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135 malec if you can plss 💕

135. “Please, take me instead!”

Jace knocks on Alec’s office door, eyes still on the papers in his hand as he slowly opens it and says, “Alec, come on, the jewellery store closes s-”

He’s interrupted by a loud sound of someone clearing their throat, and Jace looks up, immediately realising his mistake. Alec is leaning against his desk, eyes wide and panicked as he looks at Jace, and Magnus is there, his gaze more curious than anything, a smile on his face.

“Jewellery store?“ Magnus asks, looking over at Alec, who stammers out a few incoherent words, and then Jace says, “Yeah, I just wanted to ask Alec is he would come with me to pick out a gift for Maia.“

Alec’s whole body relaxes, a thankful smile on his face, while Magnus only grins wider.

“Please, take me instead,“ he says, obviously excited. “Or at least let me come with you-“

“No,“ Jace burst out, a bit too hastily, but before the situation grows too awkward, Alec jumps in. 

“Didn’t you say you were meeting Luke for dinner?“ Alec asks. “This may take a while and Jace wants to give it to Maia tonight.“

Jace just nods, keeps nodding as Magnus eyes both of them for a few moments, but then just lets out a breath, nodding.

“Okay then, but send me a photo of what you pick out,“ Magnus says and smiles, leaning in to kiss Alec briefly.

“I’ll see you at home tonight,“ Magnus says. “I love you.“

“I love you, too,“ Alec responds, a wide smile spreading across his face. Magnus exchanges a goodbye with Jace before leaving the office. It’s quiet for a few moments until Jace is sure Magnus can’t hear them.

“That was close,“ he says then. Alec nods as he quickly gathers his things. When he’s done, he and Jace leave the office, and a few steps into the hallway Jace stops, turning to his brother.

“I’m really happy for you, Alec,“ Jace says. “I can’t believe you’re getting married!“

Alec smiles, bright and happy, his eyes lighting up, and when the light blush on his cheeks appears, it completes the look on Alec’s face Jace has named the Magnus look. Happy, content and so in love.

“I haven’t even asked him yet,“ Alec says, and while he’s still smiling, there is a quiet anxiety in his voice.

“Like there’s any chance he won’t say yes,“ Jace scoffs, smiling at his brother. “Now, come on, that engagement ring isn’t going to buy itself.“

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Okay but what about when Robert gets his memories BACK?

continuation of this ficlet

Aaron hears the diagnosis with puffy eyes and a throbbing headache. The doctors use words he has never heard before and he simply nods and wrings his hands, numb to everything but pain. 

“Keep in mind that he may well still get his memories back. He’s confused, he’s been in a terrible accident, but things may change. Don’t lose hope,” she says, closing the folder and smiling at him. 

“Yet,” Aaron concludes and her smile falters. 

“I know it’s hard, but even if he doesn’t remember you, he will need support.” 

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Woke Up Alone;Haechan

Genre: huge angst (im ready to make some people cry im sorry)

Request: @hqleetaeyong my babe requested this a month back for an angst haechan scenario so here it is skdmdn

A/N: i spent so much time on this omg dont kill me after yall read this please

*Warnings: de*th/depression

Word Count: 2,481


Nothing seemed to be going your way anymore-you were flunking all your class assignments and tests despite your constant efforts to revise and study, and all because of a small misunderstanding, your friends had turned their back on you.

The people you once could lean on and gain support from, were now gone.

The digits on the weighing scale added more salt to the wound, constantly reminding you of how you weren’t as slim as the people around you, and that you had lost many you once thought were worthy because of this small matter.

Nobody seemed to understand you. Once you thought everything was going well, it all fell apart again, leaving you at your most vulnerable.

You needed someone to hold you in their arms, remind you that you were loved and appreciated. And most importantly, you wanted someone who could give you love and comfort.

But you didn’t have anyone.

You couldn’t even trust yourself anymore.

You hated yourself more than anyone could ever.

You blamed yourself for everything that had happened.

