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How To Improve Your Werewolf’s Mood

So, @pale-silver-comb wanted a continuation of this post from @soldieronbarnes wherein Stiles suggests that Derek needs to get laid because his moodiness is making all his betas antsy. It’s not!fic style in the interest of being able to post this now and not next month…


So, Derek knows that there is more going on than the fact that he’s sexually frustrated. He knows there’s something deeper that’s making his wolf feel on edge; there’s a connection he’s longing for, but he knows that he can’t have it. He can’t ask Sti- someone to give up a chance at a normal life, a life not tied to an Alpha who is still learning, who can’t guarantee a safe, happy life.

And he knows he should say no. That he shouldn’t allow them to fall into each other. He even knows that whatever having sex with Stiles will give him, whatever glimpse of his dreams he may find by getting lost in Stiles’ arms and his kisses and the feel of all that lithe muscle and pale skin under his fingertips, it won’t be enough for his wolf. Could never be enough.

But he also can’t say no. He can’t pretend that it’s not what he wants.

Sex with Stiles is everything he always imagined it would be: passionate and intense and perfect. It’s heartbeats pounding in counterpoint, the sweet slick glide of lips dragging over warm skin, teeth and tongues and smiles pressed into one another. It’s quiet moments after, breathing into the scant space between them, wrapped up in each other as sweat cools on their bodies and the kisses slow, hands absently petting and soothing. It’s magic.

It even works for a while. 

Derek’s wolf is calmer for the first weeks, and his betas are happier than they’ve been in ages. They work together better than ever, and they feel more like a pack-a family- than they ever have.

Except the thing that was really wrong before, the thing that was radiating through the pack bonds and driving them all crazy, wasn’t Derek’s need for sexual release. It was his need for his mate.

And having tasted Stiles’ skin, and felt him all around him, he is more certain than ever that his mate is Stiles (not that he had doubted it in the first place). Unfortunately, having had the time to bask in Stiles, his wolf is increasingly frustrated with the lack of consummation of the mate bond. And so is Derek, honestly. So soon, the magic of their physical connection starts to not be enough, and they all start falling apart. Again.

Stiles dives into a research spiral, hating that he’s failing Derek, failing his pack. And terrified that he’s going to lose Derek. Lose their intimacy, lose the soft moments after they come, the way that they gravitate toward each other even outside the bedroom, the casual touches that are increasingly frequent and feel like they’re building something. He finds the answer, because of course he does. That’s what Stiles does, he finds the answers.

Derek needs his mate. Being with Stiles isn’t working. So obviously, that means Derek needs someone who isn’t Stiles. He pretends he isn’t devastated, but no one is fooled.

Derek is ready to let Stiles go, he knows he’ll figure it out, knows he’ll find that he’s Derek’s mate, and he knows that Stiles wants more than being tied to him, to the disaster that is Beacon Hills. He’s ready to let him go. To let all of them go, to save them from his wolf’s restlessness and misery.

Self sacrificing morons that they are, they dance around the issue as long as they can. They probably agree to one last farewell fuck, but they can’t keep their feelings out of it, can’t keep the desperation from their movements or their kisses, can’t keep the tears from brimming in their eyes, or their fingers from griping a little to tight, clinging and unwilling to let go.

Obviously, it all spills out, and the acknowledgement that there’s more between them, that their connection is soul deep and eternal, fated, it’s enough to make Derek’s wolf howl in contentment, make it settle beneath the surface and leak calm and control and satisfaction through the pack bonds. Enough to strengthen them all.


This got more fic-like than intended? Thanks to @rhysiana for bringing this lovely inspiration to my attention!

