is this even considered an edit idk

honestly, for me personally, sign of the times getting nominated for ‘song of the year’ of the big 4 for the grammy’s would mean the most to me like that song is amazing and harry getting an award or just being nominated for it for his songwriting specifically? for those lyrics? the music behind it? the meaning? like idk how to explain how incredible that could be for him. even the fact he’s being considered for it is… beautiful. it’s what he and that song deserve

It’s kinda telling how people leave stephanie out of robins edits bc “that was retconned” but still add tim, considering how, you know, he wasn’t a robin either on n52 (he became red robin from day one or some bs) and what’s even more telling is that you know who was a robin and actually was a protagonist of a robins arc? Duke. And you know who rarely appears on any kind of batfamily edits? Duke. 

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Idk if u watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but in one of the episodes, a character (who is black) puts on yellow face and dresses like a very stereotypical chinese person. It's supposed to be because he was asian in a past life or something so he's trying to embody his past self? idk but it rubbed me the wrong way and idk what to thing of it. Would this be considered racist or just problematic or none of the above?

I don’t watch the series because I consider it problematic. Edit: I apparently need more sleep because I didn’t even finish my answer. This is racist as a moment in the show (I’m sure they have a lot of racist moments), the whole series is trash and should be cancelled but y'all keep watcging it.

Tina Fey is also an ugly YT fem.
- Jess

Emma wakes up feeling more content and well-rested and safe than she’s felt in months, and for a moment somewhere between sleeping and waking, she’s not sure what it is about this particular morning that’s making her feel so warm. Then the arm wrapped around her ribs shifts and the hand cupped just below her cheek readjusts itself, and she understands the warmth around her without opening her eyes. She shifts, nuzzling her nose into his wrist and tucking her feet between his calves, and she can tell he’s already starting to stir.

“You need thicker curtains, love,” is the first thing he mumbles when he presses his lips into her shoulder, ducking his head to her spine as if the problem will solve itself. She feels herself start to laugh, drawing a step closer to wakefulness, and nudges her elbow back into his ribs. 

Ssh,” she whispers, voice thick with sleep, “you have to be awake to talk.”

“What do you call this, then?”

Emma shakes her head against his hand and momentarily pulls her arm from where it rests on top of his, reaching blindly for the comforter tangled up in both of their legs. It only takes a little effort for her to pull it free and when she does, she pulls it so it sits high enough around their arms to keep the light away for a good hour at least. He’s being remarkably patient with her as she continues to deny the daylight, but then she can’t remember a time when he wasn’t patient with her.

“There,” she breathes, pressing the backs of her knees into his and chasing after the warmth that was lost when her arm left its spot on top of his. She can smell the salty air by the docks on his skin mixing in with the smell of her laundry detergent and something in the back of her mind is chanting home, home, home but all Emma does is sigh and fall asleep to the sound of his breathing growing even again. 

In an hour, she’ll let him wake her just as slowly, pulling his hand from beneath her cheek to tease the tangles from her hair, whispering her name in his low, soft voice, brushing his fingers across the curve of her arm. In an hour she’ll turn and press a kiss into his chest, brush her thumb across his eyebrows and seriously consider the risks that come with buying black-out curtains. For now, though, Emma couldn’t move if she tried.

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2. Tōshirō Hitsugaya - requested by thegeekinblue

“Welding one’s blade out of duty alone is what it means to be a captain. Wielding one’s blade out of hatred is nothing more than petty violence. That is not what we would consider battle.

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Hi! Two questions! 1. Could you tell us a little bit more about Jacob's backstory? I just went back to the beginning and I don't think I really found anything about him.... but I'm super curious about him! 2. Would you ever consider uploading Jacob to the gallery? :O Love what you've done with your legacy! Just spent my night reading it all and going back so I could catch up on everything, haha :)

Ah! I can’t believe you went back and read it like god bless you there were like 5 weeks where I didn’t even do captions.

Also, he’s technically not mine? I downloaded him off lilsimsies gallery, but I did edit him a bunch so idk. However! I can upload him later tonight to mine, if you want? I’ll probably do a separate post to put him, Finley, Rosie, and Benny up there, so keep an eye out either today or tomorrow!

