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Science in Space!

What science is headed to the International Space Station with Orbital ATK’s cargo resupply launch? From investigations that study magnetic cell culturing to crystal growth, let’s take a look…

Orbital ATK is targeted to launch its Cygnus spacecraft into orbit on April 18, delivering tons of cargo, supplies and experiments to the crew onboard.

Efficacy and Metabolism of Azonafide Antibody-Drug Conjugates in Microgravity Investigation

In microgravity, cancer cells grow in 3-D. Structures that closely resemble their form in the human body, which allows us to better test the efficacy of a drug. This experiment tests new antibody drug conjugates.

These conjugates combine an immune-activating drug with antibodies and target only cancer cells, which could potentially increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and potentially reduce the associated side-effects. Results from this investigation could help inform drug design for cancer patients, as well as more insight into how microgravity effects a drug’s performance.

Genes in Space

The Genes in Space-2 experiment aims to understand how the regulation of telomeres (protective caps on the tips of chromosomes) can change during spaceflight. Julian Rubinfien, 16-year-old DNA scientist and now space researcher, is sending his experiment to space as part of this investigation. 

3-D Cell Culturing in Space

Cells cultured in space spontaneously grow in 3-D, as opposed to cells cultured on Earth which grow in 2-D, resulting in characteristics more representative of how cells grow and function in living organisms. The Magnetic 3-D Cell Culture for Biological Research in Microgravity investigation will test magnetized cells and tools that may make it easier to handle cells and cell cultures.

This could help investigators improve the ability to reproduce similar investigations on Earth.


The Solidification Using a Baffle in Sealed Ampoules (SUBSA) investigation was originally operated successfully aboard the space station in 2002. 

Although it has been updated with modernized software, data acquisition, high definition video and communications interfaces, its objective remains the same: advance our understanding of the processes involved in semiconductor crystal growth. 

Space Debris

Out-of-function satellites, spent rocket stages and other debris frequently reenter Earth’s atmosphere, where most of it breaks up and disintegrates before hitting the ground. However, some larger objects can survive. The Thermal Protection Material Flight Test and Reentry Data Collection (RED-Data2) investigation will study a new type of recording device that rides alongside of a spacecraft reentering the Earth’s atmosphere. Along the way, it will record data about the extreme conditions it encounters, something scientists have been unable to test on a large scale thus afar.

Understanding what happens to a spacecraft as it reenters the atmosphere could lead to increased accuracy of spacecraft breakup predictions, an improved design of future spacecraft and the development of materials that can resist the extreme heat and pressure of returning to Earth. 

IceCube CubeSat

IceCube, a small satellite known as a CubeSat, will measure cloud ice using an 883-Gigahertz radiometer. Used to predict weather and climate models, IceCube will collect the first global map of cloud-induced radiances. 

The key objective for this investigation is to raise the technology readiness level, a NASA assessment that measures a technology’s maturity level.

Advanced Plant Habitat

Joining the space station’s growing list of facilities is the Advanced Plant Habitat, a fully enclosed, environmentally controlled plant habitat used to conduct plant bioscience research. This habitat integrates proven microgravity plant growth processes with newly-developed technologies to increase overall efficiency and reliability. 

The ability to cultivate plants for food and oxygen generation aboard the space station is a key step in the planning of longer-duration, deep space missions where frequent resupply missions may not be a possibility.

Watch Launch!

Orbital ATK and United Launch Alliance (ULA) are targeting Tuesday, April 18 for launch of the Cygnus cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station. Liftoff is currently slated for 11 a.m. EST.

Watch live HERE.

You can also watch the launch live in 360! This will be the world’s first live 360-degree stream of a rocket launch. Watch the 360 stream HERE.

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Under Your Spell: Jimin (SMUT)

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Witch!AU: You attend the same school as Jimin, but you’re rivals. (Or at least that’s what you tell yourself). He pulls a prank on you and you decide to get your revenge on him by giving him a potion. But the potion backfires when you accidentally mess it up. 

Warnings: rough sex, daddy kink, thigh riding, spanking, unprotected sex, oral (male receiving), foul language, choking, and hair pulling.

Word count: 4,276


Your school was flooded with toads. Slimy little reptiles croaking and jumping around in the classrooms and halls. One of the little creatures hopped from the top of your head and you shrieked, messily rummaging your hair. You knew this prank was meant for you. You hated reptiles, especially toads and frogs. Only two people knew of your fear for them: your best friend and your sworn enemy, Jimin Park (who was unfortunately a super handsome upperclassman with a knack for spectacular pranks).

You regretted the day he found out about one of your greatest fears. You had been too careless when it slipped past your lips, not noticing his presence until it was too late. With your wand, you zapped the toad to who knows where, you just wanted it away from you.

You continue to use your magic to clear a path for you.

“I swear I’ll kill this idiot when I find him.” You grumbled to yourself. When you came into the hallway, you could see some of the teachers getting rid of the toads and for this you were extremely thankful.

“Now, if I were Jimin Park, where would I be?” You thought aloud and had an “aha!” moment. You knew just where he was.


As soon as you opened the doors to the school’s roof, you saw him leaning against the railing. You roll your eyes when you see a smug smile settle on his handsome face.

“Took you long enough, princess.” You approach him with your hands balled into fists. He doesn’t even look slightly fazed when you send him your deadliest glare. “Did you like my little gift?” He chuckles and continued, “It’s your birthday, right? Consider the toads a present.”

He eased his hand into your slightly messy hair, effectively untangling the strands and causing you to blush. “You still had some frog juice in your hair.” Your face is now beet red and it only causes him to laugh harder.

“Reverse the spell and apologize. If you do, I’ll consider forgiving you.” You offered him to which he only smirked.

“And if I don’t?” He inches closer to you, his minty breath fanning your flushed face. His eyes flickered to your full lips and you almost didn’t catch his pink tongue swiping across his own puffy lips. You wanted to back away because his scent was so damn intoxicating. Somehow the gap between you two was closing and you weren’t sure which one of you were leaning in closer.

Just as your eyes began to droop, you came to your senses and out of instinct, you slapped him. Not hard, but you’re sure it left a little sting.

“R-reverse the spell or else!” You threatened with a cracked voice, probably from how embarrassed you were. Your blush would probably never go away. You rushed away from him and back into the warmth of the school.

He was left there, stunned. His gaping mouth slowly closed and raised, settling into his signature smirk. Was he a masochist, because he wasn’t sure that slap should have turned him on. Or maybe he wasn’t a masochist, instead it was your fiery attitude that set him off. Kissing you crossed his mind as soon as your plump lips turned into a snarl that only you could make look sexy.

Gosh, you made him want you so much. The little feud between you two only added fuel to his fire. He chewed on his bottom lip, thinking of your embarrassed yet cute face.  

Oh, how he’d love it if your pretty face was covered in his cum. The thoughts running through his mind were far too dirty for him to be having about a girl who was his junior. But damn it, he couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t stop thinking about the way you were so effortlessly sexy.

