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21 please!

oooh interesting hahaha

21. “He’s a bad kisser.”

“Ah shit!” Isak groaned throwing his head back as he threw his keys on his bedside table and dropped his bag. 

Even looked up at the frustrated boy in alert “What? what is it?” 

“Jonas has my phone.” Isak moaned into his hands. 

Even shook his head “why…why would Jonas have your phone? is there literally anything you guys don’t share?” 

“Even the only thing you are wearing right now that isn’t mine is your underwear.” 


Isak screwed up his face “Eveeeeen” 

Even’s beautiful laugh filled the room as his eyes squinted up in slits “Kidding!” 

Isak blushed and smiled, an involuntary reaction whenever Even did that. 

Anyway, Jonas has my phone because he took it away when I kept texting you instead of listening to his rants about soft and hard tacos.” 

Even nodded “sounds like an interesting debate. on one hand the soft shell is easier to eat, but the hard shell adds an interesting authenticity that you just can’t-” 

“Oh my god stop!” Isak laughed. 

Even pursed his lips and tugged at Isak’s hip “can we go get tacos?” 

Isak smiled and shook his head “You are so random. We can if you give me your phone so I can text Jonas and tell him to bring my phone to school tomorrow.” 

“Anything for the man of my life.” Even replied, handing him his phone. 

Isak rolled his eyes, his cheeks hurting from all the smiling Even always got out of him.

“I’ll go get my jacket.” Even said, heading to the living room. 

“you mean my jacket” Isak laughed. 

he went into the messages to find Jonas’s name when he saw something he couldn’t unsee. 

There was a message to a number that hadn’t been added to contacts. Isak squinted at the message, his heart pumping hard. 


Yeah i’m seeing him again tomorrow. He is really sweet and everything but he is a baaad kisser. But yeah I’ll call you tonight :)

Isak felt his heart sink into his stomach, and his fingers instinctively touch his lips. Was he really a bad kisser?? he always thought Even was happy whenever they were intimate. But maybe, maybe it was all a lie? Then what else is a lie? Isak felt sick. 

“Hey baby you ready to go?” Even called from the living room and Isak swallowed his emotion. He wasn’t meant to see this. He will just try to forget about it. 

But of course he didn’t, he ended up staying up all night wondering if this whole time he was doing everything wrong. Why was Even still with him if he was bad at everything? What was the point? 

The next day he showed up to school grumpy and Jonas noticed. 

“What the hell is up with you? I gave you your phone back.” 

Isak grunted. 

“Okay speak up” mahdi said, all the boys leaning towards Isak, ready to listen to his problem. 

“Even thinks i’m a bad kisser.” 

Magnus laughed and Jonas furrowed his brows. “he said that?” 

“No he texted it to someone.” 

“Isaaak” Mahdi shook his head in disapproval. 

“I didn’t mean to see it! It was just there.” 

“Well who did he say it to?” 

“I don’t know, there was no contact name.” 

Jonas dismissed it with his hand “it’s probably nothing”

“NOTHING??? My boyfriend hates me!” 

“Even loves you.” Magnus stated shaking his head. 

“He basically kisses the ground you walk on” Mahdi agreed. 

“But my kissing!” 

Jonas shrugged “It’s just one thing.” 

Magnus nodded “Yeah he loves you despite your terrible kissing skill. that’s sweet.” 

Isak glared at him. 

“What? it is is! I mean you can’t all be pros like me” Magnus grinned smugly. 

The boys all looked at him unconvinced. 

“It’s true! Vilde can’t get enough. She is obsessed. I mean I could teach you some tricks if you like Isak” 

Isak screwed up his face “No thanks Magnus.” 

“what? I don’t mind. Your my friend. Theres nothing wrong with a friend showing another friend how to kiss.” 

Mahdi laughed, Jonas shook his head “You are seriously deranged Magnus.” 

“Okay so i’m gonna go. Sorry Magnus. I’m still not going to hook up with you.” Isak said walking away. 

