is this even any good jfc


I’m planning on using this on a fic but felt like I really wanted to share it (with commentary from my beta):

Please imagine the Galra getting their hands on English-to-Galra translation software that works on the written language, since what everyone has in canon already seems focused on audio. Paladins have been sending coded, written messages back and forth, but with code-breaking and translation software that is light years ahead of anything else in the universe, especially the poor humans and 10,000 year dead Altean Empire, the cryptography should be child’s play.



Okay: this software does JACKSHIT with 1337 Speak. So even when transmissions between paladins are intercepted, a good 75% of the message is GIBBERISH.

Pidge and Matt and Lance are the most into it.

@firebirdeternal​’s comment: Like, a translation software would have to be INSANELY smart and capable to be able to parse 1337 AT ALL let alone with any speed or accuracy. There are PEOPLE who can’t parse 1337 and others who can read it effortlessly.

Pidge: 41r16h7, w3’re guN|\|4 ne3D $u|\/| hlep ‘3re.

@firebirdeternal​: I wonder if there’s a word for an adaptation of a language that uses combinations of symbols with vague resemblance to other symbols.

Lance: jfc pkm ur a fkn menace.

Shiro WISHES he could yell at them. But it’s Working. Acronyms and 1337 speak and he feels like a fucking HOMESTUCK but it’s WORKING. Allura and Coran need a human on hand every time a new message shows up.

@firebirdeternal: Have you ever run across that post that’s like “The human brain is amazing” and it’s this long paragraph of words where the letters are all jumbled around except for the first and last ones and the whole thing you can just read like it’s NOTHING once you get started?

Yep. That’s why 'hlep’ is up there. Anyone used to reading text riddled with typos knows what it means. The translation software, though? “FUCK IT THAT’S NOT A WORD”

They try to get Sam Holt to translate since he’s the only human they have left but he’s like

Sitting there


“I was never into those homestuck nonsenses…”

Sam was actually born shortly after homestuck ended.

Lance is the fucker that starts sending code the way Carrie Fisher tweets.

Mixed with Pidge’s 1337 speak and Matt’s typo-ridden chatspeak shorthand.

“In honor of General Leia… W E WILL NOW ROKC TF AUUUUUUUUUT.”

@firebirdeternal: Like, they ALL have completely different code handles and it’s fucking IMPOSSIBLE for the Galra to break no matter how hard they try.

Just putting a random space in the middle of a word will fuck with the translation software. “fuc king” looks like “fucking” to us but “ruler of something called fuc” to the software. 

Like I’m sure they can figure out something EVENTUALLY but please imagine the Galra running around like headless chickens trying to figure out where their sophisticated-as-hell translation software went so horribly wrong.

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OMG HE’S SMITTEN. A COMPLETE BUMBLING IDIOT WHEN IT COMES TO REBECCA BUNCH SOMEONE HELP THIS EAGER PUPPY DOG i mean? every time he was on screen this episode it was to pine after rebecca. 

a shot of him staring longingly at her unoccupied desk? check

his open-mouthed shock when she turns around in the chair…it takes him so long to process that he forgets he’s the boss and probably shouldn’t allow this to happen for a solid minute. he is so fucked.

SOOTHING BATH SALTS AND ARTISANAL PEARS. that he hand delivered to her door!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m so completely not over that, i’m considering making it my otp tag for them.

also. every face he makes during that exchange gives me butterflies. including but not limited to the boob look™. and i bet nathaniel had some butterflies of his own.



he’s so desperate for her attention….dude practically came the second she stepped into his personal space jfc

(bless that instrumental reprise of let’s have intercourse btw)


and. just when you thought he couldn’t get any worse he parades a fake date around the office?? and doesn’t even cover well when the girl just gives away the story of her presence.

hI S laST L O N G I N G and totally DOrkY LOoK AT HER ‘please think i’m cool please please.’

good gosh, i am not going to survive the wait till next week’s episode OR the episode itself.

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What’s Incarnations and how can I find out everything there is to know about it?

Oh hey friend! Thanks for asking! I am so terrible about linking anything on my rando posts, sorry XD

Incarnations is an LGBTQIA+ fantasy/police procedural/mystery book I wrote that I’m currently releasing at least one chapter a month. It will be starting with releasing chapters on my patreon ( but then every quarter or so I’ll also release those same chapters for free to everyone for anyone who wants to read but can’t support me on patreon. I did try to make patreon as cheap as possible, though; you can pledge the least amount patreon allows ($1) and get the same content as anyone else.