So much sexier than the girl who threw themselves at him every day. He never bothered with them because you entertained and occupied him enough. He hated how other guys gawked at you when you wore the short uniform skirt. Your legs were nice and long. Smooth and silky. He imagined his hand caressing your legs with his strong hands and his head buried deep between your thick thighs.

God, he was getting too carried away, almost wanting to jerk his hardening cock on the school’s roof. His next class didn’t have you in it and he wasn’t sure if he could go without taking care of himself. What if he saw you in the class after next and came in his pants at the sight of your mesmerizing body.

‘Fuck it.’ He thought before rubbing his cock through his jeans. ‘It’s now or never.’


You were in the lab where the students were free to use the equipment to practice spells or potions. You were the only one in the lab, focusing on making a potion for Jimin. Since he hadn’t stopped those ugly toads yet, you were cooking up something special for him.

Although you weren’t great at making potions, you looked up a simple one that would cause the drinker of it bad luck. You were mad at him for almost ruining your birthday but at the same time, he made you want to suck him off until he shot his load down your throat.

You hated how wet he made you every time he touched you or how you thought he was so sexy when he bit his lip out of concentration. Your mind was foggy as you grabbed the cup of rose petals. You almost screeched when you dumped the whole cup into the brew because the recipe only called for ¼ a cup. Then a sparkling pink poof came from the brew shortly after. Uh oh?

You blamed Jimin for distracting you with these lewd thoughts. You groaned and sighed. The petals were the last step to the potion and you didn’t want to start over. You didn’t think there would be any bad side effects…uh, at least not any serious side effects.

You poured the potion into a small vial and put it in your pocket. You hurriedly cleaned your station and made your way to Jimin’s locker. You made sure the coast was clear before tapping his lock with your wand. It easily unlocked and you pulled the metal door open. You searched for a drink that he might have inside his locker and you were ecstatic to see that he kept a bottle of raspberry tea in it. You twisted the cap open and quickly poured the contents of the potion inside of the bottle.

You twisted the top back tightly and closed the door before securing it with the lock. You avoided stepping on toads as you made your way to the cafeteria and slid into your seat next to your best friend, Sam.

“Hmm…you look suspicious,” Sam chuckles and touches your forehead with his cold palm, “And you’re sweating. Did you do something naughty?” He smirks and winks. You blush, knowing exactly what he was insinuating and you shake your head.

“Shut up, it’s nothing like that.” You elbow him softly.

“So, these frogs…Jimin’s doing?” You immediately groan and nod.

“He says they were a birthday present.” Sam just chuckles and shakes his head.

“You two seriously need to fuck and get it over with. How did he even know it was your birthday?” Sam pulls his lunch from his bag and you follow suit.

“I don’t know. I haven’t told anyone except you. Maybe he found out just to play a prank on me.” You take a sip of your juice, feeling a little bitter about the situation if that was the case.

“Speak of the devil and he may appear.” Sam nods his head to where Jimin had just entered the cafeteria, his raspberry tea in his hand. You can’t help but to bite your lip when you see just how disheveled his clothing is and the prominent bulge in his pants. His hair was messy and you wondered which of one of these girls had the privilege of fucking Jimin Park.

His eyes locked onto yours and you could have sworn they were shining with a mischievous glint.

“Damn, there is so much sexual tension between y’all. I think I’m gonna be sick.” Sam excused himself and left you sitting alone. Jimin had the perfect opportunity to slide into the seat Sam left.

You had no idea what to say to him as he stared at you. Something unfamiliar swam around in his chocolate brown orbs and you were mad because the more you stared at them, the longer you wanted to ride his face. You finally found your voice but it was so small, you surprised yourself. “What do you want, Jimin?”

“I was just wondering how my princess was doing.” You clamp your thighs together. You were used to him calling you princess but this time it was different. He had never called you his princess. Something was different about him. You looked to the half empty tea bottle and furrowed your eyebrows. He was supposed to be stumbling around this place, tripping over his own two feet. Jumbling up his words and slipping on invisible water.

Maybe the rose petals added a different affect to the potion. Damn it, you really should have started over.

“You really are something else, Y/N. The things you do to me.” He sucks in a breath and scoots his chair closer to yours. “Makes me lose my mind.” You were so thankful the two of you were in the back of the cafeteria, someone may have noticed how his strong hand rubbed tiny circles on your smooth thigh.  

You wanted him to stop, but at the same time you were oddly curious as to where this would lead. Jimin was never this forward and you knew that this was partially your fault for messing up the potion and giving it to him anyway.

“I knew there was something wrong with me the moment I drank my tea. A feeling erupted inside of me, one that I’ve been trying to push a side for the longest time. Lust.” His voice was ten times deep than normal and every time he spoke against your neck, it sent shivers down your spine. “I can’t seem to control myself. All I can think about is how much I want to bend you over and spank you for tampering with my drink.”

‘Shit. He knows.’

“You’ve gotta be more careful, princess. I saw you leaving my locker, but I hadn’t known what you did until it became clear.” He pulled you up by your arm and led you out of the cafeteria. Some students stared, bewildered to see Jimin using such force with you.

“Where are you taking me, Jimin Park? I demand to know, right now!” You were startled when he slammed your body into the lockers, creating a loud bang.

“You don’t get to demand anything, I’m the one in charge. You just suck my cock and look pretty when you swallow my cum.” He cupped your face in his hands and licked your lips. “You’re so sexy, but you already know that, don’t you? That’s why you always seem to make me hard with one glance.”

He grabbed your arm again and dragged you to the empty labs where you had first made his potion. Once you were inside, he locked the door and sat in one of the chairs. “Strip for me, princess.”

You found yourself moving fluently, like you had done this every day for him. His voice held so much authority over you. You wouldn’t even question him anymore. Your shirt was already on the floor and your skirt followed quickly. You went to unhook your bra before he stopped you.

“Not yet. I want to see you dance.” He began to palm himself through his pants and you didn’t know if you could wait any longer to have him down your throat.

Your hips began to sway to a beat that was in your mind, but you knew that he could hear it too. He was mesmerized by the beauty of your exotic dancing. You bit your lip when you could see him unzipping his jeans. Your hands teasingly brushed over your clothed breasts and traveled down towards your soaking pussy.

You turned around and bent over, your ass high in the air. You hooked your thumbs into your lace panties and pulled them down your thick thighs ever so slowly. You could hear him groan when he got an eyeful of your ass. You finally took off your bra and turned to face him.

Your nipples were more erect than you thought, probably from the cold air conditioning mixed with anticipation.

“Come here.” He beckoned you over to him with his index finger. When you were close enough for him to reach you, he grabbed you tightly by the waist and you came crashing down on his lap. His erect dick rubbed right against your clit and you moaned simultaneously. Still gripping your waist, he rolled his hips and it created a lot of friction that was just making you wetter.

