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Just a heads up, I’ll be skipping today’s episode because I still don’t have anything but mobile 4G internet (will download later), but PLEASE try and DVR it and watch within 24h in case you can’t watch live due to Thanksgiving engagements, and be sure to copiously use the #Supernatural a few hours before, during and after the episode airs on twitter and on Facebook.

Look, I know it’s a bucklemming ep and it will be plot heavy and probably messy as hell. Also, prepare for the following:

- Very little DeanCas interaction, and what little we will get will probably be “neutral” (aka mostly plot related talk)

- Cas to be separated (either by his own will or forcefully) from the Winchesters

This WILL happen so if you know this might upset you, try and prepare for it mentally/emotionally. Keep in mind that we know for sure that Misha/Castiel is NOT leaving the show (waaay too popular for that, see the ratings of last episode. He brings in the $$$), and he’s not gonna die because they just did that ;)

Any separation will be temporary and due to the fact Misha can’t be in every episode. And honestly, they need all the destiel content to cool down a bit, because frankly there’s very little they can still do without making it canon already, and they’re probably not gonna do that before the end of this season at the very earliest (I think).

Bit despite all this, if you want the writers to keep giving us what we have been getting so far in eps 1-6, keep putting TFW (2.0) central and putting destiel more and more into the text (and out of the subtext), we need to keep supporting the show! We need to be positive and let the writers know we like the overall direction the show is going in. We need to separate us from the screeching hateful dinosaurs who want the show to go back to what it was in S1-2. Show them that WE are the kind of fans they want to keep and that we will support endeavours like Wayward Sisters.

Not saying you can’t speak up about problematic things - of course not. If they ever pull another Charlie or Eileen, they will hear from me, trust me.

But in my personal opinion, overall, things are going in a wonderful direction, especially character-wise, so I will continue to support the show even thorough some of its more mediocre eps (in a 23 ep season they can’t all be winners, anyway) this season, provided there aren’t any huge missteps.

Please join me if you agree!