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I was thinking earlier- who should be the main villain in the upcoming Gotham City Sirens movie?

I mean, one of the obvious choices is Joker, but if I know DC, they’re gonna make some greater problem that involves the government and the citizens and other outside forces.

I kind of want the main villain to be someone prominent from the rogues gallery, but I also don’t want a repeat of Suicide Squad, with baddies doing good. Then again, Ivy and Harley are also part of the rogues- would that move the story along or just hurt it? Maybe some betrayal or something idk

reblog with your opinions- I wanna see everyone’s wishes!

the capricorn has a reputation for cynicism. but like the dual sign of cancer that rests inside, capricorn builds a shell. these pieces that build this began in childhood, mostly as a protection for the heart, for any betrayals or perceivable vulnerabilities, for the discontent inside that something was lacking from the world. there is a tiny, delicate, and beautiful part of capricorn that is kept alive by this shell. you can see why they protect it so well 


Imagine Dean’s outrage when betrayed by Cass and Crowley.

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Warnings: Angst, Character Death, Language, Betrayal 

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: This is for @whispersandwhiskerburn‘s “We’ve Got a Fic for That!” Challenge. I chose the line from Doctor Who Demons run when a good man goes to war.” I thought that was very fitting for SPN and this story came to me, so I jumped in on this challenge. It’s a little shorter, but it’s an actual fic GUYS not just a gif blurb. ;) I really enjoyed writing this one, so I hope you guys like it. 

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Red Dahlia - betrayal and dishonesty 

Mint - suspicion

I finally finished this ;___; It was an experiment to do something different than I normally do. I really like drawing like this. I took a lot of inspiration from Shinichi Sakamoto and textbook drawings…. 


musing a bit on how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (Samuel and Mary, though i’m not necessarily critizing Mary’s actions here; will expand on that a bit more in the next bit), and i don’t have the exact quote, but Mary telling Sam: “when do we ever get something we want?”

because… once Dean and Sam find out that Cas, established explicitly once and for all as THEIR family in this episode, almost died because of Mary? That’s not gonna be pretty. And it feels very reminiscent of Samuel’s betrayal when they found out he was working for Crowley….

…and thinking about it, Samuel, in extension, was working for Cas. Kinda funny how that worked out :P but really, Cas and Mary do really have a lot more in common than they think they do. Working with someone the protagonists are opposed to for the greater good, and the build up to the eventual reveal that will cause feelings of betrayal.

(The way Cas was dying really reminded me of leviathans too; the black goo, the black cracks that ran along his body, rotting him slowly from inside out, no cure except to kill the source. The way the shot looked when Dean and Sam lifted Cas back up reminded me of how Bobby and Dean supported Cas back up after they put all the souls into Purgatory, right before he revealed that the leviathans are still inside him.)

And…well, we all know how well things ended for s6 Cas, after he went through with everything for the sake of the greater good. In a way, Mary is what Cas used to be, and Cas is hopefully what the endproduct that is Mary will look like.

I’m just hoping that this will eventually lead to Mary really feeling like she belongs with them, like how Cas came to be as shown in this episode.


Prompt : That was the night that I finally understood why people were afraid of silence. 

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It was all you could feel.

Elijah sat across from you on the patio, refusing to look at you. You had known something was majorly wrong for quite some time, but he would never elaborate. And now, you were confronting him.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” you yelled, tears making their way to your eyes. “I only want to help you Elijah!”

“I do not need help,” he said stubbornly. 

“Right, and I don’t need my heart in my body to live,” you snapped. “Elijah, you’re supposed to trust me. Why can’t you?”

“I don’t want to hurt you and drag you into something you’re not a part of,” he insisted.

“I decided to be a part of it when I agreed to be your girlfriend,” you told him. You were upset now. Because you knew that he was giving you bullshit reasons. Because when he lied, he would never look at you.

“You did not,” Elijah said.

“I didn’t sign up to be lied by you either,” she said quickly.

