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☆ pairing → Hoseok x reader x Jungkook

☆ genre → smut || fuckboi!au

warnings  public sex, slight voyeurism/exhibitionism, dirty talk, dom!junghope, demeaning names during sex if you aren’t into that, jealousy

☆ word count → 5.5k

You’re not supposed to fall for Jung Hoseok and his repertoire of awful pick-up lines—but you do. The problem is: he’s afraid of commitment, and bolts at the idea of settling down. After that, you decide to stay far away from fuckboys, but his friend decides to test your new found resolutions.

or : Jungkook wants to see how far he can push Hoseok until he snaps 

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a/n; …. why tf did i do this to myself!!! (this is just smut that i had to split into two parts rip)
anyways tagging @kstopping @gxtsmxt @thotmi bc nothing says i love you like a junghope smut am i right

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The Dress

Hey guys! This is an imagine about the reader doing her best to tease her friend, Tom, because she’s unsure of his feelings for her, in a really hot dress. I’m not even going to lie to you, this story is pure smut? The middle is soft and sweet, but everything else is ?porn? I hope you like it!

The Dress

She and Tom had been ambling through the various art exhibits at her city’s center since before ten A.M., and after they were invited to a lavish restaurant with a group of their friends, she insisted that she change her clothes. From a simple, floral sundress, she slipped into something a little more uncomfortable while Tom waited in her living room, doing his best to keep his integrity and not to sneak a peek. Truth be told, he thought that she looked beyond fine in her sundress. The back dipped low and he could tell that she didn’t have a bra on, plus the flowing fabric of the dress shifted around as she walked and Tom enjoyed flashes of her smooth legs. She looked sweet and innocent, and there was something absolutely perverse in Tom that just wanted to mess it up. Alas, they had chosen to take it slow, so take it slow he tried.

    As soon as they had met, Tom knew that she was the only girl for him, but as of then, she wanted to focus solely on her education. He understood, of course, seeing as her schooling was on the same level of importance as his acting, and he didn’t want to disturb her. He couldn’t bare to be without her once he had began to know her, so he settled for being her friend, but he was positive that it was slowly killing him.

    She was the most kind-hearted person that he had ever come across, always doing what was needed to help others. Beyond that, he’s made the mistake of accompanying her on her trip across town to babysit her cousin’s children where he discovered that she was also the most nurturing soul out there. During their stay at her cousin’s home, he had watched as she simplified Philip Roth’s, ‘A Defender of the Faith,’ into terms so easily understood that four year olds could pick apart the intended theme. Beyond that, she answered all of their questions, even the ones that had him snorting under his breath, with complete respect and sincerity. It was right then that he could feel himself drifting into the haze love with her.

    He felt his heart warm towards her again when they went out for dessert and she took a bite of her sundae, eyes blissfully shut as her lips closed over the chilled spoon. As soon as her lashes fluttered open, she offered Tom the next bite. Ever since then, sharing had been their thing and it was hurling him into love with her.

    She wore his clothes, always giving them back smelling of her perfume. He borrowed her favorite books, films, and favorite places in the city to hide out and be alone. Time and time again, when he was in immediate need of a vehicle and couldn’t find one to rent fast enough, she had handed over her car keys without a second thought. Tom smiled as he waited for her to get dressed, fiddling with the ginormous copy of Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories, a personal favorite of theirs to read.

In her room, she stood between two options. One dress was wholesome and cute, a typical outfit of hers, and the other was daring, sultry and, for lack of a better word, tiny. She hopelessly coveted Tom’s affection, but she was unsure of how to obtain it. Sure they had flirted from time to time, but she wanted to make him want her indefinitely, and if the dress would help her accomplish that, than so be it. He was all that was in her heart and all she wanted to do was to immerse him in love. Her best friend had encouraged her to purchase the dress for this very reason, and she refused to let something so pretty rot in the back of her closet. Slipping on some high heels and adding another coat of mascara, she exited her room.

“Are you ready, my love?” Tom called as he listened for the sound of heels clicking against her wood floors. He turned around and saw her before she could respond.

    She looked so lusciously risque that Tom couldn’t even form an eloquent thought in his brain. In the crest if the hallway, she stood in front of him wearing a dress so small and delicate that Tom was certainly convinced he could tear off her body using only his teeth, and sweet heavens, oh how he wanted to.

    “Holy mother of fucking hell,” Tom hissed through gritted teeth, “you’re going to fucking kill me, babydoll.”

    Truth be told, her dress had been located in the lingerie section of the store, but after sending photos of the dress to practically every contact in her phone, despite Tom, she decided it was approved nightwear. People wore less and got away with it all the time, she thought.

She was dressed in a soft, blush-toned, silk nightie that barely reached the top of her thighs. The straps were made of lace and the front dipped low so low that if she were to bend down to touch the floor, the dress would move to reveal her bellybutton. Her back was exposed, seeing as the nightie was backless and she’d made sure to get the next size up so it would be just baggy enough to show a little side-boob. The heels she wore were tall and nude, and they elongated her legs so well that they looked endless.

“Ready?” She chirped, making a show of swinging her hips as she walked past Tom, eager to unveil her dress’s scandalous lack of backing. She heard him mumble unintelligible curses once more.

“You, are you, wearing, you’re going to wear that out?” Tom asked as he locked the door, realizing that there was absolutely no way that he was going to make it through dinner with her when she was practically naked in front of him. He knew it was not his place, or anyone’s place, to dictate what she wore, but he was seriously concerned for his sanity at this point. He was either going to need to leave early or masturbate in the bathroom.

She cocked her head to the side to gaze up at him through her lower lashes, “yes, Tom,” she said, placing her hands on his chest, “why wouldn’t I? Don’t you like it?” She knew full well that she was laying it on thick, but she was determined to break him down.

He swallowed thickly. She was looking at him how he always imagined she’d look at him in bed. Her eyes were glossed over, she rolled her lower lip beneath her teeth, her chest moved rapidly up and down, she smelled like freshly picked daisies and Tom knew he was so beyond fucked. Was she doing this to him on purpose?

“I just don’t want you to be cold is all,” he stuttered out, which was true, but not his only unease about her napkin of a dress.

She’d thought this out as well. It had come to her understanding that Tom liked to see her in his clothes, so she smiled up at him, leaning even closer if humanly possibly and with her lips pressed an inch away from the base of his throat, uttered, “could I borrow your jacket? I don’t have one that’ll go with my outfit, but I really like yours.”

Tom coughed, “yeah, of course you can, sweet girl,” before removing his jean jacket and draping it across her shoulders, praying that she would at least button it up.

Curling her arms around Tom in a hug, she whispered words of thanks and left his coat perched gently atop her shoulder blades. She turned and began to make her way down the apartment complex’s hallway, not waiting for Tom to catch up.

“I’m going to die,” he mumbled before readjusting his jeans and hurrying after her.

On the walk there, she had teased him like no other, and Tom was becoming not only extremely hot, but very bothered.

First, she’d paused and asked him if he could check to see if her buckle on her heels was broken. She had rationed that she would do it herself, but her dress was too short. Once he’d knelt down, she’d shifted so that her leg was lifted almost over his shoulder and ruffled her hands through his hair, claiming that she needed to steady herself so she didn’t fall. She let out at airy groan as soon as his hand curled over her ankle to hold her still, brushing off his raised eyebrows as her just being sleepy. Tom had gotten a clear look at the white, lace panties she was wearing by accident, but he suspected she had done moved just so he would see.

