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I’m proud of who I am
No more monsters, I can breathe again
And you said that I was done
Well, you were wrong and now the best is yet to come
‘Cause I can make it on my own
And I don’t need you, I found a strength I’ve never known
I’ll bring thunder, I’ll bring rain, oh
When I’m finished, they won’t even know your name

You brought the flames and you put me through hell.
I had to learn how to fight for myself
And we both know all the truth I could tell
I’ll just say this is “I wish you farewell”.

I hope you’re somewhere prayin’, prayin’
I hope your soul is changin’, changin’
I hope you find your peace
Falling on your knees, prayin’.


every letterby @bleebug

But you must know that what I felt for her never even came close to what I felt for you. I craved your approval and love more than anything. And just the thought of losing you made me physically ill; it absolutely wrecked me. I couldn’t possibly fathom a world in which Emma Swan and Killian Jones were no longer best friends. And my heart ached for a world in which we were more.

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OMG I’ve raised a little liar hedgehog!


I’ve read a few tweets saying I smoke. I can happily say I’ve never even had a drag of a cigarette in my life :) Not about to start now :)

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Hello fellow people who like Shay!  A few of us, myself included, have noticed how Shay only ever gets mentioned negatively or not at all.  And that’s a crying shame.

So to combat this we’ve come up with Shay Week.  Seven days worth of prompts for your minfics, full length fics, headcanons, discussions, meta, art, comics, gifs, edits, manips, anything really.  Seriously, if you think your oatmeal looked kinda like Shay, I wanna see pics!!

So from August 27th to September 2nd we’re gonna make content.

Day 1:  Favorite.  What was your favorite thing about Shay?  Inquiring minds wanna know!!

Day 2:  Ships.  Who do you ship her with?  Why?  How?  What would it look like?  What do they do for fun?

Day 3:  Favorite Scene/Episode.  What was your favorite Shay moment that happened on screen?

Day 4: Crossover.  What other show/movie/book would you want to see Shay in?  What would her role be?  What would happen?

Day 5:  Previous Works Appreciation.  What are your favorite fics involving Shay?  Link us!!  Tell us everything you loved about it and make sure to let the author know, even if they’re not on tumblr!!  Did you kind of wish it had continued?  Write a new one inspired by it!!  Talk about where you thought it was going!!  Reblog your favorite pieces of art that have been made in the past and gush about them!!  Make sure you spread the love around!!

Day 6:  BroTP.  Who would be her best friend?  Either in canon or an OC, let us know who her friends are.

Day 7:  Fix-it.  How would you take canon and reintegrate Shay?  Did she never leave?  Does she come back and save the day?

Or anything your heart desires!!  You don’t necessarily have to follow the prompts, but if you’re stuck there are some ideas!!  

It’s not a one-a-day thing either, no way.  You have a thought?  Post it.  I know my blog’s gonna turn into a Shay blog for a week, for sure.


1.  Use the #Shay Davydov main tag!  I will be tagging #shay davydov week as well as the main tag (there’s already been a shay week for a different show. How cool is that?).  Make sure everybody can find it so they can see your hard work!!

2.  This isn’t an opportunity to compare her to other characters in order make them look bad.  We can like, celebrate, and lift up a character without taking another one down.  This is about positivity anyway!!  So back to the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.  Interact with each other!!  Sometimes posting about Shay feels like you’re screaming into an empty void.  Reblog!  Comment!  Add nice tags!

4.  If you have any questions before, during, or after please do ask! @krystalgoderitch sparked this post/helped put this together and has agreed to help me answer questions, so you can ask her as well me!!

5.  Reblog the snot out of this post!!  I want to make sure that anybody who would be at all remotely interested sees this so they don’t get left out.

I’m looking forward to making posts for this almost as much as I’m looking forward to seeing all of yours!

[gif made by @hellwizards , thanks so much buddy!!]

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It’s already time for another meetup! (Shout-out to @phaeleah for tagging me that way I didn’t forget)

Which means is almOST TIME FOR THE GOLDEN CIRCLE!!!!!!!!!!