“Excuse me?”

“You never look at me when you lie, ‘Lijah. And you haven’t looked at me all night.”

“I am not lying, Y/N.”

“What’s going on,”

“I do not want to-”

“Are you cheating on me?”


“Do you not love me anymore?”


“Do you wish to leave me?”


It was then. You had heard people talk about how fearsome silence could be. But you never realized how right they were, not until you sat on the patio with the love of your life, as he refused to look you in the eye, no uttering a single word.

Elijah Mikaelson had cheated.

Elijah Mikaelson had lied.

Elijah Mikaelson did not love you, and wanted you gone. 

“I see,” you whispered, nodding slowly. “I’ll be gone within the hour then. Do not bother following up. You don’t have to keep track of me. I only ask that you never contact me again. Please. For the sake of my sanity.”

When he looked up at you, you could tell there was still some feeling left for you in him. The way tears clouded in his eyes told you that. But whoever the girl was, she had more of it. And you didn’t want to be with him if he could not love her to his fullest potential.

“Y/N,” he began, licking his lips.

“Elijah I do not want to hear the sob story of how you loved me. I know you did. Once, but I understand that you don’t anymore. So save it.”

You never saw Elijah again.

the poets take God captive, take his clothes from him, take a mallet to his sanity and strike strike strike til something caves. jericho falls and the poets call this true beauty and laugh in the face of ruin. they write poems about all the screaming.

the poets build temples just to burn them, spit in the fire and scream to heaven when their fingers burn, scowl when they hear the angels laughing. they’ve always known they were alone. they always forget they have enemies.

the poets call God back on a rotary some thursday night and he doesn’t answer, waits a couple hours and comes to their door. the poets bite their lips but don’t apologize. ask who sent you, he says no one. ask do you still want us, he just smiles.

—  (W)HOLE // sarah kate o.
Please read me when you're "not enough"

You’ve got too much piss and vinegar
In that soft soul to give up

Don’t forget

The taste of moonlight
And stars filtering through your fingers
How you love to dangle from rooftops
And precarious places
Like you have a rumble with death

Well let me tell you something, Ponyboy,
You don’t get to surrender so easily

Rage against the dying of the light
And do not gentle into that goodnight

It just might be the damn fighter in you
That redeems you
Grab my hand
Feel my strength through our fingers
Face forward and and keep pushing onward

Yep, we’re going to trudge through shit
broken glass, hate, betrayal, cruelty, corruption
The wind is going to lash you to pieces
But, my dear, that’s when you fool their asses

And stand up anyway

You stand up because you’ve battled pain before and didn’t die

You stand up because your mom fought like hell
Bringing you into this life

You stand up because you’ve got talent
(I see it and it’s brilliant)

Baby, most importantly,
You stand up for you

Show them your beauty and worth
Because those stars are in your heart now
And you need to illuminate the night
Show others what strength is

Get up when chemo took your hair
When daddy’s not coming home anymore
When addiction’s got you by the throat

Heroes are not found in Marvel comic books
They are real

And they get up everyday and fix breakfast
Through the fears of not being enough
They smile at others and hold them close
Because if they don’t
Who will

So stand up and let’s get going
When you lose yourself to love hope faith
Selfless giving
The self doubt fades away
The world needs heroes to speak for them
To fight for them in words
And you’ve been blessed with an elegant voice
Use it

One of the saddest thing about losing a bestfriend is when something good or bad happens they’re the first person you wish to tell it to but you have to remind yourself they no longer care.You thought you knew your bestfriend so well better than the lyrics of your favorite song however you realized not everyone is who they say they’re.
—  @darlingstaystrong4 - writing this I learn I miss who i thought was my best friend because now I know the person doesn’t exist.
Hands of Time in Lego Club Magazine

Okay so MAYBE everyone else has already gotten their Lego Club magazine January issue but I wanted to point out! Since the Hands of Time sets were meant to release in February, does that mean the season will come out in English in February?

