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I don't support Le Pen AT ALL but every time you talk about her you sound just ignorant. pls stop.

anon, let’s be fucking real

  • marine lepen is with the front national
  • the front national is a fascist party
  • her and her father are tied to holocaust deniers
  • they are fascists
  • she’s anti euthanasia and her instance of abortion repels me
  • tbh everything about lepen’s politics repels me
  • she’s pro death penalty
  • she’s anti eu
  • she’s anti everything I stand for

in another world I’d ask you what about the stuff I say about lepen - ie that she’s a menace that has to be absolutely kept off any position of power and that her politics are shit - is ignorant, because anyone who isn’t on that side of the fence would see that her politics are shit, but thing is: she’s a fascist and I don’t give a single fuck about respecting fascist ideologies so you can absolutely forget that I’m gonna stop trash talking her and you can absolutely forget that I might reconsider any of my stances on lepen -

BECAUSE SHE’S A GODDAMNED FASCIST. clear? clear. if you don’t like it the door is open, no one is forced to follow me. thank you and have a good day, and good thing at least you don’t support her.

and friendly reminder that while the us-centric ****left wing**** stuff that goes around on tumblr is abhorrent to me (that’s not even left wing but nvm) I am not a right winger, I’m actually more left-leaning than a lot of leftist tumblr assumes is far left and I do not in any way whatsoever respect fascist/nazi ideologies and people who support them nor I feel obliged to give them the benefit of the doubt or something, because to me that shit is abhorrent and that’s where I draw the line. thanks and have a good evening.

#4 Mitch Marner

can u do a mitch marner one where ur like the assistant medical trainer and he gets concussed during a game and while he’s on pain meds/ loopy bc he’s concussed he talks about how in love with u he’s in because he doesn’t realize it’s you he’s talking to please?? omg

just also health psa im using creative license. they dont give you strong pain meds when you get concussed so like if you ever do get concussed just take a panadol, Please do not take strong pain medication and also definitely see a doctor asap. THIS HAS BEEN A HEALTH PSA FROM YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD PHARMACY ASSISTANT. Also don’t take any anti-inflam (jfc do not) 


song suggestion of the day: Out of Control by Glass Caves (this is a good song that i discovered today)

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Your job was definitely not an easy one. In all your years of working in professional hockey, it had been a hard slog. You’d moved to the Maple leafs this season and to be honest, you liked it so much better than your previous jobs. At least with the leafs everyone was so open and supportive and the boys themselves were always so polite too (even if your help wasn’t always appreciated). During your time in the NHL, you’d gotten to know which teams you should be wary of when it came to player safety. You also knew which players to be concerned about and yes, one of which was most definitely Mitchell Marner. As such you really shouldn’t have been too surprised but dear god, that was an awkward fall. He didn’t look too good and Tyler Bozak skated over to help him too his feet. The nineteen year old clutched his head and was quickly pulled off the ice and whisked down to you and the rest of the leafs medical team. After a lot of groaning and complaining, he was eventually given some drugs to help calm him down so that you could assess him properly. The groggy brunet didn’t shut up, even faced with injury and a probable 3 weeks out of the game. It was a good sign, even if his speech was slightly slurred. You made sure to prompt him with questions every so often to keep him doing so, checking for any other injuries that he may have suffered from the impact.

“How’m I doing, Doc?”

“You’re doing great, Mitch.” you replied with a smile as you gently checked his shoulder flexibility for any signs of stiffness in the joint.

He nodded blankly, leaning back against the wall. “Where’s Y/N?’ he questioned.

“Here, Mitch.” you replied, trying to hide your smile at how out of it he was.

“Huh,” Mitch replied, nodding a little and falling silent for a bit. “Y/N’s really pretty.” he added after a bit. “Like really pretty.”

You weren’t really sure how to respond to that so you just mumured a quiet “okay,” and continued your assessment, keeping your head down to hide your blush.

“Those eyes!” Mitch grinned. “oh and that smile! I love her smile. She smiles a lot.” he informed you. “and she’s always so nice. And funny too!”