You were completely alone.

But yet at the end of every day you found yourself lying on your bed, all curled up in the warmth of your own arms, thoughts running deeply in your mind. All you could do to make everything better was to assure yourself that it’ll get better.

At the end of the day, you could depend on no one else but yourself-

-as much as you hated it.


His face was etched vividly at the back of your mind, and you couldn’t help but think about him for the fifth time that day. His small and shy smile and laughter replayed in your head as you remembered how he reached out his hand excitedly to shake yours, then slightly bowing as he flashed you his bright smile again, his eyes forming into the shape of crescent moons.

Just this itself could make you smile, the first time you ever did genuinely in a few weeks.

“My name’s Haechan! I’m looking forward to working with you all hehe”

You remembered how he said that sentence in an excited tone, and behind his voice it was as though you could feel a small boy jumping inside of him, ready to fill your days with laughter and joy.

You found yourself smiling once again, before you snapped out of your trance as you catched a glimpse of yourself in the mirror seating by the bedside.

How long has it been since you last smiled like that?

How could a boy you just met today make you feel so happy and contented?

The next morning, you were more than excited to head of to the cafe for work- for the first time ever.

The lady dressed in full black, your boss, looked at you shock as soon as she saw you enter the cafe, then squinting her eyes, “Why are you here so early today, Miss Y/N, i thought you dreaded work? Is something up?”

You let out a small laugh before shaking your head, placing your bag in the usual spot in the staff room, “No, i just.. felt good today”

Your boss gave you a comforting smile, then pat your back, “I was joking. I’m glad that you are, i told you working in a cafe could help clear your mind hm?”

You smiled back at her. You were thankful and grateful for her care and concern towards you, and you only had her to thank for making you feel much better than you were a few weeks back.

She had noticed you completing blanking out in a bookshop near your house, and immediately asked if you were okay. Finally having someone to even worry over you, you couldn’t help but break down in front of her, a complete stranger at that time, and letting everything out that you had been holding in forever.

She completely understood, and promised to help you out. Which was why you were currently able to work as a barista in her small cafe, after she offered that it may help you get your mind off things a little.

And it did.

You put on your apron swiftly, then started to set everything up, preparing the cups and ingredients needed.

Not long after the door to the cafe opened once again, and you were met with the eyes of the one you had been thinking of the whole night.

His soft brown hair was slightly covering his eyes, and his dark brown skin seemed to glow under the sun. He caught eye contact with you and bowed slightly, the sides of his cheeks raising up, his eyes turning into thin lines again.

You returned a shy smile, eyes unable to leave him.

Your eyes followed him as he made his way to the staff room, then to the empty spot right beside you.

“Y/N? Good morning!” he waved his hands in front of your face, followed by a small giggle.

You stuttered a little, “H-Hi, good morning” before giving a small awkward wave back, causing him to laugh.

He shook his head then smiled to himself, “You’re so cute”

His words hit you all of a sudden, and you felt a tingling feeling throughout your whole body. Your cheeks started to burn as you tried quickly looked away from him, “o-oh.. am i?”

You closed your eyes and mentally slapped yourself for the words that just came out from your mouth.

Surprisingly, Haechan nodded his head, then held out a thumbs up in front of you, saying even louder to you, “Yes you are”

Naturally, your lips started to curl up as his words replayed in your mind over and over again, your heart quickening its pace every single time.

He was special, how could someone you only just met made you this happy?


“Y/N!!!!! I got us some chicken, open your door and stop sleeping you pig” Haechan’s loud voice rang through your whole apartment, as his fingers repeated pressed the doorbell.

You peered your head out of your room, eyes squinting at the bright light from the door, then letting out a groan and laying back in bed, “Just open it, it’s not locked”

You heard shuffling from the outside as you closed your eyes again, hoping that you could get back some of the sleep you lost due to Haechan’s shouting.

However, his voice rang loudly again, “Do you not know how dangerous it is to not lock your door i cant believe you did that, what if something happened to you?”

