is this considered pale

“Thanks, girls. You two really are the best. I’m sorry for hiding this, I just had to be completely sure before I told anyone. I still need to tell both Johnathan and my parents.” At her own words, Samantha feels her face pale. She’d completely forgotten to consider what her family would say to the situation.  “Mother is going to freak out…”

Before Samantha can follow her train of thought any further, Celia interrupts. “Sam! What your mother says is not important right now. Her being angry or not doesn’t change anything. I think you should just focus on the positive things instead.”

Samantha nods her head slowly, forcing the many worries out of her head. “Okay. Alright. You’re right, sorry about that.”

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Smol skin hc for the bois bc im bored as fuck. Toms skin would most likely be very pale comsidering he would probably just be drunk or playing susan all day, Edd would be sorta pale too considering he would just be in his room doodling, but of course he enjoys goin out. Matt, I feel like he would tan himself to look bootiful, but not too much tan. Tord would be sorta pale? He goes out and shit but enjoys the indoors more?

I can get behind this.

Also. HC that Edd gets freckles if he’s in the sun for longer than he’s used to.

Surprise the Audience

Just a little something I’d wanna see in later seasons…

Surprise the Audience

The similarities between Viktor and Makkachin were sometimes impossible to ignore: both excitable, loyal, wide-eyed in the face of anything that fascinated them, and very clingy. But for how often Viktor’s attention jumped from one topic of interest to another, there was no doubt he was incredibly thoughtful, with much consideration going into every one of his choices; in this respect there was a depth to him that made him more comparable to a delicate handicraft forged by tireless masters long ago. Even small details others might consider insignificant would draw a pensive frown from Viktor, his pale brow would furrow, and he would soon be lost to his contemplation.

And there was one important date he always remembered to celebrate.

The weeks leading up to November had, at first glance felt rather the same. Yuuri maintained an intense practice regimen. Things felt cyclical now; Viktor had stayed with Yuuri at Hasetsu in Japan, and now he was with Viktor in St. Petersburg. Mornings were spent jogging down the crisscrossing streets and over bridges, often traveling further than the cars stuck in traffic that Yuuri was assured was actually worse in Moscow. It was nice scenery to practice in, if rather cold at this time of year. What intrigued him was how empty his ring finger felt; Viktor had insisted on taking it back for adjustments, saying something about sizing and words. Yuuri had voiced some protests, but his coach- and now competitor- was insistent. And he had not seen Viktor quite so happy and excitable.

Or on edge.

It was not until the 29th of November that Yuuri found out why.

It was the morning of his birthday. Yuuri had just barely settled down at the table intent on some breakfast to pump some energy into him, when Viktor entered, seeming to glide weightless across the floor. In his hands was held a box carefully wrapped in gold wrapping paper bearing a pattern of fluffy brown dogs. Custom order, no doubt.

“Yuuri, time to open your birthday present,” Viktor announced, placing the parcel square in front of Yuuri. His voice carried that strange, unique blend of levity and authoritativeness Yuuri had never heard from anyone else. It was a tone unique to Viktor Nikiforov, who could drag you lower than you’ve ever felt and raise you up on a pedestal above the god in the same breath. It was, admittedly, sometimes exhausting to keep up with, but that was why couples talked things out.


“You’re being awfully still, little piglet,” Viktor chimed in, leaning closer, looking quite expectant. “It won’t open itself.”

“Ah.” Yuuri roused himself from his reverie, carefully taking the package in hand. He slipped a finger beneath the wrapping, ripping into the gold patterned paper. Underneath was a nondescript white box. Yuuri glanced at Viktor who simply nodded silently. Yuuri peeled off the single bit of tape keeping the lid closed. Opening the box, he fished slowly around inside the nest of tissue paper, carefully pulling out something small and heavy.