“Okay, Mitch.” you replied with a quiet laugh of disbelief.

“You’d understand what I’m talking about if you met her. Her laugh is literally the best thing I’ve ever heard. I love making her laugh.” Mitch blabbed.

“Okay, Mitch, how about we get you up to the hospital for some tests.” you told him. Reluctantly, he agreed, letting you help him to his feet and pass him on to some of your colleagues. 

“If you see Y/N, can you tell her that I’m okay?”

“Will do, Marner.” you chuckled.

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can you do messi? :)

Lionel Messi, the best footballer in the whole world

this is the face i make when you try say otherwise

even though his robot leg makes me side-eye him whenever i see it 

contrary to popular belief, ‘twas he that invented the sport 

he’s that good that even his teammates that see him everyday are in awe of him

he’s a family man

with a big ass dog that scares the FUCK outta me 

like that shit is so fucking big it should pay rent jfc he deserves, more than anyone, to win the world cup 

aw look at pau

ask me about any footballer & ill give you my opinion

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(1/3) holy SHIT okay first off i REALLY REALLY REALLY love your animatics and I've watched all of them SO MANY TIMES but My Shot. Jesus. I loved it. I just sat there and rewatched it like five times. It's STILL STUCK IN MY HEAD. And all the little detail you put in from Alex's past life, all the little freeze-frame dialogues, every bit of shade and expression and added touches that showed just how much you cared made it THAT MUCH BETTER (and yes, I count the ending shitposts in this ;) ).

(2/3) and even though there were a ton of moments that were feels inducing the one frame where it says ‘so this is what it’s like to have friends?’ emotional sucker punch. (I guess it’s a bit personal; didn’t have any really good friends until recently) But THANK YOU for putting in all the effort into SIX HUNDRED PLUS FRAMES (I had to do a rough animatic for class and long story short it did not go well but) JFC the amount of work that you managed to do in TEN DAYS –

(3/3) I could probably end up gushing about this for days but I’m gonna keep it to three asks so TD;LR thank you. Thank you for these wonderful animatics that I hope you know bring joy to many people. Keep doing them for as long as you feel comfortable doing so, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours! (oh wait p.s. I LOVE your art style and the way you draw EVERYONE. They’re all so expressive and fluid and awesome!)

holy.. moly.. thank u sm dude ;;; this is one of the biggest reasons i do those animatics bc i like ppl getting happy over them and like it makes me happy too!! and idk how to explain it other then that im rly glad smth thats fun for me brings at least some ppl joy in their lives, and thanks abt that ask ;;;

-So Vic, now that we’re elders I’m thinking we should start a new hobby together! Our young years may be behind us but it’s important to remain active!

-I cannot BELIEVE I still haven’t made the top 10 most wanted list, fucking office politics..

-I think a pottery class would be fun! We can make personalized cat bowls, each with a cat’s face on it! 

-How is fucking Gordon King still in here, asshole couldn’t even rob the Newsons, “oooh they’re orphans, it’s going too far”.. Thankfully our Jojo had no such qualms..

Speaking of the Devil, this notification appears and I cannot tell you guys how hard I laughed at the image of Jojo “horsing around with classmates”. The only way I can see that happening is if he was literally trampling them with a horse. Even him becoming a star football player is more realistic, which is saying a lot.


-As a romance sim, it’s important to be flexible ;)

You’re already flexible with your morals, isn’t that enough? 

Just ask poor Trumpie here who continues to call for you 200 times a day. I’m sorry girl, love trumps hate but you’re not getting it here. Take a fucking hint.

It’s Friday night! Vic is grumpily lounging around..

Alegra is bullying Victor (YAS)..

Jojo is.. honest to god, offering financial advice on the internet..

..and Gunther is DOING FUCKING BALLET. Kids literally wtf is this lameness, you’re teenagers, these are the years! I will not stand for this.

Time to gtfo! 

-Wow Jojo we look so cool, everyone is gonna be looking at us as we roll into the club!