BUT YES JACOB! My handsome boy I’ve missed him since generation 2 started :^(

Fun facts about Jacob Rowell

  • So he’s a chef at a local restaurant, and he secretly loves it, even though he won’t stop complaining about how his hands always smell like garlic and how Finley always ends up having to wash tomato sauce out of his good pants
  • He grew up in Willow Creek and was going to go to college on a football scholarship, but he broke his leg his senior year and had to take a year off because of it
  • Still ended up going to school, but lost his scholarship because of said gap-year. Decided to go to the local community college to get some basic classes done because he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life now that football was out of the question
  • Took a few classes and hated them all but then got roped into volunteering at a soup kitchen in the same city by his friend and ended up loving it
  • Because he loves the people and seeing the kids and the parents and he loves cooking, even though half the time he ends up chopping lettuce for taco salad for four hours at the soup kitchen
  • Was out to drinks with his friends in order to celebrate getting into a small culinary school when he saw Finley and literally fell in love at first sight
  • Like it was such a gross cliche can you believe it like he saw her and turned to his friend and was like “Yo, that girl? I’m going to marry her”
  • His hair has been 4 different colors - his natural dark brown, hot pink [which he did on a dare when he was in high school], bleach blonde when he was doing his gap year and his early community college days, and his final teal [which he will tell people to this day is his natural color, even though no one believes him and rightfully so]
  • If he didn’t find cooking, he wanted to go into teaching, like maybe a para-professional in an elementary school or a special education teacher because he loves kids so much
  • Once sat on his couch and marathoned the entire sons of anarchy show because he told Finley he liked it even though he’d never watched it and he was afraid of disappointing her, so he forced himself to watch it all, even though all the violence scared him every time
News about Shkatt two-shot?!

Okay, so, Kinktober Day 25 featured Katt, that’d be Keith x Matt, with the glory hole kink. Basically, Keith encountered Matt in his and Shiro’s bathroom and kneeled before him at a glory hole and it was glorious, yeah. Anyways, that chapter really blew up, and a lot of people started requesting a follow-up chapter. Now, I was already considering making a sequel to that chapter even before I’d posted it and gotten feedback, so having it received like this was just, well, amazing, honestly! So thank you, first of all!

Now then, I’m sure people have been wondering where this follow-up story is. Well, fear not! I am here to deliver! I’ve gotta go through and edit it real quick, but then, it should be up! Later today! The sort of long-waited Shkatt sequel to Kinktober Day 25, although idk if anybody was actually waiting for it xP well, you get it anyways! Thanks a ton, guys! Love you you all more than words could express <3 <3 <3


i made a betaronpa sprite of saionji,,, i didnt edt much cuz im , bad… i edited her obi and her hair ^^; 

i wanted to do this tho i havnt seen one of her and i wanna  get into sprite editing,the pink one is what i first did but  its not even my headcanon colours if youve seen my pixel sprites of her lol 

i was gunna make more sprites but i frgot what i did to change the colours n that half way through lol 

im considering making a tutorial on how to change the colours on srites to edit them but idk if it’ll work on all programs as well as if ayone would want it :o

dont tag as kin me etc,
reblogs r cool,
dont use without permission)

EDIT: I keep changing the sprites just to find that they have some issue or another with like hairshines I give up lol
Now You Can Experience Game of Thrones the Way George R.R. Martin Intended
Ten exclusive images and behind-the-scenes stories from the illustrated volume of A Song of Ice and Fire.
By Joanna Robinson

This article has a preview of a few of the pictures that are going to be in the anniversary edition of A Game of Thrones but I hate how much of it is phrased as if the show constitutes the actual visual canon for ASoIaF and/or there was no visual representation of book scenes and characters before GoT existed? Also they misspell Michael Komarck’s name.

Sorry if I sound salty, I’ve been considering the show and the books two separate entities for a long time now so I don’t even get upset about the adaptation anymore, but… idk, I’m very defensive of book-based art (both professional and made by fans) both because it’s often closer to the more vibrant world Martin describes and because it has more personal variations and interpretations, and the tone of the article is almost dismissive as if not being able to use the actors’ likenesses makes the art second rate or something. Tl;dr just look at the pretty pictures and don’t bother reading, except for this part I’m pasting here:

When it comes to the lore of Game of Thrones, it’s not easy to surprise Anne Groell. She’s been editing Martin’s sprawling fantasy series since the very beginning and has had a hand in all the graphic novels, history volumes, and various published off-shoots that A Song of Ice and Fire has inspired. Which is why, she told Vanity Fair, she was surprised when her author kept rejecting an artist’s rendering of the famed Iron Throne.

“Oh, no. That’s totally not right; that’s sort of what HBO did,” Groell recalled Martin saying of an early effort by Tony Patterson. “Mine is much bigger and more tangled.” After several rounds of rejections, a frustrated Groell leaned into her familiarity with the novels. “I ended up going through all the books and pulling every description of the Iron Throne that talked about how it was big and hulking and bestial. I sent all of this to George, and I said, ‘O.K., tell me what I’m missing.’

“He finally said, ‘It’s 10 to 16 feet off the ground, with steps going up to it like a slide.’ I said, ‘O.K., nowhere in the books does it say that!’ It’s what I like to call the ‘invisible-head syndrome,’ that authors always think you can see into their head and see the vision that they’ve got. But if it’s not on the page, you’re not going to see it.”

Oh, George, never change.


heres those icons i promised! while making these i kind of realized that i tend to headcanon striders as queer and the Js as hetero and/or on the ace scale…funny! but anyway:

Jade: aromantic      Jake: (bi)asexual

John: (hetero)demisexual     Jane: heterosexual

Dave: Pansexual     Dirk: Gay

Rose: lesbian     Roxy: bisexual

feel free to use if you like, but please credit me! icon size 8x8 inches (i think dave might be 9,,idk owo’)

like i said before- if you dont have the one you want yet, please pm me and ill edit it to send to you privately :) f you want a character who isnt a homestuck kid (trolls, cherubs… even people not from homestuck.) please consider commissioning me! icons are 3 dollars!

