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Best Of Me - Yoongi Version

Summary: You and Yoongi decided to take a break from one another as your relationship was crumbling down. But when you show up at an award show with Jackson from Got7 as your date, he couldn’t help but feel the jealousy take over him and that he was in the wrong this whole time.

Best Of Me - 6/7

Word Count: 4581

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3 weeks. 3 miserable, long, stressful weeks. When will you hear from him? When will he call? When will he come home? Simple texts just aren’t cutting it now. Texts that only say “I’m staying at the dorm tonight,” or “I won’t be home tonight” or “Don’t wait up for me”, they were starting to break your heart. Never have you once doubted your love Yoongi, you understood that he was a busy man with a job that required so much for him to do, a job that he loved.

The past 3 weeks, you have sat at the kitchen table eating your food painfully slow, with no one to talk to. 3 weeks you have laid in a bed that wasn’t as warm as it used to be. In the past 3 weeks, his shirts are starting to not smell like him, you’re losing him. You’ve never felt so lonely before, a piece of your heart was gone and with him. Did he feel the same way?

You were put on the backburner, as he was slaving over the computers for days on end trying to find the right beat. Every time he checked his phone, it would be yet, another missed call from you and eventually the text messages piled up to be 10 messages from you and nothing from him. The loud ring disrupted his flow of beats, and he whipped off his headphones to pick up his phone to only see your name appear. Quickly, he declined the call and roughly placed his headphones back on.

Sitting in your apartment, staring at your phone call list, he hadn’t picked up once. It was time to take matters into your own hands, and physically see him. No more waiting for him.


Your coat was zipped up all the way to the neck as you quickly rushed inside the building with a bag full of takeout. If he couldn’t be at home to eat dinner with you, then you’ll bring dinner to him. Finally, you got to see your boyfriend who seemed like he dropped off the face of the earth without a reasoning. Happiness filled you but yet, you couldn’t help but feel anxious as well. Did he even want to see you?

Knocking on his studio door, no voice was heard from the inside, so another round of knocks came waiting for him to open up. Nothing was there. You turned the doorknob yourself and let yourself walk in, seeing Yoongi sitting in his chair with his face resting in his palm, looking directly at the computer in front of him. His headphones were on, and music was playing softly, he could have easily heard you at the door, but you didn’t mind.

You quietly shut the door, as you stood there waiting for him to notice you, and he never did. Awkwardness overtook your body, and you moved until you were near him, setting the plastic bag of takeout on the couch. You wrapped your arms around his neck and placed your head onto his shoulder, he didn’t even flinch. No smile was cracked, his eyes didn’t move, it’s like he was a stone.

You stayed in that position for awhile until he finally spoke up with his monotone, annoyed voice saying, “Can you move.” You released your arms from him and stood back up, with your hands by your side. You bent down to pick up the food, and tapped him on the shoulder so he could turn around or at least give you some attention so he knew that you brought food. “I brought you some dinner. We could eat together.” You pulled a box out of the bag revealing it to only yourself as he still didn’t turn around. “Okay.” You whispered to yourself as you set the box back into the bag.

Still not acknowledging that you were there, you laid down on the couch, making sure to not make any noise as he was apparently in his zone. Scrolling through every social media app you had on your phone took shorter than you anticipated. You stared at the ceiling, and back at your boyfriend as he hasn’t moved an inch from when you laid down. Sighing, you heard your stomach grumble and you rummaged through the bag to grab the food you had brought for yourself.

The smell overtook the studio as Yoongi was distracted with his work, and couldn’t concentrate. Has it really been 10 hours with no food in his system? He turned around in his chair to see you chewing on your favorite sandwich, you let out a little grin as his right hand came up to his face and his thumb and pointer finger rubbed his eyes. The plastic bag crumpled as you dug inside of it, to hand Yoongi his sandwich that he always got. “Sorry I got hungry.”

He grabbed the sandwich and threw it onto the couch, scoffing. “If you got hungry you should have just stayed at home and ate.” You choked down the piece of sandwich that was in your mouth as his words came out like venom.

“I thought you could take a twenty minute break and eat with me.”

“Well you thought wrong Y/N, I don’t have time for you right now.” You simply nodded at his words as you grabbed the water from the bag and placed it on the couch next to his sandwich.

“Well I got you a water too.” You said it ever so softly, not wanting to make more agitated than he already is.

“Just take it home and eat it, I don’t need it.”

“Well you never know.” You stood up with the bag in your hand, throwing it in the trash next to the door.

“God dammit Y/N! Just take the thing home!” The ever so quiet small room was filled with Yoongi’s rage, and anger that it scared you to the point where it felt like you were in a haunted house.

“Yoongi, you probably haven’t eaten all day so just leave the sandwich and water there, you can eat it whenever you want.” Not wanting to act like you were affected by his voice, you said it more sternly to him.