Yuuri gaped. “I- I know about these,” he stuttered, slowly examining the gift. In his hands rested an ornate, elaborately decorated egg of enamel, and pearls. The coloring was a whole array of blues and blacks and whites, swirling and arcing against one another, the colors shifting gradually or else ending in sharp contrasts. Elaborate scrollwork and patterns of pearls and shimmering crystals completed the breathtaking imagery. The more Yuuri stared and inspected it, the more he came to realize the inspiration behind it. But…it couldn’t be…

“It…it’s like my outfits,” he whispered, giving the egg a final turnover.”

Viktor watched his every move with the same intensity he wore when observing his practice. “Very good! Something so pretty can only have a beautiful source of inspiration.” He knelt down, one arm resting across Yuuri’s shoulders. “You said you know about these?”

Yuuri nodded. “Faberge eggs. They were made for royalty, but now others have taken up the craft and a bunch of people can get them.”

“You’re right, Yuuri. But what else makes them special?”

“Um…” Yuuri dragged his gaze from Viktor’s penetrating one, wracking his brain. It was hard to think with the other so near and wearing such a look. “Each is…different…and…has some sort of other use? Or a surprise?” The way Viktor’s face lit up told Yuuri he had been correct. Taking the hint he returned to inspecting the gift, feeling a bit dazed. So many the real gift was inside. Viktor could not possibly have gotten him this.

His breath caught when at last he found a hinge and, just opposite it, a latch that let the egg open up to reveal a model of Hasetsu Castle sitting inside, proud, mighty, and majestic.

“A few people owed Yakov some favors,” Viktor said by way of explanation for how this piece came into existence.

“Yakov was involved in this!?” Yuuri gaped at Viktor before gazing at the treasure in his hands.

“Yep! He would have been more involved, but when Georgi heard he got pretty emotional and needed some comfort.”

Yuuri did not feel quite in charge of his own body. As he inspected the model of Hasetsu castle, his eyes landed on yet another set of hinges. “It opens more,” he muttered, licking his suddenly dried lips. He glanced at Viktor, trying for a smile; it was very shaky but sincere. “Is there katsudon in there?” he joked. Viktor laughed but did not respond. Carefully, always afraid of breaking this work of art, Yuuri opened up the final piece.

One hand tightened its hold on the egg as his other hand flew to his mouth, failing to stifle a gasp. His ring sat in a cushioned velvet box, gleaming most vibrant gold even in the faint light of the kitchen. From the corner of his eye, Yuuri saw Viktor still knelt beside him, smile warmer, bearing something more tender.

“You…but,” Yuuri began, carefully placing his gift on the table when his hands continued to shake. Viktor delicately retrieved the ring, holding it up for Yuuri to see. “But…you already-”

“And that’s what makes this even more surprising,” Viktor cut in. “It’s important to surprise the audience. And I doubt you were expecting something like this.”

He was quite right, to be sure. A second proposal, riddled with meaning and affection and a degree of newfound tranquility and assurance, was the last thing Yuuri expected from Viktor, in part because he already had made such an announcement earlier. Now, however, they had said much of what needed to be said, and had devised an arrangement that presented them with no reason to separate. To now have a memory of Viktor asking such an important question, when much of the storm had passed and they could feel secure in one another’s continued presence, was something Yuuri was grateful for.

Feeling an aching warmth blossom in his chest, Yuuri nodded once. As Viktor smiled in return and moved to replace the ring back on Yuuri’s hand, Yuuri caught sight of a new engraving on the inside of the band.

We call everything on the ice love.


Much like Faberge eggs, Viktor is one-of-a-kind, beautiful inside and out, and all about surprising the audience. Such a gift seemed on parr for what he’d feel as the best present for his katsudon.