“I don’t- that’s not- Guyyyys!” 

That night Even and Isak were snuggled up watching a movie when Even kissed Isak’s neck. he tensed up. The anxiety creeping up his body. Oh no. All he could think was how bad he was at kissing and how much it must disappoint Even. 

Even pressed his lips against Isak’s and Isak just sat there, unresponsive. 

Even pulled back confused 

“Baby what’s wrong? Are you upset.” 

Isak crossed his arms “I just, I don’t feel like doing anything.” 

Even nodded “Okay. That’s okay.” he smiled and wrapped his arms around Isak. 

Okay now Isak was mad. Even gave up way too easily. He must be relieved! Isak is a bad kisser. 

He shook off Even’s arm and lifted his head up. 

“Okay.. talk to me.” Even said, closing the laptop. 

“Well why did you give up so easily? Are you? Are you grossed out by me?” 

Even looked at him blankly “What? Isak what are you talking about?” 

“You think I’m a bad kisser.” 

Even laughed “baby, you are the best kisser in the world.” He raised his eyebrows “I’ve taught you everything you know.” 

“You’re lying.” 

Even’s eyes became concerned and he took Isak’s hands in his. “Isak I love every single part of you. I can’t even be in the same room without wanting to jump you. Your kisses send me to paradise.” he kissed his knuckles. “What is this really about? Tell me.” 

Isak finally caved “I saw your message. on your phone.” Even didn’t react so he elaborated “it said “he is really sweet but he is a bad kisser.” 

Even was confused and then he smiled “And you thought it was about you? Oh baby you’re everything but sweet.” he winked, poorly. 

Isak scrunched his brows “Then…who were you talking about?” he found the biggest fear hitting him hard in his chest. Was Even cheating?

“I don’t know, I didn’t write it.” Even said nonchalantly

Isak felt relief flood through him. 

“Then who did?” 

Even laughed and when realisation hit him “Oh my god! Vilde borrowed my phone when I was helping her plan Kosegruppa last night because hers were flat. She wanted to text Eva” 

Isak smiled brightly “So it was about Magnus.” 

The laughter consumed him and Even kissed his forehead with his smile. 

“Baby whenever you think you are a bad kisser, just come to me so I can prove you wrong.” 

and then his lips were on Isak’s and everything disappeared. 

No. This wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. 

I hope this was okay <3 


debates a century posting this,finally does it even when still nervous af


I got this OC who’s an android named Gallant [yes like to be gallant iT WAS MEANT TO BE COOL], and last night i got the idea of ‘what if OW au’. Drew it as warm up, and that’s about as far as it will go. 

Defense all the way, and saboteuring Omnic to the fullest. Her weapon is weird, but when [Q] its a full on sword bc why the fuck not we defy odds in this game

frick man I love the new brushes, they felt good.

I don’t see the point in debating the personhood of a fetus.

It doesn’t, like, matter? Whether or not we assign a fetus “personhood”  doesn’t really change whether or not a pregnant person should be forced to give up their bodily autonomy against their will? 

Like, woman can not just STEAL men’s livers in the dead of night, even if they NEED those organs to live? The elderly don’t get to just go around and harvest the kidneys of the young in back alleys? You can’t just, like, kidnap a person and drain all their blood, even if it is used for life saving procedures. Fully grown, autonomous people with rights and consciousness are not allowed to violate the bodily autonomy of others, even in deadly situations. 

So…why would we let a fetus do this? Use another PERSON’S blood and uterus and stomach and everything else? For months? Altering their body irreparably? WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT? 

No. Abortion is first and foremost an issue of consent and bodily autonomy, and any argument about personhood is a distraction from that.
Five dead in Quebec City mosque shooting: mosque president
Five people were killed after gunmen opened fire in a Quebec City mosque during evening prayers, the mosque's president told reporters on Sunday.

Five people were killed after gunmen opened fire in a Quebec City mosque during evening prayers, the mosque’s president told reporters on Sunday.