We all knew that through. So, here’s some stuff you might not know: I’m Taylor! I’m 20 (I’ll be 21 the day after Kingsman: The Golden Circle comes out in the US 😁🎉) and I’m about to start my senior year of undergrad! Cool but also scary. My blog is a certified, Grade-A MESS, but it’s mostly Marvel, Kingsman, and shitposts. I’ve been hanging around the Kingsman fandom for a while. I used to be super into edits, and lately I’ve drifted more towards moodboards and social media manips. I’ve written fanfiction (mostly Hartwin but Merlahad is also my FAVE) the entire time but lately I’ve slowed down on that front, mostly because of life and obligations haha.

But! I’m always looking for more new headcanons and I’m always down to bounce ideas around and see where it goes! More than that though I’m always always looking to meet and get to know more people in the fandom. I like to think I’m pretty fun to talk to so never hesitate to swing on by!

Some other super cool people in the fandom that I follow: @fanofthefirth @hepcatliz @kingsmanhartwin @takeanotherpieceofmyhartwin @elletromil@agent-eggy @agentgaylahad @lady-mephistopheles @kingscunt @paxdracona @firthermore @faedreamer @missbeckywrites @notbrogues  @queenetitania @hisreindeerjumper @nahrky and oh so many more!!


I was gonna be real bitter about OUAT and I have a horde of posts about A & E, and Future Henry, but honestly just the fact that they really took our story away, our Swan Queen story, makes me sad and angry. It’s losing something we never got a chance to see on screen, because it’s being handed off to literally anyone else. I love Henry’s character but six years is a long time to wait and this big glaring disappointment isn’t something we can let go.

I say we just go on writing fanfics, drawing fanart, making videos and manips. Because there’s still a community. We still have each other. Plus, there are good things that came out of Swan Queen dedication. I know of three amazing writers, who are successful from being a part of this awesome fandom. They have actual books, the work and time spent helped them achieve something great and I couldn’t be a prouder Gay Dad®.
So to all Swen going to SDCC, give Adam and Eddy hell, kiddos.

lanaqueenparrilla  asked:

wait, so the translator told you guys to "behave" just because you were talking about swan queen ???

Storytime xd After one of the pannels… I think it was Bex’s -all of this during the second day- we were talking about the rumors of how the swan queen questions were going to be veto-ed during the panels. All of this was discussed outside the… place -for the lack of a better word- in where the panels were taking place. I want to remark this because we weren’t in ANY panel at the moment and so we weren’t talking to anyone but the small group of four or five of us, swen, that weren’t buying food at the moment. So we were basically smoking and talking between us, commenting about the rumors and how some fans seemed to have been ushered up the line of people wanting to ask questions just because when they whispered their questions to the translator they apparently were tagged as questions not apt to be asked -and I want to also remark that even if it’s true that no question regarding JMO seemed to be actually able to be asked (Edit: Except one or two that happened during the first day if I remember correctly) I also don’t have the whole story, just bits and pieces- the translator who was also smoking a little bit further from where we were approached us and saw that we were wearing t-shirts labelling us as swen.

So she approached us and touched my back because I was the one closest to her and told us, very patroninzigly, that we needed to *not* be problematic since what had happened yesterday -the famous question regarding Hook- had been… I don’t remember if what she said was shameful or another word but it was definetely something not very good. I was already quite angry with her because of her manners  -the whole drop the mic and swan queen chill comments- and so I told her so that I understood that within the panel everyone needed to be respecftul -me and my friends told her that I mean- but -and that’s something I said- her job as a translator was not to add anything or interact with the actors but merely translate to the ones that don’t understand english so she needed to be more intelligent with the tools she had at hand. I study this xd I know how it works and the translator wasn’t doing a really good job.

I admit that even if I wasn’t calling her stupid my comment about being intelligent may not have been the best one but she was starting to interrupt me and one of my friends who also studies this and basically knows as much as I do about the whole being a translator concept. She then touched my t-shirt in where a swan queen manip was displayed -I took a step back because hello personal space- and told me that she didn’t know how the ships worked but this was like the supernatural fandom in where some people shipped the actors between them which good for them but she didn’t understand why-I also don’t understand why the fuck she needed to say all of that, believe me- but we needed to behave and that she felt that I was starting to be the one with an attitude. Seeing that she wasn’t going to be open to talk about, perhaps, stopping being an asshole and actually start doing her job I merely closed my mouth and let her go. I mean, I was there to actually have a good time and I’m not usually a person that starts or continues things like this. I was slightly worried for the rest of the morning after that because even though I hadn’t insulted her it was obvious that she wasn’t a very open-minded person and between panels once all the big ones had finished another friend actually heard how she approached some groups saying how bad us, swens, had behaved, (I don’t know how far that went as well, I only know this because a friend of that other friend and an actual swen that was there but without any kind of symbol taggin her as swen was actually asked and so we knew she had approached some people asking that) 

I truly hope she ends up meeting someone who actually makes her stop and see that if she wants to BE a translator everything counts. I don’t, however, think this was another part of some hidden agenda; just a VERY unprofessional person trying to have her five minutes of glory in a line of work that should never be about your own personal opinions.

Team Engineering*WORKS MASTERPOST*Week 4





if i’ve missed a post or a link isn’t working, please feel free to contact me. also, please remember to tag all posts with #engineering vs biochem, as that is the tag that both i and TFSN check for reblogs. #team engineering is helpful, and i recommend it, but it’s still an optional tag that not everyone uses, which is why #engineering vs biochem is the go to tag.

updated: 8/9

So after another case of ‘manip maker​ has to discover again that their work has been robbed alongside 2.3k notes and counting’, this feels like a good time to talk about please taking a second to look at watermarks before we reblog fanworks because note counts mean jack-shit as to whether something is the OP’s original content or not.

It’s been happening a lot lately in particular because twitter users have started making tumblr blogs specifically to steal posts, edits, manips and fanart directly from twitter - without credit - just so they can gain followers simultaneously across multiple platforms without having to invest any extra thought.

Jokes can be made about having to become numb to theft in order to ‘survive’ online, but it’s a very real possibility that any creator can suddenly just decide they’ve had enough when it becomes one instance of theft too many. No matter what type of fan you are or blog you run, the ‘creative’ aspect of fandom impacts everyone: fic, manips, fanart, edits, music videos and gifs have kept our fandom experience full of the life and vibrancy that it’s always been known for, and a couple of extra seconds is all it takes to preserve it. 

So, a PSA about visual works in particular - if the watermark and the OP URL is exactly/pretty much the same, then go ahead as per usual! But please, if the watermark doesn’t match the OP’s URL:

  • do the obvious thing and just tumblr-search the name in the watermark to reblog directly from the actual source’s blog
  • OR check OP’s blog description/bio because if OP actually is the source but just under a different tumblr pen-name (like a different spelling on a different platform, etc.) they will make it obvious
  • OR check OP’s blog to see if they have the post tagged with something like ‘my art’ or ‘mine’ - if they don’t, it’s probably because it’s not
  • OR check OP’s blog and if there’s just a bunch of uploads all with coincidentally different watermarks, well… I’m sure you can put two-and-two together (and the person who accidentally reblogged it onto your dash would probably appreciate knowing, too).

There’re always other methods of finding true sources (like doing quick reverse-image searches on Google), but if you’re really still unsure about the OP, leave it. I promise that one reblog missed is better than the five steps back taken for every note ‘rewarded’ to something stolen.

I’m just gonna say one thing that it pisses me off like a lot

when the Blindspot fandom tag pictures with their account’s name as trademark when the photos are obviously from other sites and they even come from the cast’s personal instagrams

there’s this one account that trademarks everything as their own and you can clearly see the yellow borders of the pic, which means that the photo comes from, also they watermark BTS pictures!!!!!! 

we might sometimes post pictures right from instagram, I myself have posted some stuff without credit and without caption, but I’ll never trademark something with my blog’s name when I know the picture belongs to someone else, even less when the picture was taken from instagram… 

I only watermark pictures that have been edited by me and not by adding some coloring (that’s basic, adding some coloring to someone else’s work and then claiming as yours is SO low), I tend to actually edit pictures as manips like the Jeller photo from when they were in Venice because Jaimie and Sully were too apart to properly fit in a 500px wide post

Said edit was used in several instagram and twitter accounts both as post and icons and no one ever gave credit to my blog, however, I’m thankful they didn’t remove my blog’s name or I would’ve reported the account because yeah, I tend to be very bitchy when it comes to stealing someone else’s work and claiming as yours 

today I read a comment in one fo these accounts’ posts that was discussing the same issue I’m writing about right now and I liked and commented as well because I’m fucking tired of seeing this and these come mainly from the Brazilian fan accounts

so if you’re reading this and you trademark people’s stuff on your instagram account as yours, then I’m glad you’re reading because shame on you, and please stop, it’s not pretty and it’s not pleasant


Frozen AUThe Past That Never Happened and the Future They Didn’t Have

This is the story of Queen Elsa of Arrendale and Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. Like any romance, they fall in love, and go through their own trials and tribulations together. Maybe they even had a happily ever after.


