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I got invited to @yoiauzine and I immediately got struck with the idea of a Corpse Bride AU! ; ♡ ; My second fav movie after Tangled (it was on the top, until Tangled happened lmao)

Won’t get too deep into this AU tho, and I’ll leave the final, properly drawn pic for the zine (so please consider supporting the project to see it ♥). But as I was sketching some things this morning, I realized that Viktor and Yuuri work in almost any AU you put them on lol

Would this AU follow the original story as it is? Hhmm, don’t know yet. I’d like to give it a “happy” ending for Viktor and Yuuri (”happy” because we know what that implies for Yuuri).

Who am I kidding, this was just another excuse to draw Viktor with long hair and flowers lmaoooo see ya guys

Hey Guys! So I’ve noticed that art theft has been quite the thing lately, (especially people reposting art.) I also know that some people aren’t sure about the difference between a reblog and a repost, so hopefully I can explain this today!

Reposting happens when you take someones art and make a new post for it (be it on a different website or the same one.) Most artists do not like this. Some will allow it with proper credit, but you should always ask permission first.

Reblogging is when you share the original post on the same website with other people. Most artists love when you do this!

Why reblog? It lets other people find the artist more easily (and to see more of their work!) it lets the artist know people are enjoying their work (which is a huge motivator for sharing it), it provides proper context for the work, and more!

Please share the art you like by reblogging it, and remember never to claim other people’s art as your own. : )

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Old guy came through my line with a beer yesterday. I keep trying to ring it and it won't ring. Finally I say, "Sir, did this come out of a 6-pack?" He says yes. "Sir you have to buy the whole pack." "But I only need the one!" Finally my manager comes over and tells him the exact same thing and he leaves. My guy. You can't just take an item from a set like that. That's like taking a single soda out of a box and trying to buy just the one. It just doesn't work like that.

Who the fuck even buys just the one can? If you’re buying beer I would assume you’d want to get at least a little buzzed, which with the low alcohol content in beer is going to take the whole damn 6 pack. -Abby

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“Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?” - Renee and Allison ?? Xx

It’s one of those lazy mornings that makes Allison feel like she’s leaning on the pause button in the middle of a joke. Like the laugh track will blare back to life as soon as she leaves her room.

It’s the three of them, sleepily threading through their morning routine like a sewing needle lost in thick fabric. It’s easy to feel like she’s caught in that web when Dan and Renee are there blinking placidly and putting their hot, comforting hands on her bare shoulder. They’re so bright and they ask so much of her without even saying anything.

She’s grateful for them, but she feels like a disruption in their frequency sometimes, when they’re positive and blinding and overcoming, and Allison is not. She’s partway through her story, and sometimes she thinks she’s been that way since birth. Sometimes she thinks she’ll die before she reaches the meat of her own story.

And then there’s this thing with Renee. Like the very best days of your best friendship, replayed and replayed and replayed.

Renee folds her lean legs onto the couch beneath her and puts one hand in her own feathery hair, damaged from bleach and flushed with colour. Allison feels her own lip jut. She wants to put her hands where that cross is a protective arm slung over her neck. Her stomach twists up in the sort of brutal and beautiful bow that Renee’s clever hands would tie.

Renee turns and smiles at her, and Allison feels an ocean of feeling swallow around her heart. She was stupid to toss it at the surface and expect it to be light enough to float.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Renee says, sipping from her pebble grey mug and smiling with the corners of her eyes and her upturned nose.

“I was just thinking about practice being cancelled. I bet Kev and Neil aren’t having as much fun as we are.”

Renee hums and looks at the far wall like she can see them through it. “I’m sure they’re coping.”

“Imagine wanting to sweat for three hours more than you want to sleep,” Allison says, disgusted. “They’re freaks.”

“I can think of a few ways I’d want to sweat for three hours,” Dan announces, wandering over from the kitchen and grinning.

“Two dollars in the Matt jar,” Allison says immediately. “Freak,” she adds as an afterthought.

Dan topples into the arm chair sideways, legs flung over the arm. “I didn’t actually mention his name, damn. Maybe you should put two dollars in the Matt jar.”

“Only if I start fucking him,” she replies, just on the right side of nasty. She likes to throw the most violent way she can say something out into the room and wait for anger or laughter. It almost doesn’t make a difference which one she gets.

“Please don’t,” Renee says airily, and Allison looks at her sideways.

