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Yes, it’s Monday, and here we are. I will admit that the weekend was the worst, and I am glad it is over! I am not ashamed to admit when I saw the pic someone posted yesterday of a burning ship…I got pretty emotional about it. But, I am pretty dang strong, and stubborn. I am southern after all!

While I am still not a happy camper about all of the fuckery from the weekend, I am looking with a fresh set of eyes this morning. If you have not already done so, you must read @diggsydog post. It is 100% where I am today, and she says it all.

Someone posted yesterday that it has been ALL hearts and flowers from Sam and Cait since January 4th, and then BAM…we have experienced silence since the rugby game and the fist bump. If there is one thing we have learned about Sam….he has NEVER, EVER missed an opportunity to respond, praise, tease and engage with Cait….again EVER!!! The fact that he has not speaks volumes, and it is not because of MM. Cait lands at the Bafta’s and Sam turns up in Cali….and his “gone fishing ” response???? I can take that a multitude of ways when I look at it now. And then we have a LAX sighting of Sam…..another interesting tidbit. Why wouldn’t you be with your gf for all of the wedding festivities that started when the family arrived on Wednesday? I am side-eyeing here again!

Remember the pic with Graham, and Cait said she missed them both? And look at Grahams response…we toasted you, and your ears should have been burning because she was on their mind, and part of the convo. What a way to let someone know they are on their mind.

Next thing we know….the devil went down to Georgia, and whaddaya know….wedding time. You just don’t show up at a southern wedding, but we know that certain people are not going to pass up on an opportunity, and why are there no photos with Sam? Trust me, I have attended enough southern weddings to know pics pop up the minute the reception kicks off, and it’s no holes barred! And, the fact that Sam was tweeting at 11, 1 and then 8 the next morning tells me he did not hang with the festivities for too long, if at all.

As I said yesterday, I am taking everything at face value right now. Sometimes a chair is just a chair. On the off chance that Sam is in a relationship with this chick, then they have missed the opportunity to really put that out. And, these FB people who always seem to have a “heads up”….how do you supposed they are getting this info? And, I find it interesting that this wedding info was dropped two weeks ago by others (we did not take the bait), right after….drum roll please…..the rugby game and fist bump!! Someone shut Sam and Cait down, and I don’t think it was Sam and Cait…..period.

So to Diggy’s point, Sam let everyone know with that pic in front of the map, same as NC, and same as that non-captioned pic of him and Cait right before the Bafta’s. I am still pissed at them both for all of this fuckery, but my gut is telling me something else is at stake.

So, I have been rocked, rolled, battered, and beaten by this storm this weekend. And I am on the beach covered in salt, sand, seaweed, and a little crusty , but I just stood up. After I wish this gook off, I am thinking something smells fishy, and while I am not looking for last ditch excuses, something is off. It is our job to find out just what it is. I go back to the anon from Jess yesterday…it is not what it seems….that anon definitely got that right!

I am off to find my SamCait flag. I won’t give up on them yet, and until I see something different, they are still together, just as separated by the storm as we are! Happy Monday sweet shipsters!🎣⛅☉

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Hi! My 8 year old autistic son suffers from nightmares in his sleep all the time. I know that autistic people are prone to suffer from more sleep problems than any other group of people (getting to sleep, staying asleep, nightmares, night terrors, sleep walking, etc.), but I wondered if you had any ideas at all as to if there was anything we could do to help him? My son and I have talked about it a few times, and I said I'd do some research for him. Thanks! Fiona

Oh my gosh this is such a hard question!

When it comes to autistics and discomfort of any kind, the first thing I always look for is a sensory source. What is causing the discomfort? Basics first, and I would suggest the basics even if you’ve already done them (and I would suggest doing them regularly because it is always worth checking in). You’ve probably already done this but I’m going to go over it for other readers.

Control the sensory environment. Is there anything in the environment that can be changed to make the night more comfortable? A fan to cool the air a little more? Less light? More light?

If you haven’t tried weighted blankets, a lightly weighted blanket is safe for sleeping at night, and for a lot of us crawling under a blanket is like turning of a switch. It’s the best Mom Hug ever. Seriously. If you haven’t tried it, try it (though to be fair, they can be expensive).

The most inexpensive that I have personally found is, however, I have not purchased one (yet!) so I cannot speak to quality. Of course, if it is within your budget, I recommend finding an autistic quilter or seamstress and supporting their business. If you need help finding a reliable source, I can help there (ask or PM is fine!). I’m sure my followers have a lot of suggestions there, too!

Moving beyond the basics, and I am guessing this gets closer to an answer for your question, “What if the sensory issue is emotional?”

In my case, nightmares are caused almost exclusively by my anxiety and PTSD; I am terrified of being abandoned by people, because of that I have all kinds of horrible dreams about the things I will do or the things others will do that ultimately result in abandonment.

