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Wooooo 15 million bosses!!! \(^•^)/

(I know this is pretty late and ive already said this a bunch lol but seriously congrats on reaching this newest milestone @therealjacksepticeye :D I know you say we shouldn’t be thanking you but you're​ the one who started this journey a couple of years ago and allowed all of us to come along with you on the ride! :) I speak for everyone when we say that we are so proud of you and what you’ve accomplished :D just keep being you jack and keep doing what you love, we’ll all be here to support you along the way! :D ❤❤ )

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2 and 16 for nessian or feysand? Please and thank you 😘

2. Who is the big spoon/ Who is the little spoon?

Already done for Nessian!

Feysand - Rhys is the big spoon. Definitely. I think all the boys are? Except maybe Elucien… anyway! My version of Rhys is kind of the taller, leaner build and I think that just fits Feyre so well because she’s rather lean herself. So even though Rhys towers over her in a lot of ways, their bodies just sort of match. They’re compatible, ya know? And I think for them, spooning isn’t really a big thing unless its playful. Like if they’re having a tender moment, they’d rather face each other or lay with Feyre’s head on Rhy’s chest. But when he’s teasing and tickling and attacking and flat out fingering/fucking Feyre, he’s behind her enjoying all the different ways her body molds in front of him, locked between his arms. He loves how she wiggles inward on herself when he tickles her and she tries to get away. He loves how scrambles forward to escape his teasing when he’s being an absolute prick. And most of all, he loves the way her back arches, head falling against his chest while her fingers grip his shirt and the sheets when he makes her come.

16. Who is scared of thunderstorms?

I don’t think either Nesta or Cassian is scared of them, though Nesta isn’t fond of water in general. The noise doesn’t really bother her so much though and it kind of matches that hot temper she has burning in her at all times.

Feysand, on the other hand, I think neither would be scared nor inclined to a panic attack from it, but I think Rhys would be the more uncomfortable one. I think the rain is gloomy for him, a sign of winter and sadness and less happy times. He can’t go flying. A lot of the shops in Velaris close for the day getting no traffic. All the training spaces are outside and getting messy in the mud isn’t fun. He has to pretty much stay indoors all day moping about less pleasant things like work and the Hewn City, but…. Feyre makes it better. She’s used to rain. She had to hunt in every element growing up, so she knows how to handle it. And she knows it bums Rhys out. The second it starts raining, she’ll start the fire place going and lay a blanket out, warm something hot up to drink, and sit with Rhys in front of the fire while they read together and listen to the rain. One of my favorite Feysand headcanons is that she’ll eventually reach over while doing this and start massaging his knee. The first time she does it, Rhys pauses his reading and looks down at her curiously where her head is in his lap. “What are you doing?” “Massaging your knee.” “Why?” She blinks up at him. “Because it hurts.” “How on earth do you know it hurts right now?” She’ll sigh, reach up and stroke his face once with a fond smile, and resume her work. “You told the Bone Carver. You told him one thing no one else knew about you so that I wouldn’t have to. And it was that your knee hurts when it rains because you messed it up during the war. I thought-” Rhys leans down to cut her off with a quiet kiss. “Thank you.” “Keep reading.” “Love to.” Suddenly, thunderstorms don’t seem so miserable.

I drew some Amis! I realize they’re not incredible but I’m actually really proud of them!

Sorry about the red all over the page, this is from my sketchbook and I didn’t realize I was coloring on the back of this until I’d already done so (oops)

Please don’t repost these (I don’t see why you would), but likes and reblogs are much appreciated!

I should have done myself a favour and stayed away from Tumblr and Twitter (regarding the show) during the hiatus. I’m getting my hopes up again, and that’s dangerous, but I can’t seem to help it.

Magnus in slippers, Magnus dancing (maybe Malec dancing), maybe Malec waking up together, Magnus’ past, Magnus having scenes with Catarina, Malec fighting demons together… GAAAAAH!


Sims No Filter Challenge!

i was tagged by @elisabettasims to do @butterfly-tattoo‘s challenge

i used three of my favorite sims to play with. this challenge further proved to myself that i could never go vanilla lmao

rules: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog. meaning your icon/legacy founder/lead character in your story etc. now take away all their cc except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color (no skin overlays/details). do a before and after picture and tag some others to try it. use the tag #sims no filter

i tag: @literallywhothe, @our-dazed-sims, @autumnalpixels, and @koffeecake (only do this if you want and sorry if anyone i tagged has already done this)

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Could you make a sheet like you did with othertale undyne but with sans I'm really interested in that version of him and it would be nice to see a full body image of him thank you for your time

heh well i already done a huge reference sheet for him here ;D

For you, for me, for Bones.

This is it guys.

We are hours away from Bones last episode. The only constant in many of our lives.

I’m not writing a “Thank you” letter, because I’ve already done that, what I’m writing is kinda like… a pain management guide.

Many of us (like myself) see our entire lives on this show, and can’t think on how life is going to be after tonight. If that’s the case hear me out:

- We are a family, we’ll still be a family. If you’re feeling lost and disoriented, you can come to me or to any of us, boneheads.

- If you feel like Bones was what kept you calm, you can talk to me or to any of us.

- If you feel depressed and without course, you can talk to me or to any of us.

- If you feel anything else you can talk to me or to any of us. 

We are a family.

Many of the boneheads used Bones as an escape for the last years, so it’s normal to suffer with this “loss”. It’s okay, we won’t judge, we understand… I understand.

“Inertia demands that you keep going” and we’ll be here, helpping each other to move on.

Now, together, let’s appreciate the last few hours of this last Bones day, and let us all remember how thankful each one of us is to this show and cast.

I, personally, owe my life to this show. And right now I’m doing the impossible to keep myself up. Oh Bones, Thank you. You’ll forever be loved and remembered.


Frederick: “It’s the big day! Are you excited?”
Darren: “I sure am! I’ve been dreaming about this day pretty much my whole life..”
Frederick: “You’re a good kid, Darren. Take care of my daughter okay? I know you’ve already done that for many years but I just need to say it again on this special day.”
Darren: “I promise I will, Frederick..”