Then, she had asked him if he could hold her phone for her, seeing as she had forgotten her bag. When Tom said that he could, she ignored his outstretched palm and slipped her phone directly into his jean pocket herself. Frankly, Tom was getting a little pissed off.

To make matters worse, when they rode up in the elevator together to reach the restaurant, they’d unluckily gotten stuck on the busiest ride. When he crowded into the corner, she had made sure to rub her bum against the bulge in his jeans the entire way up, apologizing when they got to their floor, telling him that she was just too close to the man in front of her. At this point, Tom knew better. He didn’t know what she was playing at, but he was going to demand to be informed as soon as they were alone.

He’d just have to make it through dinner.

    However, Tom couldn’t even make it through the appetizers before he demanded to speak with her alone. Their friends had taken notice to her attire immediately after she took off his coat because it was so different than what she normally wore and had teased the pair throughout the entirety of their time together.

    Everyone was well aware of their feelings for one another, and did their best to mush them together as often as possible. Due to their party being so large, she was practically sat on Tom’s lap and she offered him food straight from her fork, which wasn’t unusual for them, it just felt different tonight. There was nowhere Tom could put his hands without touching her bare skin and he’d just about lost his mind.

    Securing a firm hand around her waist, Tom yanked her back roughly against his chest, “we’re going out outside right now.” They were sat so close together that Tom could hear her heart beat faster.

    “Why?” She asked, her brow furrowing.

    Tom stood, wrapping an arm around her waist and leading her away from their meal, “are you honestly asking me why?” He scoffed, grumbling out a half-assed lie about where and the reason that they needed to leave. Tom was all too prepared to endure the taunts from their friends, he didn’t care anymore.

    He led her through the sea of people, pushing past without a single ‘excuse me.’ Tom knew that he was being a dick but he didn’t have it in him to care. If she wanted to make it her mission to provoke him, as she clearly had, Tom was sure as hell going to let her know that she succeeded.

    As soon as they were far enough away from the crowd to not be overheard, he whipped around and exclaimed, “what the fuck is this about? Have I done something to you? Have you lost your mind?” Tom began to pace up and in front of her, “like I know you must realize what you’re doing to me?”

    All of her bashfulness returned. Teasing Tom all day had honestly worked her up too. He made her feel so wanted, and thoughts of him touching her and her touching him had wormed their way into her mind throughout their evening. She’d never thought that he would confront her about her actions, and now that he was, and he looked so good doing it, she didn’t know what to do with herself.

    “What do you mean?” She asked, focusing on the uneven sidewalk rather than to meet Tom’s gaze.

    Sighting a cramped corridor near behind a closed shop, Tom took ahold of her hand and dragged her into the corridor’s cover. Now, they wouldn’t be seen by anyone as long as they were quiet.

    He breathing hard and he knew he was pressed into her and she could feel his hardness poking against her leg. “Darling, don’t you dare play like that. I swear I’ll lose my mind,” he raked a hand through his hair, “well, more than I already have.”

    She gnawed on the inside of her cheek, knowing that as of right now, she could either be brave and possibly turn their friendship into something much larger, or she could apologize and have things stay the same. Harrison had mentioned that Tom had feelings for her right after they’d met, so she prayed that he still did.

    She fluttered her long eyelashes and stood on her tiptoes to wrap her arms around his neck. “Do you want me?” She asked, doing her best to make her voice as sultry as she could.

    Tom was hesitant to move from her touch. She smelled like freshly picked flowers, he could feel her breasts rise and fall with her intake of breath, and she was looking up at him through her lashes with parted lips and it was too much for him to handle. “What do you mean?”

    Her next sentence was almost impossible for her to choke out. She was losing her confidence, did he really not know what she meant or was he playing dumb to avoid hurting her feelings? “Do you wanna kiss me?” She averted her eyes before quickly adding, “it’s okay if you don’t.”

    “Sweetheart,” Tom started and she stumbled away from him, not even waiting to hear what he had to say.

    “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” She stuttered, ignoring his pleas for her to come back to him. She couldn’t believe that she had just spent the entire night humiliating herself.

    Tom jogged down the street after her, thanking the universe that the heels she wore were so high that she couldn’t really move too quickly without falling over. He curled a soft hand around her arm, pulling her back into his chest.

    “You didn’t stop and listen to me,” Tom chided, before wrapping another arm around her to keep her in place. “What I was going to ask you is where this is all coming from? You said you didn’t want anything other than friendship, and I don’t want this to be just a one night thing. You mean too much to me for that. I’m just confused is all.”

    “I wanna be with you, Tom, isn’t that obvious? I really like you, and I just thought that if you didn’t like me, maybe this would help?” Her eyes were tearing, her brain was melting and her hands shook. She couldn’t concentrate on anything but him.

    Tom let out a belly laugh, “what are you talking about? Of course I like you, I’ve been telling my mum for months that I love you! This is ridiculous, you didn’t need to do all this!” Tom exclaimed, his words not registering in his mind until a soft ‘oh’ fell from her lips.

    “Can, could, you, do you want to say that again?” She stammered, covering his lips tenderly with her own before Tom even had a chance to respond. Breaking away almost as soon as she started, she took his cheeks in her palms and whispered, “I love you.”

    Everything was happening so rapidly, and Tom firmly grasped her waist and pulled her in to kiss him. They made-out so furiously on the sidewalk that they got numerous honks and catcalls from passing cars and bikers alike.

    Tom groaned into her mouth when her body brushed up against the hardness constricted by his black jeans. “I love you and I wanted our first kiss to be romantic, but I swear to god darling, if we keep at this, I’m going to ruin these pants.”

    She kissed the corner of his mouth before taking his hand and pulling him behind the corridor Tom had found a few minutes before. As soon as the corridor’s pillars provided them coverage, she sank to her knees in front of Tom. “I’ve never done this before, so you’re going to have to teach me.”

    “No, no, I didn’t mean that you had to do this, not if you don’t want to,” Tom said, urging her to get up as the image of her on her knees for him made his jeans even tighter, if that was even possible anymore. He couldn’t imagine her doing it to him here, well he could, but he didn’t want her to feel obligated to suck him off before she was ready, especially seeing as this was her first time.

    “Tom,” she said, without budging, “I want to. I think about it all the time.”

    He cursed again, the thought of her getting off to thoughts of him was almost too much. Tom palmed himself through his jeans.

    “Just tell me how you want me,” She said, her voice sounding as Tom imagined silk would feel against his skin.

    “Fuck,” he mumbled, “you’re sure? If you wanna stop, just say so and I’ll be okay with it.” Tom bent down to kiss her, already planning to reciprocate back at her apartment. “I’m not going to last long because you’ve been prancing around nearly naked all night long.”

    A blush spread across her cheeks as she began to undo his jeans.

    Tom moaned as soon as she touched him, and he moaned even louder when the warmth of her mouth slid down his length. “Fucking hell, baby,” he rasped out, begining to instruct her on how to take him.