I just started patreon about a week ago so this first month, I’m releasing all the Incarnations chapters for free to everyone. So far there are two chapters out but I want to get at least the 3rd chapter (hopefully also the 4th??? If I’m super great at editing???) out by the end of this month. Ideally I want everyone to be able to see the first 4-5 chapters for free so they know what to expect.

Being me, Incarnations is long affffffff with long afffffff chapters so if you end up liking it, the good news is you have a shit ton of story to look forward to reading.

I started Incarnations back as a wee Ais when I was 12-14 years old (around there); back then it was called something different and the story looked a lot different, but it was the same world with some of the same characters. I wrote like 150 pages, thought it was crap so I stopped and started over, and I continued to do that over and over for literally 20 years until I finally finished writing the first draft in October 2016. Then it took me several months to find betas kind enough to read it, and then edit what they suggested, then re-edit. I’m now doing a much more dramatic edit again based on my newest beta who gave me lots more ideas, so what I will be releasing even on Patreon etc is still draft mode but it’s like the draft mode ICoS was all the years we released it. It’s had several eyes read it, edits have been made, but there will still be some mistakes and awkward wording and maybe too long of narration here or there or whatever.

That being said, it’s also like ICoS where we really listened to what people said as we released it, because it gave great feedback on what did or didn’t work for people and why. I was trying to decide if I wanted to send Incarnations directly to a publisher to see if I could get it officially published, or release monthly online. For me, a big bonus for releasing monthly is I can interact with readers a lot more, have more of a community, answer questions, etc. That was one of the reasons I ultimately went the patreon route.

The first two chapters have already been released for free/to the public, if you want to check them out:

Incarnations chapter one:

Incarnations chapter two:

Of course I can’t guarantee everyone will like it, but for what it’s worth so far all the betas have liked it. Maybe you will too, if you get bored and give it a go. I do think it probably starts a little slow so if you like the characters or world or concept but feel like maybe the beginning is a little bogged down, I agree and realized that after I posted it online. So future edits will fix that better. But do know it starts moving more quickly later, so if you like the story, you may want to give it through the first 4 chapters or so to really see if you want to stop or continue.


Thank you for asking though! <33

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I don't support Le Pen AT ALL but every time you talk about her you sound just ignorant. pls stop.

anon, let’s be fucking real

  • marine lepen is with the front national
  • the front national is a fascist party
  • her and her father are tied to holocaust deniers
  • they are fascists
  • she’s anti euthanasia and her instance of abortion repels me
  • tbh everything about lepen’s politics repels me
  • she’s pro death penalty
  • she’s anti eu
  • she’s anti everything I stand for

in another world I’d ask you what about the stuff I say about lepen - ie that she’s a menace that has to be absolutely kept off any position of power and that her politics are shit - is ignorant, because anyone who isn’t on that side of the fence would see that her politics are shit, but thing is: she’s a fascist and I don’t give a single fuck about respecting fascist ideologies so you can absolutely forget that I’m gonna stop trash talking her and you can absolutely forget that I might reconsider any of my stances on lepen -

BECAUSE SHE’S A GODDAMNED FASCIST. clear? clear. if you don’t like it the door is open, no one is forced to follow me. thank you and have a good day, and good thing at least you don’t support her.

and friendly reminder that while the us-centric ****left wing**** stuff that goes around on tumblr is abhorrent to me (that’s not even left wing but nvm) I am not a right winger, I’m actually more left-leaning than a lot of leftist tumblr assumes is far left and I do not in any way whatsoever respect fascist/nazi ideologies and people who support them nor I feel obliged to give them the benefit of the doubt or something, because to me that shit is abhorrent and that’s where I draw the line. thanks and have a good evening.

