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I'm very frustrated because I'm trying to get accommodations from my college, but the amount of things I need to provide to prove I have adhd is absolutely ridiculous. Any other mental or physical disorder just needs you to fill out a form, but to prove you have adhd there's a 3 page list of info and documents I have to provide. Why is it so much more difficult for adhd? Why can't they just believe me when the doctor signs the form like everyone else?

I don’t know. It’s ridiculous, making people who have executive dysfunction do all this stuff that requires good executive functioning.

I suspect it has something to do with the persistent belief that people grow out of ADHD. I don’t know why that is still so prevalent, but SO MANY people still believe it. It’s ludicrous.


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"If you were a fruit you'd be a fineapple." "If you were a vegetable you'd be a cutecumber." "If you were a steak, you'd be well done. 😤👌" For Hunk. "Are you into science because I've got my ion you." For Pidge.

College AU based on my actual experience away from home in an extremely remote part of America.

Hunk is unstoppable. He’s a force to be reckoned with. I’m also all for Pidge with the science lines. Ah, the reader is female, or at least implied female. I wrote this so that both Pidge AND Hunk are hitting on you I hope that’s okay. If you want them separate, let me know. With that being said, there is no limit to how many characters or lines can be in a request.

– Ryan

College does horrible things. Terrible things. Like, lower your quality of living standards. Significantly. You find excuses not to adhere to a proper sleep schedule. What do you mean, boil my ramen?? I’m pretty sure it’s more nutritious to eat it raw. Coffee and energy drinks make up 92% of your bloodstream, but no one seems to care, or stop you. Needless to say, it’s hard living away from home. But it’s better when you’ve got a group of friends and a good roommate. 

Pidge was your roommate freshman year, but the both of you hit it off so well, you requested each other again as roommates for your sophomore year. Matt, her brother, was able to get into a suite with his previous roommate, Hunk, and the two friends they’d made, Lance and Keith.

One promise the six of you made together, was the first night in the suite to be shared together, with a large buffet spread, courtesy of you and Hunk. To which you both hastily agreed to, being sick of the crap cafeteria food being served every bloody day. 

Which brings us to today, where you stand in the middle of Wal-Mart; the only grocery store within 30 miles of where you attend school. And it was in the next state over. Well, you think, we can get around this.

“So Matt, Pidge, Lance, you go and search for plates and utensils. We’re gonna need certain tools to cook with, and I wrote all of them down on that list.” You hand the list to Pidge, the only one you could truly trust with this job. “Hunk, Keith, and I will go and search for the food to cook tonight.” A grin spreads across your face at the mere thought of all the food you could have instead of cafeteria slime™.

“Alright, we only have an hour before the shuttle leaves us so make it quick okay? Go!” The two teams rush in different directions, Matt shoving the cart as hard as he can while Pidge yells instructions, and Lance just gives a war cry of some type. You just push your cart over to the left where the produce is and begin your search.

“Let’s see, what should we do? We should have appetizers, yeah? Like a salad bar kinda thing?” As you sort of create an impromptu menu for the night’s events, you pull out all sorts of things for a salad.

“[y/n], if you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber.” Hunk winks at you as he throws a few cucumbers into the cart. You smack him on the arm and roll your eyes with a laugh at his attempt to flirt. Hunk laughs as well, taking the cart for you and pushing it through the aisles.

After stocking up on a few nonperishable snacks, you continue to the produce section once more where Keith heads straight for the peaches, and Hunk pulls up a pineapple.

“Hey, [y/n], if you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple.” You and Keith exaggeratedly groan at Hunk’s attempt at a flirt, but you giggle after as he hands you the pineapple. “I guess we have to get this now.” You say, and find a produce bag to put the pineapple in.

Pidge and her team arrive back, and it’s a miracle they obtained even half the items you’d asked for. (“Matt do we really need all this confetti?” “I don’t care it’s only 99 cents, put it back.” “nO WE DON’T NEED AN ENTIRE CRATE OF HOT WHEELS P U T I T B A C K”) 

“I’m a poor college student, where do you think all this money is coming from, my ass??” You sigh, as everyone had come up to you with a random item of desire, but then you turn to Pidge, who is holding up a science kit. 

“You’re into science, right, [y/n]? Because I’ve got my ion you.” You fluster a little as she winks at you, and you go uncharacteristically silent. Everyone stares, as you take the science kit from her, and agree to buy it. (this creates a chaotic imbalance in which you must buy Matt his confetti, and Lance his Hot Wheels™.)

So the shuttle ride back to campus was a little less than bearable (with Matt literally on the verge of throwing the confetti around, and Lance narrating his Hot Wheels™ adventure), but you make it back sane and in one piece.

