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Today is the day, people of Kanto! Here we go!♥♣•○ With @AshKetchum_Z #weriseshining #seeyouat5 #SaffronCity

Morning Selfie because the fans are demanding it!



[TianShan Week]

Day 5: AU

…Avatar: The Last Airbender alternative universe!

Even I don’t know what He Tian was injured by lol~

In this version, from the get-go, I knew the siblings were going to be from the Southern Water Tribe and Guan Shan was going to be a non-bender(an ex-Freedom Fighter and later finds out his mum is still alive and now currently living with her at Ba Sing Se, working at a family-run restaurant).

He Tian and Jian Yi were so much harder for me to decide… One could be the Avatar(but I thought it didn’t make much sense since both currently have living family), or both from Fire Nation, or something else– Then I realised, why am I thinking so hard about this? I’m not going to draw a whole lot about this universe! XD

So now Jian Yi is a waterbender(I guess he could be from the Northern Water Tribe), just to reinforce the “waterbenders” line that Guan Shan delivers. God knows what element He Tian is in this– I just chosen the colours of the clothes he normally wears lol :P


They loosen their grip, and change it. Moving in to lick the wounds closed, as they hold her close. It feels… they have been dreaming. Bad dreams. Andruil did something to them. Andruil is always doing something to them. This time must have been particularly bad, though. Fear is disjointed, fragmented and strained, and the air feels wrong, and they ache. Through and through. Was it all a nightmare, then?

“I dreamed that you died.”

- @feynites



Now for something completely different:
In celebration of our dearest Soft Meme Plant Dad, I have designed a flower based off of Robbie Rotten, the most villainous in all of Lazytown!

So here it is!

Robbissus Rottenae or, the Lazy Flower

Who else should I do?

Did I tell you guys that uni orientation week is starting tomorrow? Time attempt no. 2 at higher education ✌ Pray that I won’t have to drop out this time, okay guys?


“you are liars and witches!” said he, foaming with rage, “and creatures fitted from the beginning for eternal destruction. i’ll have your bones and your blood sacrificed on your cursed altars! O GIL-MARTIN! gil-martin! where art thou now? here, here is the proper food for blessed vengeance! hilloa!”

-                                                       but there was no friend, no GIL-MARTIN there to hear or assist him.

( independent & selective gil-martin, a manifestation / interpretation of THE DEVIL. primarily based on james hogg’s the private memoirs and confessions of a justified sinner, but also influenced by james robertson’s the testament of gideon mack. penned by kyra. multiple aus and crossovers available, including lucifer, supernatural, hannibal, and dragon age. art credit. )

Hello dears, I come to you today to plead for book recommendations.  I’m not picky at all about genre, so please, please, please send me some of your favorite titles so that I can fill up my Kindle and maybe somehow refrain from reading Generation Kill for the fifth time (unlikely, but).  

quinn o’shea

motor mouth / dork knight / agent mulder / insufferable genius / seeker archetype / open mouth, insert foot / soul-sucking retail job / in harm’s way / cannot talk to women / attention deficit… ooh, shiny!


  • her fellow urbex/mystery inc. wannabe friends to get into trouble with
  • a couple of housemates maybe?
  • a lady for this dork to follow around like a puppy and pine over from afar. maybe one she’s snooping on because ameteur sleuth, maybe someone she runs into while breaking into somewhere she’s not supposed to be? this is super open but i’d love to work something out