Haechan nagged at you as he shook your legs lightly, trying to wake you up.

But seeing that you had no reaction at all to his doings, he jumped right on the bed beside you, then attacking you with tickles, causing you to scream and laugh out loud.

After a few minutes of the ‘wrestling’, Haechan hit your arm lightly, slightly out of breath, then nagging at you once again with his now obvious irritated voice, “Wake up now please”

You turned to face him abrutly at his words, your smile slowly fading away into an expression of admiration as he was only an inch away from you.

5 months of friendship but you all had never been this close.

It made your heart race.

And there was a moment of silence

You saw Haechan gasped a little, his eyes falling from your eyes to your lips, his cheeks turning into a light pink as he got up quickly.

His voice softened as soon as his eyes met your gaze.

“C-Come out, let’s eat the chicken before it gets cold.”

You shook your head and covered your face to forget everything that had happened, but your heart wasn’t cooperating.

It was beating really quickly, and loudly.

Does he know i like him?

Does he like me too?


His arms were around your shoulders, your head on his chest. His soft and warm voice acting as a lullaby as he sang you a short tune. He was caressing your hair lightly, both of your breathings together as one.

“It’ll be fine, don’t worry” Haechan said those words to you for the third time that night, attempting to make you feel better after you started breaking down suddenly after being not able to sleep.

And you blame overthinking for it-your thoughts got the better of you again and you just started thinking of every single negative thing that had ever occurred to you.

Next thing you know, Haechan has rushed right over to your house immediately after getting your call, despite it being at a late 2AM.

You nodded your head at his words, wiping your tears once more, snuggling deeper into his chest as you wrapped your arms around his torso.

Someone was finally there for you when you needed it.

He made you feel appreciated and cared for, and you couldn’t thank him enough for that.

You felt comfortable in his arms, against his body.

His arms never left you once that night and you felt secure, and safe.

Only he could make you have that feeling.

You were deeply in love with him.


Just like any other day, you found yourself waiting patiently for him to walk into the cafe, face full of smiles and happiness, pulling the strings of your heart and making your day full.

Especially today, you wanted to see him the most, mainly because you had wanted to tell him something important-your feelings.

Your eyes would lit up in excitement whenever you saw the door to the cafe open, but would droop into disappoint when you weren’t met with the person you wanted to see most everyday.

Two hours later and he was still not here, and you were worried sick.

Is he not feeling well? Did something happen? He hasn’t been replying since yesterday.

Your eyes would quiver as you’d blank out occasionally, as your mind would drift off to think about where Haechan was and where he went.

He never skipped work once, even when he was sick, it was unlike him.

You tried calling him, but there no answer.

You went back that day feeling devastated, as though you had lost everything. One day without seeing him and you were back to the old you, how could you live without him?

The next day you went to work enthusiastic again, hoping that he’d appear. But he still hasn’t returned to any of your calls or messages.

After a long and tiring day of being disappointed countless times, you sighed and made your way back home, alone, unlike the usual days where Haechan would accompany you and fill you with his jokes and funny stories, turning you into an endless fit of laughter.

The third day, still no replies or his appearance. It was as if he disappeared into thin air.

Day of day you’d make your way to the cafe, holding on to the small strand of hope that he was going to come back, but none of it happened.

You were getting less and less and motivated, and you did everything with almost no emotion. You didn’t feel happy anymore, that is, without Haechan right by your side.

Your boss had noticed and she knew the reason why, and she knew she had to tell you sooner or later.

“Y/N, could you come here for a talk? We’ll stop work after this,” she called out to you softly, motioning you to seat beside her at one of the small tables.

You nodded without saying a word, then sat beside her emotionlessly, mind filled with thoughts of that one person.

The lady beside you took in a deep breath before placing her hand on your thigh, “I know you’ve been feeling upset lately.. and it’s because Haechan’s gone suddenly, right?”

You turned your head to her immediately at the mention of his name, then raised your eyebrows at her, “Yes, do you know why? Did he tell you?”

