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List of Reasons why McHanzo is a popular ship

In case somebody asks you why people ship McHanzo, you can just link them to this post. 

1) Their personalities [ie, the rough and tumble, clever charming cowboy and the severe, noble, disciplined, dutiful archer] are extremely shippable (see: Han Solo and Princess Leia for similar personality types). Referred to as the “odd couple” phenomenon by Matthew Mercer, voice actor of Mccree. 

1a) Matthew Mercer explaining the McHanzo ship and putting in McHanzo lines during his panels and his on the spot voice acting for Mccree

1b) Ships in which one character is “tsundere” are popular as well; where one is presumably more open than the other, who is more closed off about their feelings, though in the realm of fanwork this is often an inverted trope

2) The east-west symmetry; in which Hanzo represents the [stereo]typical anachronistic eastern warrior where Mccree represents the [stereo]typical western gunslinger (see: the popularity of interracial romances)

2a) Kurosawa Samurai films were inspired by early Hollywood Westerns; later Westerns were inspired by Kurosawa Samurai films. The “love affair” of Samurai and Cowboy films has gone on for decades

3) Visually appealing; both handsome, buff, middle-aged men–a fandom staple. Also both perfectly contrasting each other in color scheme; Mccree = Red (serape, ult), Hanzo = Blue (clothing accents, ult)


art by @casuallysuplexes

4) Interactions in-game: Junkenstein’s revenge in which Hanzo and Mccree share stories and drinks; followup lines referencing the drinks they shared, Mccree complimenting Hanzo on his shots, a recent addition of Mccree following up his drinks with presumably with Hanzo ( “the next one’s on me” )

5) Their similarities in age, personality and backstory; both with criminal pasts they’re trying to make up for. Both are about the same age and have the same background in stealth, assassination, unsavory dealings. Both are skilled fighters and sharpshooters who have dealt with the dark side of the world, who are seemingly unfit to be heroes but also most compelling in their (in Hanzo’s case, presumed) heroism. 

5a) Because of their difficult pasts, the idea of them being happy is appealing. More so the idea of them being happy together, because of the appeal of romance to many fans. Which is why domestic headcanons of them are also very popular.

art by @crotah

5b) Young Mchanzo 

art by @crotah

art by @rngrn

…. I forgot my point 

6) The sheer content generated and the popularity of the ship makes it more appealing to ship: the amount of good art, good fanfiction, and positive energy from both creators and many fans makes the ship appealing to those who are new to it. 

7) LGBT ships are more common than het ones by virtue of wish fulfillment; because there is an extreme lack of LGBT content, let alone LGBT romance in media, LGBT ships are more popular within fandom. Also, because of the number of women in fandom who are by the numbers, largely straight, male/male pairings are often more popular than female/female pairings, unless the number of female characters is balanced or there are more female characters in a fandom (see: Once Upon a Time), or female personalities are made more compelling in the show (see: Legend of Korra). 

Those are the ones I can think of right now, but there are likely a ton more reasons people ship McHanzo, and I hope people continue to enjoy the Overwatch fandom because all this creativity is amazing. Please do click through the links of the posted photos to reblog the original posts and support the artists!


My favorite part of the Citadel DLC is when you can invite Thane over to the apartment and tackle-hug him before he even makes it to the living room. 

[@meflashfanwork February theme: home & intimacy] 

Edit: Just in case there is any confusion - it is *not* possible to do this in the game. This post is just wish-fulfillment for myself and any other Thane fans who wanted him to have better content in ME3. :)


okay just hear me out,, vanessa dressed as  the other characters 

“At least once would be enough… At least once… To be held in your arms…”

I rarely post my drawings & I have not made fan art since a while, but this was just so sad! I have not cried for FT like this since a while… I just love them so much! I just wanted to fulfill August’s last wish, even though it’s just fanart… I’m sorry August, I love you ;—-; That curse is just so unfair.

Please like/reblog if you like it, but no repost, if you reblog it I may love you haha. Thank you ♥


OMG FINALLY!!! Finally I was able to fulfill your wish. I am so sorry it took me so long. I know many of you have suggested Alfredo for quite a while now. I really hope I could live up to your expectations!