Ziall Appreciation Post

(so as you may know, I used to make these appreciation posts, usually about one person in specific. But I thought I should start doing it for ships. So Why Not start with my otp!)

Ziall Appreciation Post:

1. As we all know, Ziall may be a little obsessed with hugging


Side Hugs count as hugs you know

He could have hugged a fan but he chose to hug his love.

This picture still hurts to this day. LOOK AT THEM

I can just feel the love, and it hurts

Their crotches are literally touching. They couldn’t get any closer.

Look how genuinely happy Niall is hugging Zayn. Bless him.

2. Now Ziall have shared a few kisses here and there..

I nice kiss to the temple never hurt anyone

Zayn…you alright there? You look a little too happy…

okay, technically this isn’t a kiss, but it’s pretty fucking close!

3. Heart eyes, Heart eyes Motherfucker! (aka these boys can’t stop staring at one another)

ok, idk why this isn’t working, But ZAYN you’re in the middle of a music video, calm.

Uhh boys, I hope you know you’re in a room with more than just each other.

Zayn is so in love with Niall, you can see it in his eyes and his smile. Bless him.


Way to be Subtle Niall.

In love from the start.

It’s Like Zayn is frozen in time. He is so in love.

4. These two are total goofs when around each other

Zayn never dances, unless he is with his boyfriend

5. Zayn and Niall really really love complimenting each other.

Yes Niall, We know.

Niall..I think we know what you’re into.

Them complimenting each other is everything I ever need in life.

6. I think we can all agree that Fetus Ziall was one of the best things to happen to  this world

They were so in love, and nothing has changed.

Zayn, You’re staring

Oh the cuteness of fetus Ziall is too much:)

7. Ziall have said some things, things that make my heart melt.

This was short, but it hurt that’s for sure.

8. This one is gonna hurt a lot, But Ziall seem to enjoy holding hands.

Niall wanted a high five but Zayn wasn’t having that

This hurts.. a lot

Holding hands in an interview..they think we cant see ;)

Such a gentle loving touch *happy sigh*

9. Let’s just say Ziall shippers are amazing at fanart and manips.


Well that was a journey filled with many many emotions. I hope you enjoyed the beauty that is Ziall’s love.

I made this with my best friend and fellow Ziall shipper in mind. This is for you : zialljhorlik

(none of the gifs, pictures ,edits or drawings belong to me. All credits go to the owners!)

   (If you want me to do any other ship or person, Just let me know and I will be happy to make one for you :) )

This morning I had a strange realisation about my time in this fandom. I ended up close to tears (in fact I did shed one or two) yet I was happy. Despite all the shit that has gone on here in the last two years I felt okay, I felt an odd sense of pride and even awe. Yes, there was indeed something very melancholy about it, but somehow that did not overpower the joy that existed there too.

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LoliRock Secret Santa 2016 Sign-Ups - NOW OPEN!


  • Gift exchange will take place DECEMBER 23 -JANUARY 7
  • You are required to send your giftee ANONYMOUS love at least once a week until the day you submit your gift, which is when you’ll be revealed as your giftee’s Secret Santa :) Make sure you’ve got “Asks” enabled otherwise you can’t receive anon messages! DON’T REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY UNTIL GIFT EXCHANGE WEEK!!!
  • This is give to receive; you must give a gift to receive one! YOU MUST MAKE YOUR GIFT, DO NOT STEAL GIFS, ART (that incluudes treacing), FICS, AMVS, ETC!
  • Your gift can consist of anything you can reblog/post on tumblr that DOESN’T cost money! This can include ART, EDITS, GIFS/GIFSETS, AMVs, FANFICS, MANIPS, PHOTOSETS, ANIMATIONS - things of that kind of nature!
  • GIFTS NEED TO BE COMPLETE! For fics, we suggest oneshots, but if its multichapter, finish it before posting! Same goes for everything else!
  • ****IF YOU DON’T COMPLETE YOUR GIFT BEFORE THE NEXT SECRET SANTA YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE!!! We had way too many people do this; some got gifts and never gave their giftee their’s; if something comes up, let us know so we can find someone who can get their gift done please! Only exceptions are if you finish the gift PRIOR to 2017 sign ups or inform us of it before he deadline so we have time to let your giftee and the backup know. We understand that life happens.
  • HATE is not tolerated and you will lose your spot in LRSS if you post hate in your wishlists or gifts.
  • THINGS I’D LIKE: (this can range from ships you like, brotps, favorite characters, prompt ideas, what kind of gifts you’d like or prefer etc)
  • THINGS I DON’T LIKE: (includes things from notps, things you hate, types of gifts you don’t wants, triggers, just stuff you really don’t want to see as part of your gift)
  • WHAT I CAN DO: (can you make art, fics, gif sets, amvs, etc; can you do smut? what rating are you ok with going up to? stuff like that)
  • .WHAT I ABSOLUTELY CAN’T DO: (any ships you just can’t do? any themes that you find unbearable? hated character you don’t want to write for? hardcore anti smut kinda person? let us know!)
  • CAN YOU BE A BACK-UP GIFTER: (sometimes life catches up with us and we’re unable to finish a gift or something, let us know if you’d be willing to do more than one gift to make somebody’s Christmas)
  • ANYTHING WE DIDN’T ASK BUT YOU WANT US TO KNOW: (in case you forgot anything :P)


