is this an old spice commercial

Playing Zarya

Hello enemies!

Shoot at my friend.

Now back to me.

Now back to my friend.

Now back to me.

Sadly I’m now at MAXIMUM CHARGE.

But if you stopped shooting when my bubble is up I wouldn’t be.

Look down.

Back up.

Where are you?

You’re in my ult with your whole team getting shot up.

What’s in your hand?

Back at me.

Tracer has it.

It’s a pulse bomb with six tickets back to your spawn.

Look again.

The game is now in overtime.

Anything is possible when you won’t stop shooting my bubble.

I’m on a bear.

In case y’all weren’t aware, Steven Ogg has three Old Spice commercials he did as “Bob Giovanni” and if you like to see Steven all muscular (with extra emphasis on the butt) and exercising and showering while telling you facts about Old Spice and just being all around cute and adorable well you’ve come to the right place friendo


We were watching this last night and I still can’t take it

I hope that once we as a society reach the point where it’s understood and accepted that it’s possible for all genders to experience menstruation, companies decide to make menstrual products gender neutral instead of trying to market them to “both” (ugh, kill me) genders.

Because I, for one, am not going to be able to deal with it if Axe or Old Spice start making tampons and I have to watch commercials like, “INSPIRED BY TECHNOLOGY ORIGINALLY USED TO PLUG BULLET HOLES, CONTROL THE CARNAGE IN YOUR WARZONE WITH ALL NEW MANPONS™, TAMPONS FOR MEN!”

Please, just put them in a plain box or something. I am so tired.

A thing that I am certain occurred
  • Luke: Jocelyn. Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me.
  • Jocelyn: