is this dean praying to cas or some shit

  • Dean: Anyways, now that your back I wanted to go over something real quick
  • Dean: *Pulls knife* What's this?
  • Castiel: A knife
  • Dean: Good, good. And what pray tell do we avoid when it comes to objects
  • Castiel: I am not stupid
  • Dean: That's right! We avoid getting stuck with the pointy end!
  • Castiel: Are you done?
  • Dean: No, apparently we need to go over some safety *Hits power on projector* That's a soul, we don't eat those or we explode
  • Castiel: Dean
  • Dean: And who's that? Oh it's Lucifer! We don't agree to be possessed by him
  • Castiel: You are such a shit Dean
  • Dean: And you're shit at staying alive CAS
A Whole New World

Characters: Dean, sister!reader, Sam, Castiel, Rick, Daryl, Carl, Negan

Warnings: swearing, angst

Word count: 4414

Summary: When there is a big fight amongst the Angels, Castiel zaps you and your brothers away from your world and in to a new one. While you’re here, you discover that this isn’t the world you once knew, and it is taken over by zombies.

A/N: I’ve been writing this crossover of twd and spn for a while but I was never really sure where to go with it so I hope the ending turns out ok

You awoke with the harsh feeling of stones and sticks pressing into your skin. The strong smell of dirt and leaves filled the air. As you opened your eyes you noticed you were laying in a forest. The blur of the trees quickly became clear and you shot right up. Your first instinct was to look around for your brothers, you noticed they were in close distance of you. They were both still passed out on the ground. Cas had zapped your here to get you away from what was happening with the Angels, he didn’t tell you where he was zapping you to. The last thing he said was, “take care of yourselves, I’ll bring you back as soon as I can.”

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Sick With Love


Request: ‘Tis the day of mon and I was wondering if I could send a request??? One where the reader is Dean’s twin sister and is in a secret relationship with Cas until dean or sam walks in on them kissing or something? Dean ends up getting really mad and fights with the reader

Request: Is it Monday? I think it’s Monday. Could I ask for a one-shot where the reader is Sam and Dean’s younger sister and dating Cas, and one day becomes really sick? (Fever, sneezing, sore throat, etc.) I’ve kinda got all of those symptoms at the moment and your other sick!reader imagines were fantastic :) Thank you!

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The Confessional: Admissions of Love and...Love

The pacing of the episode was intense. I felt almost breathless by the end from the combination of the pace of the action and being emotionally fucking sucker punched throughout. I know many of you may have found the pace problematic, but I actually found a particular kind of beauty in it, whether it was intentional or not. 

The story moved fast. The action moved fast. The dialogue moved fast.
But the moment Dean opened up in that Confessional…time stopped.
It just stopped. You could feel every word, every emotion, every ounce of self-deprecation stemming from his own choices to deny himself the things that would have truly allowed him to live. Dean confessed to obsession with women, with food, with alcohol – to all of the things that fed his self-denial, that stated the thirst of the darkness within him. They were the things he turned to because all of the other things in his life that could actually lend him some semblance of happiness were too overwhelming to handle. Too overwhelming because he didn’t believe, because he isn’t worthy. He has never believed he deserves love or happiness or the kind of companionship he has been starving for his entire life. Dean is hungry because he’s been starving himself of love since he was four goddamned years old. 

Sitting in that Confessional, speaking to a servant of God, Dean opened up. He allowed himself to be exactly who he is, with all of his fear, and all of his doubt, and the full force of the immensity of his love.

The prayers are just the beginning to some serious soul-searching.

Dean confessed to believing in God, but he doesn’t have faith that God still believes in him.

Regardless, Dean still knows a thing or two about prayer. About praying to a being…the only being in his godforsaken world that might still believe in him.

Everything Dean said…everything that he admitted to. For the first time, I truly, truly believe that he allowed himself to recognize his feelings for Cas. And sure, he could have just been speaking in generalizations about feeling more and wanting more and I might be bat-shit crazy but I just can’t believe that. I can’t believe that because the tone of his voice, the look in his eyes…Dean knew exactly what it was he was talking about. He knew who he was talking about. There is more than women and food and booze because he has family, because he has been forgiven, even though he may never be able to forgive himself. Because he is loved. Because he loves…and he loves. There is a distinction. There is a distinction because he was talking about the people in his life, the feelings he denied himself…the feelings he had never even allowed himself to experience. And Dean loves his brother. He loves the memory of his mother and his father. Dean loves Bobby and he loves Charlie and he loves Kevin because they are his family, dead or alive. And they know. Whether or not Dean has ever said the words “I love you,” they know. It’s never been a secret. Never been something denied. Dean’s love for Sam is the entire basis of their story. It’s undeniable. But the feelings toward one particular family member…one family member who never quite fit into the category of brotherhood…that was deniable – because it was more, because it was foreign and fucking overwhelming because that was a definition of “love” that Dean has convinced himself does not exist. Not for him. Not ever.

