is this better quality


GUYS this guy uploaded the performance in 1080p and the audio and visual quality is 10x better go check it out x

Ok I wasn’t going to make a post out of this but that glorious fic thread that @fireflyfish started has changed my mind, so here’s the WIP (only flat colours so far) of the Space Pirate Kenobi Wanted Poster for your enjoyment! (List of outrageous crimes to come later obv!)

@lurkingcrow @forcearama @albaparthenicevelut @bodirooks (and everyone else I’ve inevitably forgotten to tag)

PS this might look terrible on a big computer screen as I re-saved it off my phone, so apologies if it’s poor quality! Better to view on mobile 😉

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do you have a favorite weapon?

“As much as people expect me to pick the Master Sword, it unfortunately isn’t the case for being my favorite. I got pretty rusty after my beauty sleep lasting a century, mind you. Plus, it has limits on how much I hit or swing it; it actually loses a lot of energy and I can’t use it for a undetermined time. So it’s not so useful when I have a swarm of monsters after me. I’m at least grateful it doesn’t break.”

“On the other hand! I’d say that my current favorite weapon is the bow! Despite the fact that it breaks, I get to find better quality of these brands, plus it helps me attack from long range and hunt in the wilderness. It was much easier for me to pick the habit, since I rarely used it back then. My preferences might change though, so we’ll see in the future.”

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If you set up a Miiverse account you can take ACNL screenies using the method at ellesanimalhaven - post/142521418678, which always works for me and results in better quality screenshots too. Plus, you can get the bottom screen in case you needed/wanted a picture of your map.

check THIS out holy jeez infinite thanks! 😍

the industry is taking so many young amazing new models for granted when will they get the creative shoots they deserve!!!! stop using plain ass backgrounds the only difference b/w some of these editorials and random fast fashion websites is better lighting and higher quality clothes.