“You’ve been so bad, putting something in my drink. But you’ve been good too, listening to daddy like the good girl you are. Daddy doesn’t know if he should reward or punish you.” He hungrily kissed you and moved his muscular hands down to your plump ass. He slapped it and kneaded it like it was dough. Kissing your neck, he mumbles, “I think you should suck daddy off.”

You nodded eagerly and dropped to your knees. You were way more excited than you should have been. He unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his glorious abs and his broad chest. You marveled at the sight of the veins running through his sculpted arms.

You quickly pulled his trousers and boxers down his legs and moaned at how beautiful his cock was. His hand tangled itself in your hair as it guided you to his cock. “Suck.” He commanded and you instantly obliged.

You took his red tip into your mouth and licked over the slit slowly, tasting the precum that began to build up. He sucked in air through his teeth and grunted. Your tongue traced over the most prominent vein, making him moan. You giggled after seeing his reaction. “Did you like that, daddy?”

His eyes were glazed over as he nodded, tightening his grip in your hair. You sucked at the base of his shaft and grazed over it with your teeth. His body jerked as you gripped his cock tightly, using your tongue to pay special attention to his sensitive tip.

He was already wide enough and it didn’t make it better when you felt him growing harder in your hand. He tugged on your hair and guided your mouth down his dick, his tip hitting the back of your throat.

You let out a strangled cough as your burning throat began to get used to his massive girth. He pulled you up for air, his chest heaving heavily. When you regained your breath, he slid himself down your throat again, trying to let you get used to deep throating him. “You take my cock so well, baby.” He felt his orgasm building and quickly pulled your mouth from his dick.

You were slightly saddened but the feeling was quickly replaced by him lifting you up and onto his thigh. His thigh tensed when your slick met it. You moaned and moved your hips on his thigh. He groaned and pulled your hair, revealing your neck to him. He bit and sucked on your neck, marking you as his.

His strong thigh tensed and you threw your head back, mewling in pleasure. “Does that feel good, princess? Do you like riding my thigh?” You nodded and moved on his thigh quicker.

“Fuck, it feels so good.” You whimpered and yelped as he slapped your ass. He rubbed your clit as you grinded against his thigh. He toyed with your clit, bringing you closer and closer to your inevitable orgasm. Jimin brought his thigh up and dug it into your slit harder, clenching it against your pussy that was growing wetter as he continued to please you with his taut muscle.

Just when you felt your orgasm near, he stopped and lifted your hips off him. “You’re so fucking sexy, princess. I’m so glad I have you all to myself.” He bent you over the table and spread your ass cheeks. “Look how wet you are, glistening for me. For my cock.” He slapped your ass again and rubbed the area where it was growing a crimson red.

“Fuck me, daddy.” You whispered against the table top. You felt his fingers sliding smoothly up and down your wet folds. His finger slipped inside of your wet cunt and you covered your mouth with your hand, afraid of someone hearing you if you were too loud.

“I want to hear you.” He added another finger into your wetness, scissoring them while trying to spread your folds so that the stretch wouldn’t be too overwhelming when he was inside of you.

You didn’t want to risk getting caught, but you didn’t want to disobey him either. You moved your hand and he quickly grabbed your arm, guiding your hand to your ass. You could feel his tip prodding at your entrance and you instantly got the gist.

You held your ass open for him so that he could easily slip his massive cock inside your warm pussy. He grabbed his dick and coated it in your slick by running it up and down your slit. He smirked when you started to beg for him to fuck you already. He used his thumbs to open your slit and slowly slide his dick in.

You couldn’t help the loud moan that erupted from your throat when he filled you to the hilt. He massaged your hips and let them rest there. He groaned when he felt just how tight you were. You were clenching around him and he had barely even moved. He slowly pulls out just to hear you whine.

Jimin pushes back into you fast, no time being wasted. Your pussy was throbbing around him and he smirked, “Already, princess?” He chuckles as the sweat starts to collect on his forehead. You can’t even for coherent words as he thrusts inside of you deeply. He couldn’t gain a lot of speed because of how you were gripping onto his shaft so tightly.

“F-faster. Please!” You were on the verge of screaming because his dick was stretching you out in the most delicious way. You groaned as he gripped your waist harder and began to pound into you at a quicker speed.

The more he fucked you, the more he grew animalistic. Your hot cavern was sending him into a world that was purely intoxicating. He pulled you up by your hair and immediately attached his lips to your neck. He growled in your ear as you pulsated around his girth.

“Tell daddy just how good he’s making you feel.” He squeezed his free hand around your throat while the other was gripping your hair. You gasped and moaned at the sensation. The feeling was new and absolutely amazing.  

Your airway was getting cut off as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. “Tell me!” He grunted and let your neck go before sending an ear shattering smack down onto your ass.

“Oh, fuck daddy it feels so fucking good!” You yelled when your neck was finally released from his restricted hold. His thrusts were getting relentless, never slowing as he claimed your throbbing pussy as his.

Before you could register what was happening, his cock was gone and you were turned around. You could barely stand on your own and you were more than grateful when he picked you up by your thighs and set you on the table.

Jimin grabbed you by the throat and pressed a smoldering kiss to your lips. They were most likely going to be swollen for a couple of days. He spread your legs wide with his own and slipped his cock back into you.

You broke the kiss by letting out a loud mewl. “Make me cum, daddy.” You whispered as you saw white spots begin to cloud your vision. He went back to fucking you hard and rough, snapping his hips into yours mercilessly.

He watched you intensely, loving the way you bit your lip so hard it looked as if you were going to chew it off. Or how your neck was littered with love bites that he put there. As he thrusted into you, his hands traveled down your chest and groped your tit into his hand. He suckled one of your nipples into his mouth and pinched the other between his thumb and index finger.

He moaned against your chest as you praised him and tugged on his roots. He growled when your nails scratched his scalp lovingly. Your head flew back when he bit down onto your sensitive bud.

Jimin groaned when your nails dug into his back, indicating the start of your climax. Your body trembled and shuddered as it was taken over by your pent-up orgasm. You dragged your nails down his glistening back and let out a guttural moan.

You were throbbing more erratically around his cock and it brought him closer to his spine shattering orgasm. He growled loudly and gripped your throat again, tightening his hand around it slightly as he pulled out and desperately shot his seeds all over your stomach and chest.

You breathed deeply, a crimson tint suddenly covered your cheeks. Jimin collapsed on top of you and panted loudly, his heaving chest moving to the same rhythm as yours. As much as you wanted to stay like this, you knew this was only a one time thing.

“Jimin…class is going to start soon. We should leave.” You pushed on his shoulder but he didn’t budge, instead he just groaned.

“I want to stay like this…” He mumbled against your skin and nipped at it, causing you to shiver in delight.

“That’s just the potion talking.” You assured him and lifted him off you with the little bit of strength you had left.

“The effects of the potion wore off a while ago. Great job by the way.” He chuckles and gathers his clothing.

“I should have started over. If I did when I had the chance, this wouldn’t be happening.” You tugged your panties up your legs after wiping yourself clean with the napkins that were in the room.