-Ah I know! Poor plebes are gonna feel so blessed by our presence!

We arrive at Midnight Flows looking for some underage drinking and hopefully some good times! The boys immediately begin scouting the talent..

..of the person who painted that wall. I mean, that’s the spirit (?) but maybe let’s face in the other direction.

-Man this wall is just.. so blue..

-It truly is.. If you look hard enough, you can see Stephen’s face on it..

-I can feel it Gunther, this week is the week I’m finally getting abducted.. I’ve been dreaming of this moment for the longest time.. Just gonna look at those alien’s soulless black eyes and ask them one question..

-To marry you?

-Ugh of course not, don’t be ridiculous! To abduct Wanda and never return her, Bella Goth style!

Apparently the more simple-minded you are, the more hypnotic power this wall yields over you. No offense, Florence.

-None taken, this is as good a place as any to wait for Gilbert to call me back..

YOU’RE STILL WAITING? Girl jfc. I would offer you Gunther but he’s too young, we’ll be in touch when we get in college.

-He doesn’t look that young from where I’m standing..

Yea I guess the view is different from the top of Perv Mountain? GO AWAY

-Good evening, everyone, we’re the Union Bros..

-Like the Warner Bros but better!

-And we’d like to dedicate this song to Stephen Tinker..

-No, we would not.

Say my name, say my naaame,
if no one is arooooound you, 
say baby I love you, 
if you ain’t runnin’ game  ♪

Say my name, say my name,
you actin’ kinda shady, 
ain’t callin’ me baby, 
why the sudden chaaange ♪ 

-Wow Jojo they love us!

-How could they not!


Well I know when I enjoy a performance I try to stay as far away from it as possible. Amazing job guys!

-Next we’re turning to a little rock n’roll, with The Strokes - Barely Legal!

NO YOU ARE NOT WITH FLORENCE IN THE BUILDING. Time to return to our safe and happy home.

Oooh yea. That’s the stuff! 

mm headcanons - painting your bedrooms

//i just painted my own bedroom white and i couldn’t stop thinking about this?? whoops - also i use Seven’s real name and there’s swearing in his section//


  • his mom probably made him help when they were ever painting a room in their house.
  • he knows what to do but isn’t really that good at lining the molding or spreading the paint evenly so he just leaves that to you
  • he’s the dj
  • he puts slathers a bunch of paint on and then you smooth it out w a roller
  • he goes to cut the top of the wall but isn’t tall enough on his own so he uses a lil step stool
  • afterwards, even though he didn’t do too much, he’s got paint literally EVERYWHERE. it’s on his t-shirt (yoosung looks really good in that t shirt too btw), his shorts, his hair, and even his socks but?? he wasn’t wearing any socks??
  • “MC i think im getting the hang of this!!”
  • “sorry to burst your bubble, but i can see patches of beige (let’s say you’re painting a beige room green??”
  • “heh… well… that’s why you’re here i guess”
  • “and not because we live together?? and you’re my boyfriend??” jfc yoosung

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Through FFXV as a shipper

Or how I’m up to any pairing despite having a fav one. and how I found it.

Anything Ignis says/does to/for Noctis: Awman, I so ship this.

Longwythe convo between Noct and Prompto: *sniffle* Prompto you sweetheart you’re my new baby. I ship this <3.

Gladio catching the coin thrown towards Noct: Hm, I ship that.

Gladio rescuing Noct/catching him and protecting him at Cauthess: Holyshitmyshiningarmorknight I SO ship this.

Ignis and Prompto are on their own and don’t show me what they do: …I ship that too.

Ignis showing himself stupidly loyal to Noct: I SO ship this.

Prompto sings victory fanfare and Gladio laughs (does in Japanese audio): Cute. Ship them :)

Small Ignis + Gladio interactions: …I think I ship them?

Ignis offers sewing Noct’s clothes: He’s more like a mom but I still ship it.

Gladio stands between Noct and Ravus: HE’S SO GAY I ship this.

Prompto slaps Noct’s butt: I ship thiiiiis.