    After about ten minutes, he was done. He was struggling to still his hips and his hands had tangled themselves into her shiny locks, and Tom knew that he was going to finish. He swore that if she gagged again, he’d blow right there.

    “You’ve done so well, sweetheart,” Tom groaned, removing a hand from her hair to place it on the hollows of her cheek. “Let me finish it.”

    She didn’t halt her movements but Tom could tell that she was confused. At this point, she was taking him so deep that he could feel her fluttering lashes against his skin.

    “No, darling, I’m going to cum. If you don’t wanna swallow, you need to stop.” Tom advised, not having the willpower to move away from her heavenly mouth.

    On that note, she started bobbing her head even faster, and taking Tom so far back that he was almost positive he was going to hit the back of her throat. He cursed, unable to form a coherent sentence, all he could think of her how good she felt. A moment later, he came down her throat, and she sucked him off even through that.

    When she released him from the slickness of her mouth, the first thing Tom did was bend down to kiss her swollen lips. “I fucking love you,” he groaned breathlessly.

    Her eyes closed and she drifted into the warmth of his touch, “tell me again.” And Tom did, helping her to her feet and removing the jean jacket she’d given back to him at the restaurant. Tom helped her slide it on and buttoned it up almost all the way.

    He kissed her nose, “what do you want to do, my love?”

    She beamed shyly up at him, “can we go home and do it again?”

    Tom pressed an openmouthed kiss to her neck, “oh yeah, baby, you haven’t had your turn yet.”


I’m very tired and should not even be awake at this hour but here’s a handy dandy guide to pushing over each of the jojos

Jonathan: You will never manage to push this boy over, he’s sturdy as hell so if you even try he’ll just sort of stand there confused and ask what it is you’re doing. He’s too kind for his own good and doesn’t even realize you’re trying to shove him into the concrete. 

Joseph: Not too hard to push, he usually won’t even notice you sneaking up behind him to topple him over. When he falls though it’s like watching a poorly acted scene from a sitcom complete with windmilling arms and him screaming. 

Jotaro: A bit difficult to tip over, you’ll have to wait until he’s distracted and give it 110% of your strength to even manage, but when you do it’s very satisfying. He falls over like a loaded bookcase and all u can hear is the soft “oof” as the air leaves his lungs. You will have to run afterwards though because Star Platinum is coming for your ass.

Josuke: He’s not really all that hard to shove, and he has a fairly average fall, however he’s the most vengeful of the jojo’s once he’s been tipped. If the fall happened to mess with his hair, he’ll chase after you full speed until he can get in at least one good punch. Definitely not worth it.

Giorno: Easiest of them all to tip over, you don’t even need to put that much force into it to send this boy flying. He’ll take it fairly well, brushing himself off and treating it as though it didn’t bother him, but you should probably watch your back for the next few days.

Jolyne: Same with Josuke, very average fall and not too much force needed. If you do knock her over though she will be on your ass cussing up a storm. She won’t even use her stand for the beating you’re about to get, she’ll do it all with her own two fists.

Johnny: I mean why you’d want to push Johnny over is beyond me, but it’s not too hard, you just have to give the wheelchair a good push. Once he’s on the ground though he’s either gonna lay there stunned for a bit until someone helps or he’ll drag himself after you. Watch out cause this boy’s coming for your fucking ankles. 

Gappy: Very unsatisfying, trying to push this boy over is like trying to pet a cat that doesn’t want it. His body will bend in ways that should not be humanly possible and even if you do succeed he doesn’t fall, he’ll just move with your hands until he’s doing a half limbo and you’re left looking like a fool.

anonymous asked:

i think the reason people never feel the same way about you is because they subconsciously think youre too good for them. i know this sounds weird but i remember i had to break up with my boyfriend because he was literally too perfect and thats probably why everyone sees you as just so friendly bc if your friendship is so loving just imagine you as an s/o like is it even humanly possible to handle that much love?

Hahaha! Awwwwwww that is very very sweet of you to say, but trust me, I am not too good for anyone. That was a very kind attempt to make me feel better about that situation, but I believe it’s that I just don’t meet the standards of the people I’m interested in. I very much try to be the caretaker in a relationship, but I think there’s still much I have to work on. 

Because of this addition on the post by @tinkdw I felt compelled to write a short… thingy. :P 

Watch Over You (1264 words)

When Cas comes back as a human, he has nightmares. Dean doesn’t notice it at first; the bunker is huge and the walls are mostly sound proof and Cas – well, Cas always looks tired.

And Cas does his best to never let it on that he dreams, every night, of all the people he killed, all the mistakes he made, all the knowledge he has lost because his human mind can’t comprehend it anymore. Some days he wakes up screaming, others crying – often both. But he never talks about it because, well, if he’s learned one thing, then this: Winchesters don’t talk about their feelings. And he’s a Winchester now, at least this much has Dean made clear.

Dean notices when they’re on a case in Iowa, sharing the motel room because Sam got the short straw and has to observe a haunted house they’ve theoretically cleared but – better safe than sorry. It’s almost 2am and Dean’s not even remotely tired so he’s just idling around when a soft whimper makes him perk up.

It grows louder. At first it’s barely noticeable but after a while the whimper turns into groans (and not the sexy kind either), then small cries and Dean can hear Cas’ breath hitching before he lets out a shout. Dean’s up before he knows what he’s doing, standing at Cas’ bed. He’s sweaty and his face is distorted into a grimace; without thinking, Dean grabs Cas’ shoulder and shakes it.

Cas sits up almost immediately. “I didn’t -” he stutters. “I didn’t want -”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Dean says softly. “It was a dream.” He’s surprised by the gentleness in his voice and swallows heavily; he shouldn’t turn this into a chick flick moment.

“Dean.” Cas recognizes him and immediately recoils; Dean’s hand is falling from Cas’ shoulder. “I’m sorry.” He sounds tired. “I – had a bad dream.”

“Yeah, I noticed,” Dean answers.

“I’m sorry,” Cas repeats. “I didn’t want to disturb you. I can go sleep in Sam’s room if you want.”

Dean shakes his head without even thinking about it. “Dude, no,” he says forcefully. “That’s not a problem. I’m used to it. Sam had them all the time. Me… me too.”

“I – I may have had them a lot,” Cas admits. “In the last weeks. But I didn’t want to disturb you. And it’s not a problem, really. Don’t feel pressured into doing… something.”

“I’m not. Come on, let’s try to go back to sleep, okay? I’ll sit here a bit. Watch over you.” He points at the end of the bed.

Cas tilts his head curiously. “You always said I shouldn’t do this,” he says.

That makes Dean blush. “Well, that was – different,” he explains. He doesn’t exactly know how, but it - well it was. Most definitely. “You deserve it,” he adds as an afterthought.

Maybe it’s because Cas is too tired to argue or because he actually believes what Dean has said, but he agrees and lets himself fall to sleep shortly after. And it seems to help, very well actually – no nightmare in sight. Dean doesn’t fall asleep that night but that’s okay - he can sleep in the Impala, let Sam drive. He’s always happy when he can.

After that, it becomes a habit. Of course, because Cas is Cas, he at first puts up a fight – but after the third night in a row where he needed more caffeine than humanly possible to even held his head up he realized that this is his best option.