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Things Change (Gaston)

word count: 2, 794

summary: Your father is sick and in need of medicine. Gaston instantly falls for your looks, and instead of turning him down, you see a way to help your father. Things don’t go as planned.

warning: slight OOC 

a/n: Yep. I’ve fallen for the beauty that is the live action Gaston, portrayed by the even more gorgeous Luke Evans. Gotta thank the encouragement from my post. And @marvelavengings for putting up with me while I wrote this. Also, can anyone find the Spongebob reference? A gift may ensue. I could’ve written more but I got tired it’s nearly midnight so be easy on me…hope you guys like it. 

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

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This isn't really an ask but I felt like you might be amused. I was explaining hogwarts houses to my coworker and I said "I'm on slytherin cuz I'm cunning and ambitious". A server came around the corner and said "are you guys talking about cunnilingus?!?!" And tried to high five me. Now he's mad at me cuz I won't high five for cunnilingus.

Andy: that’s gonna be one of my new things. *high fives*

guys, i don’t… i don’t usually get myself into the middle of discourse™ but this whole “how dare octavia listen to some stranger instead of her brother!!” thing is making me tired already?????

if someone is family, more often than not, that means they’re the last person that will make you see reason, because they’re too close to the situation and have too much subjectively invested

like, if you confide in your parents and/or siblings and have that kind of comfortable, stable relationship i am so, so, so happy for you but you are the exception

and i don’t even mean that everyone hates their family?? i love my brother with all my heart but if he tells me to do something, you know what i’m gonna do? the exact opposite of that. it’s just… a thing that happens

not to mention that ilian is not just “some stranger”. octavia has already seen and recognized similar pain in him, has witnessed him following the same destructive path of revenge that she was going down. it’s on that even ground that her heart opens to change; not because she got laid (which tbh i’m mad about, it was completely unnecessary for this kind of growth).

i’m not even sure if i’m making sense but just… shhhhh. y’all are hurting my brain with this drama.


Jimin? You walked into your office to find the fluffy haired, bright eyed inmate sitting there. He seemed to be fixated with something on your desk. Looking at you, he pointed at a sheet that you had scribbled some things on.

You are talking to someone in the States? He asked and you mentally smacked yourself in the face. In your head, it made sense to write your plans down, but you weren’t expecting Jimin to see your notes on how you and Jun Pyo were trying to fix together a talk between the two brothers.

Jimin, what the hell? You snatched the papers out of his hands. You wanted to make the guys feel comfortable, but this simply felt like an invasion of privacy, not to add that Yoongi was trying to hack into your server and Hobi had correctly guessed your RRN and you were ready to pull your hair out. Jimin looked at you with a bit of confusion and anger. You responded. I’m trying to help, but I don’t have all my ducks in a row, so don’t snoop. You shooed him away from your desk, but he didn’t budge.

I don’t know if I want you to do that. He mumbled and you huffed, looking up at him.

What? So if I could get you to talk to JiHyun, you wouldn’t want to? What happened to you just wanting to make sure he was okay? What the hell has gotten into you? You felt like a mother reprimanding her child, but Jimin didn’t seem to care, he pursed his lips and thought of the right wording.

Yoongi hyung hacked into JiHyun’s email. You sat in your chair and threw your hands into the air.

Are you kidding me?! Does he not realize that hacking is ILLEGAL! You exclaimed, but Jimin held up his hand.

I asked him to. He said matter-of-factly and you heaved a sigh.

Why are you all provoking bad behavior from one another? I swear, it’s like rounding up a bunch of unteachable toddlers! You continued to exclaim and Jimin sat there until you finished your miniature lecture.

Y/N, JiHyun is a fugitive. He said and you stopped completely.

Wha … Wait … What? You uttered and Jimin put a hand through his hair.

The government was right. JiHyun committed a crime and the worst part is that my mother knew, that’s why she made him leave. No one but my mother and brother knew exactly why he was going to the States. My dad said that he needed time away from bad people, but my mother was actually committing a crime and protecting JiHyun. Jimin said, you held up a hand to stop him.

Hold up. You’re telling me that all of this was true? But your brother crying to you? Your mom getting sick? You went through the events in your head and everything seemed to confuse you.

