, he was annoying but avoidable. For the most part. I told Baekhyun about him and when I would sense him wanting to convince me to “talk to him,” I had made him promise not to try anything. I told him I had everything under control.

Oh, did I wish I was right. One day, we were stuck with closing the store and he insisted that he took me home. After an hour of saying no, he walked the opposite way making me feel eerie walking the poorly lit streets. I called Baekhyun to talk to me until I got home. But dumb ol’ me didn’t think that my co-worker would walk around and pop out of a dark alley and drag me with his dirty hands over my mouth.

He only talked to me, saying I had “one last chance to accept my heart, Y/N.” He pushed forward to forcefully kiss me. I had pursed my lips in refusing it but he felt that. He brought his hands to my face hand squeezed my lips out for him to take. His lips were chapped and his breaths came out of his nose heavily, slightly dried my tears.

Then I had felt a force bringing me down to the ground and saw him grabbing his face. He clumsily had gotten up and ran towards something. Or someone? Again, he was brought back down, blood slowly streaming down his forehead. Baekhyun’s voice was recognizable. “Filthy piece of shit,” was heard as he was beating him.

I remember it being the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. I just sat against the cold brick wall with my legs folded against my chest. Baekhyun hadn’t even gotten punched. The guy was begging for him to stop, looking at me for some moments crying out I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Baekhyun went at it, even when he thought he wasn’t moving. I ran up and pulled him away from the guy. “Enough, you’re killing him!”

Baekhyun came to his wits and looked at him. His chest was very weakly rising and falling. I looked around and all there was were just blank streets, not one person around. Not even a homeless person. Baekhyun took my hand and made a run for it. We didn’t even need to, who would’ve caught us?

At home, I yelled at him, “Why the hell did you take it that far? He could be dead if I didn’t stop you on time!”

“Oh, so I shouldn’t have gone to help you when I heard you scream on the phone? This is the thanks I get for saving my girlfriend from a potential rapist?” Again, he wasn’t getting the point. He was always going in circles, thinking he was a hero.

“Coming to my rescue and almost killing someone are two different things, Baekhyun! Do you think police are going to let you fly with the ‘he almost raped my girlfriend’ excuse?” That fight lasted shorter than usual though. We made up that same night. Not the usual make up than the nights before. But had the same emotional intimacy than the others.

We left in a week, scared that my coworker would tell the police about Baekhyun any time. The place we’re at now is the new getaway apartment. I told my dad about the new move, but this time lied about why. You can’t just tell your dad that your boyfriend beat the literal shit out of someone to protect you.

So here we are, our new home in some countryside that I can’t pronounce the name of correctly. I still nag him about cleaning, but our big arguments turned into little misunderstandings. He got a pretty fair job, teaching little kids in the neighborhood how to play the piano and helped the little choir by some school nearby.

I stayed home, taking care of myself and some household things. Being two months pregnant was a surprise. Baekhyun is even more protective of me, not even wanting me to walk out of the house to grab the mail. “My little baby girl needs to grow well without danger. So make sure you’re taking care of her.” I teased him about not even asking if I was fine with taking care of myself. And I find it funny that he already assumes we’re having a girl.

“If we have a boy, we’re going to keep trying until I have a girl. And I want her to look exactly like me. No offence Y/N, but you’re not the best looking in the morning.” He would laugh as I chased him around the apartment hitting him with the dish rag.

We’re still figuring things out. We’re still learning more about each other. But even after all our fights, I fall in love with him more. Baekhyun is realistically far from perfect, as am I. It’s that reason that we fit so well together. So here’s to more adventures, to more learning, to more mistakes, and to more times of being together.

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