So Dean stops sleeping in his room, instead watching over Cas every night. He doesn’t mention it to Sam because – it’s no big deal anyway, and it’s just until Cas stops having these dreams. He sets up a comfy chair next to Cas’ bed and it works. When Cas has a nightmare, he wakes him up, they go back to sleep.

No need to talk about it. Not that they don’t talk – actually they do talk a lot, sometimes for hours at a time. About everything, being human, their last cases, philosophical questions; sometimes Cas tries to lure him into a conversation about mathematical equations because he ‘doesn’t want his skills to get rusty’ but Dean shuts that down pretty quickly.

They do this for a week until Dean’s back and neck starts to hurt. He doesn’t say anything because he has enjoyed their nights together so much that he fears saying anything will threaten whatever fragile thing they have build together but Cas, of course, notices it anyway.

When Dean groans and massages his neck as he sinks into the chair, Cas sighs and pointedly looks at his bed. “My bed is pretty big, you know,” he says.

“Um,” Dean says. “Okay?”

“It’s just – I see that you’re hurting. And I feel bad. Because I – I feel like my happiness comes at your expense. I don’t - I don’t want to be a burden.”

“You’re not, Cas. I’m just old and cranky and shouldn’t be doing this stuff anymore. But if I can handle a wendigo I can handle a fucking chair.”

“Well, you don’t have to.”

They don’t talk about it for that evening but when it’s 2AM and Dean wakes up with the worst crick in his neck that he has ever experienced, Cas wakes up and holds up his blanket as an invitation. “Come on,” he says and it’s not a plea, it’s not a suggestion, it’s an order.

So, of course, Dean obeys. He’s shaking and sweating at the prospect of sharing a bed with Cas, but he obeys. It doesn’t mean anything, he thinks. Cas is Cas. He just wants to be nice to me. It doesn’t mean anything. He doesn’t sleep that night.

The next night, he’s in bed with Cas from the beginning. He almost doesn’t dare to move but he’s tired, so tired, and when he falls asleep he finds himself drifting closer to Cas; almost but not quite touching. They don’t talk about it afterwards.

The third night it all goes down. Of course he’s lying in Cas’ bed and of course he’s trying to keep his hands to himself but after talking for three hours and Cas’ eyes falling shut every few seconds now he just can’t help himself; he raises his hand and brushes a few stray hairs from Cas’ face.

When Cas opens his eyes almost immediately, he stills. “Sorry,” he says and puts his hand back, expecting – whatever, a shout, a ‘what the fuck are you doing you pervert’, a ‘leave my bed and don’t come back’.

Certainly not this. Cas takes Dean’s hand, putting it in his hair again. “It’s okay,” he says quietly. Hesitantly, Dean starts to caress Cas’ hair, watching with fascination when Cas shuffles closer, burying his nose in Dean’s neck. Far too soon his breath starts to even and he falls asleep completely; he doesn’t have any nightmares that night.

There’s no going back from this, and somehow Dean doesn’t want to. Soft touches turn into warm embraces turn into slow kisses turn into eager movements. He doesn’t look back; they don’t talk about it because, well, there’s nothing to talk about.

Except one thing, a few weeks later. “You know,” Cas starts quietly when Dean is running his fingers through his hair again. “I vowed to always watch over you,” he continues. “And then you said you would do the same.” There’s a short pause, then, very quiet, almost like an exhale. “Thank you.”

Cas doesn’t have nightmares again, but they still share a bed.

Lies and Make ups ~ Peter Parker

Summary: You find out Peter is spider man, angry and disappointed you try and ignore him, but you can’t stay away.

Word count: 1,396

Warnings: minor swearing, and a short make out

Ned and I were sitting on Peter’s bed waiting for him to get home from his “Stark internship”. Which I think is actual bs. It may be true he’s working with Stark but there’s something else to this. He’s lying about something. Ned was holding the death star he had just finished, fiddling with the lego characters as I sighed and laid back.

“Do you think Peter’s going to be back soon?” Ned asked me as moved around trying to get comfortable.

“Who knows when he’ll be back from his stark internship” I replied my voice laced with annoyance. We sat there a couple minutes longer until we heard the window opening. Ned was about to say something, but I sprung up covering his mouth. I was thinking it might be a robber or something because who would come through the window, but all of the sudden Spiderman was on the ceiling of Peter’s room. Ned’s mouth was practically on the ground. Mine was the same as his as spider man took off his mask revealing my best friend since age 3. Peter fucking  Parker. Peter closed the door and both Ned and I were both speechless until Peter turned around his mouth even wider than Ned as he dropped the death star on the ground.

“You’re spider man” Ned exclaimed

“No, I’m not” Peter Panicked

“Peter you were literally crawling on the ceiled” I squealed.

“I can’t believe this is happening right,” he said under his breath taking off his suit and standing in only his boxers. I mean I wasn’t complaining because he got ripped. I definitely was staring too long because I saw Peter blush and bow his head. The shock soon turned into anger. I grabbed my bag about to leave until out of nowhere May burst into this very awkward situation and told Peter they were going out to dinner and quickly telling him to put clothes on. Ned was freaking out and I just kind of stood there silent. Peter quickly told us we needed to leave obviously not in the mood to deal with this. Ned was still attacking Peter with questions and got up quickly leaving the room not wanting to deal with this either. I felt Peter’s eyes burning a hole in the back of my head. He knew I was angry with him. I was feeling a huge mix of anger, sadness, anxiety, and annoyance. I wasn’t really that mad I was more upset that he didn’t trust me and that he had been ditching me and lying to me constantly. I was also upset that as a 15-year-old boy he was putting himself in dangerous situations where he could easily die. I lived in the same apartment as Peter and Ned I just lived 2 stories above. I opened up the door to my apartment and practically ran to my room and plopped into my bed. I turned off my lamp immediately going to bed. To be completely honest I didn’t want to think about this anymore.

The next morning I woke up wishing last night was a dream, but I had to face reality, but I didn’t have to deal with it directly. So I rushed and put clothes on and texted Ned I was not going to walk to school them today because I had to get there early to talk to a teacher. Which was bullshit because I didn’t want to deal with Peter at all today, but that was going to be a challenge since I had 4 classes with him, sat by him in 2. Good thing I brought my headphones. Today was going to be a long day. Of course, I had the first hour with him. Plus we were doing a lab in chemistry and he was my partner.  I decided it would be best if I walked in last minute with both my headphones in thinking he’d possibly take the hint, but knowing Peter I doubt he would leave me alone. I walked into class as the bell rang and ducked my head down a bit thinking no one would notice me.

“Y/N you look pissed” Flash laughed

“Shut it asshole” I spat, Flash is a grade A douchebag and hate him more than I hate Peter right now and to be completely honest that’s saying a lot.

“Damn girl you’re feisty today,” he said with a raspy tone, I rolled my eyes, and took my seat next to Peter who was fidgeting and looked like he was about to jump out of his seat.

“Y/N listen I’m sor-”

“Peter I don’t want to hear it, your secret safe with me”

“Wait Y/N bu-”

“Peter we can talk about this later let’s just get this lab done please, I don’t want to deal with this right now”  I argued, it almost sounded like I was whining. It got Peter to back off though and that’s what I needed. I wasn’t truly mad anymore. I was just upset he didn’t trust me.

