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It’s so hard to understand what traveling does to your brain unless you’ve done it. It’s like a drug that completely opens your mind. You become addicted to the feeling of change and leaving your comfort zone. You learn so many new things about yourself and most importantly you become so aware of the beautiful and breathtaking world around you.

What if… One day… You realized that you just weren’t meant to be a fighter. Yet the only thing people ever said… was that you were born into a family of the royal guard, and so no matter what you thought, you had to become a knight. If that was the only thing you were ever told… I wonder, then… would you have chosen a different path ?

Studying Something Difficult

 اللَّهُمَّ لاَ سَهْلاً إِلّاَ مَا جَعَلّتَهٌ سَهْلاً وَأَنّتَ تَجّعَلَ الحَزَنَ إِذَا شِئتَ سَهْلاً

From Anas that The Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) said:

‘O Allaah there is nothing that is easy except that You made it easy, and You can make this difficulty easy if You so wish to’

Allaahumma la sahala illa ma ja’alta sahlan wa anta taj’all al-huzna itha shitta sahlan

Collected by Ibn Hibban in ‘Saheeh’, Ibn Sunni, and ad-Deeya in ‘al-Mukhtar’ and shaykh Albani declared it Saheeh upon the conditions of Muslim.

[Taken from ‘Silsilah Ahadeeth As-Saheehah’ vol.6 hadeeth nos. 2886 p.902]

By the Muhaddith, Shaykh, Allamaa’ Muhammad Nasir uddeen al-Albaani
Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya

The many faces of Lawless in volume 7

A.k.a. Lawless in despair became the perfect thing for me to stress-draw xD I’m getting more inactive lately and this will probably continue because of school orz.

Sorry to make some of you worry, though ^^;; I’d be lying if I’m feeling good but worry not, I have no plans on dying any time soon (not when Servamp Quest is becoming a real thing and I still haven’t got any of Chiaki’s 5*) lololol xD

I’d still probably post trashy drawings, but yeah. Wish me luck on not falling into temptation and spend 12 hours doing nothing but procrastinating again xD

P.S. I drew these using a coloring pen, so there are still some obvious mistakes, but hey! Finding mistakes is another way of learning, right? :D

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griffin mentioned once that a lot of his arcs are based off of/inspired by things that he really likes (example: petals to the metal was based off fast&furious). i started my campaign by picking my favorite movie, dumbing down the main problem&and solution, and then fantasy-ing it. so if you do an arc or something by the book, let it evolve on its own and see how your players take it, from there you can take stuff you&them like and add it and change it and let it become it's own thing

thanks! that helps a lot :)


One Direction as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (insp.)

↳ (4/5) Harry as Donatello

“The purple turtle. He is shown as the smartest and second-in-command of the four turtles. He has a taller, leaner appearance than his brothers. He is intelligent, calm, measured, good with his hands, and very introspective, frequently becoming pensive over things he doesn’t understand. He is the most serious, one of the calmest along with Leonardo, and a genius who invents many of the turtles vehicles and equipment. Despite Leonardo being the official leader of the team, it is Donatello who comes up with most of the plans and solutions to the turtles predicaments. He also displays closeness with Michelangelo. Donatello is generally well liked by all of his brothers, never engaging in major confrontations with them. He will defend his brothers at any cost. ”

If we’ve truly died with Christ then let old things pass away so all things can become new. Stop breathing life into something that’s supposed to be dead and give yourself to Him.

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I think the real question is what’s wrong with YOU.

We aren’t saying they are going to be a thing.
I’m writing FICTION.
Get over it.

We are just having fun.

So take your negativity elsewhere.
I don’t know why you bothered wasting time sending this.
Go find a better hobby, anon.


“if you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it” is fucking me up so much?? tony is giving his superson life tips based on his own experiences oh my god i love this so much,,if there’s absolutely nothing else going on in your life that you’re invested in and there’s nothing else you feel like you can define yourself as outside of this highly specific potentially life-threatening thing that can and will become an obsession and Fuck Up Your Situation then you’re in dangerous territory,,,big man in a suit of armour,,take that off, what are you?