“So, you regret doing this?” He feigns hurt but you can see his eyes are betraying him. You knew deep down he was really hurt by what you said.

“No offense Jimin, but I’ve heard about how many of the girls here have done things with you.” You pulled your shirt over your head and ruffled your hair.

“C’mon, Y/N. Those are just rumors, I promise I’ve never done that with any girl here.” After he was fully dressed, he stepped closer to you and captured your lips in a chaste kiss. “You’re the only one I can think about. Why do you think I tease you so much? Haven’t your parents ever told you that if a boy messes with you, it’s because he likes you?” He smiles cutely and you weren’t even sure if this was the same guy who had just fucked you into oblivion.

Jimin sensed the uncertainty in your movements and he pecked your forehead, “Just give me a chance. If I mess up, you have every right to beat my ass and break up with me. Just know that I won’t stop until you’re mine again.”

You searched his eyes for any source of a lie and you were so thankful you couldn’t find one. “Fine. I guess I could give you a chance.” You were nonchalant about it but on the inside, you were jumping with joy.

“You won’t regret it.” He kissed you and spun you around. Once he set you down, you gave him a genuine smile.

“I can’t believe I just had sex with my arch nemesis.” He laughs at your comment and corrects you.

“Former arch nemesis. Oh, happy birthday by the way.” He pecks your lips and grins.

“Toads…really?” You hit his chest and he pouted. “That was your first strike!”

“What?! That happened before we started dating.” You fixed the collar of his shirt and brought his face closer to yours.

“Well then, I guess you’re gonna have to earn that strike back.” You winked at him and made your way to the door and opened it.

Jimin’s weight forced it closed as he blocked your path. “Why don’t I earn it back right now?” He smirked, picking you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

What were you going to do with this boy and his excessive sex drive?


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nothing like fire

The kicker is, Derek thinks, Dex is nothing like fire.

He’s capped in red, dotted with red like he’s been singed by a thousand bright sparks, but he’s not fire himself. He’s earth, grounded and serious and not given to flight or flame or fancy. Dex gets mad sometimes, but not everyone who gets mad is fire; in Dex’s case he’s an earthquake. A low shudder, a deep rumble, cracks appearing on the surface. If a building should crash to the ground, if an electrical wire should snap and start spraying sparks, those are all side effects. At the core of him, he’s tectonic plates. Low and slowly shifting, every deliberate movement deeply consequential. He’s the earth.

If anyone is fire, it’s Derek himself. He’s made of heat; his attention is constantly jumping; he’s brightness and carefully controlled excitement. He takes in anything, consumes it utterly, makes it part of himself. Burns his signature into it. But Derek has never been able to limit himself to just one element. He’s air, too, and water. He’s ice and metal. But as much as he loves the earth, loves to bury himself in leaves until he can feel the warmth of the soil beneath, he’s never been part of it. He’s never been an anchor.

Dex is. Dex is solid and sure, and, Derek is certain, he holds a core of warmth deep within. So Derek keeps burrowing down, trying to reach it. He wants to find that part of Dex that’s soft and yielding, that makes things grow. Somewhere beneath the surface, beneath hair and skin like a pile of flaming autumn leaves, is the gentle, giving touch of earth. Derek wants to roll around in it forever.



Our researchers at the Institute,as previously discussed, often take their role too seriously.

Jacob was no different.

Whilst working late on our newest sports wear line, he had a breakthrough! He had finally cracked it - slow form muscular transformation, with no side effects. It was the end of the day, everyone had gone home and the lab assistants had not left enough supplies for him to turn his new creation into our famed Jock Juice. He looked around and saw a cap, that was a prototype ready to be induced with transformation tech. He added his new discovery to the existing tech within the cap…he looked around, knowing this could be another “lab accident” but hell, he wanted to try it. Jacob was always being told he was cute, and lean but he wanted to big. Most men do…

He picked up cap, slowly placed it on his head and felt a slightly tingling sensation.

Nothing else happened. Though, he caught his reflection and though “damn, i look cute in this cap” so decided to keep it.

The next morning he woke and noticed his boxers were slightly tighter. He felt his legs and they were slightly bigger. He moved his hands up his abs and chest, and they were tighter and stronger. He looked in the mirror and though “fuck, we’ve done it.”

Without thinking, Jacob flipped on the cab and took a selfie. Then hit the gym.

He ignored his phone, while working out. The institute was calling to find out why a prototype was missing and why he had bothered to show for work. Jacob was too busy lifting iron, and care. The cap had taken over. It did indeed have a slow effect, at first but Jacob had an overwhelming urge to grow. With each rep, his muscled ballooned. Cute and handsome have away to huge and hot. His body expanded with every set and his mind became duller and duller until he was just grunting and lifting.

The gym manager called me. He had found Jacob’s discarded work pass in the gym and suggested I come and collect him - he wanted to close his gym but Jacob would not stop lifting.

I arrived with a team to see what was left of the old Jacob, on his knees panting and sweating. He had become the perfect muscled specimen. Jacob was frantically looking around. His now simple mind was looking for the one thing to solidify his transformation….

“Good boy”

Jacob rose like a solider and stood to attention.

“Go with these men, I will look after you now”

My team moved forward and Jacob obeyed. The hunk of meat left with them. I scooped the Cap from Jacob’s head as I turned to the gym manager, who looked bewildered.

“I suggest you don’t lock up for now”

And placed the cap on his head…

Jensen had put on some bulk over the summer, and it wasn’t all muscle. You stared at his jaw and thick neck and couldn’t help but lick your lips. It made your heart happy that Jensen was putting on a little empathy weight. Especially when you felt like a beached whale.

You were excited to be having a baby, but being pregnant in the middle of the summer sucked ass.

Jensen had insisted you get out of the hot Texas heat and come to comic con with him. You had relented, happy to be near your husband.

As you watched him at the end of the Nerd HQ panel, you couldn’t help but lick your lips. No one told you that you would want to jump your husband’s bones at the most inconvenient and inappropriate times. Earlier when he had made the damn innuendo about taking his jacket off, you almost had to get up and excuse yourself. You had wanted nothing more than to help him “jacket” off right there in front of God and everybody.

Thankfully, you had calmed yourself and controlled your raging hormones. Until now. You watched Jensen put on the flat billed cap, backwards. He didn’t wear that kind of hat often. Sure, the backwards hat look wasn’t unusual, but there was something about the combination of rolled sleeves, the hat, and his neck peeking out of that damn black shirt that made you shift in your seat.

He eyed you from the stage, a small smirk of satisfaction forming on his lips. He knew exactly the effect he was having on you.

You moved to get up, heading to the side of the stage. You were going to make sure the two of you got a little alone time before he headed off to his next event.

The panel wrapped and Jensen headed off stage, a smug look spread across his face. He approached you, running his hands along your stomach as he leaned in to kiss you deeply.

“Hey momma,” he said, pulling away from your lips, his hands resting on your stomach.

“You’re such a fucking tease, Ackles,” you growled, running your hands along the bare skin of his neck that was exposed thanks to the top two buttons of his shirt being undone.