She sighed again, then closed her eyes, a look of remorse on her face, “You see… Y/N, Haechan.. he’s… gone”

You were confused at her words, as you furrowed your eyebrows together, your hand holding tightly onto hers, “What do you mean.. gone? Did he move to another country? Where did he go”

She frowned, as you could see her trying to hold her tears back, “You see, Y/N. Haechan, you thought he was that one kid that’s always happy right? Truth is he’s gone through much more than you and he’s actually really really sad inside. But he told me not to tell you so you wouldn’t worry, and i took him in here because he heard of you and wanted to cheer you up, because he didn’t want you to feel like him. He, was overwhelmed by a lot of things too these past months but he kept it from you. He couldn’t take it anymore and he.. went to a better place, at least he’s happy there. Y/N, please i know you love him a lot and he’s always so happy telling me about you and-”

You ran out of the door and onto the road after hearing all those words, your tears rolling down your cheeks endlessly as you didn’t want to believe what you just heard. You heard shouts calling out for you, but before you knew it, a huge blow threw you onto the floor and you were met with pitch darkness.


The wind from the air conditioning’s blowing strongly in your direction, making you hide even deeper under your sheets, trying to find warmth.

But nothing was the same anymore.

Outside your room were people talking and walking around, holding flowers or basket of fruits to visit their loved ones, each of their rooms filled with care, love and warmth.

But for you, your hospital room was filled with utter silence, other than the constant beeping from the heart rate machine standing beside you.

It seemed to be your only friend.

You room was cold, dark and empty.

No one was there for you, again.

His face was the only thing you could think of, as the memories that you two had spent over the past 9 months replayed in your head, remembering even the smallest detail.

Because he meant that much to you.

And he still does, but does it even matter now?

You wiped the tear falling from your swollen eyes roughly as you hid your face in your arms,

you were used to this

after all, you still ended up waking up alone.

hi. *sheepish wave*

do you guys even remember me at this point? i’ve been gone for so long. sorry about that.

today i read gena/finn by hannah moskowitz and kat helgeson, which is about fandom and angst. it made me cry for several reasons but also made me realize how much i missed running this acc and talking to you guys and writing fanfic.

so here’s my question: i’m back. do you guys still care about solangelo? is solangelo relevant anymore? has this fandom died while i was gone? i have no idea honestly. i want to write again. should i keep writing about solangelo? is there a pairing you’d like to see me write about instead?

any feedback i can get from you guys is invaluable. if you’re interested in seeing me write another pairing, feel free to suggest one from any fandom, i’m in quite a few so it’s a worth a shot. you can reply to this post or send me an ask, whichever you prefer.

i hope you’re all doing well!! i love you all so much, thank you for not unfollowing in my absense <3 -aspen

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101. “I’m like 20% sure this plan work. There’s an 80% chance we could die horribly and violently, but this plan is solid, I swear.”

“I’m like 20% sure this plan work. There’s an 80% chance we could die horribly and violently, but this plan is solid, I swear.”

Raphael doesn’t look convinced at first, Simon can say that. But there’s not another option, to be honest, and they don’t have much time. It’s not an easy situation, it’s not safe to go there just like that. He shouldn’t feel so safe, but he isn’t panicking or something. He remains calm when he sees Simon’s face and his little smile, which is hiding all his fears. He looks like he needs some graduation, something that he can hold on to. But the one thing about Simon that Raphael knows for sure is that he’s not a coward. He’s a brave man.

“Okay,” Raphael says. Then he sees how Simon’s eyes are going wide. He can’t believe that Raphael wasn’t arguing with him or anything.

“Okay? Just like that?” he asks because he still can’t believe it’s actually happening.

“Where you go, I will go, Simon. And it’s not like I underestimate your abilities. It’s risky, but I think your plan will work.”

The smile on Simon’s face brightens. If his destiny is to die here, he’s glad that one of the last things he would see is that smile. So he smiles too.