“Stop being fucking annoying and get it out of here.” You rolled your eyes as you went over to the couch, and picked up the items and threw them in the trash.

“Happy? They’re gone.” His eyes got wide at your actions, not expecting it. “I haven’t seen you or heard from your properly for the past three weeks Min Yoongi. All I wanted was to sit down and see you for twenty minutes and then you could go back to work. But no, instead I get to hear you bitch at me, and act ungrateful as I think about your health.” You were practically fuming, if Yoongi could describe you right now, you were at the point where you had steam blowing out of your ears.

“Y/N I’m taking care of myself just fine, I’m a grown man for god’s sake. And I’m sorry you haven’t seen me for three weeks, but you knew what you were getting yourself into when you started to date me. I’m sorry I’m an idol, but you’re gonna have to deal with it.” The way his voice came out, with no emotion to it is what made you even more upset. The fact that he is fine without seeing you, is what makes you heartbroken.

“I know what I got myself into Yoongi! But you’ve been ignoring me for three weeks! It’s like you disconnected yourself from me and you’re only focused on this! I still exist ya know!”

“Y/N I’m focused on this because it’s my job and I love it. This comes first, before you, before eating, before anything. I’m sorry that you feel ignored but you’re gonna have to put up with it.” He turned back around and slid on his headphones without bothering to give you a second look.

You stood there, dazed and confused at the words that just came out of his mouth. You licked your lips, nodding your head at his words, replaying them in your mind. It shocked you even more with the words that came out of your mouth next. “I think we need to take a break.” Of course he heard that sentence perfectly. He stopped in his tracks, not moving an inch, making sure he heard you correctly. “What?”

“You heard me Min Yoongi. A break. I think I need some time to think and you need some time to get your priorities sorted out.” With that, the door slammed and you were gone, leaving Yoongi to only his thoughts.

A break? Has he really been that bad of a boyfriend for the past 3 weeks for you tell him that you needed a break? The picture on his desk of you two was soon shattered into pieces onto the floor as he threw it against the wall. Enough is enough.

And a break essentially means a breakup.

He’s lost you.


Yoongi couldn’t focus the rest of the night, hearing your words, telling him that he’s been ignoring you and you miss him. He scrolled through the messages from you, and everything was from you, ranging from ‘Good morning!’ to ‘Did you eat lunch?’ to ‘Goodnight, I love you.” and everything else in-between. All you got from him were short responses saying ‘I won’t be back tonight.’

Yoongi knew he messed up, to the point that he had to leave the studio early because he couldn’t think. Because of his mistakes, he could lose the best thing in his life. And because of his stubbornness, he didn’t want to come back to you too quickly, so he gave you time to think just like you wanted while he lied awake in his bedroom thinking about you and only you.


“I thank you for coming over and hanging out with me these past few weeks, but Jackson, you can go back to your dorm and hang with the guys I’m doing fine.” You got up from the couch the empty popcorn bowl in your hand as the movie was ending.

“You’re my best friend Y/N, I’m not just leaving you besides we have another movie to watch.” He winked at you as he raised up the DVD case.

“I’ll get more popcorn then.” You sigh as a smile appeared on your face. Your childhood best friend was always there for you, never leaving you when things got to rough for you and vice versa. You’ve been through a lot together, and if it weren’t for him you wouldn’t have met Yoongi. Even though you and Yoongi are on this break, you still thank Jackson for introducing you to Yoongi because you couldn’t imagine life without him.

As you sat back down on the couch, a commercial on the TV was playing before Jackson could get the DVD in. The Melon Music Awards was only 6 days away, and Jackson of course was attending with his group. You thought you would attend with Yoongi this year, but things didn’t work out in your favor. “Do you like wanna go to that?” He must have caught you staring, zoned out in your own little world. Closing your eyes, you shook your head to gather yourself, focusing on Jackson’s question.

“To the Melon Music Awards? It’d be fun but no I can’t go.” You leaned back into the couch, throwing popcorn into your mouth.

“Why not?” You looked at him like he was stupid, throwing a piece of popcorn at him.

“Did you really just ask that?”

“Well I mean, yeah because you’re going with me.” He smirked as he pulled out a VIP pass for you.

“Uhm what? What is this!” You grabbed the pass and scanned it over.

“This pass is for you to walk the red carpet with me, and to sit next to me during the awards.”

“Jackson I can’t.” But you so badly wanted to go.

“Oh yes you can. We’re attending as best friends, but maybe this way you’ll grab Yoongi’s attention and he can apologize formally to you.” Now you understood his plan and where he was getting at.

“So, you’re only inviting me to get back at Yoongi?”

“AND I want to hang out with you and I know how bad you wanted to go.” He sheepishly grinned at you as you threw your arms around his neck and hugged him.

“Thank you so much!” You said into his neck and he nodded his head.

“We only have six days to find what you’re going to wear though. We should match.” You released your arms from around him and rolled your eyes.

“That’s too coupley don’t you think?”