#4 Mitch Marner

can u do a mitch marner one where ur like the assistant medical trainer and he gets concussed during a game and while he’s on pain meds/ loopy bc he’s concussed he talks about how in love with u he’s in because he doesn’t realize it’s you he’s talking to please?? omg

just also health psa im using creative license. they dont give you strong pain meds when you get concussed so like if you ever do get concussed just take a panadol, Please do not take strong pain medication and also definitely see a doctor asap. THIS HAS BEEN A HEALTH PSA FROM YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD PHARMACY ASSISTANT. Also don’t take any anti-inflam (jfc do not) 


song suggestion of the day: Out of Control by Glass Caves (this is a good song that i discovered today)

Originally posted by werenskiz

Your job was definitely not an easy one. In all your years of working in professional hockey, it had been a hard slog. You’d moved to the Maple leafs this season and to be honest, you liked it so much better than your previous jobs. At least with the leafs everyone was so open and supportive and the boys themselves were always so polite too (even if your help wasn’t always appreciated). During your time in the NHL, you’d gotten to know which teams you should be wary of when it came to player safety. You also knew which players to be concerned about and yes, one of which was most definitely Mitchell Marner. As such you really shouldn’t have been too surprised but dear god, that was an awkward fall. He didn’t look too good and Tyler Bozak skated over to help him too his feet. The nineteen year old clutched his head and was quickly pulled off the ice and whisked down to you and the rest of the leafs medical team. After a lot of groaning and complaining, he was eventually given some drugs to help calm him down so that you could assess him properly. The groggy brunet didn’t shut up, even faced with injury and a probable 3 weeks out of the game. It was a good sign, even if his speech was slightly slurred. You made sure to prompt him with questions every so often to keep him doing so, checking for any other injuries that he may have suffered from the impact.

“How’m I doing, Doc?”

“You’re doing great, Mitch.” you replied with a smile as you gently checked his shoulder flexibility for any signs of stiffness in the joint.

He nodded blankly, leaning back against the wall. “Where’s Y/N?’ he questioned.

“Here, Mitch.” you replied, trying to hide your smile at how out of it he was.

“Huh,” Mitch replied, nodding a little and falling silent for a bit. “Y/N’s really pretty.” he added after a bit. “Like really pretty.”

You weren’t really sure how to respond to that so you just mumured a quiet “okay,” and continued your assessment, keeping your head down to hide your blush.

“Those eyes!” Mitch grinned. “oh and that smile! I love her smile. She smiles a lot.” he informed you. “and she’s always so nice. And funny too!”

“Okay, Mitch.” you replied with a quiet laugh of disbelief.

“You’d understand what I’m talking about if you met her. Her laugh is literally the best thing I’ve ever heard. I love making her laugh.” Mitch blabbed.

“Okay, Mitch, how about we get you up to the hospital for some tests.” you told him. Reluctantly, he agreed, letting you help him to his feet and pass him on to some of your colleagues. 

“If you see Y/N, can you tell her that I’m okay?”

“Will do, Marner.” you chuckled.

mm headcanons - painting your bedrooms

//i just painted my own bedroom white and i couldn’t stop thinking about this?? whoops - also i use Seven’s real name and there’s swearing in his section//


  • his mom probably made him help when they were ever painting a room in their house.
  • he knows what to do but isn’t really that good at lining the molding or spreading the paint evenly so he just leaves that to you
  • he’s the dj
  • he puts slathers a bunch of paint on and then you smooth it out w a roller
  • he goes to cut the top of the wall but isn’t tall enough on his own so he uses a lil step stool
  • afterwards, even though he didn’t do too much, he’s got paint literally EVERYWHERE. it’s on his t-shirt (yoosung looks really good in that t shirt too btw), his shorts, his hair, and even his socks but?? he wasn’t wearing any socks??
  • “MC i think im getting the hang of this!!”
  • “sorry to burst your bubble, but i can see patches of beige (let’s say you’re painting a beige room green??”
  • “heh… well… that’s why you’re here i guess”
  • “and not because we live together?? and you’re my boyfriend??” jfc yoosung

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Was looking up refs of Q’s laptop and came upon this on the jamesbondlifestyle site. WELP, Q owns a GAMING laptop. I need that Gamer!AU so badly right now.

Q’s Laptop

Q might well have had that laptop since his early teenage days. His very first, even. He’d saved up a tidy sum from the side jobs, sometimes less than legal, to purchase one. He had gotten it specifically to game, teenage priorities honestly. But it had proven more than capable of handling the simple tasks he threw at it. 

It had been his baby, before the cats came along and he’s taken extremely good care of it, besides the stickers of course. It was because of that care and constant upgrades to ensure it could keep up with current technology that it has survived well for so long.   

So when Silva’s attack on Vauxhall had put a chip in it, a legit crack nearly 5cm in length, Q had been utterly furious. A bit of heavy duty tape had prevented the cracked edge from coming apart completely but actually fixing it would have required replacing the screen entirely, and he simply had not had the time to source for parts for a product that’s been discontinued for decades shhhhh we’re not discussing Bond’s DB5.

