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Zodiac Gothic: Terrifying things may come
  • Aries: One day, when you blink, you'll see anther world in between the closing and opening of your eyelids. It will be terrifying, horrible, indescribable - and you will forget it as soon as you open your eyes. Perhaps it just happened. Perhaps it will happen tomorrow. Or perhaps, the last time you close your eyes, it will happen. And you won't be able to open them again to escape.
  • Taurus: The next time someone tells you to run, do it. Even if you are surrounded by nothing but walls, run until you can't run anymore - then walk, then crawl, then squirm. Only when you have exhausted all means of movement will you be safe.
  • Gemini: You are going to meet a special someone soon. A /very/ special someone. They will not have eyes, and their tongue will be heinously long. They will try to wrap you up - let them. Only once you give in to them will they let you go.
  • Cancer: Something horrible has happened. It had nothing to do with you, but it happened. Just now, it happened again. You are powerless to stop these horrible things. And they, too, are powerless to hurt you - so long as you remember to listen to the weather. Did you forget? Hmm. Something bad has happened. It had everything to do with you.
  • Leo: There are dark forces attempting to change your fate right now. But will it be for better, or for worse? Leave a lemon on your porch overnight to stop them. You may save yourself - or doom yourself to an even worse fate. You must make the decision soon, or the forces will already be upon you.
  • Virgo: Don't go to an ocean. Don't go to a lake. Actually, it's probably best you avoid swimming pools too. To be safe, don't even take a bath tonight - it isn't worth the risk. Is it raining? Well, then your fate has been sealed...
  • Libra: Don't stare too long at that object that shouldn't be there. Pretend that it's normal. If you pretend that you didn't just see it move out of the corner of your eye, you will be safe.
  • Scorpio: Don't do it. I know that you're thinking about doing it - but don't. There are demons waiting to take a hold of you if you succeed. What is 'it' you might be wondering - well, you know. You're the one who planned it.
  • Sagittarius: The monster under your bed loves you. It loves you so very much. It crawls out and sleeps next to you at night, and it stares at pictures of you while you are away. It even fights off the other monsters every night. But watch out, it might just fail some night....and the monster in the closet loves you in a much more violent way.
  • Capricorn: Someday, when you are home alone in a new house, there will be an extra door that you will notice, and be unsure of it was there before. It wasn't. It contains a set of stairs, each step more wet and soft than the last. The further down these stairs. you walk, the hotter and damper you feel, and the more lights you will see on the walls. Do not touch the lights. Do not touch the walls. Keep walking - you will eventually trip, and find yourself facing up the stairs. Walk up. Do not, at any point, turn back - the teeth will come.
  • Aquarius: A strange and hauntingly beautiful woman will ask to use your phone in a parking lot at midnight, sometime in the near future. It will be cloudy and dark. She will look startlingly familiar, but you will not be able to remember her at all. You must not allow her to take your phone. You must not allow her to take your heart.
  • Pisces: If you ever find yourself surrounded by strangers, keep a look out for anyone with golden pupils in plain white eyes. If you have seen them, then immediately cleanse yourself with fish water and lemon juice. If it's been more than three days, you have been Marked for something that is yet unknown, but must be avoided at all cost.
Creepypasta #1080: Emergency Broadcast

Length: Short


We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you an urgent message.

Numerous disc-shaped objects have been spotted in the sky.

Experts believe that they are of extra-terrestrial origin.

All attempts to contact them have failed, and they are now killing civilians wihout stopping.

The Government has declared a state of emergency, and martial law is now being enforced across the entire country.

All citizens must remain in their homes. Do not attempt to leave your homes. Do not attempt to reach friends and family. Do not attempt to hold meetings, as the extra-terrestrials are attracted to large groups.

All citizens must hand over any communications device to the authorities. Devices with communication functions can be tracked by the extra-terrestrials.

All citizens must comply and obey any order without question.

All citizens must report lawbreakers to the authorities.

Any citizen that does not comply with the authorities WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT.

If you cannot see any of the extra-terrestrial disks in the sky, it has now been confirmed that they are capable of cloaking.

In order to survive you must obey orders without question. Do not refuse any order or you will be executed. All orders are given only for your protection.

The extra-terrestrials are targeting specific urban centers. If you cannot see them, remain calm.


Credits to: Deathcon1337

A Breach On The Lunar Facility

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Length: Short

A shrill cry came from the receiver of NASA headquarters, startling everyone in the control room. The controllers and head of communications looked around the room, agitated and dumbfounded, as they desperately rang for the current head of the project. The room echoed with the cries coming from the communicator, begging for help, as the controllers tried to bring up a video feed. The highest ranking officer available stepped into the room and marched straight for the communicator.

“Son, this is Colonel Broadbent. What is the nature of this call?” He spoke firmly with a sense of professionalism, and tried his best to keep calm.

“Sir!” Someone screamed through the receiver. “Something has compromised the lunar facility. It just tore through the door. Like it was paper, with its long arms. Request to abort, sir!” The man cried amidst the sobbing of the crew.

Colonel Broadbent began to sweat. Little beads of perspiration dripped from his forehead to the desk below him. His voice had become shaky, like he was a teenage boy asking a girl to the prom.

“Get your crew aboard the shuttle in Bay 24-7B. Abort project T.H.O.T.H. The six of you must evacuate. That is your prime directive.”

The colonel looked up at the camera footage of the lunar facility hallway. The six crewmen were making a dash to the shuttle bay. They stumbled and staggered toward the shuttle doors until eventually the crewmen jumped aboard, and launched the shuttle off the facility.

The colonel grabbed the nearest office chair and slumped into it, relieved. 

The video broadcast from the shuttle’s camera clicked to life as the crewmen caught their breaths. As the captain of the group regained his composure, he turned towards the camera with a worried expression.

“Sir, I need to bring up something you said that’s bothering me. You had mentioned that there were six crew members. But there should only be five of us.”

The colour drained from the colonel’s face. He did a recount of the crew members present. Five. 

Behind the crew members stood the sixth member, now in full view. Its arms began to grow longer, draping beside its human body. Its neck stretched upward, unhinging its jaw to reveal three sets of teeth on both sides. It slowly stumbled toward the crew, making a distinct clicking noise before throwing back its head and wrapping its arms around the crew member closest to it. 

The feed disconnected. 

The communicator remained functional as five screams silenced one by one. Colonel Broadbent sat in his chair, motionless with his head in hands. He was silent as the lone clicks continued through the receiver. 

The colonel heard something strange and threw his head up from his hands. He could have sworn that five more clicks joined in.

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