is this celia

fic: hotline

pairing: jenny/fem!giles (femslash calendiles)
words: ~650
summary: willow wakes jenny up with a question.
a/n: it’s @jenny-calendar‘s birthday!! lov u celia!!! <3 this one’s for u.

It’s one AM when Jenny picks up the phone to hear Willow’s far-too-lively voice blurt out a very strange question.

“Sorry?” Jenny says, rolling over to poke Gil with concern in her eyes. “It’s Willow,” she mouths. “Must be important.”

“Um,” Willow says on the other end. She seems to be losing whatever courage she’d had. “If… um. If I’m staring at her mouth all the time… will she notice? I mean… I don’t! I don’t stare, right? But sometimes I can’t help it. Looking, I mean. She has a nice mouth. And—and you always look down at Gil’s mouth before you go to kiss her, so—will she think I want to kiss her?”

“Gil?” Jenny asks, dumbfounded.

“What?” Willow says. “Oh! No! No, no, not—I meant Buffy.”


“Oh,” Jenny says, relieved. “Right. I kinda just woke up.”

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This is the absolute silliest thing, but recently a bunch of MICA friends and I started playing Dungeons & Dragons! We just finished our starter quest, in which we learned the hard way that one cannot stop an impending alien invasion through the power of partying. 

Characters are, clockwise from top left: @connor-draws‘s human ranger Bobby Bryce, @mollystanard‘s thief bird-person Chuck, my human cleric Beorhtsige aka “Beebo,” @maxvelocity‘s half-elf bard Banjo Harmonica, and @sterlingsundries‘s gnome barbarian Elbo. Our DM is @sterlingsundries’s boyfriend, Colin. Attire is a modern AU, because I still don’t actually know what everyone’s go-to getup is, and I wanted to draw my character in an ironic t-shirt. Though he’s wearing it unironically.