@thepathlesstrekked you wanted some fake-relationship mckirk?? i would’ve sent it to your ask but it got too long

  • The first time Jim got the memo saying that Starfleet required him to have a partner to take to a ~Fancy Dinner~  to show that he was a mature captain who’d settled down, he laughed and deleted it. It was probably just Gaila pranking him again by hacking the system.
  • The second time, Jim got a bad feeling in his gut. Gaila didn’t repeat pranks, so he comm’d her and she just gave him a sympathetic look. He closed the call on her before she could speak. (He called her back right away to apologise though.)
  • Bones laughed at him when Jim told him, and didn’t stop laughing until Jim sarcastically said ‘maybe I should take you’
  • Then Jim considered it genuinely as Bones went pale. It did make sense after all; they’d shared a dorm for years, were best friends and spent practically all their free time together. It’d be brilliant. Everyone would believe it.
  • Bones did not agree.
  • In fact, Bones started citing a bunch of sources about how ‘fake dating’ could lead to all sorts of relationship struggles.
  • It was Jim’s turn to laugh, and he said ‘C’mon Bones, you literally brought me back to life, you think us fake dating is gonna break us?’
  • the dinner was /the/ most uncomfortable thing he’d ever experienced. Jim was pretty sure it was like that for Bones as well. Stiff dress uniforms, socialising with high and mighty starfleet officers, and after just an hour jim was desperate to escape. He could tell from the glares that Bones was sending him whenever he got the chance in the mess of people that he was gonna get his ass kicked for convincing him to do it.
  • jim took small comfort in the fact that Bones had /agreed/ to do it in the first place.
  • until he realised that they’d have to /prove/ their relationship in front of a huge crowd of simpering people like the royals of old consummating their marriages in front of their nobles
  • maybe jim was being dramatic. they didn’t have to full on have sex, but he /did/ have to kiss his best friend, and he’d had a rather unfortunate realisation around the tenth glare bones had sent him that maybe bones was a little /more/ that ‘just’ a friend
  • fuck
  • so when the crowd inevitably shoved the two together, jim pulled bones in for a hug first, pretending to be lovestruck (well maybe not pretending), so he could whisper in his ear ‘is this okay’ and bones said just as quietly, with the barest hint of a laugh in his voice, ‘i wouldn’t have said yes if it wasn’t’
  • needless to say, the making-out that followed led to them being shoved out of the fancy ballroom with firm instructions to ‘get a room’
  • jim and bones laughed all the way to their quarters when they weren’t stopping to make out in dark corners, that is

I like the usual “pale bookish aziraphale and tan crowley” thing but consider this

ebony-skinned Aziraphale with corkscrew curls of golden hair ringing his head a little like a halo but mostly like a chrysanthemum. fathomless black eyes with just a tiny hint of raven-feather blue. still with wire-rimmed glasses. still a potato. 
pale Crowley. not unhealthily pale. the slightly shiny pale of a leucistic python. still slicked-back Too Cool jet black hair. still with yellow eyes. still a disaster.

I’ve noticed that you think her skin colour is too light. I’m truly sorry if I offended anyone by this, and of course I had no intention of doing so.  I was experimenting with a mix of cooler and warmer colours, particularly with the highlighting tool in ArtRage. I personally don’t think that she looks too pale (that’s just my taste/opinion), considering the blue/orange environment she is in, so I don’t see a valid reason to change it. (Maybe she looks different on your screen?)
Again, if you are offended by it, I’m truly sorry about that!

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What she says: I’m fine
What she means: I’m really sick of demonization of Jane from the TWDG fan base. Kenny can be outwardly abusive and generally awful but people still support him because they’ve known him longer, while Jane makes a few mistakes that pale in comparison but is considered an evil bitch. Yes, her methods of exposing Kenny were not necessarily morally right, but Kenny’s behavior can be absolutely sickening yet people still love him. (,:

honestly, Izuku looks JUST like a combo of Toshi and Inko, which could lead to hilarious ‘people think Toshi is Izuku’s biological dad” shenanigans

like, his hair and Toshi’s are pretty much identical. if someone didn’t know better, one could easily assume it was the exact same texture. except for the bangs, which looks like they’re from Inko.

but Izuku’s color is all Inko. green eyes, and pale skin… that’s alllll Inko.