Furthermore, here’s the Hands of Time related comic from the issue… it’s really sweet but sad in a way. Sorry my photo is so blurry and I had to type out the text to make it readable.

It’s adorable to know Maya was a bad cook and Ray dumped it… but there’s something really foreboding about this comic, with so much emphasis on always getting along. I remember Tommy Andreasen saying Nya gets super angry at Kai in HoT… perhaps beause he doesn’t tell her what he learned about their parents betrayal? But that’s just a theory!

Looks like I was wrong, she does want to help destroy the cluster, even if just for her own benefit.

I’m glad they didn’t go with the betrayal route.

Not gonna lie this frame is incredibly creepy.

And Peridot is misunderstanding how powerful Steven is. Knowledge will only get you so far after all. They need the help of the gems for this.

I mean… how would they even go about destroying the cluster?

They don’t have the machinery or the power.

On the other hand the power to learn and improve is something that the gems picked up after coming to Earth and meeting humans. Maybe Peridot can benefit from this and they might just come up with a plan to stop the cluster.

Life of Reading

You know that feeling you get after reading an amazing, emotional, heart stopping, complete with an extremely bitter sweet, soul torturing book? The one that broke your heart after you’ve closed the back cover, but you’re happy that its over only because of how utterly destroyed that book made you? The kind where years from now when you think about rereading it just because of how brilliant it was, you can’t even look at it because you know the secrets and betrayals and the love that was so electrifying that you will never be the same person after you finished this adventure. You still want to find something that makes you feel as strongly as the one you just lived through. And then you wish that you could erase the memory just to read it again,but those feelings are just too important to let go of. You just want to be able to experience such an incredible and adventurous life for the first time again. This is the feeling that I will forever be grateful at having been allowed to feel all because of an author that could write such an amazing life wanted to share with the world.

Prompt: Scars

Newt and Cival have been dating for a while. But mostly all they’ve done was make out. Cival has tried to get some of Newts layers off but newt begins to panic almost every time. On an outing they get covered in something (rain, slime, whatever.) And Cival sends newt to the bedroom to put something dry on once they get back to his place. Cival heads to the bedroom to ask him something and sees so many scars on Newts back Some are from different claws and teeth. But Newts back is covered with scars left by human hands. Graves can tell that they were made from a whip. Graves immediately understands that Newt is not ashamed of the scars left from his creatures. He’s seen all the ones on his chest. He considers them badges left from eventually gaining their trust. The ones left by humans tell a different story. One of pain, lies, betrayal and shame. These scars are more than skin deep. These are the marks that changed Newts views on humankind. Graves makes it all better. Possibly with some nice slow smut just to make newt feel loved

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You erupted in a fit of giggles. “There is no way he actually had to run home with only a speedo on.”

The two of you were sharing embarrassing stories of your ex-boyfriends, the perfect way to begin healing from Paul’s betrayal. Leah had told you a story about her ex-boyfriend Sam, who imprinted on her cousin. And I thought I had it bad. What if Paul imprinted on my sister or something?

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You know why WICKED gave their subjects aliases?
Because even if they gave them names, they gave them names because those names suited them. Names are identity. Names are so closely connected with who we are that once you know the name of someone you instantly have a closer connection to them. They are less of a stranger because you have a name. That name might not mean something to you, but you now know that this person is just that. A person with a name and a life before and after you pass through that life.

They gave the subjects aliases such as The Glue, The Leader and The Betrayer to distance themselves from these teenagers that they put through hell because psychologically speaking you need to distance yourself from putting other people through something like that, no matter how important your reasons for doing so are to you.

It’s a tool that has been used over and over to anonymize the victims of several crimes against humanity to spare the executioners for any kind of remorse - because they don’t see the people they do this to as people. They’re faceless strangers who don’t even get to keep their names. If subject A5 was to die that’s just a necessary casualty to reach a certain goal.