The bell finally rang after an excruciating 49 minutes of Peter staring at me with puppy dog eyes. This kid knew exactly how to get me to forgive him. I’m a sucker for those damn puppy eyes. What sucked is the rest of the day he looked at me like that, but it was different from the times he used them when we were just play fighting. He actually looked like he was in so much pain. He looked like he was suffering, and I felt horrible. It was the end of the day, and I saw him moping by his locker. I honestly suck at holding grudges and the more I think about I understand why he didn’t tell me. He turned around and made eye contact with me and the world began going in slow motion. His brown orbs made me feel as if I was melting into the ground. I could literally see tears form in his eyes and I couldn’t be even slightly angry anymore. I just began walking towards him.

“Y/N please don’t hate me, I can’t lo-” I cut him off pulling him into a hug. I had my hand around his neck and I buried my head into his neck breathing in his scent. I think I took him by surprise because it took him a second to wrap his arms around my waist and hug me tighter that I was hugging him.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you Y/N, I just wanted to keep you safe” he whispered, I pulled from the hug and held his cheek.

“Hey look, Peter, It’s okay  I’m not mad anymore, I seriously overreacted,” I said wiping a single tear from his cheek.

“No it’s not okay I feel ho-” I cut him off grabbing the collar of his shirt and planting my lips on his. I don’t know what the hell had gotten into me, but his lips felt amazing. My eyes were closed, but if they were open I knew his eyes would be wide open. It took him a couple seconds to comprehend what was happening, but after a good 10 seconds he started to kiss bad and placed his hands on my hips. I removed my hands from his collar and wrapped them around his neck and started to tug on his hair causing him to groan into my mouth, making me smile into the kiss. I felt his tongue swipe my bottom lip and I gladly let his tongue slip into my mouth. He squeezed my hips making me moan into his mouth which makes him chuckle. I pulled him even closer to me than humanly possible, but eventually, I had to pull away for air resting my forehead on his.

“Wow,” I said breathlessly.

“If I knew that was gonna happen if you found out, I would have told you way sooner,” he said still shocked at what had just happened

“Oh my god Peter” I giggle pushing his chest. He grabbed my hand and we began walking home. I honestly have no idea what I just did, but this was gonna change everything, and think for the better.

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I loved you,” she said,
“Or I love you, or you left me and it really fucked me up but I still think about the way you said my name and how you gently brushed my hair behind my ear before your strawberry stained lips collided with mine. I’m not sure if I still love you. Is it possible? To love someone who destroyed you in ways you didn’t even think was humanly possible? Can your heart still even fathom feelings for someone who may as well of ripped it out of your chest and threw it on the ground? I don’t think I love you anymore. Or perhaps that’s something I tell myself to help me sleep at night.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

okay so @all-you-see-is-nightmare-eyes and i have been talking about an au where connor, evan, jeremy and michael met and it got shippy. very detailed /cries/ headcannons below.

- The main reason the four of them met was because they found each other at the orchard. Evan and Connor were on a date, they had a picnic ready and everything, and Michael wanted to explore the place so Jeremy was forced to come with him.

- Michael had tripped on one of the paths and fell off of it, down the slight slope they were on, right in front of Connor and Evan. Evan nearly had a heart attack when it happened, and when Jeremy came running down, he nearly had one all over again. Connor was just confused.

- Well, after Jeremy made sure Michael was okay, the four of them talked a little. And, with the awkward introductions thrown aside, they immediately hit it off. Evan and Connor thought the two of them were cool and full of funny stories, and Jeremy and Michael thought that they were pretty chill and nice.

- Somehow, an hour had passed and the boyf riends had somehow edged their way into the tree bros date - and they didn’t mind at all.

- Eventually, Connor and Evan decided that they had to go and gathered their things with the help of Jeremy and Michael. Jeremy kept apologising for barging in on their date, so much so that Evan of all people had to calm him down.

- They walked to their seperate cars, but before any of them could get in and drive away, Connor ran over and asked for their numbers. The boyf riends gave him their numbers, and he texted both of them Evan’s number. After that, they all left.

- And just like that, a group chat was made and they were all texting day and night.

- Turns out Michael and Jeremy lived the next town over - an hour away from Evan and Connor.

- Evan and Connor visited one time during the weekend, expecting to hang out for a couple of hours and then head back home - they ended up staying the entire weekend.

- Eventually, the tree bros came over to visit every weekend, sometimes during the weekdays for the hell of it.

- They all torture Jeremy’s dad for fun tbh.

- “wow you actually wear pants - i really wanted to see the ducky underwear you own”

- “thanks mr. ducky - i mean mr. heere.”

- Eventually Michael and Jeremy visit Evan and Connor for the first time, and they all end up going to Evan’s house because Connor’s house is a “no-go”, as he says.


- None of them have spoken about the Squips or the suicide attempts. They feel like they should just hide it and act like normal kids.

- One day Evan is just kind of watching the boyf riends play video games as Connor draws. He notices how Jeremy sticks the tip of his tongue out when he’s concentrated, how Michael’s eyes sparkle every time he beats a level, how they loudly shriek in sync when something bad happens and he. just. realizes how much he loves them.

- Evan gets all awkward and blushy around the three of them and every time they try to touch him or ask what’s wrong he just says he’s fine and pulls away.

- “did we do something wrong?” “I - I - I’M F - FINE”

- Since they’re have their regular “sleepover all weekend” things, Jeremy decides that they should camp outside because Evan likes nature, right? The rest of them agree.

- When they all go outside, they find a fireplace and decide to gather sticks and stuff for firewood.

- Michael and Connor totally fight each other with the sticks. it’s a fact.

- Eventually they all calm down and Jeremy gets a fire lit, and they’re just talking about things. Heavy things, the things they usually try not to talk about.

- Somehow, none of them slip up about the suicide attempts or the Squips, but when Evan speaks up he talks about how he feels like he’s a burden and that he’ll never be good enough for anything.

- The boys immediately jump to action, saying that they all like Evan so much, so god damn much and that they would probably die for him.

- Evan is so overwhelmed by the response - here are these beautiful men, all looking at him, worry and affection displayed on their dimly lit faces and. Evan just. explodes.

- “I think I’m in love with all of you?” And they boys are shocked, but Evan continues. “I don’t know how - I didn’t even think it was humanly possible but here we are?? And like it’s scary because I can’t even handle having a crush on one person, so why three? Why now? Why -”

- And Michael just cuts him off and says “I love you too.”

- And Jeremy and Connor just share a look and sigh in relief and they’re both like “yeah we kind of talked to eachother about our feelings already we were just waiting for you two..”

- So now there’s four blushing boys sitting in a backyard at 2 am, having spilled their feelings out for each other, unaware of what to do next.

- And then Michael asks Evan if he can kiss him and Evan is like “!!!!!!!!” and nods, and they share a small kiss.

- Jeremy speaks up, his face flushed as he talks. “Are we all.. dating now?”

- Connor and Evan share a look and smile.

- “Yeah, we are.”


The Basics: Magic Theory 101

I figure since I’ve been seeing quite a few people new to magic lately that I may as well share this page from my grimoire as a good starting point or a reference to help others understand the most basic of the basic

What is Magic?

