is this an aspect of their humanity

starting tonight, ill be on a short hiatus

lately ive been using my nsfw sideblog to post a lot of silly and crack drawings & comics because of the pressure the serious comics im making put me under. some people have been taking that stuff seriously and honestly im too tired to deal with it, so until i finish the next part of “darker than black” (the only serious comic i have going on there) i wont post any art there. the same thing goes for this blog. i wont posting any art here until i finish the next part of “we need to talk”.

i love discussing positive and negative aspects of my serious comics, but if the stuff i draw to relax creates that same kind of discourse, then its not relaxing anymore and its just another joke i made thats been turned into a big deal by others.

please, remember im an actual human being with thoughts and emotions. when you say bad stuff about me or my work, it genuinely hurts. thank you in advance for your understanding.
Ontario Ministry-funded CAS report urges overhaul to keep black kids out of care
Committee studying child welfare system focuses on “enormous human suffering caused by systemic racism.”

A system that “undermines the stability of African Canadian families and can, in fact, destroy them” needs sweeping reforms, says a hard-hitting report on reducing the number of black kids in the care of children’s aid.

The two-volume report, obtained by the Star ahead of its release, is called “One Vision One Voice: Changing the child welfare system to better serve African Canadians.” It demands that every aspect of child protection in Ontario be transformed by “anti-black racism” structures and practices.

The report was triggered by an ongoing Star investigation, which revealed that 42 per cent of children in the care of the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto were black, in a city where only 8 per cent of children are black.

“Throughout the consultations, participants reminded us of the enormous human suffering caused by the systemic racism in the child welfare system,” says the report, written by a committee struck by the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies and funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

“We can’t tinker with the system while African Canadian children and families continue to suffer.”

The committee, made up of 18 African Canadian community leaders, calls for changes to provincial child protection laws, the children’s ministry, Ontario’s 47 privately run children’s aid societies, and to the way educators, police and medical staff refer children suspected of being at risk of abuse or neglect.

“The goal is to achieve equity in outcomes for African Canadian children and families,” the report says.

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I am pleased to hear you do not engage in roleplay. I was rather wondering about that. I also avoid that aspect of this particular social media platform. No, I'm as real as you are my dear. Perhaps moreso. I'm sure you can infer that I occupy a human form, from my ability to send these messages. It would be far less convenient to do so were it otherwise. But don't let the meat puppet fool you. It is only a temporary vessel. -The dragon


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Who do you think is more attractive, Batman or Superman?

WOW. That’s a good question!

They are both attractive. But personally I prefer Superman. Not for his amazing abilities but for his humanity. The soft and human aspect of him attracts me most.

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NAME :   enoch  malachi  ‘nucky’  thomspon.
AGE :   ealry  -  late  fifties.
SPECIES :   human.
GENDER :   male.
ORIENTATION :   heterosexual.
PROFESSION :   atlantic  county  treasurer;  bootlegger;  gangster;  CORRUPT  POLITICIAN.

   tall  &  slim.
HAIR :   dark  brown  frickled  with  gray.
EYES :   dark  brown.
SKIN :    light / pale.
HEIGHT :   5′9″.
  mabel  thompson  ( wife;  deceased ). enoch  thompson,  jr.  ( son;  deceased ).   margaret  thompson  ( wife;  separated ).  teddy  thompson  ( stepson ).  emily  thompson  ( stepdaughter ).
SIBLINGS :   elias  ‘eli’  thompson  ( brother ).  susan  thompson  ( sister;  deceased ).
PARENTS :   ethan  thompson  ( father;  deceased ).  elenore  thompson  ( mother:  deceased ).
ANY PETS? :   yes  [  ]   ||   no  [ x ]  
Physical Prowess :
   8 / 10  with  firearms.   6 / 10  otherwise.
Speed :   8 / 10  with  firearms.  7 / 10  otherwise.
   red.  colored  suits.
SMELLS :   cigarette  smoke;  liquor  crates;  mahogany;  expensive  fragrances.
FOOD :   lobster  &  other  refined  cuisine.
DRINKS :   liquor.
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES? :   yes  [ ✓✓✓ ],  rarely   ||   no  [  ]
FAVORITES :   canadian  club  whisky.