“That’s too coupley blah blah.” He mocked you and you flicked him. “No it isn’t, it’ll look sweet.”

“Whatever you say.”


The day finally came and you were put into a room filled with stylists that Jackson had arranged for you to meet with. The makeup team, the hair styling team, the actual clothing stylist. You were a queen for a day. Jackson left you to be with them, as he had to get ready himself.

Yoongi was getting ready just like you, but he was more anxious. No calls or texts from you since you came that day to his studio. Maybe he should stop all this and apologize, he knew he was in the wrong. He buttoned the cuffs on his sleeves and adjusted his suit jacket as he looked in the mirror, hoping you would appear to wrap your arms around his neck and lean into his back telling him how handsome he is, or helping him with his cuffs. He knew just how badly you wanted to attend this award show with him, and it was nothing but his fault.

“You ready?” Namjoon walked into the room as Yoongi turned around and grabbed his phone.

“Yeah.” The two boys left the room, heading towards their limo.


“Wow Y/N.” Jackson’s mouth formed an O as he saw you walk into his room. You were wearing a long, black gown with a long train, long sleeves and an open back. Your black strappy heels matched perfectly as so did your hair which was done well in an updo with curls hanging loose around your ears. The makeup on your face was like it was drawn with a stencil, as it was a better job than you could ever do.

You gave a slight smile to Jackson, hanging on tightly to your black clutch. Jackson was dressed in a black tuxedo with a thin black tie, matching you to a T. “I can say the same about you.” You walked over to him, as you stared at the both of you through his mirror. “Where are the others?”

“Oh, they already went. It’s just me and you.” He of course had to put his plan into action to make Yoongi jealous.

“You really want to make him mad don’t you?”

“Mad, jealous, sorry for not apologizing sooner, all of the above. No one treats my best friend like that.” With that, the two of you left to step inside the limo waiting for you.


Cameras were flashing, bright lights were the only thing being seen, and voices of people telling the men standing in front of them to do different poses. As they eased their way across the red carpet, to all the interviewers, and the other groups, Rap Monster lead them to stand directly next to his friends group. “Where’s Jackson?” He peered around everyone, not seeing his friend anywhere.

“He’s coming, don’t worry about him.” Mark told him, while sipping on a bottle of water. There was something in his tone that made Yoongi’s stomach get butterflies, something in the way that made him talk that made Yoongi get nervous, anxious. About what though? And that’s when all the commotion started.

Gasps were coming from every person in the crowd, the cameras were going off 10 times more than normal. That’s when Yoongi saw a high heel stepping out of the limo as Jackson held onto the girl’s hand. It wasn’t any girl though, it was you.

The way you two were dressed in black. The way you held onto his hand as he pulled you out from the limo. The way his hand wrapped around your lower back. The way he pulled your closer to get pictures taken. It irked him in every way possible. Yoongi knew he was in the wrong since you left him that night, but you doing this was crossing a line.

“Jackson! How long have you been dating?” Paparazzi was screaming that question over and over again, wanting to get the scoop on the two of you. Yoongi knew that the two of you were only friends, but his gut was turning and he wanted to run through the crowd and throw a punch at Jackson.

“Dating? I can’t bring my beautiful friend here with me without getting accused of dating?” Jackson laughed at the reporters, as smiles appeared on their faces as well. Seeing him interact with the crowd like that, made Yoongi even more mad, his lips in a thin line, trying to stop himself from saying anything.

Yoongi couldn’t take his eyes off of you, as Jackson helped you up the stairs. Your one hand in his while the other was pulling your dress up so you wouldn’t trip. When you got up, Jackson must have said something because you were laughing, then you left.

“Hey guys.” Jackson patted Namjoon’s back while bowing his head a little as he arrived in the circle.

Namjoon turned a little to shake his hand and pat his back. “Long time no see.”

“Well we’ve been busy.”

“Busy with my girl?” Yoongi chimed in. All eyes were on him, none of them expecting him to be so harsh on calling Jackson out.

“Last time I heard you were on a break.”

“Yeah and that’s still my girl.”

“Is that why you haven’t been contacting her for the past three weeks then?” And the circle fell silent as the guys had a stare down. Jackson was right, he was beyond right, and Yoongi knew that, he just didn’t want to admit it.

No one saw you come back, as a small, delicate hand landed on his shoulder, with black nails and silver accents added to them. Jackson swiveled his head and met you behind him. “Hey guys.” You bowed your head at them all, as they did the same to you, taking their breaths away.

“You look gorgeous Y/N.” Taehyung said to you as he moved his way over to you, making small talk with as some of the other boys did as well. Yoongi stood there, the odd man out of the group not knowing what to do, until he strode over to you and lightly grabbed your arm. “We need to talk.” He whispered in your ear, trying to get you to come with him but you shook your head. “I’m not going anywhere with Min Yoongi.”