My mother knew that if JiHyun stayed in the country, he would be put in prison, she just didn’t want me and my father to know. So she had him leave so that he could stay free. My brother was in on it and played along. I think mom just got sick because of all of the secrets, she hated to keep things from us, but this was something she had to. You held up your hand.

How did you figure all of this out? You asked and Jimin sighed.

When Yoongi hyung hacked into JiHyun’s emails, the majority of correspondence was with my mother. The two of them spoke about why he had to stay out of the country and he even told her that he was worried I would do something stupid like this. The last email he got was from my dad telling him that mom died, but I don’t think my dad knows that any of this happened. If dad knew about this, he would have completely spiraled out of control. He prides himself on being a law abiding citizen, now he has raised two felons. Jimin’s shoulders slumped and you walked over to him. Patting his back, he lifted his gaze. There was a distraught, innocent look in his eyes. For months now, Jimin had thought that he was convicted for something that didn’t deserve conviction, he legitimately thought his brother was innocent. You tried to think of the words to say, but nothing made sense. Jimin shook his head. Y/N, I swear, I had no idea. He plead and you nodded.

I know, Jimin. I’m so sorry. You said and Jimin stood up. Enveloping you in his arms, you felt a tear hit your shoulder. His body trembled as he tried to regain his composure, but you rubbed his back and shushed him. It’s okay, it’s all going to be alright. You said calmly as his body continued to shake with sobs.

He’s dead to me, Y/N. JiHyun is dead to me. He sobbed into your shoulder and you felt a part of your heart break as he continued to repeat this into your shoulder. To Jimin, his brother was the only reason he lived, and now his brother had done the unthinkable and betrayed his trust. You held Jimin a little tighter as Jimin continued to mutter.

Later that night as you sat in your office, a distraught and exhausted Jimin sleeping on the couch, you grabbed your phone. Dialing Jun Pyo’s number, it rang a couple times and then Jun Pyo’s voice rang groggily. What? He muttered and you chuckled.

Hey, it’s me. You whispered and he sighed.

Y/N, time differences. It’s my day off. Why are you calling me at like 7am. He mumbled and you rolled your eyes and looked over at Jimin still sleeping.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping, but I no longer need you to talk to JiHyun. You replied and Jun Pyo went silent.

Why? He asked cautiously. Is everything alright with Jimin? He didn’t get hurt right? His questions made you smile a little.

He’s alright, just changed his mind about talking to JiHyun. You tried to convince Jun Pyo, but he wasn’t having it.

JiHyun said he wants to talk to him though. He replied and you shook your head.

That would be highly stressful for Jimin. If he wants to talk to him, send him a letter or something. You tried to brush it off, but you could hear Jun Pyo telling someone right then. Jun Pyo, is he with you right now? You questioned and Jun Pyo went silent, then another voice came on the line.

Hello? Is this Y/N? My name is Park JiHyun, and I’d like to speak to my brother. Your breathing caught in your throat and your stomach dropped. You looked over and Jimin stirred in his sleep, the look of distress on his face seemed to mimic your own as you tried to think of what to say. This was going to be a long night.

-shows up at 7 a.m. and does a hero pose-  morning glitter bombs  !!!!

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I have a feeling that you'd like this musical called Dear Evan Hansen you should give it a try :)

I have heard nothing but good things I will check it out I heard that guy from pitch perfect is in it

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I promised myself I was going to find this fic myself but I've checked in all the tags I thought it would be in, and I really want to read it so I'm giving in haha. Do you know of a fic where Phil and Dan are both using the same textbook but they don't know each other and then one of them starts writing in the textbook and so they start writing notes back and forth to each other even going so far as to go to the library just to check for a new note. If you could find it, I would be so grateful

i think it’s this one! If it helps, like if you wanted to find things yourself, sometimes adding /search/keyword on our blog wields really good results! I tried it with textbook and came up with this ^.^ Obviously though, we don’t mind when you guys send us asks! It’s kind of our job hahaaaa

Always Read the Margins - Phil is a master’s student, Dan is a nervous first year. Phil is in the library when he has to look up a reference in a law textbook, and there is a scrawled note in messy handwriting down the side that makes him laugh. On a whim, he scribbles a reply, but he doesn’t expect to get a response…

- Eliza


So for those who have been following me for a while and actually read me posts I make, you should know I was having a really hard time getting over my ex. Literally just sobbing every night, numerous “I’ll never be worth anything” thoughts, handfuls of pills being swallowed just to shake the feeling I felt. I am now dating someone else and I won’t lie, when I first started dating this person I wasn’t fully over my ex and I was scared it was going to ruin this relationship. Guys, I am finally over my ex. I’m currently making plans with current partner about moving in together, talking about getting married and having a child. It really does get better. I’m still recovering the mental abuse my ex gave me. But just knowing that somebody actually loves me and I can feel that love and see it makes everything feel like sunshine.
If you’re going through a hard breakup, hang in there sweetie. Things will get better eventually. There is no rush in recovering or getting over it, when it happens, it happens.

