is this a valentine idek

My parents have been married for 19 years and together for 20 and I asked them what they were doing for valentines and they both looked so disgusted and said it was commercial and they hated it and then my dad said to me that every year he sends her flowers her favourite chocolates and a card pretending to be a secret admirer because although they think it’s a stupid holiday he wants her to have chocolate and then I went to my mum and asked about her secret admirer and she said it was a running joke between them cause my dad spends the day saying he’s gonna beat up her secret admirer and they both know it’s him but it’s been going for twenty years and my mum keeps the cards and if that isn’t love idk what is

Support eachother 2k16

Make a long story short, people deserve recognition for their talent. People spend hours and hours doing stuff they love so why not support them and show them that we love their talent as well. So with that said 

 lol I guess I can make this a tag 

Rules: I mean you don’t have to but I would highly recommend following the people listed below and other people listed as this go on. Even if you’re not tagged, say you write, say what you do cause that’s how you can be exposed. When tagged, tag others that you know of who has a talent 

So yah 

Cool ass writers who I love

@idek-writings for gruvia and I believe other ships for other fandoms. Her personal is @idek-valentine

@erzawesome gruvia and jerza 

@neverticklethissleepingdragon everything I think for ft. Her personal is @kago-make-dean-some-pie

@unashamed-shipper show her some damn love like she was here beforehand so why y'all acting all brand new. Her writing blog is   @unashamed-shipper-writes

@doctorwhodunit gajevy 

@lucyheartfiliavevo lol she crazy so she writes anything 

@meadowofstars/ @meadowofart writes good ass ft shid 

@celestialgoddesslucy lolz nearly cried to one of her stories

@thespace-dragon SHE WAS ACNOMOGIA (I was looking for ages for the url lol)

@fucking-dragneel she did some good as horror nalu like hello we’re used to smut and fluff but she was like snah lemme suck yall into the horror void and it was GOOD

 Manga cap colorers@fairymarie @blade-of-hope @rain-on-me @pennytf @lord-rogue @moonlustelara @firedragonroaring @cosmicloveoftheages @lucyheartfiliathecelestialmage @endragoneel @thespace-dragon 

 Artists (digital and traditional) @terironi @fairyy-glitter @mrsallsunday @thatartcorner @the-mystifiying-walnut @watchmist1412 @meadowofstars/ @meadowofart @roxychild94 @seulil @anyharu @jiyu-koya@fairytailsgemini @endearceol @seilahtheshipper @scarletlovesme @skyfairhurst @scarletlovesme @jellybeanjelly

 FT Edits@googler49 @juviarainworld @lillitu @lucyheartfiliavevo @melichamaa 

  Interactive blog like headcanon submissions and RP @archangelalstone @fairy-tail-scenarios @the-archangel-of-zeref 

 These are just some people that I know of and I know there are plenty more so please keep it going and tag others!



If people are receptive to this and want more please tell me XD I might make a side blog dedicated to this if it’s well received.

I felt like I finally got to free some of my funny juices (that sounded really weird). It might just be me but I laughed as I was answering these questions. Then again, I’m one of those people who laugh at their own jokes, so in the end the jokes on me I guess XD

Also, I’m 99% sure I answered everyone’s questions, so thank you all for asking!!!

Hello @idek-valentine !!!
And I love you back @bemer13

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so im signed up at the imo community thing (where freeform does all its viewer surveys and tests out promos for upcoming shows etc...) and they just did a big survey on sh s2. one of the questions was "who was your fav character this season" and magnus was #1....while Luke was literally in last place after Valentine I dont even know anymore

i saw…. anon i saw, WHO voted for valentine and why has no one voted for luke oh god, that was 12 hours+ ago so hopefully things have changed? idek how anyone could choose valentine over luke, but ehatever. trash trash trash