is this even any good jfc

Reasons trans boys are A1

1. They are honestly so cute
2. Their photo taking skills are phenomenal
3. They almost always have the best aesthetics
4. They are so nice
5. They can pull off any hair color and it’s not fair
6. They could date a chair and I’d still think it’s couple goals
7. They are practically perfection when it comes to makeup
8. Almost every trans boy I’ve seen can really rock a nose ring
9. They are very good friends
10. They are badass omg
11. They almost always have some kind of quirk that makes them even better
12. Again with the aesthetics jfc
13. They are just overall good beans



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i mean he (pewdiepie) didn't even directly apologize, that was the least he could have done. he just keeps trying to cover it up and say shit like "i didn't think they'd actually do it" and "it was a good meme but" like jfc.

Pewdiepie has been scum for a few years before any of this shit happened honestly.

With his backhanded homophobia where he’d make comments, meme it and then immediately go “but I’m not homophobic I dont hate gay ppl #loveislove” I just….. Apologies literally can’t cover the bullshit he’s done.

He straight up doesn’t deserve the title of most popular youtuber.

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name: dayna

single or taken: extremely single

crush: beautiful

favorite color: like a soft blue

married: no

want a kid: not atm but that’ll probably change

zodiac sign: libra

last drink: oj

glasses: nah my eyesight’s good

makeup or no: i like putting it on but i’m not very good so i don’t usually wear it

cats or dogs: dogs

evil or good: evil sounds more fun lbr

fav sport: swimming or hockey

fav animals: rats

weird: god probably

do you have any haters: ugh jfc you don’t even realise

apple or Samsung: neither

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All I ever try to be is enough for everyone around me: smart enough, thin enough, funny enough, pretty enough, just plain good enough. But lately, I’ve been realizing how much I’m not even close to being any of these things, and that really fucking hurts. I just really want to be good enough for my damn self, and that looks like it’s for sure not going to happen. But god, I really need to figure out what makes me like this, because I can’t deal with it anymore. I’ve had enough of trying to be good enough. Does that really make me such a bad person?

It's Okay if it Doesn't Rhyme, Right? (3/?)

Summary:AU based off the movie “Music and Lyrics”; Phil Lester’s a “has-been” - a jaded popstar slowly fading into obscurity. But when UK’s new princess of pop, Zoella, asks him to write her next single, Phil gets a chance at reinvention. There’s just one problem - he’s never been good at writing lyrics, just the music behind it. Enter Dan Howell, the strange young man who waters his plants and has a way with words.

Genre: AU/Fluff/Mild Angst (later chapters)

Rating: PG-13, could go higher

Word Count: 1327

A/N: WOW it’s been five months since i last posted anything and even longer since i’ve updated this fic jfc. i’m so shit sorry guys how are any of you still here. my schedule is still as sporadic as ever and it’s about to get even worse and i can’t be on tumblr as much anymore but i missed writing and i missed everyone so guess who’s back back again ~~~ but in all seriousness, thank you so much to everyone for sticking around, it means the world to me. this chapter is kinda short bc my internet connection sucks rn but i’ll try my hardest to post the next part by this wednesday (i make a lot of promises i know know but hold me to this one)(also i posted this entire chapter using html code on the tumblr mobile app bc the internet hates me)

Chapter Description/Excerpt:

“Bloody hell, Peej, couldn’t even mention it in passing, could you? ‘Oh, by the way, Phil, Zoella’s hell-bent on having you write a song for her in six days so make sure you don’t look like an idiot when she mentions it.’ A heads-up would’ve been really fucking nice!”

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The Most Frustrating Thing About the Signs
  • Aries: you only know how to argue by yelling, you either yell at people or ignore them
  • Taurus: you never wanna tell people what you want but then you get passive aggressive when they don't give it to you like jfc I'm not a mind reader
  • Gemini: way too easily swayed, like, do you even opinions?
  • Cancer: you pretend not to have any emotions but you have SO MANY EMOTIONS holy shit
  • Leo: I mean obviously there's the arrogance thing, but that wouldn't be so bad if you at least recognized other people's achievements?? You don't think anyone does good but you
  • Virgo: you pretend to like people all the time when you don't, like it's one thing to be polite and an entirely different thing to pretend to be someone's friend and talk shit about them behind their back
  • Libra: you can be childish as hell when you're losing an argument
  • Scorpio: the biggest hypocrite you will ever meet? Like the most flirtatious and the most jealous, the most offensive and easily offended, they want to know everything about you but won't tell you shit about themselves, like ????
  • Sagittarius: you care so much about what strangers think about you that you piss off the people you're close to
  • Capricorn: when you're stressed you take it out on EVERYONE like chill it's not their fault you worry about shit that doesn't matter 24/7
  • Aquarius: so pretentious omg like you can't even have a conversation with someone without bringing up some artsy existential bullshit

ok so avengers assemble hmm THIS IS A KIDS SHOW WTF I’m having so many tony stark feels rn as per freaking usual tony is being blamed for everything going to shit oh god my little baby is just scared and doing things out of fear and self loathing bc of his own issues w/ his dad he couldn’t let arsenal go in order to destroy ultron and now ultron is fucking shit up and he blames himself and everyone else blames him too and he’s trying so hard to fix it the way he knows how and people are just getting mad at him oh my child
this is tony stark we’re talking about i promise you i am 10000000% sure he feels like absolute shit now that half of his team has left him and his inadequacy issues are probably doing tap dances in his head he’s probably comparing himself to steve and feeling inadequate as a leader next to him i mean for the whole fucking episode everyone was basically comparing him to cap and how cap ran things and every time tony would offer up a solution it’d be shot down 2 secs later and he kept failing until he had to fUCKING FRY ALL OF STARK INDUSTRIES so he just FUCKING DESTROYED EVERYTHING HE OWNS TO STOP ULTRON and it still wasn’t enough?????? like jfc guys pls ok tony fucked up but gOD????????????????????

also this scene?????????? wtf disney wtf tony just looking out of the broken window of stark tower after he has destroyed everything he has worked for except that one armor he’s wearing, staring after his (former) fellow avengers and it’s so sad cause he really loves his team and he really care about them (let me bring up that time they were in an alternate reality and he KILLED HIMSELF to prove to the evil!avengers that they were actually good. god if there is a solution to any problem that involves him sacrificing himself he will take it) and they’re splitting up. tony had little to nothing left here, he’s lost all but two of his teammates, spidey is kinda pissed at him, he just destroyed stark industries and all of its assets, no armors, no JARVIS, no jet, no tower, he even destroyed the big arc reactor that runs the tower jfc
“this is for real” u damn right tony this is too fucking real

idk what to even say at this point really except that tony stark is having a really bad night on avengers assemble and is probably bathing in a tub of his own tears and self-loathing