May he put a smile on your faces! ❤️

Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 132: Alfredo Aldarisio from Pushing Daisies 💞😘

Next will be the glasses one and Barba.


“And my wish is to finally meet Victor!”

Young Yuuri (age 13) has leukemia and undergoing treatment for a while now. During those times of anxiety, fear and low self-esteem, he finds himself watching figure skating competitions and becomes a fan of Victor Nikiforov.

Then Japan’s Make A Wish Foundation helps Yuuri by fulfilling his wish to meet Victor.

P.S. Although I figured this wish might be difficult to pull off in real life, I figured to just go with the imagination of possibilities.

Sorry. I realized that I meant to write “there are” not “there’s”. 😅

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WAIT, when have thomas or zach talked about their characters having sexual tension/eventually being in a relationship at all??

It’s mostly Zach who has discussed it explicitly:

“I try to think about what each character loves and fears, because even with characters that are externally similar, their interior lives can be really different. For example, with Jared on Silicon Valley, he’s madly, deeply, hopelessly in love with Richard and the company and fears letting them down.” (x)

“So in my head, I always think that Jared when he was  working at Hooli was Pinocchio and like he met Richard and became  a real boy and is just totally enamored with Richard and the  other guys.” (x)

“Oh, the fanfiction for this show is unbelievable! Have you seen the erotic art? I almost never look at anything online because I’m such a delicate flower, it inevitably hurts my feelings, but someone showed me all these sexy, quote unquote, fan drawings, and there’s one with Richard and Jared—it is my favorite depiction of myself I’ve ever seen. They gave me two extra feet in height, and probably 30 pounds in muscles that I don’t have, and I’m big-spooning Richard Hendricks, and it is such wish fulfillment. I mean, God, I wish I looked like that! And they made Richard smaller, so I look like Michael Phelps and he looks like Christina Ricci, in terms of scale.” (x)

“And sometimes in scenes, that’s how I’ll–like if I ever got lost in the scene, I’ll just look at Thomas Middleditch and be like, “I love you. I love you.” in my head to try to, like, put me back in character!” (x)

“God darnit. Gosh in heaven, and I love you.” (x)

“There is erotic fanart of the three of us [Richard, Jared, Monica] lying in bed in a post-coital bliss.” (x)

Thomas also seems very cool with it:

(In response to how Richard’s new ambition would affect his relationship with Jared) “That is cause for some conflict. Jared left Gavin and Hooli at the start of Season 1 Episode 1 because he believes not only in Richard’s dream, but, like, Richard the man. As a person. (x)

(In response to whether Richard and Jared make a cute couple) “Zach and I have been on dates.  We see movies together.  I need you to understand this.” (x)

(In a lovely response to some truly inane, homophobic ribbing about fanart) “This is actually my favorite one!” (x)

(In response to a tweet) (x)

On a side note, they also seem like such great friends in real life, who hold real respect for each other as professionals and human beings! :)

Bonus comment:

“This is really a love story.” -Jimmy O. Yang

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this blog is gross trans people arent a fetish

Many of my fans ARE trans and enjoy this type of art because it is wish fulfillment for them. Believe me when I say I want my work to be empowering for trans people. I don’t deny the fact that people view this art in a fetishistic nature, and I am fully aware of that. Obviously if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t draw it. But I think this kind of art can be sexy AND supportive, and I think its disrespectful to assume my goal is to fetishize anyone’s gender or sexuality. You are allowed to have your opinion but please respect that many, including transgender people, enjoy this type of art.

A self indulgent exploration of Fan Entitlement

I’ve been watching Supernatural since I was at college and I was young, sprightly, imaginative and LOVED the horror/fantasy/sci-fi genres.
It was a special little show to me, as the slightly more grown up version of someone who spent their tender years staying up too late on a school night with my Dad to watch x-files. These kind of shows always tapped into my wild imagination and are a big part of the artist I am today.