Gladio asking Noct for camp tours: He’s more like a dad but I still ship it.

Chapter 10 beginning and the way Gladio treats Ignis along it: …Kay, that’s it, they’re my fave now. 

Noct on if he was worried for Prompto: Kkkkwwwwweeeeeee I ship thiiiisssss.

Chapter 11 and the rest of the game on Gladio taking care of Ignis: THAT’S IT, I’VE COME UP WITH MY NEW OTP AND I LOVE THEM JFC YES <3 

jfc school wifi is the most terrible thing in existence, i s2g. Imma just go off and read fanfiction because I can’t load any posts on my dash or any blogs.

ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ baaaaaaaaaaaaa——–

I’ll see you guys later! Hope you’re all having a good day! c:

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what my low empathy does: make it hard to understand emotions and makes me feel alien to the people around me, sometimes combines with homicidal ideation to make me want to hurt someone. What my low empathy does NOT do: excuse the times I've actually done that. why dont ppl understand this like even if that's what you feel you still gotta apologize when you do it jfc


god anon you can hmu any day with this shit its wonderful (no sarcasm)

Alright so I had some spare time because I’m sick at home so, as requested, gaydads au now with 100% more gaymoms! Yay! 

aaaand yes, that scene is taken from Good Luck Charlie, I just thought it was very cute and it would fit very nicely uwu

I still don’t know if it’s okay for me to draw so much of this au since the idea isn’t even mine but I can’t remember who came up with it either?? sorry

also, because I’m feeling in a good mood, a lil wip just for you dearies!

(In case you haven’t seen them theres also part 1 and part 2)


All I ever try to be is enough for everyone around me: smart enough, thin enough, funny enough, pretty enough, just plain good enough. But lately, I’ve been realizing how much I’m not even close to being any of these things, and that really fucking hurts. I just really want to be good enough for my damn self, and that looks like it’s for sure not going to happen. But god, I really need to figure out what makes me like this, because I can’t deal with it anymore. I’ve had enough of trying to be good enough. Does that really make me such a bad person?

headcanon territory || Maltaril’s worldview

“Don’t tempt me Frodo! I dare not take it. Not even to keep it safe. Understand Frodo, I would use this Ring from a desire to do good. But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.”

It’s this quote I think most about while portraying Maltaril as the personification of the One Ring. In a couple of threads here and there I have implied that Maltaril is of the belief that their Master’s rule can’t be as terrible as everyone else makes it out to be. At first I thought this was only because of their undying loyalty to Sauron, but it seems to be more than that.

No matter which way you look at it, the Ring is a seductive force. No matter who wears the Ring (aside fron Sauron), it has the power to preserve itself and trick the bearer into caring for it excessively to the point where it’s often kept from destruction. This even with visions of beautiful things just to lure the Ring bearer in. I could even say they’re like a genie, in which even the Sims 3 Medieval has played around with the idea that you should be careful what you wish for.

So if everything good can be corrupted through the Ring, it isn’t a far stretch for me to imagine that Maltaril sees Sauron’s reign as either a necessary evil or even straight up as good. Or at the very least, a choice that should be offered. Maltaril has the firm belief that the opposing Valar have made equally terrible decisions that are somehow accepted by the general public as necessary because their Master is deemed the evil one, and they firmly disagree.

I need to share the most emotional, exhausting conversation with clickingshut about FMA and Frozen, specifically Elsa as Al.

(its not entirely crucial to know about FMA to follow the discussion because its all the same characters being their stupid, awful selves. but if you don’t care and want a quick summary to understand the context, its at the top under the cut. mild spoilers ahead for FullMetal Alchemist)

heads up: this is really awful. (in the best, most heartwarmingbreaking way possible, but still.)

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Finding Out You’re A Famous Rapper/Composer (GOT7)

“Can you do a reaction for BTS and GOT7 when they find out their s/o is a famous underground rapper/composer?”