He glared at you, he wasn’t prepared for that answer. “Well you’re gonna have to.” You snatched your arm from out of his grip and moved away from him slightly, making him hurt on the inside even more knowing that you wanted nothing to do with him.

“I’m staying here, and you’re the last person I want to talk to.” As the words left your mouth, Yoongi felt like he got punched in the stomach. Was this how you felt when he said those things to you that night? Because if so, he takes it back, everything, he never wants you to feel this again.


Yoongi made it obvious since the moment he sat down at the assigned table that he was only paying attention to you for the rest of the night. The way you leaned over to talk into Jackson’s ear or the way the others would talk to you, it was making Yoongi go mad. And when BTS had to leave to get ready for their performance he was paranoid more than ever.

As they performed their songs, you bopped along to the beat, enjoying the music like you always do. When they were done, you clapped like everyone else. You didn’t get up and yell “That’s my boyfriend!” like you always did backstage at a concert, or when you were watching a recording from a show. Yoongi saw, he saw how contained you were. What did he do?


They made their ways back to their seats, and once they were seated it was Got7’s turn to stand up and leave. “Are you sure you don’t wanna come backstage with me?” Jackson was standing up with a hand on your back leaning down to talk into your ear. “I’m fine right here, thank you though.” They were off and you were by yourself as the next presenter came out with the award in their hands.

Giving a well done speech about how all of the bands were highly qualified for this award. When they opened the envelope, the name ‘BTS’ fell from their lips and everyone erupted in cheers. You clapped along with them, watching as the boys hugged each other and made their way up on the stage, accepting their award. You were beyond happy for them, but you couldn’t let Yoongi see it. You wanted to scream along with the fans, but you held it in.

As the screams quieted down, Namjoon got ahold of the mic to give his speech. “We thank BigHit Entertainment, and all of the great people we work with. I thank the guys standing next to me, and of course ARMY’s, without you we wouldn’t be here. We love you.” The screams erupted again, both as Namjoon was moving away from the mic and Yoongi was moving towards the mic.

“I usually don’t say much,” he smirked a little, “but I felt like I needed to say something. I want to thank once again ARMY you are all amazing. I also want to thank BigHit, Bang PDnim, the boys and of course the girl who has my heart who supports me through it all.” Your face turns pale, you froze in your seat, wondering if people knew about the two of you. “I love her a lot and I want her to know that.” He looked directly at you as he delivered the last line.

And there was nothing he could do as you grabbed your clutch, stood up and left.


He told the boys he was using the bathroom, but they all knew he was going on a hunt to find you. He looked everywhere backstage, he even peered outside to see the red carpet and no one’s cameras were flashing, they were all just bored reporters.

About to give up and head back to his seat, hoping you were there. He finally found you, leaning against some backstage equipment in a secluded hallway, with your eyes closed. “What’s a beautiful girl doing here all by herself?” His raspy voice made your eyes shoot open, his hands were in his pockets as he stood in front of you.

“And what’s a jerk doing here standing in front of me?” You rolled your eyes and tried shoving past him but he lightly grabbed your hand and pulled you back.

“Y/N, stop this.” He seemed hurt, but not enough for you to stop this act.

“Stop what Yoongi? Stop what exactly?”

“Acting like this! You’re hurting me baby. Stop, please.” His voice grew quieter as the words fell from his mouth.

“I’m glad it hurts then.” His eyes softened, as they glazed over. “Music before me right? Now you know how I felt.” You released your wrist from his grasp, and started to walk but until a force hit you. His arms wrapped around waist, and his head was gently placed on your shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” He sighed into your neck. “So fucking sorry. I was tired and hungry and wasn’t taking care of myself. I was ignoring you when I shouldn’t have. God you were right, you’re always right. And without you I’m a fucking mess. Can’t you see that Y/N?” You turned your head to see his face just a little bit, and a tear escaped his eye.

“Ignoring me was a lot better, than telling me that I will never come before your music Yoongi.”

“But you do! God damn you do Y/N. It’s always you, my first priority. I don’t know what got ahold of me. But, please I’m begging, don’t fucking leave me.” You turned around and cupped his cheek with your hand, and he leaned into it. The first time he’s felt your touch in a while. “Just don’t leave me.” He begged. “Not hearing from you for three weeks hurt, but seeing you with Jackson dressed so beautifully hurt even more. My hearts breaking Y/N.” A sob escaped his mouth.

The strong and powerful Min Yoongi was standing before you, pouring his feelings out for you. Your strong Yoongi, was falling apart. You removed your hand from his cheek and he leaned his forehead against yours, wiping his eyes. “You said you needed time to think and I needed time to get my priorities straight. You come first. I’ve known this from the get go. My priorities haven’t changed and I don’t know what overcame me that night and those weeks. But, Y/N…” You cut him off by placing your lips gently against his. He placed his hands on your cheeks, pulling you closer as the kiss got hotter by the second. “Don’t leave me.” He whispered as he pulled away.