Earlier, a witness told Reuters that up to three gunmen fired on about 40 people inside the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center. Police put up a security perimeter around the mosque and declined to comment to reporters about the incident.

“Why is this happening here? This is barbaric,” said the mosque’s president, Mohamed Yangui.

In June 2016, a pig’s head was left on the doorstep of the cultural centre.

Yangui, who was not inside the mosque when the shooting occurred, said he got frantic calls from people at evening prayers. He did not know how many were injured, saying they had been taken to different hospitals across Quebec City.

Incidents of Islamophobia increased in Quebec in recent years amid a political debate over banning the niqab, or Muslim face covering. In 2013, police investigated after a mosque in the Saguenay region of Quebec was splattered with what was believed to be pig blood.

In the neighboring province of Ontario, a mosque was set on fire in 2015, a day after an attack by gunmen and suicide bombers in Paris.


This conservative provocateur is trying to pay for inauguration violence. He was once funded by Trump.

  • In a dramatic video of a hidden-camera “sting,” progressive organizers and journalists caught an alleged employee of Project Veritas, a conservative strategy group, offering up hundreds of thousands of dollars to liberals as payment for causing violent mayhem at Trump’s inauguration.
  • Project Veritas was founded by James O’Keefe. O’Keefe has been arrested and sued for various stunts. 
  • He has stood accused of doctoring videos to defame and defund progressive group ACORN and trying to break into a senator’s office dressed as telephone repairman to alter the phone system
  • O'Keefe has also received funding by Trump’s charitable foundation — and was even Trump’s guest to the final presidential debate. Read more
How the duet sums it all up in Yuri on Ice

So, I’ve already made a post about how Viktor finally got mad in the final episode, but there’s something else that I haven’t read about and really wanted to discuss.

I’ve seen many posts about how the duet in the next-to-final scene was choregraphed to illustrate the lyrics, and how the lightening was put in place to show how it all changed for Yuuri when Viktor came into his life. I’ve also seen some good analysis on how the lyrics represented Viktor and Yuri’s relationship. But I think there’s more. And I’ve decided to try and tell you about it. It’s going to be a bit long but I hope you’ll get interested enough to read throug the whole thing.

How the duet in YOI final sums up Yuuri’s and Viktor’s relationship.

Maybe even the whole show (I’m still debating with myself about this one, inputs are welcome !)

Now that I’ve been watching it several times (haven’t we all ?) it seems so clear to me, so please bear with me as I’ll try and explain it to you as well as I can.

First of all, it starts with Yuuri, alone. So alone, that the blue lightening here makes it look like even the audience’s not there for him.

Originally posted by ribbirasta

So here he skates, alone, tries his best, alone, jumps, alone.

I also have a theory that,if you consider that this piece sums up the whole show, the jumps might be a representation of his athletics performances at some infamous banquet ( :p ). Why ? Well, because, who comes in right after them ?

Originally posted by what-the-shit-mate

Yup. Viktor. And he comes rushing, might I add.
At this point, lightening changes, and see how Yuuri immediately welcomes him, but then turns away ?

Originally posted by yuris-on-ice

That must be reminding you of how Viktor tried and tried again to get close to him in the firsts episodes with so little success.
And then Viktor proceeds to drag Yuri along. Until, finally, Yuri accepts him and then, what happens ?

Originally posted by enchantingnanami

Viktor lifts him up. I mean, he LITERALLY. LIFTS. HIM. UP. And not only does he lifts him up, you might notice that he also prevents Yuri from falling down. Yuri’s falling to the ice, and Viktor just goes “Nope, my beloved katsudon, not on my watch. Get up.”

And now that Yuri’s seen that Viktor not only lifts him up, but also will protect him from falling down (wich also happens in the show with that beautiful scene where Viktor makes Yuri cry), he gives in, and we get some lovely close skating with hugs and loving eyes, and sweet strokes on the cheek. Their relationship starts building up, strong and steady.