He hasn’t got time to game much these days, not with the double ohs always kicking up a fuss in some corner of the world. He knows he’s going to have to replace it someday. Sooner rather than later by how the screen occasionally flickers ominously after his rough handling of it in Austria. But if anything, he’s as good as 007 at the business of resurrection. Maybe even better, if the rebuilt DB5 was any indication.

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Nini! Since we seem to have the same tastes in tv shows, i was wondering what are your favorite books???

uoHHHHHH BOIIIIII where do i even start?!?!?!?! take a seat my friend because this is gonna be a LONG ride…

the classics i’ve loved since forever:

  • the famous five series by enid blyton - i read them ALL and reread them dozens of times
  • the little prince by antoine de saint-exupéry. nothing else to say,
  • literary any play by federico garcía lorca, but ‘la casa de bernarda alba’ still makes me !!!!!! it’s so good jfc 
  • ella enchanted by gail carson levine like i’m sorry i know the movie has anne hathaway and hugh dancy but still i feel robbed of the wonderful perfect book i’ve reread 937562937456923 bazillion times. i deserve a proper ella enchanted movie/show, yall. 
  •  the last cato by matilde asensi. i legit made all my friends AND their moms read it when we were 17.
  • the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chobsky. it pretty much changed my life.
  • atonement by ian mcewan. wow. just wow. 
  • gone girl, by gillian flynn because we all need to read amy dunne’s cool girl speech 
  • it’s difficult to even type never let me go by kazuo ishiguro without shedding tears.
  • the perfume by patrick suskind traumatized me but also enchanted me?? idek man, it’s a very special book.
  • i read the entire the physician series by noah gordon when i was a teenager and i still love it sooooo much!!!!!!
  • peter pan by j.m. barrie bcs lbr everybody should learn that peter was a fucking asshole
  • the harry potter series by jk rowling. that abomination of a fanfic slash play that came out last summer obviously isn’t included here. 
  • the percy jackson and the heroes of the olympus series by rick riordan - my savage demigod son, i’ll always heart u
  • don’t judge me but the mortal instruments, the dark artifices, the infernal devices - all of the motherfucking shadowhunter books to ever be, i’ll read, no matter how much i hate cc. i hate her for the hold she has over me.
  • i did enjoy the hunger games back in the day lbr
  • stardust by neil gaiman ksjbdfakdfjalsdfjbaglsjdfblkas literary my most favorite i love it so much it hurts me

and now as of things i’ve read in the past years that i can rec w a hand over my heart staring into your eyes and claiming they’re Good Shit:

  • across the universe series by beth revis was pretty fun for sci-fi even tho there was a twist that i wasn’t very happy with
  • under the never sky by veronica rossi was actually very cool i really enjoyed it
  • i REALLY loved the shatter me series by tahereh mafi like oh my god a heroine that truly learns how to accept and love herself!!!!!! fuckbois get rekt!!!!! incredible character arcs!!!! i’m pumped for the next book tahereh announced lbr
  • the lynburn legacy series by sarah rees brennan was suuuuper fun because magic?? family drama??? actual woc main character?? bisexuals??? i was living while reading them tbh
  • vicious by v.e. schwab was really fun because it was nothing like i’d ever read before, i’m really looking forward to reading her other series 
  • i’ll only rec leigh bardugo’s six of crows duology because i refuse to acknowledge the fucking mess that was the grisha trilogy, jfc. six of crows, excluding some stuff, is super fun, has great characters, good ships, and teenagers that pull cool stunts to get $$$. incredible.
  • the fixer series by jennifer lynn barnes are !!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish she wrote more of them i would legit beg her and throw money in her face for more. teens swept off by washington/politics drama/conspiracies… my jam ladies and gents
  • the study series by maria snyder. are. so. good.
  • i’ve only read two of melina marchetta’s books and both of them broke me. i’m onto her.
  • big little lies by liane moriarty - if you haven’t watched the show, do it. if you haven’t read the book, do it.
  • i loooooved the first two books in the falconer series by elizabeth may and still have to read the third but i haven’t seen good reviews about it so i’m kind of… waiting a bit…
  • i’m not gonna talk much about sarah j maas here because even if there are things in her books that i really enjoy -specially some ships and the worldbuilding- the inherently whiteness, straightness and the unbelievably high number of times she writes the words ‘male’ and ‘female’ makes me want to punch her repeteadly in the face. 
  • simon vs the homo sapiens agenda by becky albertalli is so funny and heartwarming dkzfjbzdjfkblz
  • uprooted by naomi novik had lowkey w/w but also an incredible het ship that was dkjfbksdjfs also living evil woods and strange shit that was amazing
  • what we saw by aaron hartzler is very rough to read, especially considering it’s based on a real life case (Steubenville High School rape case) but holy shit do i think it’s important to read and know. 
  • in that same line i put one of my favorite books i read last year: the female of the species, by mindy mcginnis. that book broke me on so many levels, every time i think about it i burst into tears. it’s so raw and real and just… ugh. i swear it’s gonna stay with me until my last day, it’s /that/ kind of book.
  • i still haven’t forgiven my best friend for making me read the mistborn series by brandon sanderson. that’s al i’m gonna say about it.
  • cruel beauty by rosamund hodge is so unique and i just loooooove the characters so much because they do acknowledge their flaws and that they’re not perfect?? and just??? recognize that in each other??? which is a+++ in my book u do u. also super beautiful writing!
  • the anna and the french kiss series by stephenie perkins will always have a special place in my heart bcs they’re so fun and light-hearted and witty and i really love them 