(which, considering genetics, Izuku having dark hair/eyes makes sense since it’s a dominant gene. there’d be little chance he’d get Toshi’s blonde hair).

plus, Izuku is already several inches taller than his mom, and it doesn’t look like he’s gonna stop anytime soon, considering how young he is. people think he got his slowly growing height from Toshi.

and, while Izuku got a lot of his personality from his mom, it’s obvious he got his recklessness from his dad. not to mention his analytical mind, determination, ideals of heroism, and his quirk.

once the idea that Toshi is Izuku’s dad gets out, no one ever disbelieves it. it just makes too much sense.

however, people do start to wonder where Izuku got his freckles from, since neither Inko or All Might have them. Inko, oblivious to the speculation of her and All Might’s relationship, always replies with “Oh, he got them from his father.”

so people just assume that All Might had freckles in his youth. it’s fairly common for Americans to have freckles, after all, and Toshi has very much an American influence. some even think that he might even have freckles now, but they’re covered up with make up or it’s just hard to see given how emaciated he is.

no one ever thinks that maybe, just maybe, Izuku’s father isn’t actually All Might. it just makes too much sense, after all. 

This blog does not endorse any Presidential candidate, or even the idea of there being Presidential candidates.


On many occasions over the election season I’d been pressed to offer general remarks on the Trump campaign to my academic colleagues, some of whom would be signing off on my dissertation and all of whom understood Trump to be a Voltron made out of Hitlers.  Any such remarks would be politically acceptable by necessity, and then self-respecting if possible.  Here’s what I managed to come up with.

The most useful consequence of the Trump campaign has been precipitation of common knowledge.  The outcry over The Wall, for example, determined definitively that the entire American establishment considers borders to be beyond the pale.  It had privately held this view for quite some time, but always with a degree of plausible deniability.  By publicly departing from this private consensus, Trump dragged it out into daylight.  According to a quorum of the nation’s elite institutions, talking about restriction of movement between borders is now illegitimate.  Don’t let that Overton window hit you on the way out.

Perhaps, by your lights, this is cause for celebration.  If restricting movement between borders is indeed wrong, then so much the better that a major party candidate be vilified by other elites within his own party for proposing it. 

Either way, it seems like the sort of thing we ought to have on the record.  I think that’s something we can all agree on.


I picture Sonic writing the song “Candlelight” (by Relient K) for Amy when they were younger, but now that he’s older he sings it for Aurora like a father-daughter song.

To know her is to love her
I’m goin’ undercover
To catch a glimpse but not get caught

But to see her, could be worse
If I don’t get my head straight first
On second thought I guess I’ll not

She’s almost brighter than the sun
Seems to me to be unfair
When you consider everyone
Who pales when they compare
When they compare

Can’t hold a candle to her
‘Cause all the moths get in the way
And they’ll begin to chew her
Entire attire until it frays

She outshines anyone
Whoever might dare to bask in
The same candlelight

Oh please, don’t seat us in the back
With all the insects and the trash
She is a lady, I’m the tramp

Collecting stares from pairs close by
Then flutters in the butterfly
You just a moth drawn to the lamp

She’s like an ancient artifact
Something you’re lucky to have found
She’ll pinch the nerves in all the necks
When she turns those heads around
Those heads around

Can’t hold a candle to her
'Cause all the moths get in the way
And they’ll begin to chew her
Entire attire until it frays

She outshines anyone
Whoever might dare to bask in
The same candlelight

Who may dare to bask in
The same candlelight ?