Magic is something that can never truly be described with the simple words from our physical plane. It is a constant ebb and flow of infinitely different energies from everything. Every object, color, thought, or even concept holds many different types of energies. Such as a black candle; it contains an energy powerful for banishing but also grounding and cursing.  As a mage, the goal is to learn about and to harness these energies in practice even though it is not humanly possible to understand the entirety of them.

The practice of magic is very fluid and varies for each individual mage. Morality and moral boundaries in individual practices are one of the most controversial variations I’ve seen yet. Magic has no set of rules for right and wrong. It depends solely on your personal moral code and where you draw the line. Personally, my lines are very blurred. The actions I take depends heavily on the different factors and potential outcomes of the situation. I act as necessary, even if it’s not considered “right”. I dish out reward as needed and the same goes for punishment, but for the most part my practice revolves around getting what I want. Of course, I’m not here to force my moral stances upon you. I just want to make clear to you, the audience, that your practice should be about what feels right to you, not to anyone else as this is an expression of your core being.

Thaumaturgy vs. Theurgy

Thaumaturgy and theurgy are the two most basic branches of magic. One could describe them as opposites but that would not be accurate. It would be like saying that cats are the opposite of dogs. The two play into each other, though, an individual practice typically leans more towards one than the other.

Thaumaturgy, otherwise known as low magic, is the changing of one’s physical reality. This type of magic is usually used to obtain something tangible. The majority of folk magicians, otherwise known as witches, are thaumaturgists. Some of the most common things that thaumaturgists seek to obtain are wealth, luck, love, etc. This is the more common branch of magic that I’ve seen.

High magic, or theurgy, focuses more on changes of the internal or spiritual reality. In most instances, it is religious or heavily ritualistic. The goal of most theurgists is to reach enlightenment. More often than not, theurgists seek out higher entities to aid in magics and is often very reliant on altered states of consciousness.

Do not be deceived by the use of the words “high” and “low” magics; this does not indicate that one branch is superior to another as this depends on the individual mage. To simplify the explanations above, theurgy could be seen as asking for a divine intervention while thaumaturgy is harnessing the divine power for yourself.

Static vs. Active Magic

Static and active magic are complicated concepts but play a huge role in understanding spellcasting.

For this part, I will use a shielding spell as an example. In static magic, the shield would simply block whatever it is meant to block. It will not move and it will not change. The shield does not act out towards the energies attempting to hit the target. It simply protects the target.

An active shield spell would not only protect the target, but also act out. The shield itself repels the energies but the spikes on the shield damage these energies. The shield could also cleanse, “recycle”, or reflect the energies back at the sender.

Types of Magic


  • Death


  • Energy
  • Hedge



  • Cosmic


  • Crystal
  • Green
  • Sea
  • Storm
  • Waste


  • Enchanting
  • Sorcery
  • Ceremonial


  • Popculture
  • Urban
  • Tech


  • Animal
  • Cottage
  • Kitchen
  • Faerie
  • Nymphai
  • Witchcraft


  • Draconian
  • Musical
  • Sanguine
  • Sigil
[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Lust

Originally posted by nochuie

Is it really such a sin to admire the beauty the heavens have bestowed upon this vast expanse?

In my former position of exaltation, I’ve seen and known all things that have and will ever exist. Yet, in all my time I have yet to find anything quite as exquisite as the female form. Especially hers.

Sensual, delicate, soft. Lips that could drive any being to insanity, eyes you could drown in, and those curves… Those curves could send this angel straight to hell.

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anonymous asked:

You're acting like women don't get offended when a man they think is out of their league "dares" to speak to them. How not to be an asshole goes both ways you know.

The difference is, there’s literally a systemic pattern of straight men behaving like this, and it’s socially acceptable for them to do so. 

Women as a group usually turn guys down as politely as humanly possible, because men routinely commit violence against or even murder women for saying no, thanks to a fucking epidemic of lethally toxic male entitlement. Of course, it’s hard to be as polite as a guy wants when what he considers “polite” includes, at a minimum, lots of compliments and reassurances with his “no”, regardless of how repulsively he’s acted toward you – and often, for you to “give him a chance” because “how can you know you won’t like him?”

And people will go along with it. Women often face social sanctions from entire social groups for turning down men not-gently-enough or for saying no at all. Women murdered by men for saying no are often blamed after their deaths; people will say “Wow, why didn’t she give him a chance and avoid all this?” even with literal proof that the man she was saying no to was willing to commit murder.

Women as a group also face social stigma for approaching men even if they otherwise suit his preferences, because of ridiculous social rules that say to approach a man means the woman must be “desperate”.

But it’s far worse for people who don’t suit a guy’s preferences, because the idea of being associated with socially marginalized groups is so repellent to men that they can become physically violent - and they often get away with it.

Trans women bear the brunt of this, as men have routinely successfully argued in court that they had no choice but to commit murder because a woman who flirted etc with them happened to be trans. Gay men, too, face huge risk if they accidentally flirt with a straight man, because again, straight men literally get away with just saying “I was so grossed out I panicked! So I shouldn’t face repercussions for committing violence!” (Look up the gay and trans panic defenses.)

Like, yes, women are capable of meanness too, but you’re ignoring the entire cultural context of male entitlement that discourages women from even saying no at all, because just saying no is considered “mean”. Women who have the social power to feel safe being as cruel as men are to women they aren’t attracted to, are generally acting on other axes of privilege, like a white woman being horrible to a man of colour.

When I gender my social commentary, it’s because I’m pointing out a trend that falls along gendered lines. There will often be individual exceptions, but there is a gendered pattern to this behaviour that shouldn’t be ignored.

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Could I request a Yoosung HC/scenario/whatever you're cool with where Yoosung gets mad/pouty because he taught MC how to play LOLOL but she's so much better than him. ((If you already wrote something like this that's fine I love y'all and this blog so much))

I estimate that this request is from like, March :^)