“Never.” His lips reconnected to yours.

“You don’t understand how scared I was to lose the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m sorry that my stubbornness got in the way of me not apologizing. Seeing you here, dressed like this, with your best friend, made me a jealous man, and made me realize that I don’t know what I would do with myself if you moved on from me.”

“Thank you.” He looked at you confused. “For apologizing. For realizing what you did wrong, even though that damn stubbornness held you back, but that’s one of the reasons I fell in love with you. If you think I could get over you that easily, you’re wrong. You are the man of my dreams Yoongi. We just hit a bump in the road, and every couple does.” You both smiled at each other, and he brushed your cheek with his hand.

“God what did I do to deserve you?” You both giggled.

“I don’t know.” You replied.

“I don’t know either but good god, you got the best of me, and you will for the rest of my life.” And your foreheads meet again as he leaned in one more time to capture your lips.

Shit Hurts Too Bad

pairing: Steve x reader
warnings: angstttttt
characters: Dusty, Steve, the reader 
summary: the reader overhears Steve’s advice to Dusty, and knows it’s about her 
a/n: I tweaked the scene a tad bit to make it sense that the reader would overhear everything! Hope you guys enjoy:) 

Hawkins Middle School Snowball was the last place you’d expected to be on a Friday night. But, there you were, sneaking punch and pretzels here and there, chaperoning your brother and his friends. About an hour ago, you’d been asked to hold the door for the students walking in, and had been bored out of your skull ever since. 

The gym lights were flashing white and blue across the dance floor, last summer’s hits blasting through the speakers, and you caught yourself daydreaming about an ex. Steve Harrington was his name, and you were certain he was the love of your life. 

The two of you had broken up about a month ago- just when everything with Will and the Upside-Down had hit its peak- and hadn’t spoken since. You’d pass each other in the hallways and look down at the floor, or make up an excuse to bolt in the other direction. 

It was your fault that it had ended the way it did- you just couldn’t deal with all the chaos and danger of what your lives had turned into. So, you put up walls to cope. Walls of steel and stone that refused to break down no matter how hard Steve pushed, and he had pushed. Eventually everything had come crashing down, and the two of you decided the end things, even though neither of you really wanted to. 

So, now it was painful to look at him, painful to see him in the hallways, painful even to get a whiff of that god damn Fabergé Organics he used religiously. It was painful because everything reminded you of what you’d given up, because you couldn’t quite let yourself be vulnerable in front of him. 

To his credit, he’d tried his god damn hardest to make things work. But, in the end, you’d started to shut him, and everyone else, out entirely. 

So there you were, wandering the halls of Hawkins Middle School trying to get a break from chaperone duty, when you suddenly stopped short, “Your hair looks good, stop messing with it!” You heard Steve’s voice just around the corner, “Seriously, man, stop!” 

You honestly thought you were dreaming it for a second, it was the first time you’d heard him speak in weeks. With the way the two of you had left things, you were pretty sure he hated you now. It was the uncertainty that was killing you…. if you just knew how he felt, your tired mind could finally be put at ease. Be it he despised your existence or not, you just wanted to know. 

“Ah, okay, okay,” You poked your head out quickly to see Dusty run a hand through his hair, teased up in a fashion almost identical to Steve’s, “Like a tiger.” 

“Yeah, sure, dude, like a tiger.” Steve put a hand on his shoulder, “Now listen, all you gotta do is go in there and act like you don’t care- girls eat that shit up.” 

“Is that how you got (Y/N) to like you?” Dusty asked, and you felt your heart stop beating for a second. 

What was he going to say? 

Ducking behind a row of lockers, you decided to listen in, hands clammy with anticipation. You watched Steve, from your slightly skewed window of him and Dusty, falter for a second. He scratched his jaw in hesitation, clearly weighing whatever he was about to say, before whispering, “Okay, (Y/N)’s different, alright? She’s…. she’s not some random chick. She’s the one, she’s special, dude. Wait-” 

He cut himself off, “You’re not falling in love with this girl are you??” 

Dusty quickly shook his head back and forth, and you actually saw Steve’s shoulders loosen up a bit, “Good. Good,” He breathed, “Because she’s just gonna break your heart, and you’re too young for that. Shit hurts too bad….” His voice trailed off and you could have sworn you saw tears beginning to prick his eyes- that was when you couldn’t bear to look anymore. 

Instead, you tore your gaze away and felt your heart actually stop beating this time. From the tone in his voice alone….. you knew he was referring to you.  

As if spending weeks being eaten up by regret wasn’t enough, but now you hear Steve saying this. He’d called you the one, said he was still in love with you, even after everything you’d done. You felt your hands start to shake, and you finally understood the gravity of the mistake you’d made in shutting him out all those weeks ago. This boy would never stop making your heart stop dead. 

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Taehyung: Okay so I’ve been thinking-

Yoongi: Woah you can think?!