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hi, im ftm and im thinking of choosing the name "tyler". the thing is my dads best friends sons name is tyler. we see them like every other day, so im afraid it would be confusing. help?

Kai says:

I ended up going with “Kevin” at first b/c there’s a guy in my grade called Kai and I regret not having chosen the name I really wanted to use initially because most people at school call me Kevin now and though it’s fine with me, I wish it could be Kai. I would say, go for it and come out as Tyler, but maybe ask people to call you “Ty” around that other Tyler so there isn’t confusion?? or if that Tyler uses “Ty” then have people exclusively call you Tyler. I would recommend going for it too.

Plus, if the other Tyler is supportive of trans people and you ask him first, and he’s chill with it, then it can be something of a cool inside joke. That other Kai and I always see each other like “Hi Kai, I’m Kai” and it’s fun and nice and good. You’ll definitely meet other Tylers in life, so that shouldn’t stop you from choosing your name.

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hi!! i was wondering if you remember the name/link to this story you posted a while ago it was on reddit about this guy and how his girlfriend got like replaced by some other girl and she even replaced his photographs and stuff and he forgot his girlfriends name idk...but thank you so much if you know what im talking about ;w;

i think this is it?

there’s the full translated version from the post ;__; also warning to anyone else who hasn’t read it but is interested, it’s PRETTY spooky/eerie! so if you’re not interested in that sort of thing don’t read!

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I know right??? I've seen people complaining so much about the series and there's a few things I didn't like about arc v and how it went about things *cough bracelet girls being brainwashed cough* but overall?? I love this show and the characters and the plot... I loved the slice of life part of arc v, but I think it would've gotten stale if that was all it was. Plus the whole dimensional war was set up in the first season... there's been such a large, overarching plot which was super cool <3

THANK YOU!  I mean, of COURSE there are things that i would have changed if i had been in charge.  Of course I wasn’t happy about everything, but overall, I still do believe it’s the best yugioh series to date in my opinion, and the foreshadowing and overarching plot set up was started even before the slice of life bits so like, guys, the signs were there right from the beginning, and it would have gotten so old so fast if there hadn’t been any other plot points other than Yuya learning to be a pro

i mean i watch yugioh for the over the top, world encompassing plots idk what everyone else is here for

listen guys monogamy is fucking conceptually horrifying i just spent the worst five minutes of my life watching two str8 couples act like watching each other get lap dances was going to destroy their relationships jesus fucking christ if your relationship could get wrecked by a lap dance y’all both agreed on then you have bigger fucking problems than a fucking lap dance 

i dunno man like why is the idea that you could find someone you’re not dating attractive so fucking taboo? like i always thought that part of the amazing thing about a relationship was that out of all the amazing people out there, your partner(s) chose YOU to put their time and love and energy into. 

i dunno man. like toxic monogamy is fucking weird society freaks me out just fucking chill.

5k?! Requests Open Again?! Whaaaaat?!

Hey y'all!

Soooo, today this blog reached 5,000 followers which I think is super fuckin crazy and absurd…

I’d just like to say thank you to you guys.

Gracias. Merci. Danka. Grazie. Truly, THANK YOU.

As a sort of celebration, I’m gonna open requests again! It’s been a looooong time since requests have been open, so here are a few things I’d like to address regarding them:

1) I’m gonna try to lean more towards cast fics now, but you are still free to request a character fic if you want.
2) I only do x reader fics.
3) No poly requests pls. I’m not against them, I just can’t write them for the death of me.
4) Smut is fine- just, no butt stuff pls (i’m not that kinky;))
5) No personalized fics.
And last but not least, 6) I may not (probably will not) get through every single request bc schoolwork is a pretty demanding thing, but I’ll try to as much as I can :)

Anyway, love y'all, thank you, see y'all with your requests later 😉😘❤