(gif credit to the original owners)

Upon hearing this new information, his eyes would light up.He’d be very interested to hear how you sounded as soon as possible. A sideways smirk would tug on his lips and he’d hold your hands in his. After tenderly kissing your forehead, he’d mumble a cliched li’ compliment about how talented his girlfriend was.

“I wouldn’t expect less from you, you’re so talented (Y/N)”

Originally posted by bunminsook

Initially, he wouldn’t give a big reaction once you told him. He’d give you a little smile and peck you affectionately.However, he’d definitely make sure to look up your work online. He’d love to read the comments on YouTube saying how pretty you were or how good the music was. It’d make him feel smug. The fact that you were his would give him an extreme sense of pride. 

“I am so lucky to have (Y/N), I wish I knew how talented she is.”

Originally posted by spockjinyoung

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It's Okay if it Doesn't Rhyme, Right? (3/?)

Summary:AU based off the movie “Music and Lyrics”; Phil Lester’s a “has-been” - a jaded popstar slowly fading into obscurity. But when UK’s new princess of pop, Zoella, asks him to write her next single, Phil gets a chance at reinvention. There’s just one problem - he’s never been good at writing lyrics, just the music behind it. Enter Dan Howell, the strange young man who waters his plants and has a way with words.

Genre: AU/Fluff/Mild Angst (later chapters)

Rating: PG-13, could go higher

Word Count: 1327

A/N: WOW it’s been five months since i last posted anything and even longer since i’ve updated this fic jfc. i’m so shit sorry guys how are any of you still here. my schedule is still as sporadic as ever and it’s about to get even worse and i can’t be on tumblr as much anymore but i missed writing and i missed everyone so guess who’s back back again ~~~ but in all seriousness, thank you so much to everyone for sticking around, it means the world to me. this chapter is kinda short bc my internet connection sucks rn but i’ll try my hardest to post the next part by this wednesday (i make a lot of promises i know know but hold me to this one)(also i posted this entire chapter using html code on the tumblr mobile app bc the internet hates me)

Chapter Description/Excerpt:

“Bloody hell, Peej, couldn’t even mention it in passing, could you? ‘Oh, by the way, Phil, Zoella’s hell-bent on having you write a song for her in six days so make sure you don’t look like an idiot when she mentions it.’ A heads-up would’ve been really fucking nice!”

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One Direction Concert Report - WWA Tour Barcelona (08.07.14)

Hi everyone!

I wasn’t planning on writing a report but since some of you asked, here it goes.
Before I get into the good stuff, a few things first:

- I was a bit far from the stage, I could only see a small part of it so the screens were basically my main source of information. That means that I probably missed a lot of important things, if you want an accurate report of what happened yesterday, this won’t be it. Sorry.

- Also, no pictures or videos from me. I was too far away like I said and my phone battery died before the concert anyway because I kept talking with noechan. Not the best idea, obviously.

- English is not my first language so I might butcher it from time to time. I apologize.

- I met this really interesting guy yesterday, Albert, he shared his story with me and gave me permission to tell you so I will. I would appreciate it if you read what I have to say about him because the boy is a fighter.

- And finally: I’ve always been interested in the music industry so I took several courses and classes about it while I was studying journalism. I used to work for a rock music magazine so for a while going to concerts, writing reviews, interviewing bands and talking with their managers/PR team was my actual job. I tried really hard to enjoy the concert just as a regular fan but I guess old habits die hard, I couldn’t help watching from a music critic POV too. I’ll try to keep my snobby inner critic to myself during the report but I’ll add a point at the end with my “professional” opinion.

Let’s get this party started then!

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your friendly observations for the night before I go to bed

Like I honestly can’t anymore with all these LET’S COMPARE THEON AND JOFFREY posts which also usually end up with I HATE HIM MORE THAN JOFFREY/HE’S WORSE THAN JOFFREY - and it’s not even that I have issues with the comparison itself but good fucking grief I just don’t get how you make them play the ‘who’s a worse human being’ olympics when they’re fundamentally coming from places so opposite it’s not even funny. like.