Originally posted by viktvr

And then, another lift, because, yeah, Viktor will ALWAYS lift him up. Notice the strong pose that Yuri takes in that lift. Legs wide open, arms open, confident, taking all of the space that Viktor think he deserves, and at that point I believe he also thinks he deserves it.

Originally posted by f-ire-fly

And now, well, now they’re on the same page, and how better to show it than with some synchronised dancing  ?

After that we get the most intimate passage of the song - and, I dare say, of thei relationship. Symbolized, of course, with that part showing their hands and matching engagement rings.

Then, they keep dancing together, and this time they are both leading the way, supporting each other. Viktor’s not dragging Yuri anymore. They walk at the same time on the same path.

I’ll just mention before finishing one of the last images where we see Yuri behind Viktor, now being the supportive one. If you think about it regarding their relationship, you can think of it as representation of Yuri’s decision to retire to let Viktor go back to the ice. And frome the whole show’s point of view … Well, we know what decisions were made.

Speaking of last image … How come we didn’t get the final pose of that duet ? The end ? The finish ? As much as I would have loved to see them in their final pose together (and you all know how important those poses are at the end of a program, and that’s a thing we’ve always been shown so far, in every program from every character), we can see the fact that there isn’t one here as something telling us … Well, there’s no end to that story yet.

Stop giving Bernie credit for minimally doing his job 2k4ever




Hell is lances development as a character and how is it that people who claim to be professional writers cannot for the life of them write a character that isn’t stick thin without throwing in food jokes every five seconds are you shitting me Keith better not even be in season three okay season three is the season of Lance and hunk okay this isn’t up for debate im not about the ‘only the lightskinned characters get development bc u know why’ LIFE dreamworks you have some shit to make up for 👏👏👏

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May I ask a question that doesn't include this one?? What do you think of the whole deal with Felix and some of his friends standing up for him, stating that he's not antisemitic and he was just joking and all of that??

i have zero sympathy for pewdiepie, or anyone who chose to defend him. even if he’s not personally antisemitic (which is.. debatable), he’s still contributing to a worrying trend of antisemitism not being taken seriously, and normalizing hateful speech towards jewish people to a fanbase of millions of young, impressionable people

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who is more likely to hurt the other?

ummmm painful first question wow?? Definitely.. neither… wtf. I think emotionally Andrew might be more likely to be just callous enough that Neil takes it to heart, but it would be like,, almost impossible bc they understand each other so well. Maybe when Neil is really baring his soul and andrew is still walking that indifferent line. Maybe when andrew graduates and neil forgets andrew’s brand of emotional distance bc there’s REAL distance to contend with, you feel

who is emotionally stronger?

Andrew m8

Neil had to be emotionally strong for so long, and he doesn’t have to be anymore. But ANDREW….. his emotions are out of order like he’s built a safe around himself and neil just happens to have the access code 

who is physically stronger?

AndreW this isn’t even a debate Neil is lithe and wiry and andrew can pick him up with one hand. Like if you don’t think Andrew’s biceps are shredding his t-shirts we didn’t read the same book ://

who is more likely to break a bone? 

ur joking

Neil breaks his bones walking down the stairs my guy. That little bastard never outgrows being a hazard. Also he’s an aggressor in Exy, my boy has 2% regard for his own wellbeing, ball is life, etc. I can’t in my life imagine smooth and cold as steel Andrew breaking anything that isn’t someone else’s 

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

Okay andrew has that cultivated distance but neil is….. a machine. Remember when he kept provoking andrew about his assault bc he wanted a response out of him?? Like,, yeah. Neil knows how to take out the one brick that will topple a person. He’s sharp and scathing and aware of people’s weakness (Andrew’s more than anyone’s)

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

Also Neil man he drops a bomb and walks away but he starts to come back more and more. He starts to realize that arguments =/= break ups, and apologies =/= weakness. He starts fights and he fuckin finishes them. He loves andrew more than he loves the upper hand

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

>_> andrew is down here on the side of the court dabbing disinfectant on neil’s gashes once a WEEK. (Andrew? won’t let anyone else touch neil??)

who is in constant need of comfort? 

