is this an old joke

At the hospital
  • *Victor wakes up after an accident*
  • Victor: where's Yuuri?
  • Yurio: who do you think gave you this heart?
  • Victor: *starts tearing up* no...
  • Yurio: I'm jk he's in the bathroom
  • Adrien: Mari, I want to introduce you to my kwami. This is Plagg.
  • Plagg: 'sup.
  • Marinette: *starts making high pitched noise*
  • Adrien: Oh! Geez!! Please dont freak out. Hes harmless-
  • Marinette, squealing: Tiny baby kitty with widdle ears and smol paws!!!!
  • Tikki, deadpan: You called /me/ a bugrat when we first met.
  • Courier Six: In Goodsprings I organized locals to protect an innocent man and fight off Powder Gangers, insuring that the town stays free from the escaped criminals. But do they call me Hero of the Downtrodden? No.
  • Courier Six: At Big MT I re-invigorated the stagnated science to bring technology to Mojave and insure there’s a potential in the future. With me at the helm, Science became a beacon for the future. There was Old World Blues, and New World Hope. But do they call me Keeper of Hope? No.
  • Courier Six: At Hoover Dam, I ended a decade-long conflict that was tearing Mojave apart, after careful preparations and navigation in volatile political crises between the Legion, NCR and Mr. House. I defined the future of Mojave for years to come. And do they call me Bringer of Peace? No!
  • Courier Six: But one time I fuck a robot...