Taehyung: Listen you little shit-

Yoongi: Hey don’t talk to your hyung like that!

Taehyung: You know what?!

Yoongi: No and tbh I don’t really want to know

Taehyung: Maybe if people didn’t let you treat them like shit then-

Yoongi: Are you done yet? *yawns*

Taehyung: No actually, I’m not, so if you wanna stop cutting me off, that’d be great. Maybe if people didn’t let you treat them like shit, you’d actually learn to be a decent human being and have friends for once!

Yoongi: Hey idiot

Taehyung: Stop calling me that!

Yoongi: *chuckles* I love you, idiot

Taehyung: *blushes* I love you too…

Yoongi: Cute *holds back tears*

Taehyung: Damn you’re soft…

Yoongi: Am not!

Taehyung: Are too!

*Tickle fight ensues*

TITLE — long distance.
WARNINGS — mature content and some swearing.
WORD COUNT — 2,901 words.
AUTHOR’S NOTE — i can’t even believe my last fic got over 300 notes, that’s insane, thank you so much. uh, this was supposed to be short and smutty but the angst in me came out to wreak havoc. it also turned out much longer than i intended (story of my life). and that fluff bit at the end? i don’t know her. anyway, hope you enjoy it, thanks for reading !

You’re woken up at 2:09 AM by a constant and nagging vibration, the glare of your phone guiding you as you blindly reach for the device. Through heavy-lidded eyes you study the name displayed on the screen and the sappy emojis that follow.

It’s your boyfriend.

“Hey,” you say, voice dripping with dread and worry, and fatigue. It’s silent on the other end safe for some rustling and just as you’re about to call after him, there’s a muted groan.

“B-bae?” He sighs into the transmitter—a sigh of relief. “Fuck,” he sobs. “I miss y-you. I… fuck.” Another sob. “Baby?”

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Originally posted by agustxj

Chapter Two

Jin had the room temperature changed back to normal so that you could enter.

Yoongi’s wrists were chained up in the air, from the ceiling and he was dangling upright, with his feet just barely touching the ground. He was shirtless and his shoes were tossed to the side.

His hair and body were dripping wet with perspiration.

His breaths were ragged and he looked up at you with sunken eyes.

“Namjoon said she’s yours now. Just for a day though.” Jin said.

Yoongi laughed.

“Don’t piss him off too.” Jin whispered into your ear before taking his leave.

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That Boy is Mine

Anon asked:

“YES! I’m the anon that said I couldn’t wait for it to be open. So I was listening to a 90’s song (the boy is mine) and an idea popped in my head what if there was ( Namjoon or Tae or Jungkook: I love all of them but I feel like Tae, Jungkook, or Joonie would fit this perfectly. ) but like a high school au or college au Y/N and another girl fight over the member, The member is a player but can’t decide between the girls. You know like the song, and so the they try to prove who he belongs to.”

AHHH! Sorry this took so so so long! I have exams and things to prepare for when I don’t have internet and gahhh! I might have changed it up just a little, but yeah.. I hope this is mostly what you wanted. I’ve never done this kind of thing before, hehehe. So so.. chick-flicky, so I found it slightly challenging. And I watched the video like wtf the girls are so pretty like get ur head out of the clouds the guy you like is pulling DUCK FACES to the damn camera??????

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x reader

Genre: fluff, humor, highschool au!


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Garden of Love

Parts ONE, TWO, and THREE if you missed it!

Synopsis: You are a new and upcoming superstar and during an interview, you get asked questions about the one and only Harry Styles.


Harry sees how upset you are and it hurts the hell out of him. To know he caused this.

The guilt was eating him alive, he never meant to make you feel or react this way. He walks even closer and this time you let him, too tired to fight back.

“This time I don’t care anymore. I don’t care what they say, wh-when you were preforming out there I’ve never felt so good. S’like I just wanted to see you sing forever,” Harry wipes your tears away from your face and the sensation is amazing. His hands were so soft and it felt so good to be comforted by him. “let me OK?”

You furrow your eyebrows and your eyes open, let him do what?

Before you could ask, you felt the softest pair of lips meeting yours. Teeth pulling on your bottom lip and for the first time in a long time, you acted with your heart and let him.

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smut = 👅

series = 📝

gender neutral = ✨

personal favorite = 💕

fluff = 🌺

-send in requests !!- (tom, haz, sam, harry, peter parker)

tom holland

one shots :

“you look amazing”    🌺💕

series :

“i’ll always have you..” one and two 

head cannons :

if tom dated a dancer  🌺💕

harrison osterfield 

head cannons :

dating haz ( 🌺👅)

coming soon :

sunflower // t.h. (blurb) 

writing a song with sam // s.h. (head cannon)

flicker  (series)

a knock that echoes // t.h. (series)

things boyfriend!tom would stay all the time (head cannon)

