is this a things post

an appreciation post for the Best Albums of All Time released in 2005

This post is cancelled i thought black parade and devil and god ALSO came out the same year and that would have been like really crazy if like all of my top albums above came out the same year as those anyway lemme try this again here’s an appreciation for all the really good albums i THOUGHT came out in 2005 but I was a year off

uuuuuh avatar the last airbender aired in 2005

thats all i got this post is a trainwreck

People who Make Movies -  Norwegian Vocab

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en regissør - a director

en skuespiller - an actor/actress (en skuespillerinne is another word for an actress but it’s common to just use skuespiller)

en statist - a film extra

en filmprodusent - a film producer

en manusforfatter - a screenwriter

en filmfotograf - a cinematographer

en scenograf - a scenographer/production designer

en lydtekniker - an audio engineer

en filmklipper - a film editor

en lysdesigner - a lighting designer

en effektdesigner - a special effects designer

en komponist - a composer

en sminkør - a makeup artist

en kostymedesigner - a costume designer

(feel free to correct any mistakes!✨)

‘There’s a Softness’ Preview

Just some word waffle I’ve been slowly working on between lectures, though I don’t know if I’ll continue it? It’s GoT, so, here;

 Near twelve years after the rebellion, Aegon I awakens, surrounded by dragons and yet, utterly alone. An Usurper on the throne, his house exiled and the Kingdom nearing crisis, Aegon the Conqueror does what he does best. He begins reuniting the lands once again; there is so much wrong with this world he has woken to.

Most certainly there should not be a Stark bastard sporting Visenya’s hard frown and Rhaenys’ kind eyes. (Female Jon Snow)

Aegon wakes, three and ten all over again. 

He knows from the nick to his skin, right at the crook of his elbow, a small slice he’d gained during his last name day at two and ten, but without the scar from sparring with Visenya at four at ten. 

He wakes cocooned in Balerion’s warmth, Vhagar and Meraxes a short distance away, but still blatantly present. Both painfully absent of their riders. His head swims with misinformation, with different thoughts that keep warring back and forth, pushing and pulling like waves. Meraxes should not be here. 

But it doesn’t sound like a fact in his mind, more a hazy recollection. 

The last remnants of a dream he can only half recall. But there is no Visenya here, no Rhaenys. He needs only look into the eyes of the dragons to know for certain. They are unbound beasts, looking to him for cues as a duckling glances to its mother; familiarity. Perhaps were it not for that the two would have already flown away. 

Aegon reclines back into Balerion’s side, his mount far more docile than he has ever known him before. There’s a softness to the great dragon now, the black dread that is smaller than he remembers. 

But his mind, Aegon is finding, is far from reliable right now. 

He needs to know what is happening, why he recalls a murky future when he is but three and ten. 

There are battles, names of men and declarations of victory that he… he cannot claim for certain. 

All that and more is slotted away within his head and it makes no sense.

He needs more information.

And clothes.

He needs information and clothes.


It is night when Balerion soars across the mainland, Meraxes and Vhagar near enough to nip at his heels. 

The sensation of flight is as exhilarating as always, though the chill bites deep beneath his skin. He does not know how Rhaenys could love it so very much. The thought of her brings a stabbing pain to his chest, a reminder she is not here now. 

But he will find out where she is soon enough, where both she and Visenya are. 

It’s Rosh Hashanah!

I know most of you guys don’t celebrate, but I’d like to wish a wonderful and sweet new year full of happiness and health to all of my Jewish and non-Jewish followers alike!

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I hope this coming year will be full of good things, well-deserved rewards, fun surprises and great friendships for you all!

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