She’s almost brighter than the sun
Seems to me to be unfair
When you consider everyone
Who pales when they compare
When they compare

Can’t hold a candle to her
'Cause all the moths get in the way
And they’ll begin to chew her
Entire attire until it frays

She outshines anyone
Whoever might dare to bask in
The same candlelight
In the same candlelight

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so i know the popular ‘delilah is the bastard child of the kaldwin family’ always says and implies that it was jessamines father who conceived her

BUT i was replaying dishonored for the hundredth time i noticed the hearts line that i usually overlook ‘my father had golden hair, my mother hair like ash’. now, i consider the ‘kaldwin look’ to be black hair, dark eyes, pale skin. jessamine has it, emily has it- and delilah has it.

which brings me to what i’m trying to get at- delilah wasn’t jessamines FATHERS bastard, but her mothers. which would indeed still give delilah some form of claim to the throne, but assuming dunwall operates on the standards and rules of most monarchies, not a very strong one. which is probably why she surrounds herself with almost all women, walks around with something so large to prove, and seems so determined to get the throne. the way she sees it, the emperor cheated her out of the throne, and emily, another bastard from an empress, suddenly gets the chance to be on the throne and she doesnt? after being cast out?

im not saying this theory makes the most sense to me, but imo it DEFINITELY does.


The Royal Couple!

Yeah it’s great and all that you wanna give pale idols ‘a chance’ but consider this: none of those paler and fairer idols get half as much shit as idols with darker skin tones. Do you know why we favor idols with darker skin? Because some of us have been there. Some of us have been made fun of, been asked ‘why aren’t you paler?’ 'you’re going to get burnt if you stay out in the sun too long.’ 'you’re too dark!’ We know what that feels like. Lighter skin idols are perfectly fine and left alone! Meanwhile, tanner idols are told to use damaging cream to whiten their skin and have jokes constantly made about them because of their tones. Personally, I want to stand with those idols who have to put up with that bullshit on the regular. It’s not fair to them, and they deserve to be left in peace with their natural skin color just like more fair idols do.

Added opinions on the whitewashing issue from an actual korean person. -pt.3

I have lived in u.s. too and pale skinned people get made fun of too, not only dark skinned people. Girls there wanted tan skin because it was seen as more attractive there than having pale skin. My friend in u.s.used darker foundation to make herself look more tan. People made jokes about my skin saying it looks like a sheet of paper when I first went to school there. (my profile picture…may help you get an idea by that)  According to what I have been experiencing, it’s a beauty standard there in which having darker skin is considered more attractive. 

Whilst @melaninjungkook is stating that pale skin is preferred everywhere. I doubt this a lot. I’ve seen posts that she/he made that seemed like she was trying to prove that i was wrong and it’s been very entertainingly contemptible. Why should I be the one being taught by a person who isn’t even sure of what they are doing? I will not let this pass until you apologize for spreading false information and fix your acts. This could be taken by law for copyright acts of stealing and using photographer’s works without permission and spreading false information via internet. I have your posts screenshotted and in pdf form just in case. I don’t want to go that far. People around me say this really is a serious problem. Although this all started with your love for the our entertainers this is too much. Please stop. I’ll keep track on how you improve. Be careful on what you post here please. It is natural for people wanting to make themselves look better in a certain beauty standard. Its hard to change. 

hello, i saw that you have posted your opinion on my post and I just wanted to say thank you and this was exactly what I was trying to say! If changing your skin a little darker gives you confidence then go for it, people don’t have the right to tell you what to do. Thank you for agreeing with me and reading my VERY long post. It was necessary for international fans to know what a majority of K-fans think after all. I’m glad it helped!!

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Question for Clanice. I noticed you're the only Easterner in all of Xuna's potentials. Does that happen to you a lot? How do you feel about it?

Oh yeah. The moment mom moved us North, I was dealing with being ‘the pale one’ regardless of what social circle I joined. Even now, when Earth is clearly a thing, I’m considered pale! And there are White people on your planet! White people! *Coughs* What I mean to say is, I used to feel a little isolated and generally anxious about it, yeah? But it sort of became this strange brand of apathy after a few years of ‘teasing’. 

Seems to work for me so far, right?!