Both. They have a lifetime of hurt that needs untangling and andrew’s in there cutting through neil’s with scissors, neil’s talking until andrew forgets his

It’s symbiotic - their relationship is built on comfort, you know? it thrives on it

who gets more jealous? 

I think Andrew because Neil doesn’t….. know jealousy. Like he hasn’t met her. Someone could be straight up grabbing Andrew’s ass and Neil would be like huh. friendship is evolving so fast. Andrew is very quietly furiously jealous and it’s sort of? all the time? Like he got in so deep so fast that he’s jealous of the foxes, and people at the bar, and he’s jealous of like.. exy

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

Like.. for good? wtf neither NEXt

who will propose? 

Well ;)) I’ve ;)) written this ;)))) here

spoilers it’s andrew for practical purposes because romance is a foreign land that they will only visit if someone’s life hangs in the balance

who has the most difficult parents?


who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

I think andrew makes a grab for neil’s hand if he’s stressed about wherever they are? LIke contact is actually a big part of the way andrew protects. But I think Neil obsesses over andrew’s hands and he’ll try it, and andrew usually doesn’t care enough to pull away. They both feel like 5% safer linked like that. Their armbands brush. It’s gay

who comes up for the other all the time? 

Like in conversation??? andrew. neil can’t shut up, next

who hogs the blankets? 

Andrew dude he’s contrary catch him in all black wearing knives huddled in a blanket fort with a pint of ben and jerry’s. Neil is a very still sleeper he doesn’t move like.. at all. Andrew’s a restless & light sleeper, and he’ll take advantage of any comfort he can get

who gets more sad? 

hi they’re always sad… sorry about it…. anyway

who is better at cheering the other up? 

Andrew’s better because he doesn’t like. try. Not in any obvious, quantifiable way, anyway. He gives neil space when he needs it and coddles him when he needs it. He’s a hand on the back of his neck. He’s a force of nature that Neil gets so caught up in that he forgets, for a second, that he’s living on borrowed time

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?


who is more streetwise?

I gotta say neil bc I think he’s got like a catalogue of personas and experiences inside him. Like I think he could successfully blend into a lot of situations, that’s straight up what kept him alive

who is more wise?

Andrew is brilliant tbh he’s got that eidetic memory and that understated intensity towards understanding things like I don’t think there’s a question you could ask that would stump him

who’s the shyest? 

define shy like neither of them they’re unrepentant bastards who’ll tell you exactly what they think of you. BUT i mean. Neil is the slowest moving glacier of emotional availability I’ve ever seen so like if you wanna call that shy then def him

who boasts about the other more? 

Again…. neil can’t shut the fuck up….. the amount of times he mouths off about having the best goalie in the world on their team in interviews,, wymack is grey

like actually neil is gobsmacked by andrew and he EXPECTS that everyone else be too

who sits on who’s lap? 

neil sits on andrew’s bye he loves to be held up

what if even gets an instagram account though? 