Do I feel entitled to Supernatural? I guess I do. I guess all fans feel a degree of entitlement to art. They want a wish fulfilled, they want an idea to grow, they want to know that the time they invested didn’t just amount to nothing.
But you know what? Over the years, I have decided you can feel entitled to something for the right and wrong reasons!
Anyone who feels entitled to the direction of Supernatural because of what Supernatural actually IS- I think they have a right.
Anyone who feels entitled to its direction, but their reasoning for that is based on what Supernatural IS NOT- they just don’t have a right.
I’ve covered this before, but as an artist, I do feel there are some people I want to respect and honour the expectations of- and those who I couldn’t really give a shit if they liked what I did or not.
So you people who got into Supernatural BECAUSE of a ship- you’re not the same as me. You’re not as ‘valid’ of a fan as me, and you know how I can honestly say that? Because you’re a fan of a ship first and the show second.
I’m not a shipper.
I always loved Supernatural for what it actually was and never expected it to provide me with some kind of avatar through which I could experience a sex life I didn’t have.
I just loved it, the idea of it, as a story. It was never about sex/ representation to me- it just was what it was and I was never looking for it to be anything else. It’s a TV show not an alternative to life.
And yet I went through powerful things with Sam and Dean. I can’t quite explain it to people who aren’t introverts and who don’t like people’s company too much.
Sam and Dean had a way of reaching me on an emotional level that a lot of real people didn’t have, and teaching me valuable lessons about interpersonal struggles, about guilt, and about loss, grief, anger, shame, repression, and also even self respect. I never had a good time with real people when I was younger, so the only people who’s voices I didn’t end up shutting out or withdrawing from were the ones that took root in my imagination.

Sam and Dean aren’t even real people but the way I feel about them is real, and the way that they have given me hope consolation, and even solid advice in the darkest times of my life is very real.
So the anger I feel when I see some little Destiheller come into the fandom and throw a tantrum about not getting what THEY want is also very real.
You don’t get to do that and even start to pretend you’re entitled. You didn’t even make an effort in the first place to appreciate the story for what it actually was, you just literally WENT IN with what you wanted it to be! And you think that you have a right to complain? And you have a right to be upset that it didn’t go the way you wanted it to go?
You’re nuttier than squirrel shit!
If you watch Supernatural only FOR a ship, you aren’t entitled to shit!
In fact, in the interests of ACTUAL fans, the writers should have said fuck all of you very early on -instead of its benign to saccharine acceptance of you shit heads.
You are some of the most bizarre fundamentalists I have ever met. Like Mark Sheppard wisely said, you “carved out your own reality and forced it on everyone else.”

My frustration only comes from the fact that I love the characters and the (original) mythology of Supernatural. I didn’t love a fanfic about it and then get angry at the actual material for not ever being what I read- because that is what a lunatic does.

Everyone can enjoy their ships and I’m never going to take that away from them. If they enjoy their own offshoots as a separate thing- they enjoy their corner of the weird fan community we have built- I have NO issue.
As long as they never try to take away from the original material and leave their fanon at the door before they talk to me- unless it’s a joke.

But as soon as you come in with your insidious little arguments of 'but Dean said this’ or 'but Cas did that’… I will be here.
And I will shut you down.
Art is personal, and like a person, it should reward those who see it for what it is.
Not those who want to change everything about it until it is simply what they want it to be.

I hate the little pop psychology things that are tacked on to the end of posts nowadays- but I’m going to do it anyway.
It says a lot about you as a person if you make no effort to really understand something, but make every effort to sabotage, manipulate, and shape it to be what you want- without a second thought for it, or for the others that enjoy it.

(TRANS) Haru*Hana Vol. 21 Bangtan Boys Personal Questions

Q: What are you interested in lately besides music?
A: I like photography. I heard there’s a new version to the Olympus camera I’m using - I’m currently deciding whether I should buy it or not. I will take pictures of the members and of scenary. Although I haven’t been uploading them to the blog recently, I will let everyone see my new photos.