  • the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater, even if i still have hashtag problems w things in it (more girls. why aren’t there more girls. NOAH.) i just… i love my stupid kids so much. 
  • the wrath and the dawn by renee ahdieh is fucking INCREDIBLE it’s so good i get so mad bcs it’s legit unknown pls do urselves a favor and read this masterpiece it’s based on a 1001 nights and the main ship and characters are!!!! just!!!!! a++++!
  • the song of achilles by madeline miller is probably one of the books that i have most enjoyed and suffered with in my entire life. the true illyad i deserved. the most heartbreaking thing ever.
  • the winner’s trilogy by marie rutkoski is literary the best series i’ve read these past years and i’ll forever be in cee’s debt for making me read them. the most savage slytherins in love with the angstiest motherfucking relationship ever, a super clever look into colonialism and discrimination, the most beautifully haunting writing, IT’S JUST SO FUCKING GOOD I’LL NEVER READ ANYTHING AS GOOD AS TWT WHY AREN’T THERE 398465923846 FICS ABOUT IT JFC *sobs*

this got LONG lmao i’m sorry i get really excited talking about books in case u were wondering!!!!!!! i’m more than happy to talk about literary any of them, and welcome recs and will pretty much spew shit about anything i know ig u wanna holler @ me. i just really love books and i’ve been in an anxious-reading mode for the past three years so yEAH thanks for the ask anon it made me super happy!!!!!!

-So Vic, now that we’re elders I’m thinking we should start a new hobby together! Our young years may be behind us but it’s important to remain active!

-I cannot BELIEVE I still haven’t made the top 10 most wanted list, fucking office politics..

-I think a pottery class would be fun! We can make personalized cat bowls, each with a cat’s face on it! 

-How is fucking Gordon King still in here, asshole couldn’t even rob the Newsons, “oooh they’re orphans, it’s going too far”.. Thankfully our Jojo had no such qualms..

Speaking of the Devil, this notification appears and I cannot tell you guys how hard I laughed at the image of Jojo “horsing around with classmates”. The only way I can see that happening is if he was literally trampling them with a horse. Even him becoming a star football player is more realistic, which is saying a lot.


-As a romance sim, it’s important to be flexible ;)

You’re already flexible with your morals, isn’t that enough? 

Just ask poor Trumpie here who continues to call for you 200 times a day. I’m sorry girl, love trumps hate but you’re not getting it here. Take a fucking hint.

It’s Friday night! Vic is grumpily lounging around..

Alegra is bullying Victor (YAS)..

Jojo is.. honest to god, offering financial advice on the internet..

..and Gunther is DOING FUCKING BALLET. Kids literally wtf is this lameness, you’re teenagers, these are the years! I will not stand for this.

Time to gtfo! 

-Wow Jojo we look so cool, everyone is gonna be looking at us as we roll into the club!

-Ah I know! Poor plebes are gonna feel so blessed by our presence!

We arrive at Midnight Flows looking for some underage drinking and hopefully some good times! The boys immediately begin scouting the talent..

..of the person who painted that wall. I mean, that’s the spirit (?) but maybe let’s face in the other direction.