Flight Nobility Headcanons

Light and Ice flight are the most aristocratic of all flights. As the flights most concerned with history, record-keeping, and preservation, they’re the most likely to revere their old and influential clan lineages, some of which go back to the very first dragons created by their deity. (Technically they all do, but if you didn’t write it down, it doesn’t count. Getting rich afterward also helps.) Light flight in particular keeps detailed genealogies and records of their peerage, and marriages arranged between these two flights to increase family status is common. Ice flight nobility is known for being cold, dignified, and reserved, and pale/cool colors are considered a mark of good breeding since it’s said to represent pure blood from the very first ice colored dragons the Icewarden created. They rule vast, lonely stretches of territory, and according to old customs, travelers passing through will detour to their lair to pay homage and receive hospitality. Light flight nobility consider pale/gold colors a similar mark of good breeding, but are much more social. They often host lavish balls, galas, manuscript viewings, and parties, where the guest lists (and who actually deigns to attend) can be incredibly cut-throat status jockeying. Not being invited to the season’s signature event can ruin a dragon’s reputation, but a deliberate snub from one who was invited and failed to attend can reflect just as badly on a host.

Earth flight should technically be included in this, as they too keep family histories going back centuries, but most of them are just too humble for the snobs of Ice and Light flight to see as worth associating with. They also prefer to relate their ancestry back not to their oldest, richest, and most influential ancestor, but to someone who performed a deed they admire. It’s not unusual to see Earth flight dragons adopt the name of the one who founded the museum they work in, or a mentor, or historical figure, in addition to their own, particularly if they hope to follow in their footsteps. Archaeologists uncovering tombs or ancient civilizations will occasionally choose to show their respect for the former inhabitants by taking their name, especially if this was the dig that made their career. However, it’s rarely done, because if they take their name not out of respect but as a brag, that’s a fast way to get cursed or haunted.

Shadow flight is full of royalty. They love tricks and intrigue, and they love to win, and what are power and titles but yet another marker on the gameboard? Any clan leader can declare themselves royalty without challenge, and set up their court, be they never so base. The challenge is not in the claiming, but in the keeping. Shadow courts are full of backstabbing, gossip, spying, plotting, and power grabs, some for the sake of fun, some in deadly earnest. They are rackscrabble, ostentatious things, all smoke and mirrors, black velvet drapes and raven wings turning a chair into a throne, laughing behind their paws at the knowledge of what a joke it all is to pretend themselves lords and ladies. Most of them have the time of their lives playing at being royalty and nobles like a massive game of chess, knowing it means both everything and nothing. It pisses Light the hell off to have all these jokers making a mockery of their very serious lineages, which is probably part of why they keep doing it.

Plague flight cares little for nobility or royalty. The strong will persist, the weak will fail. A warrior might add the name of a particularly strong or respected foe they slay to their own, to take on their strength and courage. And yet, there are whispers, of warrior kings and necromancer empresses, who rule vast kingdoms of both the living and dead, from atop ziggurats built of bone, made ever more powerful by living sacrifices. There are tales of the times when their armies swept across Sornieth, slaying and devouring all in their path, seeking to build an empire of blood. There is a reason the Gladekeeper wars so fervently with her sister, more so than old rivalries. Nothing slain in Nature’s domain can rise again; it rots and is devoured, and its bones lie unmoving. It would be best, if Plague’s denizens continued to care little for royalty.

Wind flight sees the occasional emperor, dignified in silk and jade, whose lineage is as ancient and pure as any Light dragon might claim, in whose veins runs aether and breeze. They are not widely known of outside the flight, keeping exclusively to their palaces. Their lives are bound around by strict tradition and ritual, by rules as old as their land. They are not public figures to be petitioned and admired by the masses, but dragons of great import, whom a subject might see once in their lifetime, from a lofty distance, and count themselves blessed. It is death for a dragon who has not been given dispensation to touch them, and the family lineages of their servants are often almost as old as they are, generations born with blood sanctified not to defile their palace or person. They are the stability, the anchors, the writ and rule, the hand that holds a free-flying kite’s strings while it soars and flutters. As Wind’s emperors tend to live in unchanging isolation, letting the years outside pass them by unchanging, many view them as only an old myth now.