“you are perfect” - “ you, too” // t.h. (one shot)👅

“you’re driving me crazy” - “that’s kind of the point” // t.h.  (one shot)👅

“you’re driving me crazy” - “that’s kind of the point” // t. h. (one shot)🌺

vegetarian // t.h. (head cannon)

parenting with the boys (preference)

Death Of A Serial Killer - (teaser)

Genre: angst, thriller, mystery, smut, serial killer!AU, mental asylum!AU

Pairing: you x everyone (not all of them would be romantic but all of them would be important to the story)

A/N - I tried to make the teaser give as little information as possible because this story would be a really long and suspenseful one and I didn’t want to give a lot of things away. I’m really, really excited about this story though! It’s a bit different since it’s going to focus on the plot a lot more than on the romantic relationships between the characters (although they would still play a big part in the story), but I really, really hope you all will like it too!


The Killer

I was shaking with fear and disgust and…satisfaction. My fingers still wrapped around the handle of the bloody knife I looked down at the lifeless body, lying at my feet. 

I’ve done it, I thought, he’s dead.

It was at that moment, I think, when something snapped in my head. It was at that moment, as the smell of blood, death and pure insanity hovered around me and my now dead father when, for the first time ever, I felt comfort in my thoughts. The thoughts that until then I considered insane, troubling, psychotic.

Ever since then I just accepted those thoughts. I used them to guide me through the actions that followed. The actions that most people considered illegal or mental or crazy…But to me, those actions were the revenge that was way long overdue. They were needed for me to heal.

So I made a list of names. Of people who had wronged me. People who had hurt me. Every single one of who deserved the faith that I’ve chosen them.

I wiped the drops of blood from my cheeks and a smile tugged at the corners of my mouth. This feels good…


You chewed on your pencil in thought as you looked down at your little notepad. The list of victims was getting larger with each day and the motive and location of the killer still seemed unclear. You sighed. Nothing made sense. 

Leaning back in your chair you took another sip of your drink as you turned over all the facts and ideas in your head. Everyone thought you were crazy. No one seemed to be safe from the murderer’s merciless doings. But while the rest of the town shivered with fear at the mention of him and double checked that their doors and windows were locked each night, you, as the main journalist of the local newspaper, tried to learn as much as you can about him. Every fact, every detail…everything. You still always end up with almost nothing though. 

He was impossible to catch.

A shadow.



They were all gone. Every single one of your memories. Your past was nothing but emptiness and confusion to you. 

You seemed to confuse everyone else as well. This was one of the best mental institutions in the country, the doctors have told you, but still, neither of them had any information about where you had come from or who brought you here. According to them someone just left you in their hospital while you were unconscious with a note that told them to take care of you. And they told you that you remained unconscious. For a month. 

Everything was confusing and nothing made sense. From the loss of memory to the many scars that you had all over yourself for some reason. The biggest one being one on the side of your head that you were too uncomfortable to even look at. 

Everything was weird. And you wanted answers.

The Patient: 

I saw her walk down the hallway from where I was sitting in the common room and I couldn’t help but smile to myself. The rest of the boys were too lost in their own thoughts and conversations to notice my expression change, but it definitely did. A wave of relief washed over me. It made me feel so happy that she was okay. Last time I saw her she was bleeding in a way in which I had only seen a dying man bleed. Last time I saw her she was unconscious, nearly dead. 

She was okay though…

She was fine…

And, I thought as my smile grew larger, she doesn’t seem to have changed one bit. 


Jungkook gets jealous of your love for pizza

inspired by a conversation I had with @agustdnbae aka the meme queen💝

EXO’s Reaction to Their S/O and a Member Fighting


It would frustrate Xiumin to see that you and Chen weren’t getting along, and he’d speak to both of you together, treating you like children.

“You’re both important parts of my life. And I’m not getting rid of either of you, so you two had better learn to get along. Got it?”


Honestly, Chen would be surprised that Xiumin had lost his temper with you like that, and would speak to him first about the matter.

“Listen, I know you’re upset, but they’re the love of my life. Can you please try harder? For me?”


Disappointed in how the two of you had acted, Baekhyun would pull you both aside one at a time to ask about what had happened. After he understood the situation, he’d only say one thing:

“Let it go.”


Although upset that you and D.O weren’t hitting it off like he had hoped, he wouldn’t put all the blame on his friend, and would talk to you about it as well.

“He’s a great guy, I promise. It’s just hard to break his wall sometime, alright? I know it’s not your fault, but could you try again, for me?”


Shocked to see how infuriated you had gotten while talking to Sehun, Lay would quickly pull Sehun aside, immediately placing the blame on him.

“I’ll admit they’re not super friendly, but come on. Breathe, then give it another shot.”


Handling the situation maturely, D.O would pull both you and Chanyeol aside together to talk to you and figure out what had happened.

“You two don’t have to be friends, okay? But at least keep it on good terms.”


Legitimately upset that Kai seemed to have gotten pissed off by something you had said, Suho would awkwardly bring it up once you two were separate from the group.