Cooking was a lot easier since everyone had been occupied with their own things. You cook beside Hunk, and he flips the steaks broiling pan as you chop up the vegetables and prepare the salad.

“You know, [y/n]…” Hunk starts in that extremely familiar tone, and you don’t even cast him a look before you snap back, “don’t say it, Hunk.”

“If you were a steak, you’d be well done.”

I have an honest question for you guys.

I’ve had the idea for quite a while now to make a tutorial on how to edit photos without whitewashing idol’s skin. I know what my blog isn’t really an edit blog, but I actually do a lot of editing on photoshop since I’m an art major in college and actually it’s one of my best skills as an artist if I’m being perfectly honest.

Would that be something anyone would be interested in? Cuz like I’ve kinda developed my own style of editing kpop photos that avoids whitewashing skin tone while still making the overall photo very light (since I really like the pastel/faded edit sort of style).

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College AU maybe?

This is actually an old AU of mine that featured college aged Ludger and Jude but it was mostly about them being roomies and living in a little old apartment that they fill with thrift store finds.

I put off drawing this for a long time because I kept getting carried away and I wanted to draw what they had in their bags too but I clearly don’t have the time to do that so I ended up just skipping it altogether.

Some details about the AU!

Jude is a first year undergrad in Environmental Sciences and an international student from Rieze Maxia. He originally was staying at the dorms but moved out after some advice from his classmates that he stayed holed up in his dorm or on campus and doesn’t experience the local culture (and frankly it was dreary and the meals were very repetitive). He met Ludger in the end of his first trimester and they started rooming together in spring. His program is also a work-study and he’s mostly funded by his scholarships and grants.

Ludger is a part-time culinary arts student. He moved out after deciding to become independent from his brother but he’s only barely scraping by, taking on contractual work and the spontaneous odd jobs. He’d originally been living closer to campus but due to the higher expense, he’d been looking for a roommate for a while (with very little luck) before he met Jude.

Whenever their friends visit, they always comment on how they’re like a married couple. They have matching mugs and dishes and they have a household routine down pat. In the winter to keep down their heating bill, they sleep together in the same bed and snuggle while at home together.

The Deadly Device [x]

I’ll be starting my junior year of college next week, and I’ll actually be taking my first collegiate science course. Hopefully I’ll do better in that class than I do with the science puzzles in The Deadly Device! To create a look inspired by that game, pair a black and white print dress with a simple cardigan, lacy tights, black ankle boots, a Tesla phone case, a black and white hair bow, and a polka dot backpack. Gear earrings, a gear key necklace, gold bracelets, a lightning ring, and a periodic table ring complete the look.

Me, a couple of weeks ago: Ok let’s work on something super simple as practice, something I could fit in with my shity life, something that I could write straight to the point quickly. Oh! Romance is a good option! That’s always simple! Person meets person, they like each other but maybe not really, they finally get together, have some arguments, get together again, the end. Bam! Maybe throw some high school or college background stuff because that’s popular and goes well with the genre and wow life was simple back then. K? K. Good plan. Keeping it simple. Hookup, drama, breakup, hookup. Some other teenager stuff like movies and other people dating and bullies and whatever.

Me, past few days: ok but what if you used this to explore some worldbuilding? What if you add an actual plot? What if you explored the world more than just college campus? You know, actual culture, mythology, superstitions, whatever? What if the characters were explored more? What if you added some mystery plots and some deep shit like that? What if… oooh, ice hockey! There’s gotta be ice hockey!

And that’s why I hate my brain.

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I asked a question a while back about grad school and how you decided and what not? But I'm actually 22 and a junior in college with probably another two years before I finish my undergrad. I've yet to actually do some research and that's probably my biggest gap between finishing my undergrad and figuring out what kind of masters program Id like to be in. Sorry I'm just an undergrad with the end getting near and panicking about professor student relationships, research, the future, anchor, etc.

Sorry if I missed it. My inbox is currently a mess because /someone/ submitted the entire bee movie script. And also I’m bad about my inbox.

But yeah, research is a must for most phd programs but much less important for masters so you shouldn’t have to worry so much about that. But if there are fields you’re thinking about going into then research is a great way to test the waters and see if you like it. And if you have two years left that’s plenty of time to try out a lab or two.

I went back and forth a lot about what types of programs I wanted to apply to, from chemistry to history of science to biology all within the space of a year. Ultimately I picked bio because, idk, I just went with my gut. It’s what I’d wanted to do the most for the longest time and I was doing bio focused research that I enjoyed. If I had to do it again I would probably apply to chem and biophysics programs because what i
Am interested in tend to live there more than bio programs but in the end it worked out for me and I’m pretty happy where I am.