Your fingers danced along his neck and settled there, playing with the short fine hairs that ran alone the base of his neck.

“I’ve got two hours before my next appearance. Wanna run off with me for a little bit?” he asked, raising his eyebrows suggestively. “I haven’t even began to tease you, sweetheart,” he whispered, his mouth millimeters away from yours, his nose bumping yours. He was teasing you, and you were putty in his hands.

You pressed your lips to his and looked into his eyes. “I’d run off with you anywhere, Ackles. Anytime. Anywhere,” you replied, a sparkle in your eyes.

He threw on his jacket and threaded his fingers with yours as he dragged you behind him. “Well, lets go baby. We’ve got all the time in the world,” he chuckled, pulling you to the car so that you could head back to your hotel.

You wrapped your arms around his bicep and hugged yourself close to him as Cliff guided you through the screaming fans. Jensen leaning into you to whisper in your ear.

“I saw the way you were squirming when I took my jacket off earlier,” he whispered, his breath hot on your neck. “Maybe you can help me "jacket” off in the car?“ He winked.

You bit your lip and glared at him. "You’re dirty,” you laughed, slapping his shoulder and burying your face against his neck, kissing him.

“You like it,” he smiled as you reached the car, opening the door for you. “Was that a yes?” he asked with a grin.

“Hell yes,” you said, pulling him into the car practically on top of you.

Asthma Attack

Not requested, but this idea has been on my mind for a while because I think we all need worried, concerned boyfriend Shawn. Also who had asthma when they were younger or still have it?? 🙋🏻 I never had bad asthma attacks so sorry if this is inaccurate. Just focus on how adorable worried/protective Shawn is. 

Originally posted by illumeshawn

Your name: submit What is this?


Shawn is spending the week in LA to do some writing so he asked you to come along so that you two could spend some time together and explore the city whenever he had time off. You agreed, but you didn’t realize until you were already in LA that it wasn’t a great idea because it made your asthma act up. When you were younger, you used to have really bad asthma. As you grew older, you grew out of it a bit, but you still have to deal with it and worry about it once in a while, but for the most part it doesn’t affect your everyday life.

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Couples Tag (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Request from anon: “Could I request an imagine where the reader joins Grayson in one of his videos, maybe a girlfriend tag or something? Ethan’s in it too somehow as well xx“
Word Count: 1,416
Warnings: None.
A/N: I had such a difficult time writing this just because I just couldn’t figure out how to squeeze in Ethan without making him the third wheel 😂  But I got it! Hope you enjoy xxx

“What’s up guys! Welcome back to another video!” Grayson started, smile wide on his face as the camera in front of the three of you started recording.

“We’re joined here by Grayson’s lovely lady, Y/N. Say hello.” Ethan continued and they both turned to you. You blushed, waving a hello to the camera.

Grayson smiled softly at your shyness, turning back to the camera as Ethan laughed.

“Today we’re going to be doing a… Kind of a Couples tag,” Gray explained. “So basically, Ethan is gonna ask us questions about each other, Y/N and I will be writing the answers down on these small whiteboards. The one who gets the answer wrong is gonna get something dumped on their head by Ethan. If you get it right, you get a point.”

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Sweet, like Candy.

Originally posted by calif0rnia-lovers

Summary: Reader is a stripper who takes no shit and is trying to make an easy buck, Frank is a good looking and broody murderer on the run. You do the math. 

Inspired by the request from @penfullofwordsaheadfullofstories:

“Hey! I’m here for Frank Castle. 😁 could you do an imagine where you are trying to tease him/flirt and he’s trying to stay his normal grumpy but can’t help but smiling and giving witty flirts back?”

Warnings: stripper!reader, strong swearing, slight fluff, sexual content, quite a big age gap between the reader and Frank

“Hey asshole!” 

*yn* turned around on her make up chair (ok it was actually an empty beer crate but a girl can pretend) to see Adrienne storming angrily towards her.

“Addy nice to see you, your nose job looks good.” *yn* complimented before turning back to the cracked mirror to keep applying her mascara. “How’d you afford it? You finally give some sugar to your sugar daddy?” 

“Cut the shit, slut. You totally stole my shift! You know I work Friday nights.” Adrienne snapped, crossing her arms in front of her chest as she stared daggers at the back of *yn*’s head.

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Before the Line (Prequel) Part 4

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When Clint enlists the help of a former SHIELD agent to help during Civil War, will a new friendship blossom or will it become something more?

Warnings: Fluff, Language

Words: 1499 (yeah not really a drabble)

A/N: Trying to get back into the grind of writing. Also, I didn’t edit so pardon the errors. Hopefully y’all enjoy this!

Part 3

Originally posted by weslehgibbins

As everyone leaves to suit up, I stay behind already in my fighting gear and waiting for everyone to return. I hear heavy footsteps behind me and I turn around to see the reason why I am here. Bucky Barnes. He’s dressed in an all black attire and a ski jacket which just so happened to be missing a left sleeve, exposing the terrible gift HYDRA bestowed upon him. He makes his way over to me but keeps his distance, almost as if he’s afraid to  get close to anyone, physically or emotionally, in fear of inflicting harm.

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tafferlicious  asked:

Hi Aunty! My character has had an opiate dependency for a few months now, and is currently being weaned off it by her friend. Circumstance (the post apocalyptic kind) intervenes, and she chooses to end her life with an overdose. This is the most logical way for me to move forward, and now I'm trying to find out if he can save her life, because I don't WANT her to die. They can have access to Naloxone, but research on the aftereffects, and when too late is too late, is turning up spotty.

Hey there Taffs! Thanks for the ask!

Overdose on a narcotic kills by respiratory depression. The character will become sleepy, may “nod off”, and they lose the instinct to breathe.

Narcan (aka naloxone) is an opiate antagonist. It blocks the opioid receptors, keeping the actual opiate from binding to the cells. It basically puts up a Do Not Enter sign  that only narcotics can see. Pretty neat!

Naloxone is cheap, it’s common, it’s easy to find, and it’s drastically effective. Naloxone can reverse the unconsciousness that comes with an opiate OD, but the thing that will save your character’s life is that it will reverse the respiratory depression.

Generally speaking, naloxone needs to be administered within a minute or two of respiratory arrest. Longer than that and your character runs the risk of absorbing some significant brain damage.

However, if she never fully stops breathing, the timeframe gets a little bit longer, since she still makes some gas exchange. I would say within 10 minutes of her losing consciousness is the timeframe you need to keep her alive and neurologically intact.

Narcan, when it’s sold over the counter, comes packaged in something called a “shooter” – the tube you see below. The yellow cap you see comes off, a small vial is screwed on, and the medication is pushed. The white cone you see is called a nasal atomizer, and it disperses the medication into the air – or, in this case, into the nose. It turns a liquid into a nasal spray.

Narcan as a spray is pretty effective. Your character will first start breathing again, and will eventually wake up (within a few minutes).