  • every single one of his posts are literally just really bad and blurry pictures of isak sleeping or isak eating or isak in the middle of doing something 
  • and all are extremely unflattering but his captions are always something like “isn’t he beautiful” or “the prettiest boy i’ve ever seen”
  • there are also a couple videos of isak doing something really stupid and even laughing in the background 
    • like attempting to jump a bush and just. falling flat on his face
    • or spending 38492 years debating between which snap back to buy
    • or tripping on absolutely nothing
    • or eating something and spitting it out all over his shirt
    • even still captions them with the sappiest things. except one that is just a super blurry close up of isak’s face with: “rarest cryptid spotted at your local kebab place”
  • isak & e-box’s first mixtape debuts as a thirty second video on even’s instagram account
    • isak’s rapping? so terrible it’s almost good, just like the cardamom toast. even’s beat boxing? actually decent 
    • they call it “so terrible it’s almost good” after the cardamom toast. isak argues about it though because he is still in denial about his rapping skills
    • denial is the first step in the grieving process, isak. and i am sorry to say you’re rapping skills were never alive in the first place 
  • occasionally though, even will show the true side of his photo taking skills 
  • i mean, this boy is in artist. he probably knows angles and colors without even really trying 
  • so sometimes he will post a beautiful picture of isak, with perfect lighting and a perfect angle. isak isn’t looking at the camera, doesn’t even know it was being taken, and it just looks so real 
  • all he captions it with is ❤️
  • sometimes he’ll post a couple doodles, too, or short guitar covers, or just. a video of him zooming in on isak’s face for no reason at all 
  • when will even get an instagram account 

#ThatMexicanThing makes sure Mike Pence can’t just shrug off Trump’s racism

In Tuesday’s VP debate, after Tim Kaine brought up Trump’s Mexican comments, Pence seemed openly annoyed and called it “that Mexican thing.” In response, Latinos used the hashtag to dispel stereotypes about undocumented immigrants. Even better, someone snatched up and is redirecting it.

follow @the-movemnt

Nami’s LOYALTY - The Hidden Gem

I know this arc has a lot of people debating on whether a SH will end up in a romance, but Oda has also used this arc as an opportunity to showcase Nami’s loyalty.

During the fight with Cracker, Nami did not run away, she had 11 Hours to get away to not only safety, but to go after Sanji, Chopper, Carrot, etc. Instead she stayed with him, despite the enemy’s status as a YONKO COMMANDER and fought side by side with her captain.
Even better is that she yelled at the same commander that she does not care what his position is, because they guy fighting alongside her will be the Pirate King and he has no limits.

Next we see how she reacts in a desperate situation when her captain is being beat to a pulp in front of her eyes.

This moment showed how even in the most tragic moments, she will back up her captain. This is further evidenced by the proper translation and looking at the context. A friend of mine said this:

So Nami Says : “ Gomen ne Yokei na Koto shite ”
Now there is 2 very important thing in this. “ Ne ” and “ Yokei na Koto ”.
“ Gomen ” just means sorry and “ Shite ” is only the Verb
I came to understand that “ Yokei na Koto ” is a japanese “ expression ”, it means like, to do too much, overdo it, unnecessary act.
“ Ne ” in this sentence is an “ intonation ” it adds a strong sense of “ sarcasms ” in this context .
So the sentence is more like
“ Sorry for my unnecessary behavior ” (with a sarcastic tone)
This means Nami’s slap got a deep meaning behind it. It’s a direct parallel to Sanji, Nami is apologizing for overdoing it with her slap when Sanji has gone and overdo it with his role, disrespecting their crew and beating Luffy to a pulp
She was trying to get Sanji to react by making him understand in a subtle manner that he went overboard with his fake act.​

This shows she retaliated strictly for the excessive beating of Luffy even though she begged him to stop multiple times combined with her own frustrations of everything that she’s gone through.

Note: Correct translation is as follows, 

“Nami: ……Luffy!! Why?! No matter what his reasons, after he did all that to you…”

This confirms her reasoning behind the slap to Sanji and is coherent with my explanation above. I’ve said it before but I’ll restate it again. This is why I think that this moment is considered HUGE. Sure he could have made Nami say things from the top of King Baum but Oda also wants readers to get the message. Basically if you cross the line with Luffy, Nami will cut ties with you holy shit.

And to keep it short, I’ll only add in one more instance, her stand with Luffy against a freaking YONKO ARMY. As if a commander wasn’t enough, she stayed with her captain again, instead of leaving for safety, or again going after Sanji and the others.

She herself knows that this may be a losing fight. In fact she warned Luffy multiple times that they are not in the best spot, deep in yonko territory, with BM being angered.

