is this fan art or wish fulfillment

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money and quality ^^

MONEY: What would you do with 1 million dollars?
sheet that’s a lot of money O_o Imma be really boring and say I’d invest and save them *because that is the wise thing to do u know* But I would also go on a trip around the world , its a dream I wish to fulfill one day <3 

QUALITY: Name three of your favourite blogs.

I have soo many fav. blogs but I’ll give a shout out to: 
@justonetae I just adore her <3 and her gifs are amazing :3 
@yuunki her art is so inspirational and pretty ^_^! 
@taehxyung  I live for the fan fictions  T_T <3 they’re so amazing! 

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Title: Kelpie Pup
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Characters: Furiosa, Max Rockstansky, Grub (Original Dog Character)
Pairing: Furiosa/Max
Word count: 1,238
Genre: Fluff
Blurb:  Max gives Furiosa a dog. A Kelpie puppy to be precise.
Notes: I know we rescue Kelpies but it’s not entirely wish-fulfilment  :)  I started writing this ages ago, prompted by some fan art I saw of Max with dogs. He had an Australian Cattle Dog named Dog for some of the earlier movies and I liked the idea of him giving Furiosa a Kelpie - given that there is not a dog more quintessentially Australian than a Kelpie