-Man this wall is just.. so blue..

-It truly is.. If you look hard enough, you can see Stephen’s face on it..

-I can feel it Gunther, this week is the week I’m finally getting abducted.. I’ve been dreaming of this moment for the longest time.. Just gonna look at those alien’s soulless black eyes and ask them one question..

-To marry you?

-Ugh of course not, don’t be ridiculous! To abduct Wanda and never return her, Bella Goth style!

Apparently the more simple-minded you are, the more hypnotic power this wall yields over you. No offense, Florence.

-None taken, this is as good a place as any to wait for Gilbert to call me back..

YOU’RE STILL WAITING? Girl jfc. I would offer you Gunther but he’s too young, we’ll be in touch when we get in college.

-He doesn’t look that young from where I’m standing..

Yea I guess the view is different from the top of Perv Mountain? GO AWAY

-Good evening, everyone, we’re the Union Bros..

-Like the Warner Bros but better!

-And we’d like to dedicate this song to Stephen Tinker..

-No, we would not.

Say my name, say my naaame,
if no one is arooooound you, 
say baby I love you, 
if you ain’t runnin’ game  ♪

Say my name, say my name,
you actin’ kinda shady, 
ain’t callin’ me baby, 
why the sudden chaaange ♪ 

-Wow Jojo they love us!

-How could they not!


Well I know when I enjoy a performance I try to stay as far away from it as possible. Amazing job guys!

-Next we’re turning to a little rock n’roll, with The Strokes - Barely Legal!

NO YOU ARE NOT WITH FLORENCE IN THE BUILDING. Time to return to our safe and happy home.

Oooh yea. That’s the stuff! 

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(1/3) holy SHIT okay first off i REALLY REALLY REALLY love your animatics and I've watched all of them SO MANY TIMES but My Shot. Jesus. I loved it. I just sat there and rewatched it like five times. It's STILL STUCK IN MY HEAD. And all the little detail you put in from Alex's past life, all the little freeze-frame dialogues, every bit of shade and expression and added touches that showed just how much you cared made it THAT MUCH BETTER (and yes, I count the ending shitposts in this ;) ).

(2/3) and even though there were a ton of moments that were feels inducing the one frame where it says ‘so this is what it’s like to have friends?’ emotional sucker punch. (I guess it’s a bit personal; didn’t have any really good friends until recently) But THANK YOU for putting in all the effort into SIX HUNDRED PLUS FRAMES (I had to do a rough animatic for class and long story short it did not go well but) JFC the amount of work that you managed to do in TEN DAYS –

(3/3) I could probably end up gushing about this for days but I’m gonna keep it to three asks so TD;LR thank you. Thank you for these wonderful animatics that I hope you know bring joy to many people. Keep doing them for as long as you feel comfortable doing so, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours! (oh wait p.s. I LOVE your art style and the way you draw EVERYONE. They’re all so expressive and fluid and awesome!)

holy.. moly.. thank u sm dude ;;; this is one of the biggest reasons i do those animatics bc i like ppl getting happy over them and like it makes me happy too!! and idk how to explain it other then that im rly glad smth thats fun for me brings at least some ppl joy in their lives, and thanks abt that ask ;;;

Alright so I had some spare time because I’m sick at home so, as requested, gaydads au now with 100% more gaymoms! Yay! 

aaaand yes, that scene is taken from Good Luck Charlie, I just thought it was very cute and it would fit very nicely uwu

I still don’t know if it’s okay for me to draw so much of this au since the idea isn’t even mine but I can’t remember who came up with it either?? sorry

also, because I’m feeling in a good mood, a lil wip just for you dearies!

(In case you haven’t seen them theres also part 1 and part 2)

Through FFXV as a shipper

Or how I’m up to any pairing despite having a fav one. and how I found it.

Anything Ignis says/does to/for Noctis: Awman, I so ship this.

Longwythe convo between Noct and Prompto: *sniffle* Prompto you sweetheart you’re my new baby. I ship this <3.

Gladio catching the coin thrown towards Noct: Hm, I ship that.

Gladio rescuing Noct/catching him and protecting him at Cauthess: Holyshitmyshiningarmorknight I SO ship this.

Ignis and Prompto are on their own and don’t show me what they do: …I ship that too.

Ignis showing himself stupidly loyal to Noct: I SO ship this.

