is this a snack

Pineapple and Cupid leggings.

I made dinner. That’s a first for the week. That was at 6 and country boy loved it, not shocking since it was chicken and dumplings. It’s 9pm now and naturally we want to snack while watching tv on the couch after yard work. He reached for Doritos and I reached for pineapple. He threw those Doritos down so fast. It feels good to make healthy choices but it feels even better to help the people you love do the same.


So, I’ve been at university the best part of over a week and the days I’ve eaten in I’ve consumed a different variation of the same meal every night that I’ve been in to eat 😂. I absolutely love this meal, mozzarella salads are so good!! 100% would recommend!

The Boyz Reaction to You Suddenly Hugging Them


Band: The Boys (hyung line)

Genre: fluff

Message?: hey look my first reaction


lets go with you running up and hugging them from behind


I feel like Sangyeon would do that deep ass laugh of his as you slammed into his broad back, slightly hurting youself but wrapping your arms around him comfortably. He’s probably hold your arm, looking round at you and marvelling at how adorable you are with your face squished against his back.


Altgough Jacob is quite a quiet person he can also be quite cocky (Flower Snack episode 3) so he’d probably also laugh as you hugged him from behind and then say something cocky like, “you’ve really fallen for me haven’t you” and your like stfu Jacob I stg


I think Younghoon wouldn’t even reply when you run up and wrap your arms round his waist, leading you to be confused as to what he’s doing but when you craned your neck to look at his face, he was blushing uncontrollably. “Is it weird if I said I liked it?”


Hyunjae would just laugh. As the kind of funny person that he is he’d laugh at you but he would then probably turn around to hug you back, kissing your head gently and you two just stay like that for ages, rocking backwards and forwards.


Juyeon is a clumsy person (as we all know) so when you first slam into his strong as back, he’d probably stumble forward a bit but after regaining his balance, he’d smile feeling you breathing against his back and your arms around his waist, his heart would be beating rapidly. Mostly because he became terrified when you came into contact with him.


Kevin would be another one to laugh, covering his face with one hand to let no one else see him blushing, the other hand resting on your arm to let you know that he actually really liked it ! But he doesn’t want to verbally say that !!