Joffrey is pretty much what you get when you take a kid with completely fucked up parents (one neglectful and one who spoils him rotten) who both hate each other for that matter, you teach him he has rights but not duties whatsoever, then give him everything he wants, never make him lack a thing and then put him in a position where he has absolute power over everything or at least he thinks he has. Like of course you’re going to get THAT and not some adjusted person. Jfc Joffrey is like that because he feels fucking entitled to it and no one else ever told him otherwise - or well, no one else relevant enough anyway. And never mind that in comparison to Ramsay aka the actual resident psychopath he looks like he’s in sadist kindergarten.

Theon is pretty much what you get when you have the complete opposite position because this idiot didn’t just have completely fucked up parents, he had a completely fucked up family where he was regularly abused, THEN he ends up in a situation where it’s not physical abuse but he has no control over his life, over where he should live and over his own freaking life since if his dad went and rebelled again Ned would totally have beheaded him. Instead of having the world bowing at him he has ONE freaking person he’s friends with and said person is actually being discouraged from it anyway (one day I’ll post something about Robb Stark’s sainthood in actually not giving a shit about this specific matter but it’s not the day), everyone treats him politely at best and they dismiss him at worst because ah wait the moment people hear his surname they distrust him, he spends ten freaking years like that after another nine of crappy family and then they make him actually *pick* between the two never mind that his dad put things as if it was *his* fault he ended up behaving like a northerner. Then you wonder why he couldn’t handle things when in a FRAGILE power position. He does the shit he does because he wants validation (which Joffrey never needed) and he DOESN’T FUCKING LIKE DOING ANY OF THE HORRIBLE SHIT HE DOES, and good lord he’s actually sorry about it later wow what a horrible human being.

Like jfc it’s smacked in your face without subtlety that Joffrey is what you get when you always tell someone yes and Theon is what you get when you always tell someone no, how do you even go and compare who’s worse or play the most hated character olympics? Christ at least compare Theon and idk VISERYS since at least there are actual similarities in there going on. Or at least draw decent comparisons. I ask too much I suppose.

ok so avengers assemble hmm THIS IS A KIDS SHOW WTF I’m having so many tony stark feels rn as per freaking usual tony is being blamed for everything going to shit oh god my little baby is just scared and doing things out of fear and self loathing bc of his own issues w/ his dad he couldn’t let arsenal go in order to destroy ultron and now ultron is fucking shit up and he blames himself and everyone else blames him too and he’s trying so hard to fix it the way he knows how and people are just getting mad at him oh my child
this is tony stark we’re talking about i promise you i am 10000000% sure he feels like absolute shit now that half of his team has left him and his inadequacy issues are probably doing tap dances in his head he’s probably comparing himself to steve and feeling inadequate as a leader next to him i mean for the whole fucking episode everyone was basically comparing him to cap and how cap ran things and every time tony would offer up a solution it’d be shot down 2 secs later and he kept failing until he had to fUCKING FRY ALL OF STARK INDUSTRIES so he just FUCKING DESTROYED EVERYTHING HE OWNS TO STOP ULTRON and it still wasn’t enough?????? like jfc guys pls ok tony fucked up but gOD????????????????????

also this scene?????????? wtf disney wtf tony just looking out of the broken window of stark tower after he has destroyed everything he has worked for except that one armor he’s wearing, staring after his (former) fellow avengers and it’s so sad cause he really loves his team and he really care about them (let me bring up that time they were in an alternate reality and he KILLED HIMSELF to prove to the evil!avengers that they were actually good. god if there is a solution to any problem that involves him sacrificing himself he will take it) and they’re splitting up. tony had little to nothing left here, he’s lost all but two of his teammates, spidey is kinda pissed at him, he just destroyed stark industries and all of its assets, no armors, no JARVIS, no jet, no tower, he even destroyed the big arc reactor that runs the tower jfc
“this is for real” u damn right tony this is too fucking real

idk what to even say at this point really except that tony stark is having a really bad night on avengers assemble and is probably bathing in a tub of his own tears and self-loathing