is this because i'm a lesbian

a TBT and represenation tangent

So…I can’t help myself from jumping on posts where people are either just rolling their eyes at why people are annoyed wlw aren’t supporting (not just through watching) The Bold Type or jumping in when people are misreading why there’s even a debate or conversation of why this show is important.

And I’m sorry I’m doing that, because I’m sure I come across as self-righteous and passive aggressive.  So right off the bat I want to apologize for my high horse. 
I also want to point out that I am a Licensed Social Worker, I have a master’s degre (and I am also a shameless fangirl who acts like I’m a teenager). You’re not interacting with a freshmen in high school who is claiming “that’s racist”.  You are interacting with an adult who interacts with systems of racism, poverty, mental health, stigmas, and real life shit every day.  
It’s a fucking TV show…so grand scheme…WHATEVER. Don’t watch it.  Don’t support it.  Do whatever you need to do.  I don’t actually care.

What I do want to point out though is that the criticism and the back and forth is REAL and it’s happening in (as Adena used the phrase) “today’s America” where real life racism and prejudice and lack of representation is being noticed and Black Lives Matter. And Trans Lives Aren’t a Burden.  And there is a real life BAN on Muslims entering the United States. 
So a show that is depicting a lesbian Muslim IS A BIG DEAL.  And so when someone says “the lack of support is annoying and telling” don’t get all defensive about it…but listen to your fellow human being who you don’t know their religion or the color of their skin behind that screen, because maybe that representation is all that is getting them through the week. Because their story is finally being told. And maybe they have some internalized racism their dealing with that every single time they get representation thrown their way the person gets killed or the show gets cancelled, and they’re just hoping for something different.

Just like how when Ellen came out was a huge thing for white women in the 90s. And seeing Santana come out on Glee was a huge thing for Latina women. And seeing Callie on Grey’s be out as a bisexual doctor was a big deal. And seeing Laverne Cox be a proud trans woman who is flawed is a big deal. 
Adena being a proud Muslim lesbian is a big deal. And watching Kat really try to navigate this new attraction is a big deal.

Like I said…watch it…don’t watch it…bitch about it….cheer when it gets cancelled…help support it…WHATEVER. I don’t care. But please don’t downplay that the representation is important and matters.  Television does not happen in a vacuum.  These things are really important in terms of how people perceive themselves and their own stereotypes and prejudices and what they teach the average person about understanding people that are different then them.

lol @ past me, remember when you were confused because girls were (are) so attractive, you’re actually attracted to more girls than boys? and when your friends ask if you’re lesbian, you denied because? you have a massive crush on this one boy? how is that gay? well honey, bisexuality is a thing.

  • me a lesbian: haha lesbians get married so fast!
  • the ghost of Virginia Woolf that lives in my head: because of the epidemic of lesbian separatism women who find an earnest connection with one another may seem to an outsider "moving too fast" when in fact they are so euphoric about making a connection that they funnel more love in passion into a month than straight relationships plug into a year
  • me: I'm literally smoking a joint can you let me fucking live

Ummmm so can we talk about how important it is to reassure young girls everywhere that developing feelings for your girl best friend isn’t wrong or voyeuristic. It’s normal. It’s fine. You’re not dirty and you shouldn’t feel guilt.

i love seeing young lesbians.

lesbians who are 13, 14, 15, etc. i love seeing them be so sure of themselves, knowing who they are and who they love. it’s so hard to figure that out when you’re young, especially being surrounded by so much heteronormativity and the world telling you that being a lesbian is wrong or too sexual for kids. i had so much trouble finding out who i was at that age. i’m so proud of them.

if you’re a young lesbian, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too young to know or that you can’t be because being a lesbian is inherently sexual. it’s not.

  • Starting at a young age
  • I was taught
  • "Find a decent boy to marry. Settle down. Have kids."
  • Starting at a young age
  • I was taught
  • To follow the majority.
  • "Dresses are for girls, boys like the dirt."
  • "Honey, you can't wear that. It's a boys shirt."
  • Starting at a young age
  • I was taught
  • To show enough skin
  • But if you get assaulted,
  • It's your own fault.
  • So you have to find the right-
  • "Dresses are for girls, boys like the dirt."
  • "Honey, you can't wear that. It's a boys shirt."
  • Starting at a young age
  • I was taught
  • Girls only love boys
  • Boys can only love girls.
  • But there are boys holding hands
  • And I love the girl wearing-
  • "Dresses are for girls, boys like the dirt."
  • "Honey, you can't wear that. It's a boys shirt."
  • I want to hold her hand in public
  • I want to kiss her lips
  • But according to you,
  • Homosexuality is a sin.
  • They support who you are,
  • Until who you are isn't who they want you to be.
  • Your gender roles are irrelevant,
  • Because there are boys wearing-
  • "Dresses are for girls, boys like the dirt."
  • "Honey, you can't wear that. It's a boys shirt."
  • You say girls do this
  • And boys do that
  • But I guess it doesn't apply to me
  • Because I'm neither.
  • You'll call me your daughter,
  • But drive me to hate myself
  • But it doesn't matter
  • You can bury me in all those fucking-
  • "Dresses are for girls, boys like the dirt."
  • "Honey, you can't wear that. It's a boys shirt."

Anyway a straight told me today that polyamory and bisexuality are the same thing and disgusting lmao.
They didn’t know the word polyamory but they said it’s disgusting and shouldn’t ever be allowed


My dear lesbian activity fans. If you are thirsty for more queer material, please go and check this comedy web series called GAL PALS. It’s a small but entertained funny series. The main characters are Bee (sexy, cute, charming) a girl openly gay, and Dylan (pretty, friendly, flirty) straight girl. I really got onto that ship, definitely I’m rooting for #Beelan.

Give it a chance, you can watch the whole season in less than an hour. Let’s support lesbians series makers. Here is Episode 1. You can follow on @galpalsseries.  Enjoy!


to all my lovely and wonderful wlw who are struggling to love and accept themselves (like me):

  • no, you are not “too ugly” for women to love you
  • no, you are not “faking it” or “doing it for attention
  • no, you are not gross, wrong, or disgusting
  • yes, you are deserving of a wonderful relationship with a woman should you want one
  • yes, you are radiant and beautiful
  • yes, you are allowed to be proud of who you are
  • no, you do not need to feel all of this immediately, at once, or quickly. take your time learning to love yourself, because you deserve it.

happy pride my friends 💕

i love harry potter discourse. and like,, making the characters less white cishet like harry ?? he’s a bisexual desi boy with confirmed  ptsd, ron?? he’s an ftm straight boy. hermione? she’s black,, and minerva definitely now has asian heritage, born in scotland, and was in a relationship with a man when she was younger because she had to but now an out and comfortable lesbian, remus and sirius??? husbands. i … could go on and on