Request Killing: 17/30

MC who’s better than Yoosung at LOLOL

  • “You’ve never played before?” He gaped at you in shock. LOLOL was practically his life. He couldn’t imagine how anyone lived without it.
  • You’d never had any reason to play the game… and you didn’t want to get invested with it, either. Look at Yoosung—he spent almost all his living hours playing LOLOL.
  • “Oh, please try it out!” he begged, pulling out his best puppy eyes, grasping your hands tightly.
  • You frowned. “There’s really nothing in it for me…”
  • He paused, realizing that was true. “Weeell… you love me, don’t you? Aren’t you even a little bit interested in the game I love so much?”
  • “It’s a video game,” you deadpanned.
  • He smiled innocently, ignoring your question.
  • You groaned in resignation. It’s not like you had any real reason to reject him. “Okay. I’ll try it out… only a little, though, okay?”
  • He guided you through choosing your character and the tutorial, teaching you cheats and tricks he’d learned over time.
  • After a few hours, you’d already managed to advance to Level 20! He was surprised, to say the least. How come it was so easy for you? It had taken him days and you’ve only played for 8 hours.
  • A bit grumpy (and jealous), he rolled back onto his bed. He didn’t want to complain or anything, though. After all, he was the one who had asked you to try LOLOL. Before he knew it, he had fallen asleep.
  • When he woke up several hours later, he noticed you were STILL playing. There were bags under your bloodshot eyes.
  • “LEVEL 100?!” he shouted suddenly, eyes wide in disbelief as he noticed your player’s level achievement, “THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!”
  • You shrugged, shushing him as you were absorbed in winning your current battle on the screen.
  • He felt a bit annoyed—you’d already ignored him for almost an entire day after he had initially taught you the game. Yoosung walked behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist tightly.
  • “Aren’t you hungry?” he murmured, playing with your hair. He wanted you to stop playing already… It was almost embarrassing how much better you were at his favourite game. He hadn’t expected you to be this good. How was it even possible?
  • His jealousy got the best of him and he decided to mess with you, swivelling you around in your chair so he could kiss you. One hand was pressed at the back of your neck to draw you closer while the other travelled up the sides of your body under your shirt, making you shiver at the sensation of his cold fingers.
  • You pushed him aside, annoyed. “You made me lose!” you whined.
  • He pouted in return. “But you were so into it… I felt like I was going to lose you!
  • A chuckle escaped your lips. “Silly. It’s only payback. Now you know how I feel when you’re playing, don’t you~?”
  • He nodded, eyes lowered to the ground from guilt. Yeah. It was pretty lonely.
  • Yoosung held you close, whispering promises that he would be more mindful of you from now on.
  • As he cuddled next to you quietly on the bed, he finally asked the question that’s been troubling him. “How did you level up so fast anyway? I don’t think that’s even humanly possible.”
  • “That’s what hacker friends are for!!”
  • Yoosung’s jaw dropped as he finally understood. “CHEATER!”
  • …Secretly, he was happy that you weren’t better than him at LOLOL though.

It had been a full 24 hours since Alec had seen Magnus. A full 24 hours since he watched the love of his life walk away from him. A full 24 hours of feeling numb, of feeling like there was nothing, not even the impending war, that would break him as much as watching Magnus step into that elevator.

Alec supposed he was lucky that there was a lot going on, that he had a big enough distraction so that he could block out the thoughts that wanted to invade his mind. Jace kept sending him apologetic looks, seeming to know exactly what happened – Alec supposed he could feel his heartache through the bond, but he couldn’t bring himself to talk about it.

Izzy seemed to understand his feelings better than he did, kept pressing Alec to just slow down, rest for five minutes, talk to me. But he couldn’t. Maybe if he kept ignoring what happened, maybe just maybe it would all turn out to just be a dream. A horrid, horrid dream.

It had been 24 hours and he was faced with the fact that they needed to go out and fight, they needed to stop Valentine and Jonathan before it was too late. It was 24 hours and he was faced with the fact that they needed Magnus’ help, needed the warlocks on their side. 24 hours and he had his mother looking at him expectantly, waiting for him to contact Magnus. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t.

“Mum, I’ve already contacted Magnus, Alec has been busy. He does run this Institute, he has to make sure everyone here is ready and prepared to fight. I got the warlocks, Clary got –“ Jace’s voice became background noise. Everything became background noise. Except for the thoughts in his head. You should’ve done better, you should’ve loved him stronger, you should’ve refused to let go.

“I’ve gotta go, we need everyone in teams to head out.” Alec blurted out, quickly leaving the office. The far too quiet office, where only a couple days ago him and Magnus had sat to eat dinner. The same office where everything had gone wrong. Where he lied and lost the trust of the one person he thought he could hold on to.

Another hour had past bringing the total up to 25 hours since he had seen Magnus – not that he was counting. He hadn’t slept, he hadn’t eaten, he just spent his time sorting everyone out and beating the punching bag that had probably grown to resent him. He was so tired that he didn’t hear the opening of a portal, missed the sound of footsteps from behind him. It wasn’t until he heard his voice that the hairs on his arms stood up, that a shiver went down his spine. He was here.

He knew he had to talk to him, to them. He had to do this for everyone else; his happiness was not important right now. But then he turned around to come face-to-face with Magnus. And then bloodshot eyes met bloodshot eyes. He had seen Magnus in pain, in tears, and the thought that he caused him to feel that way broke Alec even more – if that was even humanly possible.

And it was in that very moment that he knew; he knew he wasn’t going to give up that easy.

He had spent 25 hours without the love of his life. And he was damn well certain that he was going to do everything that he could to get him back. That he would grovel on his knees if he had to.

But right now, all he could do was throw all caution to the wind and pulled Magnus in for a bone crushing hug that felt like home, which felt like breathing again. He felt Magnus’ arms wrap around him and felt the tremors rolling through their bodies as silent tears collected in their eyes, neither of them caring about all the prying eyes around them.

All he could do was whisper I’m sorry’s and I love you’s into Magnus’ shoulder. All he could do was listen to the same sentiments roll from Magnus’ own mouth. All he could do was promise, promise with his whole being that he would make everything right again.

Not everything was perfect; they still had a long way to go. But in that moment, where they were wrapped around each other and their own love, in that moment Alec knew he would truly do anything for this man. That he would do anything to make him happy again.

It was a full 25 hours since they last saw each other, but they still managed to make their way back home.

anonymous asked:

could you do a "working out with tom/ going to the gym with him" bullet post?

okay so like 

  • you’d be sad that you’d travelled to see him and he wants to go to the gym in the morning rather than snuggle with you 
  • so he’d get all worked up like “COME WITH ME” and you’d groan because that’s totally not what you had in mind for a monday morning but if it means you can spend time with him, then you’d endure the pain 
  • you’d get your gym clothes on all sleepily and he’s got the protein shakes at the ready while you’re like “tom where’s the coffee”

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Dear Robert Sugden,

I have loved you for a very long time.

I loved you when you were a teenager with a different head.

I loved you even when you started messing around with your brother’s girlfriend.

I loved you, because somehow despite all of your flaws, I could somehow understand you.

I loved you, even when you kept making silly mistakes.

I loved you even more when your dad never stopped to wonder why you were the way you were and did the things you did.

I loved you even when you had to say goodbye, for nine long years. I often wondered where you were or how you were doing. Because I loved you.

I loved you a little less when you came back, now a proper adult, engaged, rich, with a new head. 

I loved you even with your trash mouth and your scheming ways. I loved you because I understood you and I always believed there was more to you than what people could see on the surface.

I loved watching you fall in love, properly fall in love. This was when I started to love you like the old days.

I loved you even when you acted like a total dick and made incredibly stupid and sometimes deadly decisions.

I loved you, even when you tied the person you’d fallen in love with to a radiator and pointed a gun at him.

I loved you even more watching you fall apart.

Somehow I still managed to love you even when you spewed bile at everyone around you. Somehow my hurt and disappointment didn’t dent my love significantly. I still loved you.

I loved you when you laid unconscious in hospital for weeks on end.

By god I loved you when you started to grow. I loved watching the way you loved Aaron.

I loved you even more when I saw the real you; the true you, the you that had been stifled and locked away for most of your life.

I loved you, even though you’d changed, because you were still you, you still lied and cheated and did whatever it took for the person you loved. 

I loved you, even more still, seeing you put somebody else before yourself.

I loved you when you finally found a sense of family.

I loved you, even when you would still make dodgy decisions, because this time these bad decisions were for the right reasons - however ill-judged they may have been.

I loved watching you realise you needed to be with the love of your life, for the rest of you life.

I loved you even more when you brought that ring and planned the perfect proposal.