With every fiber of my being I felt him finally recognizing and acknowledging the feelings he has had for Cas all of this time. Dean found himself in that Confessional. He found the true meaning of love. He found that greater purpose to focus on. Dean doesn’t want to die because he’s finally allowing himself a taste of life. He can’t let that go now. He would be a fool to. And he’s goddamned terrified that he’s going to die before he can do anything about it….before he can tell him. Before he can hold his cause in his arms and feel fucking everything.

The pacing of the episode mirrored Dean’s description of how he has always lived his life – pedal to the metal. But inside of the walls of the Confessional, Dean slowed down. He saw everything. He felt everything. And he’s scared and he’s lost. And fucked if he didn’t know that the second he stepped out of that booth, it would be zero to sixty in 0.6 seconds and that’s just not the way he wants to goddamned live anymore. But he has to. It’s his life. It’s his job. But it’s not his peace. He realized that he is not the job. He is more than just the job. He allowed himself to acknowledge that the job isn’t peace, but that the thought of something more - something draped in hope and faith and pure, unequivocal love….that is Dean’s peace. But he’s scared. He’s so goddamned scared.

There is more to the world, to life, than Gina. And by Gina I mean women, I mean booze, I mean denial trussed up in sex and decadence. And Dean knows it. And he’s terrified to feel something real, to believe in something real - to be something real. To be a person in this world, flawed and broken and forgiven and loved.

Prayer is a start. But Dean knows where his prayers have always led him. Calling out to a servant of God, calling out to love, to life, to faith in his ability to endure, to survive. To hope.

Dean’s prayers will lead him home.

The wonderful author of Your Very Own Dr. Sexy and The Photograph Is Not One Color wrote a short SuperWhoLock fic today and it’s amazing and you should read it:

“What time did he say to be here?” Dean asked, leaning back against his car. Sam checked his watch.

“He said to be here at exactly 43 minutes before seven o'clock.” Sam said.

Dean rolled his eyes. “The Doctor is never on time. Why did you have me haul ass through three states just to get here EXACTLY when he said?”

Castiel frowned at both of them. “The Doctor was adamant that it was important. He was also very emphatic that you be here, Dean.”

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TV World (Dean imagine)

Heeey sweetie ! You know that you’re amazing, right ?! :) Could I request an imagine based on “The French mistake” episode ? Y/N is send on the alternative universe and she meets Jared and Jensen ? And she’s (the actress who plays her) dating Jensen, and when she come back, she tells everything happened (even the fact that she was with “Dean”) and Dean admits that he’s in love with her ? Please, thanks and sorry if that’s too long ! XOXO ♥

this one is pretty long, i don’t know if that’s good or bad….

oh BTW, i know i said i don’t write trigger but suicide is mentioned in this, so if that triggers you don’t read on.