SMOKES ? :  
yes  [ x ]   ||   no  [  ]   ||   occasionally  [  ]
DRUGS ? :   yes  [  ]   ||   no  [ x ]   ||   occasionally  [  ]
DRIVER LICENSE ? :   yes  [ x ]   ||   no  [  ]
EVER BEEN ARRESTED ?   no  [  ]   ||   yes  [ x ]   ||   almost/detained  [  ]
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NAME: Bakugou Katsuki
AGE: 16
ORIENTATION: homoromantic, homodemisexual
PROFESSION: Student! Soon to be professional hero.

 mesomorph, i think? idk man he’s ripped as fuck and i’m intimidated
EYES: red \o/ 
SKIN: i doubt he’s exactly light since this fucker goes mountain-climbing, of all things
HEIGHT: 172cm (5′8″)
WEIGHT: 75+kg, 165+ pounds 
 nope! he has boyfriend, though!
SIBLINGS: none, that’s why he’s spoiled as all fuck
PARENTS: mom and dad
 strength! his arms are the strongest part of him, not counting the splodey splodes.
SPEED: 4/5
 red, gold
SMELLS: smoke because he associates it with him cutting a fucker down
FOOD: spicy food. from my experience japanese curry is sweet a lot of the times, so he’s probably not too into that. he likes kimchi, probably.
FRUITS: apples, pears, anything crunchy. \o/
DRINKS: water is his friend. also bitter ass coffee.

DRUGS?: no

EVER BEEN ARRESTED?: no, but he should be


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'' We will live... ''

 Thanks to @unisonraidd for helping me with the text ♥ 

The Doctor: “Well, number 10 once regenerated and kept the same face. I had vanity issues.”

No, Moffat. This is where you’re wrong. It wasn’t vanity that caused Ten to keep the same face—it was humanity. He wasn’t too vain to change; he was to human.


The World Seen Through The Eyes Of An Artist : Marc Quinn’s Iris Series

Leading English artist Marc Quinn has proven adept at expressing science through the art of sculpture, paintings and drawings. In the Iris series, the artist expresses the eye as a portal, with science and contemporary ideologies such as digital media on one side and the beauty of nature harmoniously residing with the human soul on the other.

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“Sometimes the way the world perceives you can’t cause any more anger… just fatigue.”

So this is suppose to be just after Overwatch ends, before Genji goes to Nepal.I imagine he is still sad with his body, in denial with the loss of his old aspect. It might seem unlikely that he wouldn´t wear the helmet to hide his marked face, but still, it’s a human face (mostly). It’s what’s left of his old self and this is suppose to be the moment he realises not even that matters anymore.

Btw this comic takes place in a passport control area at Kingsrow (where they are not very friendly with omnics). 

Edit: link for Lucio’s comic here

link for Mccree’s comic here
The stereotype is dead: Researchers show that Native Americans drink less than whites
The stereotype of the Native American alcoholic dates all the way back to colonialism, but a new study may help to debunk that myth. Most Native Americans actually abstain from alcohol, and those who do drink are on average lighter drinkers than whites, finds the study, published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Drug Dependence. -  is a journalistic publication covering the full spectrum of human relationships with drugs and potentially addictive behaviors. We explore the nature of addiction and the various responses to it, as well as political, scientific and cultural aspects of our field. We aim neither to promote nor to demonize drugs, and we approach our subject open-mindedly, with respect for different lifestyles. -  is Elsevier’s leading information solution for researchers, teachers, students, health care professionals and information professionals . It combines authoritative, full-text scientific, technical and health publications with smart, intuitive functionality so that you can stay informed in your field, and can work more effectively and efficiently.

Alcohol use among Native Americans compared to whites: Examining the veracity of the ‘Native American elevated alcohol consumption’ belief  -  

  James K. Cunningham, Teshia A. Solomon , Myra L. Muramoto 

Happy Birthday! 20 Profound Quotes by Carl Jung That Will Help You to Better Understand Yourself

Psychologists Carl Jung was also a philosopher of the heart and human soul. He recognized that human beings were profound spiritual entities who craved to understand themselves above everything else. A contemporary psychologists, Jung deeply delved into the topics of the complex, the archetype, the persona, the shadow, anima and animus, personality typology, dream interpretation, individuation, and many other ideas, which explored human creativity on a metaphysical level.

Extremely impassioned by his intimate being, he sought realization into his own being. If he could succeed in identifying certain aspects of his inner soul, he could help others. Here are 20 profound and wise quotes to help you better understand yourself and humanity.

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Archaeologists have not yet discovered any stage of human existence without art. Even in the half-light before the dawn of humanity we received this gift from Hands we did not manage to discern. Nor have we managed to ask: Why was this gift given to us and what are we to do with it? And all those prophets who are predicting that art is disintegrating, that it has used up all its forms, that it is dying, are mistaken. We are the ones who shall die. And art will remain. The question is whether before we perish we shall understand all its aspects and all its ends.
—  Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn, Beauty Will Save the World

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Positive Aspects: bold, confident, independent, charming, direct, inspired, enterprising, courageous

The most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire.

People who shine from within don’t need the spotlight.

The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.

Negative Aspects: uncontrollable, crude, self-serving, dangerous, all-consuming, inattentive, egotistical

She was beautiful but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire is beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, never up close.

Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.

Your ego is your soul’s worst enemy.

Find your Dominant Element More Fire Earth Air Water  Elemental Aesthetics


And this relates to things that I have seen personally when it come to writing, specifically within the past few days.

Romanticizing abuse is not okay.

Let me repeat that. 

Romanticizing any kind of abuse is never okay.

There are so many real-life situations that are given nearly glamourous attributes to them in literature, particularly in fanfiction. It’s horrible, and I’ve seen so much of it that I had to draw attention to it on my own time.

Giving the title of ‘badboy’, 'dark’, or 'daddy’ is not a fucking excuse to let a fictional character be maltreated or borderline assaulted, and then later thought to be okay with the idea of being idolized because 'he loves her’.

It’s wrong, and it sends the wrong message to girls everywhere. 

That is a toxic way of thinking. 

To believe that someone can save you with just an affectionate look and destructive behaviors isn’t romance.

It’s a false name for something extremely dangerous, and it should never be tolerated. 

I just needed to make that explicitly clear.

Never Watched Doctor Who?

My list of the stories from each series you need to see to get a feel for the show (not necessarily the best episodes). None of them are instrumental as part of any long story arc so won’t give spoilers for that and they all show a different aspect of what Doctor Who is

Series 1 - Father’s day; a glimpse into the perils of changing the past

Series 2 - The Girl in the Fireplace; a complicated love story

Series 3 - Human Nature/The Family of Blood; another complicated love story

Series 4 - The Doctor’s Daughter; ‘a man who never would’

Series 4 Specials - The Waters of Mars; a gripping base under siege episode that shows the doctor his limits

Series 5 - Vincent and the Doctor; a fantastic yet tragic portrayal of a historical character 

Series 6 - The Doctor’s Wife; probably the strangest of Doctor Who’s love stories

Series 7 - Hide; the jump scare side of Doctor Who

Series 8 - Robot of Sherwood; a bit of fun with a ‘historical’ character for lovers of cheesiness

Series 9 - Heaven Sent; a gripping timey wimey episode

Castiel has watched humanity since its creation. He’s not an expert at the internal workings, the emotions and feelings, but he understands the physical part. He’s watched them grow, watched them eat, watched them when they are injured, watched them reproduce, watched them bathe.

When he falls and he’s suddenly human, he doesn’t really consider that he will have to learn about any of those things. He focuses his energy into the mental and emotional aspects that he’s less familiar with, that not even humans themselves seem to understand.

But there’s one physical thing that throws him off a bit.


Cas understands it, of course, why human bodies require rest and what will happen if he doesn’t sleep enough. And actual sleeping isn’t a problem, except for the strange dreams he sometimes has.

The problem is being tired. Those times when he can’t get to sleep right when he would like to- a hunt is keeping him out, or Dean and Sam need him to help research something-his whole mind goes a little fuzzy. His energy drains, and he becomes irritable, unable to control his facial expressions and unhappy sighs.

And then sometimes when he’s tired, it’s not so bad. It’s kind of nice, actually. Like the feeling of being drunk, but knowing he won’t be sick the next day.

It’s one of those nights, when he’s exhausted and buzzing with it, barely in control of himself, that he flops down into Dean’s bed. Dean’s room happened to be the closest, and that’s as good a reason as any, Cas thinks.

“What are you doing?” Dean asks when he finds him.

“Going to sleep,” Cas mumbles, not opening his eyes.

“In my bed?”



And this is the part of being tired that Cas wasn’t prepared for. The part where his brain just forgets to filter his words, and thoughts come spilling out haphazardly, dangerously. “Because your sheets smell good. They smell like you.”

Dean doesn’t say anything, and Cas has the vague awareness that the silence should worry him, but it doesn’t. Cas listens as Dean undresses, blinks his eyes open to find Dean sliding into bed in a t-shirt and underwear.

“Scoot over, at least,” Dean sighs, resigned.

Cas does, but finds himself moving right back, moving into Dean. Dean’s just so warm, a strange combination of hard muscle and soft skin that feels just perfect as Cas snuggles down into it.

“Cas, what the hell?”

“Feels good,” he mumbles, mouth moving against Dean’s neck, and Cas can taste the salt there. “Tastes good, too,” he giggles, flicking his tongue out again to run over Dean’s pulse, which is faster than Cas thinks it should be.

Dean hesitates a moment, then curls into Cas slightly, throwing an arm and a leg over him. “Yeah,” Dean says finally, his voice sounding like he’s just made some sort of decision. “It does feel good.”

Cas lies there for a few moments, strung out and sleep-starved, more open and honest than he’s ever been, and smiles as he has a very Dean-like thought.

Being sleepy is awesome.