Deterioration is not a synonym for success

Recently I was reading Vanity Fair’s Beauty and the Beast article on Emma Watson. During this (as always) inspiring read (because Emma Watson), a quote stuck out to me. It went, “But what’s the point of achieving great success if you feel like you’re losing your freakin’ mind?“ And I think that’s one significant statement right there. For anyone. Though, in Emma’s case, she was discussing the excessive amount of pressure to perform in high-budget and high-publicized films, but it came at a cost too great. And rightfully so. The cost of fame or fortune or athletic talent or running PRs or a perfect GPA isn’t worth it if YOU aren’t coming first. Mental health should be a priority, the utmost one. However, I know many people, including myself, are incredibly guilty of allowing it to be pushed to the wayside and even much, much further. I think it’s incredibly important to keep that quote in mind when all other activities, responsibilities and goals stack against one’s necessary contentment with life. You CAN, and SHOULD, and WILL be both successful and driven without draining yourself to near empty. It’s a balance, and society tells us you can’t have both. Of course success comes at costs and sacrifices, all success does, but so do you and your well-being.

Consider: Even is allowed to find closure with his own past and come to terms with what may have happened in his own time. Whatever it was was obviously really painful for everyone involved. He does not owe Isak an explanation for something in his past that still hurts for him. He is not manipulating Isak by not wanting to relive his past right at this moment.

Interesting science observation in Digimon Adventure Tri

So I’m a science nerd and I’m watching Digimon Adventure Tri, having a great time, feeling like a kid again, all is right with the world. But then I notice a detail, a teeny tiny detail that there’s a chance the creators didn’t even intend to be analyzed like this. But that’s not how my brain works, so my ticker clocks into overdrive over the long term ramifications in the Digimon franchise of the simple existence of a 2 in a place you wouldn’t even know there isn’t even supposed to be one.

Allow me to explain.

All of our computer and electronic signals can be broken down into a language called binary, which is comprised of the ever popular digital ones and zeros. See, inside of your computer is a series of circuits and paths for electrons to follow through and the presence or absence of these electrons forms the basis for computational processes. Binary is called binary because any given bit can only exist in one of two states; there is an electron present or there is not, a 1 or a 0. These individual 1′s and 0′s, these electrons and lack of electrons, are all programming is. There are other languages built up for higher processes, such as hexadecimal (base 16 instead of base 2 for binary), but even that gets broken down into binary for the sake of data transmission and calculations. The ultimate point here is all computer programs are ultimately made of 1′s and 0′s. No shocker there.

So enter Digimon Adventure Tri. The premise of the entire Digimon franchise is that Digimon, and the Digital World they come from, are solid living digital lifeforms made of computer code. Various iterations of the franchise even directly refer to the 1′s and 0′s that Digimon are made of. But a small detail in Tri changes things slightly. Go back and watch the scenes where the Digimon digivolve. During the animation you briefly see their code exposed and running across their bodies before the process is compete. Below is a freezeframe from the scene that plays when Agumon digivolves into Greymon.

Ok, nothing we haven’t seen before in this franchise, Tamers had a similar sequence, got your 0′s and your 1′s and-wait a sec…is that a…

2? A 2? Why a 2? Oh there’s another 2, oh there’s more 2′s, WHY ARE THERE 2′S?!

This, my friends, is not binary. This is a base 3 coding language called trinary, which doesn’t really exist. I’m sure someone in this world has tried coding in base 3, but with the way our electronics work, that code would still be broken down into binary for the device to function and to communicate with other devices. But what this means for Digimon is that the Digimon themselves are coded in trinary and not binary.

And…that actually explains a few things. One, it gels nicely with the fact that this is Digimon Adventure TRI, so that’s likely the reason it was thrown in there by the creative team. It also forms a nice parallel to the rock-paper- scissors nature of Digimon, in that every Digimon is either a Data, Vaccine, or Virus type and they have a rock-paper-scissors weakness cycle in that order. Each bit a Digimon is made of can be in one of three states (a 0, a 1, or a 2) just like each Digimon is one of the three types.

But I think there’s more to it than that other than these meta reasons. Throughout the Digimon shows it’s been demonstrated that Digimon themselves interfere with electronic devices; TVs, cell phones, etc get all fuzzy and don’t work right when a Digimon gets near them or travels through their cyberspace. This could be because when the devices either read that Digimon’s code or some sort of digital aura that they give off, it starts screwing up because it literally cannot read their trinary data. They read the 0′s and 1′s just fine, but once that third state shows up they are not physically equipped to handle that and they spazz out.

