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Gen 3 Heir - Douglas Wilde 

Thank you to everyone who voted, intended to vote, never voted, you’re great! Douglas was losing for the majority of the poll, to Lauren and Micah but pulled through with 214 votes (!!!??!?!?!?!?!?) There will be a slight time jump (everyone has aged up) so that I can start playing with him. So, Gen 3 will start officially tomorrow. Get hyped!!!

anonymous asked:

Hey, so I'm an artist, but I don't have a tablet to draw with, so I just use pencils. I was just curious, do you know of any good scanners I can use? Preferably free? I want to post my art, but I'm not a big fan of the scratches the pencils leave behind.

I don’t think you can…. get free scanners? Unless you go to a library or someplace like that? Whenever I post my traditional art or when I base my digital drawing on a traditional sketch I just take a picture with my phone and edit it on Photoshop.

Maybe you were looking for editing software??? idk??? I use Photoshop, but I downloaded it illegally so I got it free, maybe you can do that. I know that pixlr and gimp work pretty well (not for painting, but they’re good for editing) so those are good options, too!