But can you guys imagine?

If Mon-El had been taken back to his planet as a prisoner with his parents and just lived his life out under their rule in quiet desperation but thinking every day about all of the things that he shared with Kara and missing her and hoping that she was safe and happy on Earth? But then one day his parents die and he finally becomes king and over time he does all of the things for his people that she inspired him to do just by knowing her and helps his people elect a wise and good leader and he hands over the reigns for them to rule themselves justly? So then he decides to travel back to Earth, decades later, to see if she is still there and okay and it turns out that she is and she still loves him too… she has carried him with her the whole time just as he has her and they are reunited and it is like they were never apart except that the fire between them burns even brighter and stronger.And they become heroes together and spend their free time catching up on all of the movies that he missed while he was gone and eating ice cream and telling each other stories of their lives while they were apart until they fall asleep and wake up together every morning.

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New trailer

In the first part, barry Travled to star labs in the future. Star labs in rundown, and complete destroyed. as in its horrible. I think that the future barry is very rundown, because in the trailer, you can see iris hand grazing the wall. I think that she might be haunting him in his mind in the future, and that is what caused him to go nuts. Became her hand looks…. deadly ish, so she must be haunting him, some how . Caitlin, she is killer frost.  only one who really makes it is cisco Joe might become addict like flashpoint. Maybe the whole thing is a  mix of flashpoint. So…

On Colors, Quizzes, and Compromises.

Hello, everyone. It’s me again. Your friendly neighborhood Magus.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may be familiar with what has become my biggest regret on this site. This thing right here. When I first set this thing, @flavoracle told me it’d be a better idea to make it multiple choice, so I could better manage it. I declined. When the first answers came in, I was pumped. The first one I made, I put a lot of effort in it: I made up a way to count points for each colors and ended up writing several lines pointing out the specifics of most answers and what other traits they could hint at. I kept this up for a little, but, unfortunately, I burnt out relatively quickly.

I think about this damn quiz a lot. A lot more than you’d think. I am ashamed that I let my Red side take full control once again and steer me into this direction. I’ve had friends, especially @tarmoboyf, offer to give me a hand, but I stubbornly refused.

A lot of time has gone by, and a few more people have taken the quiz. I am currently keeping approximately 30 people waiting, and there may be more in the future.

So, here’s my proposal to you all who have taken my quiz: would you be on board with me giving you a color combination and then a very, very brief explanation on why that is? Like a “well, here you said this, that’s green because X”, for example. It’d be much shorter than what I’ve done so far, basically.

Again, I want to apologize, both for my mistake and for how I handled the situation. Those that came before you will have received a more in detail answer, but I really don’t have it in me to replicate that 30 more times.

Magus out.

Tagging everyone who took the quiz: @abzan-adherent @tslims @viridian-sun @cookiesversuscream @morkaischosen @mitlamit @thewickedbohemian @goblintinkering @solemnly-mystifying @jenna128 @ciaphasdaemos @flooferbootles @devilman777nosebleed @punnistrad @dragonfanatic @chelsea-beleren-vess @mealstromwalker @gladosknightandthepips @firebvll @probablywitchcraft @sacraliel @stenmarkii @flowingblades @audeiter @sorin-memekov @genji-liberated @whiteduck6 @nayr1230 @ajohnnygoldmain @storm-harnesser @985374

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And one thing. I'm a superc//rp trash but gosh that scene gave me so many feels. First Chris was marvelous in the Phantom Zone scene, was like oh no gosh don't do this to them. And Melissa in the end I was okay I'm done. I loathed him in the beginning but now I just want to protect him? I feel torn

Mon-El has become an incredible selfless courageous man and the best thing about it is to see how amazing that process was for him. You can’t help but be proud of how much he has evolved. So just give in, love! We’ll welcome you in the fandom with open arms!! And you can always keep shipping your ship but root for Mon-El at the same time. One thing doesn’t invalidate the other ;)

And yes, Melissa is such an underrated actress. Her emotional scenes are super powerful, no pun intended.