“Yeah, but there’s one more condition.”


“We need to do this together. You and I.”

“We are in this together, Simon. And we will get out of this together too.”

They both smile. They both nod.

They hold each other’s hands.

And they go to war.


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~1100 words 

cw for perceived character death and general angst 

read on AO3 

Daisy slams into the bedroom without really seeing where she’s going, working to get her tac suit off before the door even shuts behind her. She’s tired, she’s frustrated, and she just wants the day to be over. Or at least to be in bed.

Bobbi peers at Daisy over her glasses, propped up in their shared bed and reading reports. She has even more reports to read now that she’s working in the lab. And she’s glad for it, she’s glad to be working again. Glad to be doing something besides laying in the med bay all day. Even if it does mean lots and lots of reports.

She watches Daisy, who’s not facing her, growling and swearing as she can’t rip her arm free of the harsh fabric.

“Babe,” Bobbi says softly, trying not to startle her.

Daisy is startled anyway. She whips around, eyes wide, and stares.

Bobbi smiles a little. “You’re never going to get out of that thing if you keep trying to go that fast.”

Daisy swallows and nods a little, looking away.

After a moment, Bobbi grabs her crutch (which she doesn’t need all the time anymore, but it’s been a long day), heaves herself up, and makes her way over to Daisy. She props the crutch under her arm as she starts helping Daisy undo the zippers and clips on the suit.

“What’s wrong?” she asks.

Daisy shrugs.

Bobbi flicks her side. “You know you’re gonna tell me eventually. I’ll keep hounding you. I’m good at it.”

“Fitz is back,” Daisy says quietly, finally managing to pull her arm free.



“And you’re upset because—”

“Because he shouldn’t still be going out there!” Daisy says, voice raised. She pulls away from Bobbi, the top of the tac suit draped around her waist. There are some new bruises on her arms, Bobbi notices, that weren’t there when she left for her mission earlier that day. “He had no backup—again. No real plan—again. He’s pretty roughed up—again. He’s gonna get himself killed.”

“I know. I know, and I hate it too. But he’s an adult, Daisy. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

“Coulson could! Coulson could stop him right now if he wanted to.”

Bobbi shakes her head. “Fitz would just quit. At least this way we can keep an eye on him.”

Daisy growls in frustration, because this is a conversation they’ve had before, and it never goes the way Daisy wants it to. She turns away, raising her arms to press the balls of her hands against her forehead, trying to rub the tension away. “Why can’t he just … Why can’t he just accept it?”

Bobbi is silent, tightening her grasp on the crutch’s grip.

“She’s gone, Bob.” Daisy drops her hands, and when she turns back there are tears pooling along her eyelids. “It’s been four months. Four. Months. She’s gone. She’s not coming back.”

Bobbi bites her tongue, and nods. “He thinks she might.”

“Well it’s stupid,” Daisy cries, barely contained anguish. “It’s stupid and he’s stupid and selfish and- and- and—” Her chin trembles. “I hate him.


“No, I do,” Daisy swears, two fat tears dropping down her face. “I hate him for doing this to us.”

Bobbi’s brow pinches, and she mindfully smooths it out. “He just needs closure.”

“We all do,” Daisy snaps. “We haven’t told her parents. We haven’t had a funeral. It’s been four months, and she doesn’t even have a headstone. Our girlfriend is dead, Bobbi, and he won’t let her die.”

“He’s just …” Bobbi sighs. “He’s not ready to move on.”

Daisy’s brows furrow, looking at Bobbi in open-mouthed anger. “Do you think I am?”

“No,” Bobbi says quickly, “that’s not what I meant.”

“Do you think I am, in any conceivable fashion, ready to move on from this? From her?”

Bobbi pinches her lips together. “You know that’s not what I was implying.”

Daisy’s face falls into a more neutral expression, seeming to agree, then screws up again. “He just … He needs to accept it. None of us are going to be able to start healing unless he stops doing this.”