Of course, something like that is hard to control. I can’t just remove the sensory input (emotional response to anxiety or PTSD in my case). I’ve been in therapy for years now, and I still have issues with this stuff.

But with emotional stuff talking does help. With a child, I wouldn’t suggest just before bed, like my wife and I, but maybe an hour before bed when there is still time after to distract the mind before the bedtime routine.

Basically, if you think the source of the nightmares is emotional, getting the thoughts out before bed but not to close to bed, might help ease some of the nightmares.

Try to get your son to stay on topic, but let him run the conversation. What are the things he worries about at school? At home? When he is playing alone? Watching TV?

If he doesn’t feel like talking, it is okay to push a little because sleep is a health issue, but obviously there is a line where pushing too hard just adds to the problems. If he doesn’t want to talk, then share some of the things that you worry about.

And to be clear, share your current worries. Obviously you are worried about him, you can start with that but don’t focus on it. This is about expanding the conversation. If you’re worried about work, share that. If you are worried about the political climate, share that.

The idea here is emotional reciprocity by example. If you want him to dig deep and really try and figure out what is bothering him, you need to do the same. Answer is questions as honestly as possible, with as little simplification for his sake as possible. Basically, talk to him like an adult.

Emotional stuff is hard, but if you invest in him, he will invest in you. Of course, you have to be on the watch for autistic language. You probably know his language better than anyone but him, but for other readers this means non-neurotypical modes of communication.

Watch his body language. Does he rock when he is emotionally agitated? You might be close to what is bothering him. Does he spin around when he is happy? You’re connecting with him, but not in the right area.

Make this part of your routine for the evening, including the extra time between the talk and bedtime. Your conversation with him can be five minutes or thirty or an hour. Whatever you think is reasonable for his routine. But make it a daily thing if you can. Or at least two or three times a week. I suggest shorter and daily because routines are easier that way, IMO.

Keep looking for answers here in the autistic community, I am going to tag a few people who might have more experience with this than I do.

All of that said. If the nightmares still persist, and talking doesn’t help, and therapy doesn’t help, there are medical options that are safe. I will not share them in this post, as they are a little further afield than I want to go here, but you can PM me or send another ask.

To recap:

  • Check the sensory environment. Let him control it.
  • Try a weighted blanket if you haven’t already.
  • Add nightly conversations about the things that cause anxiety, whatever those are for him.
  • Reciprocate, reciprocate, reciprocate, in those conversations
  • Check with other autistics I’ve tagged, and the community at large
  • Check back for replies to this post to see what others comment!
  • Last resort, there are medical options that are safe (but seriously, LAST resort).

Some people who might have more experience than me (and may or may not have additions to offer to my general suggestions above):

@butterflyinthewell @autismserenity @autistic-parenting @autisticeducator @strangerdarkerbetter @vulcanfeminist and I know there are more of you and I just can’t remember who might have thoughts on this because brain is a jerk. If I missed someone obvious, my apologies.

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So do you have another project at hand

Yes! My new comic series Captain America to the Rescue is coming March! Part One will be up after I finish all work/wedding stuff! 

I’ve done SO MAAAANY Stony comics already tho so while waiting take a look at for my other comics!

One of my greatest worries is that you will all lose interest in me because I’m so busy, please wait for me my friends :’(

Trying to explain to the fashion week person that I’m confident I’ll get my shit done and it’s like…listen. Listen to me. This ain’t my first rodeo. I got five days to get this done bro. And like I’m already almost done? I just got to hem some shit, add some buttons, finsiha few seams. On what? Fucking basic ass clothes. Please! Like I made my entire evil queen Regina cosplay in like a day! 3 suits of Paladin armor in a week. Made inuyasha in a night. Made basically every cosplay I’ve ever done the night before the con homie. This is how I do. Don’t swear it.

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fanfic trope: love at first sight

Ooooh maaan, I love this trope, especially when it’s mixed with soulmates trope. So…yes, that. I would do that. I mean, I already have done that, haven’t I? :D

So since I already have that in DA, I’d say Billy/Teddy for this one. Tattoo soulmark AU…Billy has always had a strange pattern of green scales/spikes down his left arm, which confuses him because, what, is his soulmate a dragon or something? Meanwhile, Teddy has a galaxy on his right arm, and he likes to trace its stars as if somehow they’ll tell him secrets. When they first meet, neither realizes the other is his soulmate (because the identifiers are for Hulkling/Wiccan, who technically don’t even exist yet), but they just can’t look away.

(PS: I may actually fold this into my dragon!Teddy AU.)

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i feel like bella/kendall's friendship is so much more natural and organic than kendall and gigi's. like i'm sure they're friends but 'kengi' totally just played it up to get attention and promo just like kendall did with cara and that whole 'cake' thing which died as soon as gigi started gaining popularity. lol.

