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i was tagged by @pchanyecl thank u!!

A: age | 21

B: birthplace | UK

C: current time | 00:16

D: drink you had last | water

E: easiest person to talk to | uhhh idk,,my mum i guess

F: favourite song | currently it’s finesse by bruno mars

G: grossest memory | probably when i threw up on myself and up the wall when i was drunk lmao

H: hogwarts house | ravenclaw

I: in love? | no

J: jealous of people? | yes lmao

K: killed someone? | no

L: love at first sight or should I walk by again? | nah

M: middle name | i don’t have a middle name

N: number of siblings | 0

O: one wish | i don’t do wishes

P: person you called last | my doctor

Q: question you are always asked | why do you look so angry? :/

R: reasons to smile | lmao uhhh…my dog, 

S: song you sang last | suspicious minds - elvis

T: time you woke up | 12 pm

U: underwear colour | black

V: vacation destination | if this is fave place i’ve been

W: worst habit | jiggling my legs

X: x-rays | sjkdfhdksj arm, hand, teeth, jaw 

Y: your favourite food | pizza and any type of cake lmao

Z: zodiac sign | gemini

Ultimate bias: chanyeol

Ultimate bias wrecker | well they’re not really my bias wrecker bcos i view them as my other biases tbh..jongin and ksoo

First kpop song | crooked by g dragon

Favourite kpop album | ex’act

Favourite kpop ship | uhh idk i don’t rlly have one

Hard or soft fan | both, i think i’m more on the soft side though

Favourite kpop company | lmao they’re all demonic

Backstory of how I got into kpop | i saw an article on g dragon and thought his make up looked amazing so then i youtubed him kfsdks

i’m gonna tag @cuddlyjd @suho69 @sweetsoo @starrydo @chestnutsoo @sehunspepper


theme of the show today: you have to be happy even without me


soooo yeah this is what I came up with for the contest. Ive had it sitting on my desk for a while but i needed to churn it out already.

I hope its as funny on paper as it was in my head.

I have a fan-troll but I didnt want to wait to post the comic before I was done redesigning it.

tumblr compression is making it so that you have to click the image in order for it to be clear btw!

outfit swap

luke & leia with padme: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!
padme: there’s food at home
luke & leia, muttering: i fucking hate this family

luke & leia with obi wan: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!
obi wan: [pulls into drive thru]
luke & leia: [cheering]
obi wan: one black coffee please

luke & leia with anakin: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!
anakin: mcdonalds! mcdonalds! mcdonalds!