“I get that he’s a little rowdy sometimes, but don’t take everything he says to heart. He’s a great kid- trust me.”


When Kai saw that you had become upset after talking to Suho, he’d approach his leader and blatantly asked about what had happened.

“Hyung, I’m not saying it’s your fault, but can you at least put a little effort into getting along with them?”


Completely dumbfounded by the fact that you and Lay hadn’t gotten along, he wouldn’t hesitate in asking the member about the incident.

“I don’t know what happened, and I don’t want to. Just try harder, please?”

Black and White - Chapter 13

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff // Angst

Word Count: 7.7k words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Mini Masterlist

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of kidnapping and assault. If you are affected by any of these warnings and should you choose not to read this chapter, feel free to message me for a brief summary of it.

“Rise and shine, sweetheart,” you heard a low voice whisper into your ear. The feeling of hot breath hitting against your skin sent shivers down your spine, successfully waking you up from your consciousness. There was a fleeting moment, a few seconds in which you felt as if this were just another normal day. As if you were waking up in your bed, in your room and in your home, nearly missing the alarm leaving you with only fifteen minutes to get ready for your first class of the day. As if you were next to the man you love, him waking you up with sweet nicknames that had you feeling the butterflies in your stomach.

However, as quick as that moment came, it had also disappeared, because you knew. You knew that you weren’t on your bed, that the surface beneath you was cold and hard, nothing like the comfort your own home gave you. You knew that there was nothing sweet in the last few words you had just heard, not even a tinge of gentleness or compassion underlying the tone. You knew that it didn’t give you the feeling of butterflies in your stomach the way a certain someone did, instead making you feel as though your abdomen had been twisted just the way your heart did, in the worst way. You knew that if you were to open your eyes, you would be met with the sight of a sleazy man stood in the middle of a room enclosed by four rusty and dirty walls.

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Hurt (2)

Part 1 | Part 2

Description: You and Junmyeon met because the two of you sang a duet together. Things quickly escalated - way too fast for Junmyeon to comprehend.

Genre: Angst / Implied smut

Word Count: 1,517

Warnings: Sexual Themes

Pairing: Kim Junmyeon (Suho) x Reader (feat. EXO)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Xiufairy’s Masterlist

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You sat on your couch, holding your knees to your chest as you stared off to nowhere. Gayoung, Mina, and Yoona gave up on getting answers out of you after a while. They’d gone off to their bedrooms, and no matter how late it was, you just weren’t tired.

You had no idea what to do. You couldn’t tell Junmyeon - he’d already told you it was a one time thing. Minseok was angry. You told him and he got scared, but you knew your child wasn’t Minseok’s.

Minseok was always extremely careful with everything, and you remembered the night distinctly. You remembered everything he did. The more you thought about it, the more you realized that you didn’t remember much about your night with Junmyeon.

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Comfort ~ Remus Lupin

hello cutie pies! this request comes from the lovely @stxxphi! It was a joy to finally write about my bby Remus, I love him with my whole heart. I really, truly hope you like it Steph, you are heckin amazing! :)

Request: Hi Marissa!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ can i request a little something with Remus? Maybe aftercare after a bad full moon? Or even just a long day of studies? Anything ya got 😁 pls and thank you!

Pairing: Remus x Reader

Y/N: Your Name

Y/H/C: Your Hair Color

Warnings: kinda angsty, sad Remus :( 

Word Count: 1580

The fire in the Gryffindor common room crackled quietly as you sat on the couch waiting for Remus to return. You knew that tonight’s transformation was going to be the worst he’s had to endure in a while. He had been on edge all week; snapping at you and anyone else who tried to comfort him. He had left his homework in a pile on the desk in his dormitory, but you, James, and Sirius divided the work amongst yourselves and finished it for him. This had triggered Remus to scold the three of you; saying that he didn’t need any help and that if he had wanted to do his work he would have done it himself. He apologized profusely for his behavior and after that, he hardly spoke to you the rest of the week. He barely ate, and you swore you hadn’t seen him smile in days. You were so thankful that it was the weekend, and that Remus wouldn’t have to worry about anything but recovering for the next two days.

The sound of the portrait opening lifted you from your thoughts and you turned to see James, Sirius, and Peter helping a barely conscious Remus walk towards you. They placed him gently on the couch next to you, laying him down with his head in your lap, and Sirius gave you a look that you knew to be a look asking if you were alright.

“I’m fine, Sirius, you three head on up to bed. I’ve got him.”

“You’re a bloody angel, Y/N, Remus is so lucky to have you.” James muttered as the three boys trudged up the stairs to their beds.

If Remus’s eyes hadn’t been open, you would have sworn he was asleep. You reached into the bag that was sitting next to you, pulled out a warm cloth, and began to clean his face with it. You stopped for a moment when Remus’s tired voice broke the silence in the common room.

“I don’t deserve you.” He said as he looked into your eyes.

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