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GOD DAMN THESE VAMPIRES // a playlist for Father Donald Callahan

     "To hell with your heathen feather and to hell with your cowardly counsel,“ Pere Callahan said. He walked down the center aisle, stepping with the grim gait of arthritis. He wasn’t as old as the Manni elder, nor nearly so old as Tian’s Gran-pere (who claimed to be the oldest person not only here but in Calla Lockwood to the south), and yet he seemed somehow older than both. Older than the ages. Some of this no doubt had to do with the haunted eyes that looked out at the world from below the scar on his forehead (Zalia claimed it had been self-inflicted). More had to do with the sound of him. Although he had been here enough years to build his strange Man Jesus church and convert half the Calla to his way of spiritual thinking, not even a stranger would have been fooled into believing Pere Callahan was from here. His alienness was in his flat and nasal speech and in the often obscure slang he used ("street-jive,” he called it). He had undoubtedly come from one of those other worlds the Manni were always babbling about, although he never spoke of it and Calla Bryn Sturgis was now his home. He had the sort of dry and unquestionable authority that made it difficult to dispute his right to speak, with or without the feather.

     Younger than Tian’s Gran-pere he might be, but Pere Callahan was still the Old Fella.

The ‘Lot

The Highways in Hiding

The Path of the Beam


On 26 June, 1995, a car accident in Greensville County, Virginia, took the life of a man by the name of Michael Eric Hager, but it also took the life of a young hitch-hiker who was in the passenger seat. The man had no identification on him but he was wearing a Grateful Dead Anniversary Tour T-Shirt and had a ticket from a recent Grateful Dead concert in his pocket. Because of this, he became known as “Grateful Doe”. In his pocket he also had a note from two women who addressed him by “Jason”. Regardless of knowing his first  name, his identify remained unknown until January, 2015, when somebody saw his composite sketch and thought he bore a striking resemblance to an old acquaintance who was a Grateful Dead fan by the name of Jason Patrick Callahan. His mother was traced to South Carolina and when questioned, she confirmed that she hadn’t spoken to her son since 1995 and never reported him missing because of his transient lifestyle. DNA testing is currently underway, and as you can tell from the image above, the resemblance is uncanny.

UPDATE: On 9 December, 2015, Grateful Doe was successfully identified as Jason Patrick Callahan.
CM Incorrect Quote #24

Penelope: Does your period ever come late and you start to wonder if your pregnant despite the fact the most intimate thing you’ve ever done is shake hands?

Derek: Do girls really think that?

Emily: Yes

JJ: Yes

Tara: Yes

Spencer: Yes

Kate: That whole Mary thing freaked us out, to be honest…

Penelope: Amen.