The point being, it’s pretty normal to not know what you want to do and research is probably the best way for you to narrow stuff down. But masters programs are also a great way to get experience in a field and not so much of a commitment that you can’t decide you want to switch into something else afterwards. You can take a masters from one field into a phd or job in another if you so choose.

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Can I just take a moment to say just how amazing you are? Because only a genius would take so much time and effort and put it in their wonderful art. I've studied symbolism in literature for almost a year now and the fact that you have made it so evident in your art just astounds me. I can't seem to stop looking at both your Saturn and Neptune pieces because not only are they so aesthetically pleasing, your audience can tell that you put a lot of thought into it. It's so beautiful. I love it ❤❤❤


ASDFJsdkjfsldfjsldfjdkdkDJFD i actually studied symbolism in literature for about 2 years in high school ToT i had the strictest teacher for the class so it was a pain in the butt at the time and i absolutely hated it, but after i graduated and went to do art and design in college, i actually really appreciated my teacher for helping me so much because it became easier for me to tell stories with my art! 

  • ADHD hell brain: you want something
  • Me: ok, what?
  • AHDH hell brain: something.
  • Me: ...what something?
  • ADHD hell brain: sound.
  • Me: ok? Music? Netflix? YouTube?
  • ADHD hell brain: want something...
  • Those Studyblrs: my favorite pen is this $420 amethyst-gold-plated-crusted-ruby angel pen that only writes in platinum ink straight from heaven
  • Me, a Poor College Student: my favorite pen is that one free pen someone gave me at campus fest freshman year that I have lost about 7 times, and yet it somehow miraculously always turns up again in my bookbag
tips & tricks & i’ve learned in 21 years as a human girl who has adhd

some of these i’ve learned on my own, or from family/friends, or reddit/tumblr/pintrest/facebook. but i’ve compiled a list that has helped me remain focused, organized, and not having my mind go all over the place. some of them are just good to know.

1. don’t put it down, put it away (helps immensely with clutter)

2. use a planner for everything, not just school (i use an actual planner because writing it down actually helps me remember it better, but an app can work too)

3. color code class materials, use a different color for each subject (i’m a nursing student and i’m always running around like crazy, my binders, folders, and notebooks for each class each have their own color. ex: bio=green, chem=blue, psych=pink. that way if i’m in a rush, i never grab the wrong stuff.)

4. rewriting class notes, memos, important dates, & anything else worth remembering helps to engrain it in your mind 

5. meal prepping twice every week helps to save time & money & also helps to keep your meals nice and healthy (it also helps me remember to eat because sometimes i have a hard time doing so since my vyvanse suppresses my appetite. it also helps to eat before i take my meds because then i have a more normal appetite and i’m not cranky. i’m also someone who would rather just not eat because i get stressed if i have to cook something, so having something all set and ready to go for each meal is such a huge stress relief)

6. do some sort of exercise for 30 minutes at least 4 times a week because it gets rid of excess energy, helps you to focus, & look & feel great (i do 45 minutes of cardio every other day on the stair-stepper & i’ve just gotten really into weight lifting. cardio definitely helps me A LOT to not be so cranky or all over the place)

7. pick out and get your outfit for the next day, every single night (i pick out EVERYTHING from the actual clothes, to the underwear, socks, bra, shoes, & accessories. this helps because i also have a weird thing about how clothes fit over undergarments & i also have a weird thing about matching clothes with undergarments, socks, & shoes)

8. pack your backpack and whatever else you need the night before (i put all my class materials, snacks & drinks, chargers, gym clothes, etc in my bag every night before i go to bed so i don’t rush or forget anything in the morning)

9. have a bag full of essentials that you take everywhere (i have a purse that i keep my wallet, keys, a protein bar, a water, my iPad, a back up charger, pen, small notebook, planner, gum, & hand sanitizer that i take with me everywhere. everything has it’s own special pocket & i never lose track of the things i need)

10. make lists of “to’s” (to do, to remember, to buy)

11. go from room to room whenever you leave someplace to make sure you haven’t left anything behind 

12. use post-it notes in visible places as reminders

13. set aside one day per week to do stuff you need to get done (cleaning, schoolwork, chores, grocery shopping, etc)

14. have a “time out” for yourself every other day to relax and recharge (i set aside an hour or two every single day to read or watch a tv show or do something that doesn’t require too much thought or energy. i don’t answer calls or texts, and i try not to browse social media. this helps me relax and not feel overwhelmed throughout the day or the week)

15. set alarms for waking up, tasks, & cooking fro better time management (i use a great app called 30/30 thats a great task manager. it lets you set up a list with a set time for each task. the timer starts and you go about your task, once the time is up, it lets you know you should move onto your next task)