Anywho….Enjoy my assbutts! X

You were on a hunt with Dean and Sam, there was a witch about town killing people who would do as little as bump into her, and she needed stopped. You were in her living room, arguing with her when Dean pulled his gun on her. She laughed hysterically as Dean shot the bullet and she caught it in her hand, and chucked it back over to Dean. She stood the with her hand in the air, then mumbled some enochian spell, then through something on the ground that made a huge flash. You put your arm over your eyes to shield yourself from the light. A couple of seconds later you lowered your arm, and everything seemed…fake. You looked behind you to see a bunch of cameras and some big ass furry thing hanging over your head. “Cut! That’s us for today good job everybody” some guy yelled. You turned around to see a massive crew of people behind you.
“What the hell” you whispered quietly to your self. Dean was talking to Sam, he then came over to you and put him arm around your shoulder and kissed your head. You stood back freaked out by what was going on.
“I gotta run. See you later Jensen, you too” Sam waved over to you and Dean.
“Jensen?” You asked confused by Sam addressing either you or Dean as Jensen.
“What?” Dean answered
“Wait your Jensen?” You questioned
“After 3 years of dating you would think you would have picked that up by now” he joked. You attempted to smile to try to act normal in this weird world, but you couldn’t manage it
“Babe what’s wrong? you look lost” Dean, rather, Jensen asked.
You shook your head as if to say nothing was wrong, which was clearly a lie. You had to try and figure out what was going on.
“Lets go home”Jensen smiled, taking your hand and heading out the door. He brought you to a trailer to get changed first as you were wearing your characters clothes, not actually your own. After you both got dressed, Jensen drove you to this elegant home. It was a large white house with a beautifully tended garden. There was a small cherry blossom tree in the front yard with a little bird sitting on the branch. An adorable, black cat with a little bell around its neck walked along one of the window sills, looking at you and Jensen as you got out of the car, but then carrying on its journey. You walked into the house and as soon as you stepped in the smell of freshly baked pie hit you in the face. Jensen and Dean must have the same love for pie. The floor was made of marble and the lights were surrounded by amazingly beautiful chandeliers. You walked up the massive staircase and decided to venture around your home to see what it was like. You were especially on the look out for a nursery in case you had a child, that needs taking care of. You opened all the doors and found game rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, walk in wardrobes, but no children’s rooms which was a relief. You opened up the door to what must have been your room, as it had the biggest bed and was decorate to exactly the way you would decorate a room like this if you had the opportunity.
“baby, come here. Look Misha’s on TV” Jensen said with joy in his voice. You had no idea who Misha was but he was obviously somebody you were supposed to know so you went down stairs. You walked into the living room where Jensen was sitting watching Castiel in an interview on TV. You sat down on the couch beside him and he put his arm around your shoulder, which you still found pretty weird, but you would be lying if you said you didn’t find Dean attractive. It was pretty much the only good thing going on in this world that alternate universe dean was dating you. You and Jensen went on to have an amazing night. Jensen was more fun if your being honest, but then again he hadn’t been through the same shit as Dean. After some junk food, beer and some films, you and Jensen went to bed and ended up having a lot mote fun than you ever imagined.
You spent roughly 2/3 weeks in this world. you tried hard to find a way back, you tried praying for Cas but he must have been able to hear you. You thought that the guys would figure out how to get you back so you gave up. This world was pretty fun, Jensen was amazing, and you had to admit you were falling in love with him and you knew that was risky in case once you got back to your own world those feelings might pass down to Dean.
You were laying in your bed with Jensen beside you, sound asleep. You sat up and decided to try one more time for Castiel
“Cas, can you hear me? I’m in another universe, will you help me out?” You waited a couple of seconds and must have drifted off to sleep. A couple of ours later you woke up to get a drink of water and you seen either Misha or Cas at the bottom of your bed.
“Y/n” he said in a low tone, confirming that it was Castiel.
“Cas. How did you find me? Where am i? Why am i dating Dean?” You bombarded Cas with questions you knew he wouldn’t answer, as the serious look on his face made you think that something bad was happening outside of Tv world.
“You got put here by a witch. You,Dean and Sam underestimated her power. She is probably the most powerful witch out there” Cas explained.
“How do i get back?”
“You have to kill yourself”
“What? Cas im not going to commit suicide”
“ts the only way. You will be transported back to your own universe to die, and i will bring you back”
“Fine. just give me a couple of minutes”
Cas then vanished into thin air, making Jensen wake up.
“What time is it baby” he mumbled
“8am. Go back to sleep” you kissed his forehead, a kiss goodbye, not that he would know. You left your room, and walked down the stairs tracing your hand along the bannister. You walked into the kitchen and opened the cutlery drawer. You scanned your eyes around the whole room, taking it all in and hoping you would remember this place. You sighed the lifted out the largest knife and set the point resting against your stomach. You took a deep breath and looked up. You saw Jensen standing in front of you with panic in his eyes.
“y/n! Don’t!” He yelled. You looked at him as your eyes started to blur. You had known Jensen for 2 and a half weeks and you really did get attached to him, he was an amazing guy.
“I would have loved to get you know you better, or even live here forever. But i cant. I have to be with Dean, Sam and Cas. Im sorry” you whispered. You plunged the knife into your stomach and dropped to the floor. Jensen came rushing over to your side roaring and screaming your name.
“Y/n no! I love you, don’t do this. Don’t die on me” he screamed. Then everything went black Suddenly you were in a large dark room with Dean standing in front of you. Once he realised you were awake he lifted you up and carried you to his car. You were still not completely there, all you could see was Deans worry written across his face, but your eyes were barley open long enough to see anything else.
“I love you too Jensen” you murmured as Dean set you in the back of the car.
“Jensen?” He asked, not expecting a reply as you were totally out of it. You drifted off to sleep in the back of Deans car.
A while later, Cas must have healed you as you felt yourself warming up. You fluttered your eyelids open and you focused your eyes. You were in Bobby’s house, laying on the sofa. “Y/n?” Dean suddenly rushed over to your side. You couldn’t help but feel a different around him now. As it turns out, you did remember TV land, and now you had really strong feelings for Dean. But how couldn’t you? you dated him for almost 3 weeks, lived with him, slept with him, Fell in love with him and now he was in front of you. He wasn’t exactly the same but he was close enough, and now, looking at him, you had this overwhelming happiness “Where is everyone” you asked sitting up
“Bobby is sleeping and Sam is getting food. How are you? Are you feeling better?”
“Yeah, i guess……Its Dean, right?”
“Just making sure” You reached over to the table that had a glass of water sitting on it, that you assumed was for you.
“Man, i literally just had the weirdest two and a half weeks ever” you scoffed.
“Want to share?”
“Our lives were a show called supernatural. Sam was called Jared and married to ruby, who was actually a really nice girl and not evil at all. Cas was this awesome dude called Misha who had a cooking show with his son, he was lot less uptight. And you…”
“I what?” Dean encouraged you to finish
“You were a guy called Jensen”
“i was Jensen? me?”
“Yeah, why?” “When i put you in the car last night. The only thing yiu said was ‘i love you too, Jensen’ ” Your eyes widened and you let out a nervous laughter. This was so embarrassing. You don’t know why, but you felt the urge to confess every detail of what happened
“Yeah. You were Jensen Ackles. I was your girlfriend. We lived in this gorgeous house we had a little cat. We sat up all night talking and watching movies, or…doing other stuff…and it was actually pretty nice”
“You fell in love with alternate universe me?”
You didn’t know what to say. You didn’t know whether to leave it or try and explain to him that the feeling you had for Jensen had carried over to this universe. You decided to come clean.
“I, uh was in love with you yeah, you were amazing. But i have come across a slight problem”
“What is it?"’
"I think i will just make you super uncomfortable if i tell you”
“Shoot” he encouraged.
“Ok. The feelings that i had for Jensen, have carried back to the real world”
“Wait so your in love with me now? me, Dean Winchester?”
you nodded awkwardly. He came closer to you and lifted up your hand and placed a kiss on the back of it. You looked at him confusedly
“Y/n, these past 2 weeks and a bit were so hard. i have to admit i started to like you a while back. And you now what they say, Distance makes the heart grow fonder”
He brought his lips closer to you and placed them on top of yours. He gently kissed you, exactly like Jensen did. It sent a nervous feeling shooting through your whole body, you could have stayed like that forever and you gladly would have if Sam didn’t walk in.
He awkwardly cleared his throat to announce his presence. You pulled away from Deans lips, and grinned at him. You placed you hand in his, then looked over at Sam
“Nice to see you Jar- i mean Sam”
“Yeah, good to see your feeling better” He passed you a bottle of beer. Bobby came in with a deck of cards.
“Poker anyone?” he offered. You all nodded and gathered round the table and played all night. after a while everyone went to bed an you spent the night with Dean.
The TV world was amazing, you loved it. There was no ghost no demons and you had a perfect life. Jensen, Jared and Misha were a hilarious trio, but you would pick your three best friends and this world over it any day. This world could get tough, and god know how many tough times you have dragged yourself through, but the apple pie life wasn’t for you, you loved the life you were living now and would take it over TV world any day of the week.


