is this even street art


21 Chump Street x Klance

So I’m really into musicals right now and you should probably listen to/ watch 21 Chump Street first because otherwise this looks kind of really awkward lol

it’s wierd how I didn’t draw the scenes that I actually intended to draw and which made me make this crossover in the first place lol
well I imagined it as a story board in the first place so maybe I will make an animatic when I have time
(should I do it? and if I don’t should I make a continuation or at least draw the actual scenes I wanted to draw?? lol)

I pixel arted…. The background was transparent, but you couldn’t see his arms on the white Tumblr post, so I added red… I love and hate pixel art. I mean, I like how it looks, but it’s a pain… but then again, I’m probably doing it wrong… Anyway, I started with a character I know how to draw pretty well by now. :P
(If anyone likes this weirdness, I might try to pixel another character…)