Actualllllly, KenGi only existed because after Bella and Abel got together (late 2014 to early 2015), Kendall still needed a channel to know what her lover was up to and send her messages that Abel wouldn’t see. Because, even though he knew Bella would always love Kendall more than him, he ended up falling in too deep and got possessive of Bella, and did his best to keep the two apart. 

More on “Cy’s actually fucking insane and loves Kella enough to make a nutty conspiracy theory” when I’m done typing lmfao I’m already at 1500 words. 

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How would BTS react to their S/O being really forgetful? 😂😂 sorry if you have already done this😂 tnx in advance tho!😌

Hi Anon ! I can totally do this ! Thank for requesting and sorry if it’s crap. If you didn’t mean the way of her being a total black hole person then I’m sorry and don’t hesitate to request me again 😅😢


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As a leader of a bunch of dorks, he always feels responsible. When you forget your phone or your keys, he always tries to give it you back asap. Of course, he would sermon you a little bit like : “Jagi, you should be more cautious about your things”


Originally posted by kths

For Hoseok, it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s not really important like : you forgot your identity paper when you are at the airport. Though, he would at first, laugh at your ass. “It’s not funny Hoseok !” “Sorry Jagi, but…You’re so clumsy !” . Then he would think about how getting this before going somewhere else.


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He would enjoy at first, seeing you searching for your things, and when you are tired and grumpy, he would tell you where he saw your phone for the last time. He got used to your forgetful behaviour. Still funny each time you forgot something.

Jin : (you are V and replace Hyung by Oppa)

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What can he do about it ? He stills is the mom of his group, but being careful about your things is another business. Even if he has no idea about where your bag is, he will support you. 

V :

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This 4D boy will zoned out when you tell him “Oppa, I forgot your schedule at home”. Then he would hurry his ass to get his schedule you forgot when he spent his weekend at your home. “OH MA GOOOOOOOOD” “SORRY OPPA” 

Jungkook :

Originally posted by dammithoshi

V : Hey Y/N ! I heard you forgot to bring Kookie back…

Jungkook : Hyung, this is a matter between me and Y/N.

Suga :

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Serves you right. He would have given up about you and just watch from afar. 

           LITTLE CHARACTER THINGS        

just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by.  REPOST & TAG AWAY !

TAGGED BY: @ignisaestas

TAGGING: @sensorybound, @vocalizis, @skraxseidr, @acciaioxnero, @regen-frau, @bicksloow, @uxnmei, @evxdent, @stonevanity, @shinebrightlikealion, @blczing, @venithixms, oh god uh I’ve no idea who’s already done this so if u wanna do this just go ahead yes!!


  • 001. Pride
  • 002. Loyalty
  • 003. Determination
  • 004. Smugness
  • 005. Anger


  • 001. Crimson
  • 002. Black
  • 003. Grey
  • 004. Purple
  • 005. Green


  • 001. (Hot) spices
  • 002.  Old and fresh/new Papers/Books
  • 003. Shampoo
  • 004. A tinge of Darkness
  • 005. Laxus Sweat and/or blood from working out and/or fighting


  • 001. The Sword he usually carries around on his hip, sheathed or drawn
  • 002. Books. Lots of them.
  • 003. Personal collection of photos/trophies/rewards/gifts of his team, friends and his husband
  • 004. Wedding ring, finally <3
  • 005. Bottles of wine


  • 001. Arms conjoined before his chest, sometimes with his brows slightly furrowed
  • 002. Brow arched up with or without a tiny smirk
  • 003. Hand cupping his chin as he considers or ponders on something
  • 004. A smug, confident or teasing smirk
  • 005. Gritted teeth and eyes filled with fury, eyebrow twitching


  • 001.  Fancy, gentleman-ly attire and drinks
  • 002.  Dark and black things. Skulls. Torture. Death. Demonic attributes. Pain&Despair
  • 003.  Big ass library, books and anything to do with knowledge in general
  • 004.  Swords, Sword fighting-& training, Usual workout
  • 005.  Happy gay couple things, and friendship shenanigans

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that splash art for drillman was pretty cool. think we could possibly get more of them based on navis you've already done?

That’s absolutely something I can do!

Now if only I had a Ground Man EXE/Ground Soul 3D model to also do these for…


tagged by @geezsims -rules are to list 10 songs from your shuffle then tag 10 people.

1. every other freckle - alt-j
[spotify ad lmao]
2. funny you should ask - the front bottoms
3. pavlove - fall out boy
4. to be alone with you - sufjan stevens
5. nearly witches (ever since we met) - panic! at the disco
6. plastic flowers - the front bottoms
7. i’ll believe in anything - wolf parade
8. a dustland fairytale - the killers
9. from a mountain in the middle of the cabins  - panic! at the disco
10. all those friendly people - funeral suits

gonna do the same and tag people from my activity cos i don’t know who’s done it already!

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