(Here on AO3)

Summary: Sam gets a head injury on a hunt and suffers from Aphasia as a result. Dean comforts him.

Alright, Sam knows he’s gone through a fuckload of brain trauma. He does.

An exorbitant amount, really, not just for someone his age but for a hunter, too. It’s like spirits and ghouls and demons alike have a fascination with throwing him into brick walls.

Even so, it seems a little rude that this time, whatever-it-was decided to fuck with his head and put him into a washing machine with a super fast spin cycle. Really.

His vision’s all fucked up and his head feels like there are thirty-pound weights pressing it from every side, but he feels strangely calm, strangely put together, and he’s got enough of his wits about him to realize this is one of those Very Serious injuries, the ones they get Cas to heal so he doesn’t end up hemorrhaging in his sleep or something.

It’s not a good feeling.

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anonymous asked:

i can hardly wait for spn to end firstly because it's awful and i can't seem to leave it, but mostly because once it's all done and over the gloves will REALLY come off with the actors and creative team sharing their candid opinions on the whole bi!dean/deancas issue (since, unless it goes expressly canon (it won't), queerbaiting will the legacy of spn, and will probably be a big talking point). i can't wait to see who comes down where in all that and what tidbits they have to share about it.


like I am honestly hoping and praying that J and/or J release some sort of Tell All Supernatural-centric memoir, or even MISHA because you can bet his would be even Tell All-ier and 10x as candid re: Dean/Cas, queerbaiting, etc. 

like… think about the first con where they’re all FREE OF THEIR CONTRACTS/gag orders/desire not to upset fans by being like “everyone’s straight and it’s never gonna happen”, shit will go tf DOWN AND I CANNOT WAIT TBQH