is this face natural

intoxicatinginsanity replied to your post “are cyberlocks okay or are they appropriation?”

You know Im on the fence with this. I used to do cyberlocks all the time when I was younger ( I am black btw) and it was rad cause my mother wouldn’t let me dread my hair because it was a big commitment. So I have mixed feelings on it. I feel if they stick with the plastic tubes sure fine it’s not hair and it’s more a subculture thing. But at this point with the amount of knowledge I now have on appropriation and discrimination we face for natural hair. I say skip the synthetic hair dreads.



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clearly i’m not a hoe i’m a loyal fuck to my one and only doyoung and my son, haechan. best shit yo.

clearly i can’t be putting my face as well so here’s me in my natural state. a sheep. i’m beautiful thank you

tagging fucking. whoever wants to do this i have class at 9 am i should go sleep