In terms of side effects, your ask makes it sound like she’s already kicked the opiate habit, which means that she won’t suffer much in the wake of the Narcan. She may vomit profusely, but she won’t have significant problems.

(Those with more active opiate addictions will suffer withdrawal symptoms, including dizziness, body aches, shakiness, irritability, etc.)

I think the after-effects you need are more psychological than physical. Your character has just tried to commit suicide, and she’s been stopped. Will she be grateful? Angry? Confused?

I suggest you talk to @scriptshrink​ about the aftereffects of suicide attempts, I’m sure she’s very helpful!

Best of luck with your story, and don’t hesitate to ask back if you need more or if this wasn’t quite clear!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


Becoming a Patron lets you see the freaking future. Have you considered becoming a clairvoyant?

Free eBook: 10 BS “Medical” Tropes that Need to Die TODAY!  


This is my art for Team Fortune for this year’s Cap-IM RBB!

My writer is the amazing Woad - thank you @tinctoriawoad (it won’t tag you oh no!) for picking my art and being so awesome!  

Woad’s avengers assemble ‘verse fic Fishy Business is fantastic, and I love it! I got inspired by it to do more than the original art, as you see above!

:D Go read it, guys, you won’t regret it! :D

 Fishy Business

Warnings: G-Rated Body Horror/Transformation

Summary: A perfectly nice beach vacation is interrupted when an AIM science experiment leaves Tony with gills. Which might be cool under certain circumstance, except for the other side-effect: Tony’s unable to breath air anymore. The team learns that Atlantis may be able to help, so together they go in search for a cure.

waj13  asked:

Hi, just wanted to know your thoughts on Mabel and the Rift? Hope your having a great day/night and hopefully im not bothering you to much with this.

You’re not bothering me at all with this! Because: the Rift, as a storyteller that’s one of my absolute favorite examples of the way the supernatural conflict in Gravity Falls is the conflict of reality writ large. Via Alex Hirsch:

The concept behind [Weirdmageddon] has to do with finding an external way to visualize what our characters are feeling. … Dipper and Mabel both find themselves confronted with having to take seriously and think about what happens next. What happens after their summer? And broader than that, what happens in their future. … So when you find yourself at the precipice of a new stage in life, whether it’s a graduation or the end of a relationship or a job, it can feel like the end of the world. And Gravity Falls is all about taking our characters’ feelings and exploring them in a big, visual way through the use of magic and mystery. So this idea that those tensions would erupt in an apocalyptic scenario is something that’s been the plan from Day 1.

If you go and look up the word “rift” in the dictionary you’ll find two primary definitions. One is literal: a break, a split, a fissure in something solid. The other is metaphorical: it refers to a break in a relationship or to a divergence of interests that could lead to such a break. Toward the end of season 2 of Gravity Falls, two significant events cap two back-to-back episodes: 

1) Mabel and Dipper find out about Stan’s troubled relationship with his brother, which at one time seemed as solid as their own. Mabel draws the parallel and realizes that any relationship can fail—even the security she feels with her own beloved twin is no longer a guarantee. She tries to make Dipper promise that she and him will never be “stupid,” but his answer doesn’t reassure her. 

2) Ford shows Dipper a small yet potentially deadly “rift” in the fabric of the universe—a side effect of the portal—which he has temporarily housed in a snowglobe-like containment unit until he can find a more permanent means of patching it up. He warns Dipper not to tell anyone about the rift, not even his sister. 

The real-world conflict and its supernatural manifestation are so tightly intertwined here that the reality/fantasy parallel which has upheld the story up to this point almost ceases to be a parallel. It becomes a conflation. Mabel fears that a rift will come between her and Dipper and a rift indeed comes between them; the held secret of a potential doomsday scenario, a breach in the trust which was established in the very first episode as the secret to their success. In something of a throwback to that pilot (in which Dipper pursues arcane knowledge and Mabel pursues boys, until the normal and the paranormal collide and call for their combined powers), Mabel is associated with the real-world conflict, while Dipper, thrust by Ford into the supernatural elite, is alone in his awareness of a literal apocalypse. It’s a neat parallel to the divide between their grouchy predecessors: Stan was, and is, blind to the danger of the portal because he sees only the reality of his estrangement from his brother, while Ford misses the importance of the sibling relationship because he’s so intent on preventing the end of the world. In both situations, each twin faces an apocalypse, and each twin sees his (or her) apocalypse and not the other one. The solution lies in treating the disasters as one—because they are one.

Bill requires a rift.

He needed the initial division between the Stan twins to get his foot in the door. When dealing with Mabel and Dipper, his method is to turn them against each other: “Besides, what’s your sister done for you, lately? How many times have you sacrificed for her, huh? And when has she ever returned the favor?”

And again, “Hmm, you didn’t seem to have a problem taking it for your own play, ditching him when he needed you. So come to your senses. Give me the book or your play is ruined. … I mean, who would sacrifice everything they’ve worked for just for their dumb sibling?”

When he manages to get onto the physical plane, it’s notable that the first thing Bill does is trap Mabel in the prison bubble, not only isolating her but separating her from her brother. Wendy calls it right when she tells Dipper that the only solution is to find his sister: “When you two work together, there’s like nothing you two can’t accomplish. You just need to make up and team up and save the universe.” She equates the decision to mend their rift with the decision to cut the apocalypse off at its source, and when he finally comes face-to-face with Mabel again, Dipper voices this connection even more succinctly: “Let’s beat Bill and grow up together.”

But as it turns out, Mabel and Dipper’s reunion is in itself not enough. It’s a beginning that leads to a more significant consequence: the closing of the far older division between the Stans, accomplished in a final teaming-up, an all-consuming act of trust, which sears Bill to the last atom of his substance and dissolves him before our eyes. 

So that’s the deal with Mabel and the Rift.

anonymous asked:

Has eldritch! Mark ever used his powers to possess someone?

He can possess people but he doesnt like doing so. I remember touching on this a bit a long time ago but he essentially makes his host degrade over time. He mentally and physically Fucks Them Up lmao they start getting horribly ill and their mental stability starts to wane. 

The longer he possesses someone, the worse it gets; skin becomes super pale and sickly, hair loss, vomiting, bleeding, VIVID hallucinations, general paranoia, suicidal thoughts, just…everything happening at once lmao. These side effects do not happen while hes possessing someone, they happen AFTERWARDS. And unlike Suzy, Dan, Ross and Brian, Mark possesses people by directly entering their body and moving them from inside, not by simply controlling the host with their thoughts. This makes him hella dangerous and its one of the reasons why he puts such a large cap on his own abilities.

TonyMoly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick Review

After trying out and loving the Etude House Eye’s Cream products, I was quite determined to try out more eye cream in stick form.  I came across the TonyMoly Panda’s Dream Eye Sticks and was very keen to try these out!

TonyMoly’s Panda’s Dream line comes with 2 different types:
- TonyMoly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Stick
-TonyMoly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick

The TonyMoly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick is a portable stick-type eye cream that provides moisture and cooling effects to the delicate area around the eye.
To use, apply the product gently from the inner side to outer side.  Tap lightly with finger tips for better absorption.

