is this considered sacrilege

Man I’m in a loreslut mood today.  Here’s another chunk of analysis for you guys

Reasons why I do NOT think the Architect is one of the original Magisters that assaulted the Golden City:

  • He can’t control the Grey Wardens like Corpyheus can.  He tries to reason with the Warden when they meet, rather than simply taking control and seizing what he wants via mind control.
  • He talks about having simply “awakened” one day in the Deep Roads.  Unlike Corypheus, he has no memory of what he was before that day. 
  • He talks about mortal creatures in a very “other” way.  He uses phrases like “your kind” and seems utterly baffled by some of the things mortals do and say.  He takes notes, trying to understand, because the living are utterly alien to him.
  • The Fifth Blight was caused by the Architect experimenting on the slumbering dragon Urthemiel (mentioned in The Stolen Throne).  The actual magister likely would have considered that sacrilege.

Reasons why I DO think the Architect might have been CREATED by one of the seven Magisters that assaulted the Golden City:

  • “Architect” was the title of the High Priest of Urthemiel in ancient Tevinter, and would have been passed down from priest to priest.
  • Urthemiel, Dragon of Beauty, was also the patron of craftsmen and scientists.  His followers, especially the High Priest, would certainly have been capable of creating something like the Architect.
  • The Architect we’re familiar with awakened one day in the Deep Roads with no memory of what he’d been before, as if he had been created–or given sentience–in that moment, and there had been nothing before.
  • He wears a golden mask and golden jewelry piercing his darkspawn growths and deformities, hinting at an instinct to craft and create and embellish, also evinced by his urge to help his fellow Darkspawn “awaken”.  Perhaps a reflection of the intent of his creator?

A lot more of the Architect’s actions make sense if you frame them in the hypothetical context of him having awakened in his creator’s abandoned lab one day with no guidance but the instinctive urge to create and improve, and nothing to work with but some old notes and a name ringing in his mind: ARCHITECT.