Even after seeing a massive army coming she still stays and is prepared to fight. When Nami of all people says Luffy will not win a fight, you best believe Luffy has no chance of winning that fight. No one displays more confidence or plays a cheerleading role for Luffy than Nami, as Oda has shown time and time again.

So for her to say that, it shows how she thinks the upcoming battle is going to turn out bad. Despite that she still STAYS and fights alongside her captain.

This kind of loyalty is amazing and Oda has clearly shown how much her captain means to her in this entire arc. I am confident, he will show more again later this arc and of course in future arcs as well.

i am merely trying to survive the hiatus 

  • even and isak laying in bed with a bag of chips or tiny chocolates 
    • they spend an hour attempting to throw them into each other’s mouth, tallying up points, debating who is the better shooter 
    • honestly they both suck and now isak’s sheets are stained with chocolate and full of crumbs and they’re both super hungry because they spent so much time doing it but only like three ever made it into their mouths 
  • LET ISAK RAP 2k16!!! he never got to rap!!! he and his boyfriend even aka e-box team up, finally, to create the best mixtape of 2016-2017 
    • isak rapping terribly, even beat boxing semi decently, and eskild inserting his own lyrics from the background 
  • isak pinning all of even’s drawing on the wall above his bed. it takes a while to fill up but eventually it does so he has to migrate to the other walls. but he doesn’t care. he wants to keep all of them up, even the ones that even says are Bad. and if he catches even trying to take one down he slaps his hand away gently 
  • even feeling empty sometimes. not so much sad, though that is a part of it. but more just empty. but he’s learning to tell isak more when he feels it
    • so sometimes they’ll just hug for hours and hours, not saying anything, just holding each other, arms wrapped around each other, isak drawing circles on even’s back and even closing his eyes
    • sometimes he can fall asleep like that. other times he can’t. but it helps most always no matter if he does or not 
  • even stealing isak’s snap backs to wear and impersonating isak
    • all isak can do is cross his arms and feign annoyance but even knows he thinks it’s hilarious because isak is really bad at hiding a smile
    • “halla i’m isak valtersen and i’m over the moon so in love would do anything for the man of my life my boyfriend even beck næsheim,” even says in way too low a voice 
    • isak rolls his eyes and says “i do not sound like that” but even is just like “but you would say that, hm?” and isak can’t deny it 
Okay but just imagine what this means

- Wampus House students having HUGE Super Bowl parties in their common room because FOOTBALL

- Wampus Pukwudgie couples where the Wampus is constantly getting into fights and jumping around and never stopping and their Pukwudgie partner is always fixing them up

- Elections for Head Boy/Head Girl (Democracy ftw)

- Ilvermorny students complaining about their states and having to go home for breaks.

- “Florida is too damn hot for me.” “Are you kidding? California has a F I R E SEASON. I never even knew what 60 degrees felt like until I moved here.” 

- Horned Serpent students getting into political debates.

- Thunderbird students joining those debates when they start bleeding into moral discussions.

- Ilvermorny students going to baseball games, basketball games, track meets, swim meets.



my honest to god favorite thing about trc is the fact that Ronan Gansey and Noah live together. by themselves. that means they have to go grocery shopping for themselves, and that means that at some point in the canon universe, Ronan Lynch has had to stand around debating to himself what brand of macaroni and cheese to get, only to be interrupted by Noah, and inevitably Gansey, and the three of them are standing there taking up a whole aisle bickering over fucking mac n cheese. like Noah you can’t even eat food what do u care and Gansey stop telling Ronan the nutritional value of this shit he knows good and well he’s gonna be dead by thirty stop reminding him. and all the while innocent shoppers are holding witness to a tattooed, shaved-headed, raven-bearing boy, along with the king of Virginia son-of-future-Mrs President himself, along with this weird boy who keeps seeming to drift in and out of sight despite never moving????

these poor souls attract the utmost attention w/o even trying like how in the world Blue Sargent managed to go her whole life not knowing these boys existed is beyond me smh

I’m just going to say it.