I also think this might be the thing that makes Digimon special and not just like any other AI. Not only are Digimon physically solid and alive, they also are able to form unique connections with human beings and gain power and energy through those connections. This weird unknown third bit type could be the missing link that makes Digimon different to IBM Watson or an actual Tamagotchi, what gives the Digital World the ability to be such a wondrous place.

So that’s me overanalyzing a background detail, I hope you all learned something. Have a great day!

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where is the playlist???? i dont have spotify and i am desperate to see it. whats so bold about it? please tell me all your thoughts

Here’s all the songs screencapped on this tweet.

Everyone is joking that it’s a sex playlist but thats legit what it is. Moody and sexy just how I pictured it. They’re almost all smooth body rolling having sex songs lolol like half of the songs are just legit about sex

One song ain’t censored at all droppin all the bad words lolol like wtf Jimin. Im shocked he was even allowed to put these songs on there. Just songs about sex! Lolol

Our sexy mochi. Im not surprised by any of the songs he listens to but I am shocked he even shared them with us lol

Read the lyrics for the songs I swear lolol and you know he’s probably seen the music videos for these songs and probably also read the lyric translation.

I’m fucked up. Our sexy manly Jimin.

We have lovesick kookie and sexy jimin

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Dude my school goes 100-95 is an A+, 94-90 is an A, 89-85 is a B+, 84-80 is a B, 79-75 is a C+, 74-70 is a C, and if you have a 69 or below, you have an F. It's very taxing. Specially on people talking multiple AP classes

Omg AP classes were….something else…..goodness gracious that brings back some flashbacks ^^;;

I only took a few, and I don’t think I took more than one at a time (I think??? I don’t remember), and that was hard enough….I knew someone taking 3 at the same time one year and I was like, what kind of X-men superhuman brain power mess is this……

neurodivergent-crow replied to your post “Why anyone with a URL that has ‘aphobic’ in it would think I wouldn’t…”

idk if they make the choice to get into the ring with adults and try to bully and harass them then they should get treated like an adult would.

No. Absolutely not. They’re still children. Their ill behavior doesn’t make them adults, and I feel very sad for someone who is a teenager and otherwise LGBTQIPA+ (for example, someone who is barely even allowed on this site by age, trans and declares themselves aphobic). That tells me that when they were already very vulnerable, someone hopped on their fears and turned them toward the same kind of bullying that they themselves experience. 

Regardless – yes, a blog that exists to harass people is against Terms of Service, and SHOULD be reported – but I absolutely don’t agree that ‘children behaving badly toward adults’ should be treated the same as ‘adults behaving badly toward other adults.’ 

Imagine Putting Makeup on Dean

Warnings: Grumpy Dean, sleepy Dean, fluff?
Pairing: Dean x reader
Summary: Reader puts makeup on Dean while he sleeps

For as long as you could remember you’ve always loved makeup. Even though you were in the hunter life you stilled allowed yourself this one simple pleasure.

Your boyfriend Dean always made sure to remind you how beautiful you are but also supported you.

So when you came home to the bunker with a whole new makeup haul your immediate instinct was to test it out. Yet, when you saw your boyfriend peacefully sleeping in his room you couldn’t resist.

Carefully you crept up to the sleeping man holding your makeup bag in tow along with your new products. Moving almost at a snail’s pace you applied the concealer and a precise purple cut crease with glitter.

You stopped breathing and moving when he shifted in his sleep as you attempted to apply the cat eye. He grumbled slightly before settling back to sleep.

Hurriedly you finish his eye makeup and applied foundation to match his skin tone. You did everything else he needed, contour, blush, eyebrows, lipstick, before getting to your favorite part of makeup: highlighter.

Taking out your phone you switch to Snapchat and flicked on your flash. Slowly but surely you applied your newly acquired highlight, brushing gently but effectively.

As you did this you took a video and captioned it ‘Peep my baby’s highlight😂😘😍’ before sending it to Sam.

It was as you went to spray the setting mist that Dean woke. He groaned in discontent,“Why can’t I open my eyes?”