Prompto sings victory fanfare and Gladio laughs (does in Japanese audio): Cute. Ship them :)

Small Ignis + Gladio interactions: …I think I ship them?

Ignis offers sewing Noct’s clothes: He’s more like a mom but I still ship it.

Gladio stands between Noct and Ravus: HE’S SO GAY I ship this.

Prompto slaps Noct’s butt: I ship thiiiiis.

Gladio asking Noct for camp tours: He’s more like a dad but I still ship it.

Chapter 10 beginning and the way Gladio treats Ignis along it: …Kay, that’s it, they’re my fave now. 

Noct on if he was worried for Prompto: Kkkkwwwwweeeeeee I ship thiiiisssss.

Chapter 11 and the rest of the game on Gladio taking care of Ignis: THAT’S IT, I’VE COME UP WITH MY NEW OTP AND I LOVE THEM JFC YES <3 

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I think it's really dumb how some people think you HAVE to be nice to be a good person. Not everyone can be decent all the time and even those who aren't ever nice aren't necessarily bad. I think you're wonderful just the way you are and you shouldn't have to act a certain way for people to like you.

Kumamonymous said:newsflash: ppl aren’t always nice and they’re not obligated to be nice to any stranger who basically uses someone as a search engine. anon, get over it jfc

tbh i think i was mostly upset because i’ve been actually trying to be nicer and kinder to people these days lmao it just goes to prove that you can’t please everyone eh whatever


All I ever try to be is enough for everyone around me: smart enough, thin enough, funny enough, pretty enough, just plain good enough. But lately, I’ve been realizing how much I’m not even close to being any of these things, and that really fucking hurts. I just really want to be good enough for my damn self, and that looks like it’s for sure not going to happen. But god, I really need to figure out what makes me like this, because I can’t deal with it anymore. I’ve had enough of trying to be good enough. Does that really make me such a bad person?

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also afab demigirls and amab demiboys are v cool and underrated and i wish them a good day

Exactly!! U can even be afab and feel like a girl and be comfortable being seen as a girl some or all of the time but not completely be a girl and guess what u can still be trans!! Identifying as trans is open to literally any person im so much the opposite of a gatekeeper I’m standing at the gate inviting everyone the hell in

I need to share the most emotional, exhausting conversation with clickingshut about FMA and Frozen, specifically Elsa as Al.

(its not entirely crucial to know about FMA to follow the discussion because its all the same characters being their stupid, awful selves. but if you don’t care and want a quick summary to understand the context, its at the top under the cut. mild spoilers ahead for FullMetal Alchemist)

heads up: this is really awful. (in the best, most heartwarmingbreaking way possible, but still.)

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amouretesend me more of those tarot things

(( tbh i haven’t been following you very long but it *might* be just like… limited exposure to your muse? seeing them in action more means people can think of more things to send. however, again, i don’t have a good way to say what is and isn’t true bc we’ve only been rping for like 2 days

i like to think askmemes are a good way for people to get to know the muse though, especially ones that are just single word things that don’t require any amount of thought into sending them lol i’ve been rping on tumblr for like… jfc almost 8 years now? and i’ve never gotten a super lot of them even with my more popular blogs :0c idk though, asking for them seems to bring in more so i guess i just gotta keep doing that lol

ty for your perspective though!! i really appreciate it! i try to send them in to even people i don’t rp with a lot to try and get the ball rolling on some occasions cause i like learning about muses and i like interaction. but everyone does, it’s why we’re all here lol it’s just a little frustrating when you want to tell people about your muse but don’t want to just have them natter on about themselves unprompted :B

Finding Out You’re A Famous Rapper/Composer (GOT7)

“Can you do a reaction for BTS and GOT7 when they find out their s/o is a famous underground rapper/composer?”

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Upon hearing this new information, his eyes would light up.He’d be very interested to hear how you sounded as soon as possible. A sideways smirk would tug on his lips and he’d hold your hands in his. After tenderly kissing your forehead, he’d mumble a cliched li’ compliment about how talented his girlfriend was.

“I wouldn’t expect less from you, you’re so talented (Y/N)”

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Initially, he wouldn’t give a big reaction once you told him. He’d give you a little smile and peck you affectionately.However, he’d definitely make sure to look up your work online. He’d love to read the comments on YouTube saying how pretty you were or how good the music was. It’d make him feel smug. The fact that you were his would give him an extreme sense of pride. 

“I am so lucky to have (Y/N), I wish I knew how talented she is.”

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