Now this is VERY important! Remember to tag your gifts with these (3) things:

1) lolirockss, lr secret santa, or lolirock secret santa (so we can find it and share it)

2) lolirock (so we can fill the tag up with your awesomeness! and its guaranteed to be seen by giftee and new curious visitors)

3) your giftee’s name (if you change your url during this time, send us an ‘fanmail” message letting us know so we can let your santa know!)

4) If you wanna upload a sneak peak, tag it #sneak peak or #teaser - submit it to us so you aren’t revealed please!!!

ALSO, if you’re gift is rather violent, or sexual, tag it properly. We trust that everyone knows that you tag smut as #smut #nsfw to protect the peoples, same goes for gore, blood, death, etc. Please be considerate!

That’s about it! You will get your gifee’s wishlist and name in a message around November 27-30th to guarantee sign ups stragglers get a chance! And it gives us time to match properly! If you have any questions, you can send us an ask on anon, or a fan mail if you’re question requires you not to be anonymous!

Let’s try and enjoy the season LoliRockers!

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promise me you'll be happy by my side [cs fic] 

summary: On the day of their wedding, Killian gets pre-wedding jitters and asks to talk to Emma. Only problem; he can’t see her in her dress before the ceremony. So they find a way to talk without seeing each other [requested by Brittany]

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Love the ship, hate how it was handled

I’m about 234902304923049309340 years late to the party, but when has that ever stopped me? 

Disclaimer: I know i’m gonna talk about a ship a lot of people don’t like, but I do, so here’s some thoughts on it.

When I first saw AOU, I hated it with a passion. I still hate it on more levels than Dante’s hell has layers, but I don’t hate Brutasha anymore. What I hated about their romance was the way it was handled, not the concept itself. To make it easier for you to decide whether you want to continue reading, here’s a brief overview of the points I’m going to make:

  1. Natasha’s characterisation has always been flawed
  2. Love does not make Natasha weak
  3. Bruce Banner is good enough for her
  4. Dismantling the scene that everyone hates

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(a sort-of epilogue to this because I can’t stop writing about it, apparently.)

“You’re still sandy,” Emma remarks, running her fingers through his dark, damp hair after they finally pull themselves out of the water. She knows she’ll be washing sand out of her own hair for another week or so too, but when he pulls her into the hammock to sit in his lap she decides it doesn’t matter as much as she originally thought.

He’s doing his best to avoid getting ready for dinner, even though they both agreed to get dressed up for this particular excursion (or at least more dressed up than usual. The silky button-down and the jewelry are about as fancy as Emma gets these days, and he can’t say he minds.)

You’re still sunburnt,” he answers back, leaning into her touch and laying his hand against her thigh. He can feel the heat of the sun on her skin just as much as he can see it in the pink on the apples of her cheeks, a color he knows will turn more red as the sun continues to sink. Every good sunburn takes a few hours to really show and hers is only just coming up.

He trails his thumb back and forth over her smooth skin, tracing around a freckle that he’s never seen before. Granted, they finished the list of goals she wrote out for him a year ago ago, the day he came into her clinic, but he likes to think he knows her better than almost anyone else. He’s almost sure, in fact.