“I love you.” you blurted out, stopping him from wiping his eyes and ruining your masterpiece.

He looked at you through suspicious green eyes before taking notice of his surroundings. Dean’s eyes slowly took in the scattered makeup brushes and products, realization taking over his face.

He scrambled up and to the small sink looking in the mirror. He glared at you in the mirror as you smiled nervously,“You look good, love.”

“Y/N.” he deadpanned,“I’m gonna throw away your makeup I swear.”

You giggled knowing it was an empty threat, you stepped forward and wrapped yourself around him. He turned and embraced you pressing his lips to your forehead.

Dean pulled away, smirking,“Now look who’s getting lipstick all over someone.”

You laughed,“Well, let me ruin your lipstick this time.”

He chuckled his lips touching yours lightly before pulling away. You jutted out your bottom lip in a mocking pout. Dean chuckled pecking you once more before stepping away.

“Im gonna wash this off even though I’ll still break out like hell.” Dean announced, leaving.

“You’ll still be the most handsome man in the world!” you called.

You heard him laugh as you smiled to yourself, picking up your makeup items. A small ping interrupted your cleaning as you picked up your phone to check the Snapchat notification.

Sammy🦌 screenshotted your snap!


Vid: A Sacred Band, by shirasade

And if there were only some way that an army should be made up of lovers and their loves […]; and when fighting at each other’s side, although a mere handful, they would overcome the world.
- Plato, Symposium

Jalec AU vid loosely based on my Theban Band ‘verse, in which eros between parabatai is not just allowed but even encouraged.

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How do you feel about people also feeling sad for Isak at the moment? I see so many people saying there's no need and I understand Even's situation but are we not allowed to feel for Isak either? I love them both and I don't want to come off rude :(

You’re allowed to feel sad for both of them but it’s nice to take into account that you understand both sides. Even is not obligated to tell Isak his past, especially when he’s clearly living in fear that the most important person won’t accept him. I can only IMAGINE how ashamed and guilty he’s feeling because he can’t tell this to one person he loves most.

However, if you feel sad for Isak, it’s ok! And I understand this sadness might come from the fact that they are so in love and living together and Isak might still feel like Even does not trust Isak’s feelings enough yet? Which I don’t think is the case actually, because if we learned something from S3 is that Isak is incredibly understanding and just wants to be there for Even. It’s not nice to be kept in the dark, surely, so I understand if you are sad as long as you don’t blame Even for doing this out of maliciousness. In the end, I’m sure Even will learn that Isak is here no matter what but right now he is really scared and it’s completely understandable. Remember, you’re allowed to feel what you feel!

I just saw someone say that Reylos whitewash Poe in their fanworks, and to me that’s so funny. Not because of the usual anti-Reylo thing, but moreso, just that ‘white-washing’ Hispanics idea, like as if Poe goes around waving maracas and dancing salsa in TFA, but in the ffs he’s I don’t know??? Acting like a normal human being? Like how he acts in TFA? Like how the majority of Hispanics act and are allowed to act? How does one even go about white washing in fanfiction? How does that even work? Like ‘Yes hello my name is Poe Smith, yes I changed it from Dameron because that sounds far too ‘ethnic’ for me. Far too spicy a name. Anyways have you met my children Beverley and Frank?’ 

I mean, I’m just–I think this is too funny. Too ridiculous.

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My boyfriend is very tall (almost 6'5") and he wants a Great Dane as he considers them "his size" because he doesn't have to bend over to pet one. On the other hand, I am very small and they seem like they are the perfect size for riding. So, if you had to choose between riding Danny and latching onto Dio like a steed, which would you choose?

“I don’t think I could ride either of them! Even at 12 I couldn’t ride Danny. I would crush him! As for Dio, firstly, he would never allow someone to “ride” him. He will never serve someone else. Even if he did allow it I would feel incredibly uncomfortable and he would probably freeze me anyway. Looks like I’ll be walking.