Bobbi tries to speak as gently as she can, but without sounding patronizing, which is always a hard balance to strike with Daisy. “Are you really mad at Fitz here?” she asks, voice soft.

“Yes!” Daisy immediately responds, throwing her hands up. “And- And … I don’t know.” She growls, bringing her hands up to her forehead again. “I’m mad at all of it! Everything that’s happened! I’m mad at him, I’m mad that stupid rock, I’m mad at the fucking universe, okay? I’m just so angry at everything now, and I don’t know if I’ve always been this angry inside or if I’m just … broken now, or something. Maybe …” Her voice drops. “Maybe this just broke me.”

“Daisy,” Bobbi says, reaching out a hand to place on Daisy’s elbow, a gentle caress, an invitation, “you’re not broken.”

Daisy wipes her cheeks, and then drops her arms. More tears stream down her face. “Maybe I am. Maybe we all are.” She gazes up at Bobbi, mouth quivering. “What if we’re not okay after this?”

“Who?” Bobbi asks. “Us?”

“You and me. Everyone. I don’t know.”

“Well—” Bobbi touches her again, beckoning her closer. “I know one thing. You and I are going to be okay. Worse for wear, but okay.”

Daisy takes the invitation and shuffles closer, dropping her head to rest on Bobbi’s collarbone. She shivers against Bobbi’s chest, both from the conversation and the goosebumps that have risen on her bare arms from the cold. “How can you be sure?” she asks.

“Because we’ve made it this far.”

Daisy sniffles and nods, pushing closer. Bobbi holds her for a while, one arm wrapped around her shoulders, and eventually they get Daisy out of the rest of the tac suit and into bed. Daisy has started crying again in the meantime, and Bobbi doesn’t know what else to do besides pull her closer.

Daisy’s breath hiccups, tears soaking through the fabric on Bobbi’s chest. “Are we ever going to be okay?” she asks in a hush.

“One day.”

“Are we ever going to stop missing her?”

“No,” Bobbi says honestly.

“Then I don’t think I’m ever going to be okay.”

Bobbi lets out a sigh. “When you lose someone … part of you never really moves on. You never forget that hurt. It’s just … something you live with.”

“How?” Daisy asks.

Bobbi presses a kiss to the top of her head. “By not forgetting the people you still have.”

Daisy only clings harder.

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Trying to cope with my sad feelings I got a sad and angsty idea, I'm already sorry for it- Hux has multiple boyfriends and lovers, but Kylo thinks he's the only one. He discovers this in the worst moment ever: while proposing to him. (Tbh I'm crying already)

(I’m sorry you’re feeling sad today, darling 💕 come talk to me if you feel like you need to!)

this is so angsty! Kylo is head-over-heels in love with Hux; he’s handsome and smart and never fails to tell Kylo how much he likes spending time with him, and Kylo can’t wait to ask Hux to marry him and keep him forever

but Hux brings all of that down when he tells Kylo that their relationship isn’t anything serious, it’s open like they agreed it to be, but Kylo didn’t know that ‘open’ meant ‘see other people’…he thought it meant keeping their relationship honest and true

Kylo is absolutely heartbroken 💔 and Hux knows he shouldn’t feel bad…but he does
Guilty Pleasure Friends - Chapter 34 - Rubyleaf - Servamp [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

And just in case you thought I’d just updated a thing recently, here’s another one~! And even on time this time X’D This time on GPF: The seriousness has returned. Does Misono really have to transfer away? Can he tell his friends? How can Lily help him? Guest starring a few glimpses at Sloth Pair’s and Tetsu’s summer breaks to lighten the mood!

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Chapters: 34/?

Pairings: Sloth Pair, JekyllandHyde, Tetsono, TsubaSaku and MikuTsuru

Summary: All Mahiru wanted was to make an infamous delinquent stop skipping class. Getting dragged headfirst into a gang war and making a bunch of very weird friends was never part of the plan.

Chapter Summary: Had Misono just hung up on them mid-sentence?

Have fun~!