Sometimes he thinks losing his hand might have been the best thing that ever happened to him, if it led them to each other.

“We can’t sit here forever,” Emma reminds him gently, doing absolutely nothing to extract herself from his hold and go back inside to grab her shoes. “We’re going to be late.”

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you there’s no such thing as late at the beach, Swan?”

“Only you, and only when we’re running late to to something.”

She smiles one of his favorite smiles then, tracing the curve of his eyebrow and looking at him like he’s just told her the best secret in the world. The small velvet box in the pocket of his most formal pair of shorts shifts slightly as he leans up to taste her smile, but it’s not time yet. He pushes it back out of sight as he allows Emma to pull them both off the hammock, hoping he gets to see that same smile when the right moment comes.

(This was an image that popped into my brain after seeing Dylan go into happy clappy seal mode when he heard Hoech’s voice at SDCC, and I think I broke prettyinsoulpunk with this mental image so naturally I had to make it a reality. Love you, Angie! :D <33)

Sterek AU: After nearly 3 weeks of not hearing from Derek, Stiles finally cracks. Sure he’s received vague texts saying he was fine, he found Cora who ran into trouble with a pack and were on the run; he promised he’d be safe and call when they were in the clear, but now Stiles is frantic.

With a little help from Danny, Lydia, and resources courtesy of the Sheriff’s department (ok sure it might not be 100% legal, but it’s for love damnit!), he manages to track Derek’s cell phone activity to a county in South Dakota. Against the pack’s protests, Stiles packs up his Jeep and speeds off into the night alone.

Of course his Jeep broke down 15 miles before he reaches the diner, where Derek’s last known location was before his cell service abruptly stopped three days ago. Stiles would never abandon his Jeep, but if he didn’t move quickly he might lose the trail, and no, he’s not giving up. Not now, not ever. Luckily he’s near a ranch and inquires about a horse, to his dismay he finds they only have miniature horses because of course they do. He sighs before agreeing to take one of the larger of the group.

Undeterred, he sets off on his mini steed, waving a cowboy hat in one hand while yelling, “I’m coming for you, Sourwolf!” He mumbles to himself, ‘And when I find his non-communicative furry ass I’m going to make sure he’s unharmed, first, and then I’m going hogtie him, throw every damn dog joke I know at him, and then kiss him until his face turns as blue as my bal- ugh, damnit Derek you better be ok. What I do for love….’

Stiles is a few miles away from the diner when he notices Derek’s truck in the parking lot of a rundown motel. He enters the offices and asks if a Derek Hale is registered there. As the woman working the desk is checking the records he notices Derek opening the door to a room. He bolts out the door, words escaping him, as he crashes into him just as the door swings open. Derek half shifts into beta form before realizes it’s Stiles. 

“What the hell?! Stiles?! How did you find m- no you know what, I don’t want to know.” Derek reigns himself in seeing Stiles on the verge of a panic attack, clutching to him as they lay on the floor halfway inside the room.

“I thought something happened to you. Something I couldn’t save you from. It’s been 3 weeks, Derek, I had to find out if you were ok. I couldn’t…I just needed to…”

“It’s ok, Stiles. I’m fine, I’m ok. Just breathe,” Derek replies, gently stroking down his back. “My phone got damaged while we were running from the pack. We double backed and holed up here once I knew the pack lost our scent. I was going to call you and let you know we’re on our way back home tonight.”

Stiles’ breathing slowly returns to normal and he can do nothing but cradle Derek’s face and kiss him like his life depended on it, “I missed you so much.” 

At that point, the bathroom door swings open, “Oh my god, can you two please control your hormones.” Cora rolls her eyes as she picks up clothes from the floor when she glances out the window. “Uhh…can someone explain why there’s a tiny horse peeing on Derek’s truck?”

Stiles chokes out a laugh, “Yeah, yeah. Nice to see you too, Cora. And that is my faithful steed. Figured since my Jeep broke down, what better way to feel like a knight in shining armor than to ride in on a horse and possibly save the day.”

Now it’s Derek’s turn to roll his eyes, smirking, “More like knight in woven plaid.” 

Stiles glares at him momentarily, “Zip it, wolfie, or else you’ll be participating in the jousting portion of the program…solo.” Derek groaned but Stiles pinned him down a little harder and continued to kiss him senseless while Cora complained about idiots in love and needing her own room tonight as she jumped over their prone forms to take care of the horse.