Though imagining someone small riding Danny is quite cute in my mind’s eye.” -Jonathan

From My Rotting Body, Flowers Shall Grow and I Am in Them and that is Eternity

Usnavi sat on his couch fiddling with the ring box, the couch creaking every once in awhile when he would shift. Johan rather liked the couch, even though his sister chewed him out for allowing Jack and Junior to sit on it even though the sag in the middle was nearly brushing the ground. Benny joked often that he was going to cut the legs off, and finish the job. Usnavi pulled out his phone and tried to call Johan. “Hey it’s Johan. I can’t-”

Usnavi looked at the clock and saw that it was a little past 2 in the morning. He had a knot form in his stomach as he recalled Dre and Rainbow words.

“He can’t commit, he’s lazy, entitled, and a mooch.”

“Dre! My brother, as Dre so rudely put it, likes to be constantly on the move, he struggles with commitment but does love you and I see that he is trying to do his best, and he does love you.”

Usnavi checked his phone seeing there was still the apology text from him. Usnavi tossed his legs on the couch as he reached around for Johan’s cardigan that he left lying on the back of the couch for a cover when the apartment got too cold. Usnavi pulled Johan’s cardigan over smelling the mixture of coconut and cinnamon. In the back of his mind Usnavi knew Johan wouldn’t up and leave for fear of the Benny reproductions, but in the forefront of his mind he couldn’t get over the fact he and Johan had a fight, Johan wanted Usnavi to come with him to California, and Usnavi didn’t want to go because two weeks was a long time for the bodega to be closed, and for the barrio to be left to fend by itself. Usnavi checked his phone again only seeing the text Johan sent as an apology.

‘When you’re right, you’re right. I shouldn’t have kept pressing you to go to Cali. While I’m gone look into getting Benny some help for his Milky Way addiction. He and Dre could bond over that. Anyway, I’m going to go out. Shop, check out a few bars. I’ll see you when I get home.’

“Where are you? He wouldn’t just up and leave without everything?” Usnavi thought as he drifted off to sleep,”Maybe his phone died and time got away from him.”

Usnavi jolted awake confused then relaxed realising he was woken up by his phone ringing happily, he answered the phone without checking the caller ID,”Hello?”

Rainbow’s voice came through, slightly frantic,”Usnavi? Thank God. Is Johan with you?”

Usnavi shook his head,”He hasn’t contacted you?” Rainbow’s voice was nervous,”Not since earlier, he said the two of you got into a fight so he was going to go out for a bit then, make up to you. I’ve tried calling him but I’m only getting voice mail.”

Usnavi tapped the ring box in his pocket,”Well, you said he wandered off a lot when he was younger, right? He probably just forgot to charge his phone.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Will you call me when he comes back?” “Of course, Rainbow. I’ll talk to you later.” Usnavi said hearing the call ending beep. He slid his phone back into his pocket and began to make a cup of coffee. When he heard a knock on the door, he walked very calmly and didn’t nearly run into the end table as he calmly opened the door seeing a petite police officer standing in the doorway with an unreadable expression, she was about a head shorter than Usnavi, not exactly an uncommon occurrence but to see this height on a cop was a little alarming.

The officer stared at Usnavi for a second,”Mr. De La Vega?”

Usnavi nodded,”May I help you?” “My name is Detective Gutierrez, you were named as Johan Johnson’s emergency contact.”

Usnavi opened up the door a bit more,”What happened?” Detective Gutierrez took a deep breath,”There was an accident. We believe Mr. Johnson was a victim of a hate crime. He was wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt and was around a well known gay bar. He-” Usnavi cut her off,”Is he okay? Can I see him?”

She shook her head, her expression sympathetic,”I’m sorry, he was pronounced dead on his way to the hospital last night. We’ve been trying to track you down in the meantime.”

Usnavi felt his knees go out from underneath him and Detective Gutierrez grabbed him before he hit the ground, as Usnavi pressed his hands to his mouth and let put a quiet gasp,”Are you sure?”

“We got his name from his California ID, and he was lucid enough to confirm it for us.” She kneeled down next to him, going to reassuringly touch his shoulder but thought better of it,”I’m sorry for your loss, Mr. De La Vega.”