The TonyMoly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick has an adorable panda design. The eye stick comes in a twist stick packaging. Once the lid is removed, there is another plastic protective cap on the top of the product itself. There is 9g of product in total.

My eyes are usually quite puffy in the morning, but with the application of this cooling eye stick, the swelling is reduced quite dramatically. The So Cool Eye Stick offers a very light cooling effect that is quite minimal and lasts for a short time so it doesn’t cause any irritations to the eyes. The product glides on smoothly and doesn’t tug on the skin during application. It offers moisture to the delicate skin around the eyes. The eye cream leaves the eye area feeling fresh with no greasiness or stickiness. It is convenient to use with its twist design and roll over application which doesn’t cause a mess or take too much time to apply, making it perfect for use in the morning. Overall, this product is pretty great and I’m excited to try the brightening version next!

-provides a cooling effect
-non-greasy and fresh feeling
-easy application + convenient to use
-doesn’t cause any irritations
-glides on smoothly

Cons: None

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


Aftershocks Part 14

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes

Warnings: A bunch of angst and fluff, Bucky POV

Word Count: 1904

Summary: In the days after the readers recovery many difficult conversations are had as information is secretly traded. 

Authors Note: Alright! We are getting close to the end of Aftershocks. After this there will be only one more chapter. If you would like to be tagged in the final chapter, let me know. 

Tags: @crapythings @buckyismyaesthetic @endless-dawn @ckwylde @cambodia5 @wxnchestervevo @fantasticimpaladoctor @chillnadia @stone-cold-mustache @katbird787 @helloitsgrc @imhereforbvcky @shamvictoria11 @discophony @buckyismybbz

Aftershocks: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 8b, Part 9, Part 10, Part 10b, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Post Credit Scene

Bucky’s POV:

“Sargent Barnes, we are not done talking about this!” Maria Hill yells at Bucky as he makes to leave the conference room. “I am done talking about this. She’s fine. She’s awake and healing well. She is happy and, most importantly, she is alive.” Bucky quips back, keeping his tone even and factual. “You were not authorized to do it! No one on that plane was.” Hill spits back, growing frustrated with Bucky.

“I did what I had to do. I don’t regret it.” Bucky snarls, a warning in his voice. “Did you even stop to think of the consequences, the ramifications, the side-effects?” Hill’s voice rises with each word. “Side-effects? Like her surviving 2 bullet wounds and a cracked skull? Not to mention 4 broken ribs. I wasn’t going to lose her Commander. What would you have had me do? Let her die?” Hill sighs, exasperated by the long argument.

“Does the rest of the team know? Stark? The Captain?” Hill asks, looking inquisitively at Bucky “No, no one.” “Does she know?” Bucky looks down at his feet ashamed of his own cowardice. “No… I… I don’t know how to tell her… It was a selfish choice; I admit it… I just… I couldn’t lose her.” Maria grits her teeth, exhaling sharply. “Cap said you got it bad, I never thought I’d see the day. The Winter Soldier in love. It really is shocking.”

He looks away, unable to make eye contact with her. “Ok.” She continues slowly. “Director Coulson will have to be notified. You will alert me immediately if anything out of the ordinary presents. For now, we will keep this between us. But I do need to enter it into her file for tracking purposes.” “Maria no, I don’t want anyone finding out.” Bucky quickly pleads. “It will be a sealed file, unmarked and placed at the hub.” Bucky thinks slowly, weighing his options, “Fine… agreed.” he nods tentatively.

“Good, then we are done here.” Maria moves towards the door, turning slowly back to Bucky for a final word. “Oh and Barnes, you understand Ward is off limits until we figure out what he was after, correct?” Bucky nods stiffly, once again experiencing the uncomfortable feeling that Hill could read minds. She sighs and smiles slightly, her expression softening.

“I understand why you did it… She’s an incredible woman Bucky. You’re lucky to have her.” He nods again, shrinking into himself at her words, “And she’s lucky to have you.” His eyes shift up to her, seeing her smile widen, he manages a small grin of thanks as she exits. That’s why I had to do it… I couldn’t lose her. He thinks guiltily. Hopefully one day she’ll understand.


Y/N’s POV:

“What the hell are you doing out of bed?” Bucky sighs as he walks into your hospital room, finding you moving around the small space, collecting your belongings. “Buck, it’s fine, the Doctors said I’m almost completely healed. Even my ribs are healed.” “Y/N, baby, please get back in bed, it’s only been a week since you woke up, you have to take it easy.”

Bucky moves towards you, stopping your movements as his hands come to wrap around your waist, pulling you close to him. You smile, rising up to kiss him softly, hands sliding into his hair as his arms press harder against the small of your back. “Love, I’m fine. I promise. I feel great, no soreness, no bruising, nothing. I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time.”

You look up at him, your eyes pleading, “I want to get out of here. I want to be back in my room, back in my own bed.” “Doll, it’s too soon, you have to heal a bit more.” You let out a frustrated cry and disconnect from him, pacing across the small space “Uggg, I’m going crazy! Bucky, I’m fine, but I’m going to lose my mind if I have to stay in here any longer.” he groans and moves to sit on the chair beside your bed, looking up at you, concern painting his expression.

“Listen,” he sighs, “I have to take care of a few things, I’ll be gone for a few days, but when I get back, we’ll talk to the doctors. We’ll get you out of here.” You stop your movements, staring at him apprehensively. “Where are you going?” you question “I just have a small mission” your eyes narrow suspiciously. “What’s the mission? Is Steve sending you? Are you going by yourself?”

“Y/N” Bucky sighs his eyes closing as he leans back against the chair, exhaustion and annoyance painted on his face. “Buck?” you whisper as you move towards him, settling yourself in his lap. His arms wrap gently around your hips, pulling you into a comfortable position. “What’s going on? What aren’t you telling me?” you whisper, fingers carding through his hair as you try to gently coax an answer from him.

“Doll, it’s just something I have to do, ok?” Bucky’s tone is exasperated, you look at him closely, examining his face, seeing every line in his skin. His piercing blue eyes are underlined with dark circles, his stubble growing longer than you’d ever seen it, he looks like he hasn’t slept in days. “That’s not good enough,” you whisper, resting your head on his shoulder as you nuzzle into the crux of his neck, “Buck, you can tell me anything… why won’t you…”

You freeze suddenly, stopping mid-sentence as the thought dawns on you. You sit up abruptly, looking Bucky in the eye, examining his every feature as you pose your question. “Are you going after Ward?” Bucky’s eyes drop from yours, his gaze falling to your lap. “Baby…” “James Buchanan Barnes, are you going after Ward?” You repeat, voice stern and eyes piercing.

“Doll…” “Answer me.” He sighs looking up at you sadly, “Yes.” He answers simply, breaking eye contact with you. “NO!” you yell, “Absolutely not.” “Y/N…” “No Bucky. You’re not going. It’s too dangerous, he’s a sick man, you can’t go after him on your own. I won’t let you.” 