It is stupid to compare the scene in which Kagura gives CPR to Jellal to the scene where Lucy gives body heat to Natsu. This is all for one very simple reason: 

Kagura doesn’t like Jellal.

I don’t even mean this in the romantic sense of “like”. When I say “doesn’t like” in this instance, I’m referring to the fact that Kagura hated Jellal. Up until the end of the Grand Magic Games, Kagura wanted to kill Jellal - and was willing to kill Erza for defending him. It was only after Ultear revealed that she was controlling Jellal at the time and Erza showed her kindness by pushing her out of the way of danger that Kagura decided to not outright assassinate Jellal. Even after she decided to not murder him, she still doesn’t hold him in a high regard. She still called him a scoundrel, and there was a moment where she was debating to let him die. So of cooooooooooourse it’s not romantic. She hated his guts. Now she might not hate his guts enough to want him dead. YAY? Kagura didn’t save Jellal because she cared about Jellal. She saved Jellal because Erza cared about him, and Kagura has adopted Erza as her big sister. Kagura even recognizes Erza’s feelings - hence why she gave Erza a kiss, giving her an indirect kiss. 

Lucy already adores Natsu. 

It’s no big secret. If you’ve been keeping up with Fairy Tail for the past year and are not in constant denial, you can probably guess that Lucy has feelings for Natsu. She might not be explicit in expressing them, but they are heavily implied. What was Lucy’s reaction when Brandish enlarged Natsu’s tumor? What was the last thought that Lucy had before she lost consciousness against Dimaria? What was Lucy’s reaction after waking up? How did she act after she found Natsu? Obviously, the author is trying to portray the fact that Lucy cares a lot for Natsu. That’s what makes her being willing to cuddle with him naked a heartwarming moment. There is a context of intimacy between Natsu and Lucy’s relationship that simply isn’t mirrored between Jellal and Kagura’s relationship. That’s what can make a moment romantic versus non-romantic, because close intimacy is often a precursor to romantic development. It has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not an action is a medical action to save someone’s life, or some other crap like that. Saying that “Both moments are actions taken to save another person’s life. Therefore, both moments must both be interpreted equally as romantic or non romantically” is a non-sequitur. It’s a fallacy that avoids having to deal with the main point of what makes something romantic, which are typically displays of intimacy, declarations of affection, or willingness to self-sacrifice.

Invisibility is Not a Privilege.

Invisibility means every person you come out to requires a vocabulary lesson.

Invisibility means the very nature of your identity is up for debate.

Invisibility means years feeling alone, broken, and unnatural.

Invisibility means you might not even consider the possibility that you’re anything but what society says you can be.

Invisibility means you have to find out about your own identity from strangers in small, distant corners of the internet.

Invisibility means being taught in school that your orientation makes you inhuman.

Invisibility means being told by educated professionals that your orientation is pathological, a mental illness, and Must Be Fixed.

Invisibility means taking an extra year to convince yourself that your orientation could even exist before you even beginning to accept yourself as what you are.

Invisibility means coming up with an arsenal of excuses for your lack of Normality, an army of justifications for living a life that makes you just a little more comfortable.

Invisibility means “acceptance” comes at the price of breaking up and stuffing away the things that make you you, and struggling to force yourself into a hole that doesn’t fit.

Invisibility means forcing yourself into relationships and acts that you don’t want because the alternative is taboo.

Invisibility means you can never really tell them who you are.

Invisibility means you can’t even feel pride in your community half the time, because the world is intent on destroying what little of a community there is.

Invisibility means facing a world of people who would have you bow your head and let them rewrite your identity for you; who demand your complacence while they redefine the things that make you who you are.

Invisibility means your suffering doesn’t even matter to those supposedly fighting to End All Suffering.

Invisibility means shame.

Invisibility means denial.

Invisibility means loneliness.

Invisibility is not a privilege.