Q: If you can use magic, what magic power do you want and what do you want to do with it?
A: Teleport. I want to go back to my hometown. If I can teleport, then I can go immediately and then come back right away. I can also get to Japan quickly so it’s very convenient.

Q: What’s an unforgettable Christmas memory?
A: Last Christmas. We had to film an MV so the members couldn’t go anywhere. It was very cold at that time and we just kept recording so it was very unforgettable. Speaking of Santa, I saw my dad putting down presents when I was 7. My dad also got shocked (laughs).

Q: Speaking of winter, what things or events come to mind?
A: Snow. I think it’s very pretty when it snows, but shoveling snow can be very tiring. My hometown doesn’t really snow and I got to see snow for the first time after coming to Seoul. At first I was quite excited but not so much lately… (laughs). Also because of snow, I slipped before.

Q: “If you are my fan, here are the advantages!” Please talk about the benefits of being your fan!
A: I’m an element of surprise. When people see me for the first time, most will think I don’t look like a rapper but rather a vocalist. I look like I have a high and pretty voice but in fact it’s very low. I also look very lively and cute but I’m actually not like that so I feel a bit inconceivable. So you’ll see a lot of more if you’re my fan, especially to those that like scary movies (laughs).

Q: What is your favorite subject or a subject you excel in?
A: I like gym and I didn’t like music at that time. All of the music that appeared on the textbooks were traditional so I really hated that. So I didn’t learn about the music in the textbooks but rather just played around with music after school.

Q: What do you want to ask the members, or things you want to tell them to do? A: I want to ask about everyone’s dreams. As trainees our dreams were to debut. That dream is fulfilled so there should be a new dream. I only understood after I debut that after becoming an artist, a lot of people place their focus on things other than music - whether it is acting or variety. Compared to those, I want to focus on making music and to continue making good music even after 10-20 years later. This is my new dream.

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fellow writers and artists who are creating characters who belong to marginalized groups you yourself are not a part of
  • accept that you’re going to fuck up. it’s unavoidable and inevitable, when you’re writing about such a diverse group that you do not have experience as. there’s going to be things you don’t know, thing you overlook. (making mistakes is a part of writing and drawing anyway.)
  • when you do fuck up, and someone points it out, be graceful and grateful. acknowledge your mistake, ask how you can fix it, and then do it.
  • please don’t whine about how hard it is to write [x] characters. if it’s hard for you to write them, imagine how [x] fans feel, growing up with media that for the most part doesn’t have people like them!
  • the key to writing diversity is not to have just one [x] character. it’s to have multiple [x] characters with different personalities and backgrounds and appearances. that’s how you (somewhat) avoid stereotypes and create real people.
  • realize that when writing [x] characters, you do not always have to write about [race, gender, whatever] as a social issue. there’s a lot to be said for power, wish fulfillment, and escapist fantasies - which marginalized groups are often excluded from in mainstream media.
  • if you get a significant amount of attention and fans, amplify the voices of people from [x] group. promote articles and blogs run by [x] people, promote art from [x] people. your voice as someone who is not [x] will be prioritized over that of someone who actually is [x] - so try to make up for that unfairness as much as you can.
  • recognize that you owe a lot to [x] people, particularly fans and critics of your work as well as those who have written about writing or drawing [x] characters. they have insight you often do not, and educating you takes up their time and energy, time and energy which they could have spent doing something else. once again, be grateful.
  • and if you’re not writing or drawing [x] characters… ask yourself why.

I’m both excited and kind of scared at the possibility of the Dangan Ronpa 3 anime showing us what happened to the Super Dangan Ronpa 2 cast.

The end of SDR2 left it up to the player’s interpretation if the comatose kids would ever wake up. We could choose to be optimistic like Naegi, and decide in our heads, “Yes, all my faves woke up, all my OTPs that were torn apart reunited in a loving embrace, and everyone lived happily ever after on the island.” Or we could be more realistic and decide that a few of the dead kids woke up while others perished for good, or that only the 5 survivors of the game made it, or even that the Future Foundation came back to Jabberwock Island and finished them off too.