Lightning does not give two shits about whether a dragon is nobility or not. The true rulers there are barons and bosses, self-made titans of industry who run Lightning’s electricity farms, factories, railways, or assembly lines, commanding a veritable army of workers. The older nobility wishes they could snub them, but the wealth and influence they’ve made for themselves, the fast-paced parties and the glittering luxuries and conveniences they produce, are impossible to ignore, despite their sniffs about “young money” and “not our sort.”

Nature flight has had their kings. They are feasted and pampered, garbed in crowns of leaves and oaken scepters, kept in luxury. Beautiful consorts, the finest of food, the richest of furs to line their bower, all is theirs for the asking. Until the winter comes long with no promise of spring, until the harvest fails, until the blood moon shines and the omens line up. Then comes the stone altar and the knife, and royal blood shed to serve their subjects in the most great and final of sacrifices. When Nature gives, she is bountiful and generous, but what she takes is gone for good. And the spring comes again, the harvest flourishes, and soon, a new king is born.  

Water flight reveres its seers above all else, and it is their lineage that marks a dragon as such. Water dragons take as their family name that of the greatest seer they are related to, and as such they may change when a new one rises to prominence. This makes name and rank an intricate and changeable dance beneath the Sea of a Thousand Currents. Some dragons of the same family, particular older ones, would rather continue to call themselves by the name of an older, or long dead, seer whom they believe is greater than one with a newly risen star. This can lead to bitter disputes, and entire branches of families going by separate names, refusing to speak to or acknowledge each other. (Water flight has many great plays that hinge upon such separation among families. Water flight’s literary aesthetic is basically a mix of southern Gothic and Shakespearean tragedy.) However, above the surface, Water dragons who have left those halls behind likewise throw over the tradition. Where pirate kings rule, water dragons identify themselves by the name of their captain, introducing themselves by name and “of so-and-so’s crew.” Usually right before they start a tavern brawl.

Arcane flight is a mageocracy, and that goes about exactly as well as you’d expect in a region where pretty much everyone uses magic. Most of them are too busy trying to take the world apart to see what happens to listen to anyone trying to give them orders. However, unfortunately often, one of them starts gibbering in tongues and telling everyone about their magnificent plans to create a vast magical rift in the fabric of reality, which shall usher forth wonders and abominations into this plane such as you lowly wretches have never dreamt of, and everyone goes “yeah that sounds cool, let’s do it.” This also goes about as well as you’d expect.

Fire flight measures the worth of their clans in wealth. The oldest and most influential clans tend to be the ones whose territories contain large and rich mines. Whether they yield ore or gems, they will bring the family great wealth and prestige, provided they are cleverly managed. The mines are named after the families who own them, and to speak about one is to speak about the other, as their fortunes go in tandem. When a mine fails, the family who owns it often will too, unless they’ve managed their fortunes and lands wisely. Fire flight nobility are the envy of others, because they tend to be overwhelmingly more wealthy than any other flight, and able to show it off with dozens of elaborate pieces of jewelry, wrought from ores and gems from the mines on their territory. They often boast fine silks, adoring courtesans, and elaborately decorated lairs, that some would jealously dismiss as ostentatious.

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Man, beauty standards suck so badly. But the thing is, they're different everywhere. I was born pale as a ghost, and i was bullied really badly because i was pale. My own family told me to get a tan when i was 7 years old because they thought i looked "sick". Even now when i'm a teenager, i still get people telling me that i look too pale, and that i should consider getting a tan. It's interesting how something so desired in one country, can be so looked down upon in another.

i really agree ;-; the beauty standards where i live are soooo different to india’s and it’s very hard because when i see family from india they critique me for not fitting their standards yet here i’m considered okay? regardless, i’ve just come to terms with the fact i’m me and that’s that!!!