Usnavi stood up leaning heavily on the door frame, he offered his hand to Detective Gutierrez and she allowed him to pull her up. Usnavi’s voice was shaky and quiet,”When can I see him?”

“At your earliest convenience, he’s at New York Presbyterian.” Detective Gutierrez flinched when her pager loudly, there was muffled talking on the end, and she answered it,”Detective Gutierrez. What? Yeah, I’m on my way. Mr. De La Vega, I’m sorry for your lose, but here is my number incase you would like to contact me for information.”

Detective Gutierrez began to head down the hall and Usnavi crumpled the paper she gave him and tossed it on the end table, he stumbled to the couch and grabbed Johan’s cardigan, inhaling the scent of coconut and cinnamon, he felt his eyes grow hot and he buried his face in the cardigan, trying to muffle his cries. Usnavi felt as if he’d been hit in the ribs with a bag of rocks, his lungs felt like they weren’t getting enough oxygen, and his heart felt like it was being pulled apart and stuck in a blender. Usnavi felt a wave of anger come over him as he flipped the coffee table in front of him, scattering Johan’s papers and notebooks to the floor. He pulled the cardigan close and began to wring the fabric. He looked at his phone, his chest slowly tightening, he thought of what Rainbow said,”Call me when you hear from him.”

Usnavi jolted when his door banged open, and Sonny stood there panting,”Usnavi? Pete said there was a cop outside the bodega and when I asked around they said the cop was looking for you…” Sonny trailed off, looking around at Usnavi curled up on the couch and the flipped over coffee table and the scattered papers,”Navi? What happened?”

Usnavi took a deep shuddering breath and tried to get through the sentence without breaking down,”The cop showed up to tell… tell me that Johan…… that he died.”

Sonny shut the door and sat down on the middle cushion of the couch,”What happened?”

“They think he was a victim of a hate crime.” Usnavi looked at Sonny teary eyed,”Sonny, how am I gonna tell his family?”

Sonny swallowed and looked at his cousin,”I’ll do it?”

Usnavi furrowed his brow at his cousin,”Seriously?”

Sonny nodded,”You aren’t in the best condition at the moment. I’ll call them.” Usnavi stood up, lurching slightly,”I’ll be on the fire escape.”

Sonny dialed Rainbow’s number, trying not to think to deeply about what happened to Johan, not if he wanted to keep it together. He cleared his throat, as Rainbow answered the phone. “Hello, Usnavi?” Rainbow asked.

“No, it’s Sonny, Usnavi’s cousin.” Sonny said taking a deep breath.

“Oh! Have you heard anything from my brother?”

Sonny’s eyes felt hot and he squeezed them shut,”Not exactly.”

There was some muffled conversation on the other end and Sonny heard some faint shuffling, Rainbow’s voice came back concerned,”What happened? Is everything okay?”

Sonny shook his head,”No, you should come to New York though. Something happened. Johan is dead.”

Rainbow’s voice was quiet and disbelieving,”What? What happened?”

Sonny shrugged,”The cops think it was a hate crime.”

He heard Rainbow take a moment to try and calm her frantic breathing, her voice was trying to be level,”Let me talk to Usnavi.”

Usnavi came back into the living room after Sonny called for him, he took the phone from Sonny and hopped for his voice to not break,”Hello?” Rainbow’s voice was thick,”Is it true? Is my brother…. Is he dead?”

Usnavi rubbed his chest,”Yes, I’m sorry.”

Rainbow let out a sharp gasp and her voice was ,”Excuse me, I need to go.”

Ship creator

Saw this post about followers saying with which Hetalia character they ship you with (can’t find it back but whatever)


Just any character you think would ship well with the creator (in other words me! You know that blond, not actually blond girl that keeps popping up)

Any character of Hetalia, I even allow 2p’s XD

So the five day writing workshop I am doing in June has already started assigning homework and interacting in a Facebook group. Today we had to post a revised paragraph that focused on showing not telling. It was pretty daunting. Even knowing that everyone was only allowed to say positive things I still had a rough time sharing even those few sentences. Which I think means that doing this conference was a very good choice on my part.