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B.A.P Reaction: Their Girlfriend Grabbing Their Arm Because of Period Pain


*stares off into the distance and slowly dies inside because of pressure on his arm*

“It doesn’t hurt…be strong Yongguk…you can do it”

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“Wow that’s a strong grip you have there haha please let go

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“Of course it doesn’t hurt babe!”

*suppresses tears*

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“Here it goes again”

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“It’s not my fault your uterus is trying to kill itself, I don’t deserve this abuse”

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*on the outside*

“Anything to help you feel better babe”

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*on the inside*

“I swear to god is she leaves bruises I’m suing”

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B.A.P are people who don’t judge, don’t discriminate, don’t hate, doesn’t forget values and principles, never forgets morals, tries to actively spread happiness and love in the world, values their parents, values every human and the list could go on.

My point is if you believe in good then stan Bap. I might be biased but I have damn good reasons to be. *proud*


emphasis on ‘tries’

alternate title: b.a.p roasts each other for two minutes straight