is this confident

  • MC: jin, if you were a girl, who would you date in bts and why ?
  • Jin: <i>*blinks*</i>
  • MC:
  • Jin:
  • MC:
  • Jin: myself
  • MC:
  • Jin:
  • Mc: uh why is that
  • Jin:
  • MC:
  • Jin: because you need more people like me if i date myself i'll marry myself and reproduce myself
  • Yoongi: <i>*whispers to namjoon*</i> it's the apocalypse

If you want to start new this school year, do it. Get a new nickname, wear different clothes, hang out with new people that build you up, Wear makeup or don’t, have 3 aesthetics in the same week. Be unapologetically yourself. If anyone asks just say you’re trying something new. Or don’t explain yourself at all. Be the person you’ve always wanted to be even if you have to fake it at first.


I have school fees coming up so I wanted to try opening commissions!


  • Standard Edit: $8 (Examples: x, xx, x)
  • Edit with Color Change: $10 (Examples: x, x, x)
  • Multi-step Graphic: $15 (Examples: x, x, x)
  • Adding animation/gif elements: +$2 (Examples: x, xx, x)
  • Substantial painting: +$2-$4 (Examples: x, x, x)
  • Gifs: $4 each, $3/each for 3+ (Examples: x, x, x)

Check out my edit tag for all of my work!


  • No N/SFW.
  • Payments will be made through Paypal.
  • PNGs only! JPEGs are messy to work with.
  • For gifs, you can send me a video (preferably MP4) or I can take it myself as long as I have an alt on your server or character creation is open! 
  • Note: I don’t have much experience editing long hair. If I feel like I can’t do it, I’ll have to politely decline.

I’ll open 5 slots for now and adjust as I’m comfortable! 

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Tifp because I deleted my old text conversations with some toxic people. I'm ready to focus on me and the relationships that make me feel good.

That’s ALL that’s important! You never need that toxicity in your life xx

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for munday, some of my fav selfies over the past year !!
i’m the blue haired nonbinary u need to be scared of bitch
been feeling a lot more confident recently so <3
female or neutral pronouns as always


@chocokidda But, like, actually that’s what happened XD

Keep the ball rollin dude