Either way, we figured we’d never get a true answer. So we made fan content to fill the void. Wish fulfilling fanfics of best case scenarios, art showing what the characters might look like years after the games’ events (bionic hand Komaeda anyone?), even entire ask blogs of post-canon like askthesdr2survivors.

Because SDR2′s ending was so vague, whatever you wanted to happen could happen in your imagination, and still fit with the canon events. Looking back on it, it added to SDR2′s moral of creating your own future.

So if End of Hope’s Peak does end up elaborating on the comatose students, it will either make or break our headcanons.

Are we willing to find out the truth, even if there’s a chance our hopes will be shattered?

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I know it's not your kind of thing, but: If you were to make a villain (of any degree) for AT, who would they be? What would they look like?

The land of Ooo wasn’t being devastated. No, in fact, it was being reshaped before Finn’s very eyes. On one side, the Ice Kingdom was melting, then shifting into ice cream, then suddenly flickering in and out of existence. On the other side, the Flame Kingdom’s fire spread around its borders, consuming everything. Flame King sat as ruler as always, Flame Princess ruled after, had never ascended the throne, breaking up with Finn, had forgiven Finn and stayed with him.

Princess Bubblegum inched to the balcony, held the door arch and asked through pursed lips:

“Finn, what’s the sit-rep?”. Finn turned around, looked at her and cast his eyes aside, slightly freaked out. PB was kissing Marceline on the lips, and they have been doing so ever since the disaster began a month ago. At first Marceline found it of appeal, but felt exceptional terror on realizing that she can’t leave the kiss, their lips locked in steel, cleaned by her tears. She had gone silent since then, preferring PB to will them to life, to will them to fight.

“Not good. They were already tops bloopy when they entered the Kingdom.” Finn scratched his arm and continued, “Lady broke up with Jake, and wanted to get with me. I trapped Jake inside an isocube because he turned into a tentacle monster wanting to get to you. Flame Princess insisted I was his boyfriend and that I never hurt her in the first place.”

He shivered.

“It’s like they’re not themselves.”

“I understand, Finn. When it started, I began to feel really bubbly and cute, then suddenly I began thinking of wanting to get in Marcy’s pants and to be the femme in the relationship while she was the butch. Before we got stuck like this Marcy managed to bring back Simon from Ice King and they instantly had a happy ending with Betty. I felt I was fading away so I decided to use one of the Candy Kingdom’s greatest artifacts.”

A lone figure in white jumped onto the balcony. The wind ruffled their cloak as they stared at Finn and PB/ Marcy. They seemed the least bit affected by what was happening. They spoke.

“I managed to set things straight and prevented Betty from merging forms with Princess Bubblegum.”

“Thank you, Fan,” PB said, wiping her forehead.

Finn drew out his Blade of Grass and pointed at the dark cloud looming ahead. “I destroyed my Fear Feaster with this. I think I can kick butt just fine.”

Fan placed a hand on the sword and set it down.

“You cannot destroy it, without destroying yourselves. We sustain this realm, and without us, it would cease to exist. That thing you see before you?” Fan pointed, “It is made of the 34th rule, wish fulfillment, fetishizations, social justice warriors, and stolen art. It is a part of me, as much as I am a part of it.”

“So how do we beat it?” Finn said, scratching his head with the Blade.

“In mortal combat, then on its defeat, help me merge with it once more.” Fan said, “Be my Krannt, Finn.”

Finn knelt down with one knee and nodded. “I am ready for epic combat, dude.”

The figure looked at PB/ Marcy and said, “Be of good faith, the Artifact of Canon will protect the Kingdom.” Above them, a white sphere glowed bright, restructuring and correcting.

As he finished, there was a loud roar from the dark cloud:


“Tell the world our name, so that we may engage in duel!” Fan yelled back, holding the scabbard of their sword.


"False! And since you’re so afraid of revealing our name, Domination, I will tell it for you.”

Fan unsheathed the sword Logos and raised it high.

“Protect us, Uru Ward.”

Fan pointed Logos to the dark cloud.

“I challenge you to a duel… FANDOM!”