I have a dilemma

Guyyyyyys, I know it’s ways away but I’m trying to figure out a good Christmas present for my TC 🙊 I’ve given him a gift card every time it’s appropriate to give him gifts, and he always loves them and gets good use out of them, but I want to shake it up a notch this year. I’m considering getting a special/rare edition of his favourite book, but idk?? Like is that too much? Would he even like it? He’s an English teacher but he doesn’t have the personality of one to be honest, like idk if it would be special to him at all. What do you all think? I would love hearing any suggestions, ideas, or advice from you all, and I’d appreciate it a bunch ❤️ I’m only asking so far in advance cos I’ll have to order the book online if that’s what I decide on getting him and I want it to get here in time for the Christmas break 😁❤️

Thank you!! ❤️


so the other day I came across an old poem I wrote about depression…these lines in particular brought back a lot of memories that i’m glad remain part of the past and don’t trap me like they once did.

and then idk I started thinking about hurt!Spock and how there just aren’t enough fics out there about everything he goes through,  being considered an outsider among humans and Vulcans, losing his mom, losing his planet, briefly losing Jim…I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to think that he would suffer depression after everything, but not say anything and just keep pretending that he’s ok, even when he’s not, so this edit happened.


Happy Birthday, Francesca! (´ ▽`).。o♡

Guardian Angel AU: John Lethbridge-Stewart is a broken man. After his return from the war he goes into seclusion, cutting himself off from his friends and his family and drinking to forget.

What he doesn’t realize, however, is that he has caught the eye of something greater than he could ever imagine – an angel. In life, her name was Rose. She spends a lot of time on Earth, quietly observing, missing the life she’d been forced to leave behind.

One night she sees John stumbling out of a pub, right into the path of an oncoming car. Rose knows she’s not supposed to interfere with the earthly realm, but she can’t stand the thought of watching someone die.

And so she pushes John out of the way of the car, and runs before he can see her.

Over the next few days she goes back to check on John, just to make sure he’s okay. But checking on him becomes a daily activity, even more so than going to see her mother. She never reveals herself to him – also against the rules – just watches quietly from the corner as he struggles to deal with his memories of the war.

But one day, in a drunk fog, he catches Rose, and immediately freaks out. She leaves just as he throws a bottle at her, not wanting to upset him anymore.

And that should have been the end of it, but in the morning she goes back just as he’s waking up. Sober but hungover, he’s not in much of a condition to do anything when she appears at his bedside. She tells him who – and what – she is, and explains how she found him about to be hit by a car and saved him. The night suddenly makes a lot ore sense to John, who vaguely remembered the feeling of being pushed out of the way of the car, but had convinced himself he had halluncinated the whole thing. Rose offers to leave, but John tells her she doesn’t have to – after so long in solitude, it’s nice to have company again.

Even if that company is an angel.

Over time the two become close, John slowly but surely opening up and confessing about everything he did during the war, Rose listening and offering comfort whenver she can – which is no easy task considering how much John hates himself. She begins to draw him out of his shell, however, helping him return to his life.

Neither of them expected to fall in love.

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Who are your fave blogs on here and why? Like for each one what makes them great for you?

Oh dear

I love @sashapique @football-s @barcelonaesmuchomas @barca-penguins @4fabregastasticxavi6 @lionelandresmessii because these people are simply amazing okay? Brilliant even with their edits and updates and literally all you need. Need some new info? Boom check these blogs and you’ll get it. 10/10

Then there are my friends (I guess bc like if some of you don’t consider me as your friend or smth it’s fine but ily all lmao) like @siemprecristiano @alexisnchez @k7ngdom @luchorgasm @melissajimenez @monetmarjr @chasing-neymessi @sergioraaamos (if I forgot someone sue me) and well they’re great, great wonderful people that everyone should talk to.

Then there are writers like @messifangirl @deledier @theaccidentalchampion (and like four other people but idk if you guys want to be mentioned and all) and I love these people so much my heart hurts okay? Every time they update I literally stay on the damn floor for like an hour bc wow

And then there are people I sometimes talk to or bother them weirdly but I love seeing them on my dash and they make me happy like I love them ok @riyadmahrz @princesa-rafinha @lionelandremessi @yalla-madrid @princesasophie @neymares @myheartis-blaugrana @leocuccittini @rafaeloangelo @ariel868 @haillionel @happyxavi @gerardpiqashian
@daddymessiii @bartrahoe @quepasamarcandre @umtitties @itsneymars @alexchambos @aftgomes21 @draxlerr @jordiabla @joannaboonjr @xaviniestah @xavimascheranos @neymarslionel

@fatherpique @inmybubble

Like I forgot so many people but ily all and idk if I even answered the damn question but hey!

Also if we do talk and I didn’t include you like come after me and punch me so I could hug you afterwards BC otherwise yeah :/