I loved you on a whole other level when you sat on the ground in the woods, on dirt and leaves and twigs, and poured your heart out, truly, for the very first time.

I loved you on a whole other level when you shared a secret you’d been carrying since you were 15.

I loved you even more, if humanly possible, seeing you risk your life for your soulmate, when you were prepared to die with him instead of leaving him on his own and living a life without him.

I loved you even more when you beamed at your new fiance in hospital.

I loved you, even when you spoke about how you should’ve shagged your ex-wife’s dad, as well as her sister. Because that trash mouth is still very much you, and I love you.

I loved you when you won that silly pub-quiz with your fiance and how proud you looked.

I loved you even more (!!) when you and the love of your life wore cheesy Christmas jumpers.

I loved you when you went all out to prepare the perfect birthday surprise for your fiance. I loved your excited face.

I loved you even when you said things you shouldn’t, and did things you shouldn’t, because nobody is perfect. Especially not you. But I loved you all the same.

I loved you when you called yourself a drama queen.

I loved you so so so much more, when you prepared a surprise wedding, and pledged your undying love and support to your darling Aaron.

I loved you even even even more, seeing you hold your new husband and kiss him in front of your family and friends.

I loved you even even even even more when you had to say goodbye.

I loved you, next level loved you, when you couldn’t even sleep in your bed without your love.

I loved you a little less when you made a big mistake, your biggest in a long time. 

But I still love you. A lot.

I loved you more again, when you were reunited with your love.

I love you, even though you’re not being totally honest right now. I love you because I still understand you. I love you because even though you might not be doing the right thing, I know you’re just scared.

Because you’ve always been scared. I think you have spent most of your 31 years being scared.

Scared of other people. Scared of their views. Scared of their feelings.

Most of the time, I think you’ve mainly been scared of yourself.

Scared of who you are. Scared of what you feel. Scared of what you’re capable of.

But I know you. And I understand you. And that is why I love you.

I don’t think there’s much you could do that would make you stop loving you. 

Because I have always loved you. And whether you go away again for 9 years, or more, or less, or whether I have to go away…..I will still love you. Because I always have. And I always will.

You’re an idiot, a trashmouth, a romantic, a hero, a sweetheart, a stupid stupid man, you’re dangerous, you’re soft, you’re……silly. You’re a dork. You’re scary. Sometimes you’re a total prat who wears questionable shirts (that I love). You’re hard to love. You’re easy to love. You’re confusing. You’re a mess. You’re precious.

But you’re Robert Sugden. Robert fucking Sugden. And I love you. I still love you. 

And I hope you manage to have a wonderful birthday, sunning yourself with your husband in Mauritius.

Happy Birthday, Robert. 

morning love

Authors Note - This is my first imagine and I hope you guys enjoy it. Sorry if there are any grammatical errors. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)

Warnings: None

Word count: 947


You fluttered your eyes open and turn your head to see your boyfriend snoring quietly. Giggling lightly at his tired state you roll over to your side, staring at his face. Resting one hand on the right side of his face, you bring your thumb up to his eyebrows and lightly trace over them. Then, you move down to his eyelids making sure not to wake him. You run your fingers over the bridge of his nose, cupid’s bow and they finally make it to his lips. Those goddamn lips. Your thumb rested there on his bottom lip for a while as you stared at him, taking the beautiful sight in front of you. His lips suddenly broke out into a small smile and his eyes opened slightly. You quickly took your thumb away from his lips but kept the other that was resting on his face.

“Good morning” He groggily says and takes your hand, gently kissing your knuckles.

“Morning” You smile at him giving him a cheeky peck. Shawn softly grabbed the back of my head and pushed my lips further into his, turning my cheeky peck into a passionate make out session at 8:00 am. You pull away, my chest rising and falling at an irregular pace.

“Well, that was unexpected” You laugh and he chuckles while stroking my hair. A sweet silence falls around the room as Shawn looks at you intently. He does this for a while and your eyebrows begin to furrow.

His loving gaze bore into you and your cheeks start to turn red.

“Shut up” You groan, snuggling into his chest to hide your face.

“Wha-I didn’t even say anything!” He scoffs jokingly.

“Just shut up” You whine and push yourself further into him if that was even humanly possible.

“Hey, hey, look at me” He whispers into you hair but you don’t budge. This time he cups your head in his hands and forces you to look up at him.

“You’re beautiful, you know that right?” Shawn asks with a curious glint in his eyes. A grin spread across your face and once again you’re blushing.

“And you’re handsome” You tap his nose, giggling like a child, as he scrunches it up. You roll around to get out of bed but Shawn’s strong arms holds you back.

“Babeee” You turn around and give him a playful glare.

“Please stay in bed. You’re warm and cuddly” He pouts and pulls his iconic puppy dog eyes.

“Or why don’t you get up and let’s cook some breakfast?” You propose an idea while cocking your eyebrow.

“Only if we get to make pancakes” He smiles wide at me.

“Fine, we can make pancakes” You agree and he jumps out of bed like a little kid. He rushes down the stairs and I can already hear him opening up the cupboards to get ingredients.

You chuckle at his behaviour and walk downstairs, joining him in the kitchen. As you stroll in, most of the ingredients were already set out.

“Someone’s eager to cook” You smirk and he nods his head enthusiastically.

You pull out a whisk and try to reach for the bowl that was on the top shelf.

“Why do the bowls have to be on the damn top shelf?” You mutter irritated as you jump up several times. Shawn let out a chortle and you shoot him a cold glare which shuts him up.

“Honey, do you want any help?” He asks softly, coming up behind you.

“I got it” You reassure him as you jump again.

“Babe, I got it don’t worry” He hands me the bowl that you were trying to reach. You take it from him setting it down next to the ingredients.

“Thanks for being as tall as a skyscraper” You giggle.

He ruffles your hair since he hates you teasing his height. You shake his hand off and start to make the pancakes. Shawn stands next to you helping mix the ingredients as you pour them in. Once the ingredients are all mixed, you dip your finger in the batter.

“What are yo-“ Before Shawn could finish his sentence, you flicked the pancake batter in his hair.

His eyes grow wide and a smirk plays on his face.

“Oh so that’s how you wanna play? Well bring it on” He challenges, dipping his whole hand in the batter and smearing it on your face.

Your jaw drops at the amount of batter that was dripping from your face.

“Oh you’re so in for it Mendes!” You shriek.

You grab the bowl and toss some of the liquid on him, splashing him several different areas. For a few minutes you continue to play like this, making the kitchen look like a pigsty as you were using everything to hide behind.

“Okay, okay, truce!” Shawn puts his hands up in defeat.

“Is the Shawn Mendes giving up?” You cover your mouth with one hand and look at him in shock.

“I give up” His shoulders slump and he sighs.

“But not before I do this” He pulls out the bowl from the counter behind him and drops the remaining batter on your head, dousing you in the sticky substance.

“SHAWN!” You screech, wiping the liquid off from you face with your hands.

“Now truce” He holds out his pinky.

You think about it for a while, wanting to get your revenge at the perfect time.

“Fine, truce” You connect your pinkies together.

“You’re lucky I love you” You grumble crossing your arms.

“And I love you” Shawn pulls you into a giant bear hug.

But boy, he wasn’t ready for the revenge plan that was already brewing.