“You won’t let me?” Bucky smirks, amused at the prospect of you trying to stop him. “Buck, please… I love you.” He smiles softly at your words “I don’t want you to get hurt. He’s planning something and until we know what it is, it’s not safe to go after him. Please Bucky.”

Your last words are a desperate plea, making Bucky cringe as his mind remembers you slung over the bannister pleading with him to save you, your voice begging with his name. “He shot you! He beat you! He abused you! Y/N… he tried to kill you, and would have succeeded if I hadn’t…” he stops, holding himself back from telling you, not yet, now is not the time, he thinks. 

“I can’t just let him go doll. As long as he’s out there, you’re not safe. I can’t have that. I have to go after him.” He looks close to tears as his eyes come up to meet yours. He is silent, his blue eyes digging into you, making your heart slam against your newly healed ribs.

“Bucky,” you whisper, your lips brushing his cheek softly. “Yes. He shot me, and he hit me. But I fought back, I survived because of what you taught me, I fought back. I know you love me and I know you want to protect me baby, but I am not helpless anymore, I never want to feel helpless again,” you take a deep breath, “I need to slay my demons James, I need to fight my own fight. If anyone is going to get the kill shot on Ward, it needs to be me.” You insist, staring him down.

“Y/N,” Bucky rolls his eyes, sitting forward towards you, about to argue. Your hand rises up to his shoulder and you push him back to the chair, noticing how easy it was to move his body, even when he resisted. Bucky seems to have noticed the moment as well, his eyes widening slightly at the force that you are able to exert towards him.

“No. There is nothing that you will say that will change my mind. I recognize that you will do as you want and whatever I say is not going to change your mind, I know you well enough. But after everything I’ve been through, everything Ward has done to me, please don’t take away the satisfaction of avenging myself.” “Doll…” Bucky whispers, feeling guilty. “More than that Buck,” your voice breaks as your hands grab his face, locking his gaze on you, “You’re going to give him the opportunity to take away the thing in this world that matters most to me.”

Bucky raises an eyebrow quizzically at you, not fully understanding. You start to cry, silent tears rolling softly down your face, “You, Buck. I love you. I can’t lose you. And if I lose you because you are fighting my battle for me, I would never be able to forgive myself. I won’t lose you… I can’t…” your voice fails as a sob breaks through, Bucky pulls you close to his chest, allowing you to curl in tighter on his lap as you cry. “Ok, ok. I won’t… I promise… I’m sorry… I’m here… I’m not going anywhere…”


Bucky’s POV:

“Shhhhhh she’s asleep.” Bucky hushes Steve as his friend enters, arms protectively tightening around the sleeping woman in his lap, her face gently resting against his shoulder as her breath tickles his neck. “So this is a whole thing now? Are you always going to be like… like this?” Steve gestures to his best friend’s position underneath Y/N as he holds her sleeping body tightly.

Bucky’s chest rumbles slightly as he chuckles at Steve’s discomfort. “Yeah it’s a whole thing pal, for a bit now. Sorry I didn’t tell you. I just wasn’t sure how to say we were having…” “If you make a fondue joke I swear to God.” Steve warns, eliciting a smirk from Bucky. “Sex, Bud. I was going to say sex. Come on Stevie, we’re all adults” Bucky teases, smiling at his friend. “Punk,” Steve huffs, “Anyway I came to tell you; we have a hit on Ward.”

Bucky stiffens, feeling Y/N shift slightly in his arms as his muscles tense beneath her. He takes a deep breath looking down at her freshly healed body curled up against him, “I don’t want to know.” He hisses reluctantly. “Buck?” “I made a promise. I swore to her that I wouldn’t go after him right now. I already broke one promise I made,” His eyes flick up to Steve, focusing the intensity of his gaze on his best friend, “I will not break another.”

“Bucky, he’s gone underground. We haven’t been able to find him anywhere. But the files that we did find told us that there will be a meeting of hydra officials in 3 months. He’ll have to attend. We’ll have time to prepare.” Bucky nods, agreeing with Steve, “We’ll have time to discuss it.” Bucky says calmly.

I’ll have 3 months to train her. I’ll go with her. If revenge is what she needs, I will do anything to help her get it. He looks down at her sleeping face pressed against him, her lips faintly pouted as her brow furrows slightly. I will do anything.

Fire at my feet (Ch.5)

Pairing:NeganxAdelaide (Reader)



A/N: Hey guys! Hope you had an awesome holiday (for those in the states). I am done with this story! For those who kept up with it, thank you so much and please review once you’re done! I had fun writing this, I haven’t written smut in ages (like…almost ten years) So apologies if it isn’t amazing! But, I worked hard on it, and practice makes perfect so I promise more smut to come in future works. Once you’re done with this please do read my other work, The Crown weighs heavy, if you don’t already. :) This story was never meant to be anything more than a reason to do a smut haha, simply because my other work is a slow burner, but I am proud of what it came to be, even with the small sense of plot. So, let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Master List

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Losing You

Anon Requested: bts one shot where y/n sends a very weird text in the group chat and when yoongi (her boyfriend) gets tipped off they all go to her house and she’s not thinking clearly and is about to do something crazy because of all the hate she’s getting? Is a bit triggering sorry

Pairing: Suga x Reader

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Triggering, Mention of suicide

Word count: 881

Description: You’ve been dealing with the hate for a long time but lately it’s been worse than ever. You and all the boys are friends and when one of the boys tips off your boyfriend that something was wrong he raced to come home to you…but was he too late?

Originally posted by yoo-ngie

“You don’t deserve him.”

“Why would he want you?”

“You’re just the charity case.”

“Why don’t you do us all a favor and end it all.”

 You clicked out of your account letting another tear fall down your face. That was it that was the last straw. You knew what you had to do, it’s not like you haven’t been thinking about it for a while now. Suicide, killing yourself, the end of it all. You tried being strong, hell you’ve been strong for the three years you were with Yoongi but this hate was getting out of control.

 Your breathing was shaky and shallow, not getting complete breath control and your stomach was in knots. Deep down you had wanted this… to end it all and stop the pain that you had constantly felt. To stop the comments that constantly filled your phone on all the social media outlets you had. You just wanted the pain to stop. But deep down you also didn’t want to die even with how much pain you were in you knew you didn’t want to end your life just the pain you had been dealing with for so long.

 Your phone rang causing you to jump at the loud sound coming from your dresser beside your bed. Taehyung’s face popped up, you sighed seeing it. You knew you were going to miss him. You contemplated not answering your phone, knowing how long the ringtone went until you missed the call. You groaned and sat up straight making sure your voice wouldn’t falter.

“Hello?” Your voice cracked. Your squeezed your eyes shut instantly cursing at yourself for not clearing your throat before you answered the phone.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong? Were you crying?” Tae’s voice promptly asked you concern evident in his voice.

“N-No. I just woke up that’s all.” You lied soon wishing it wasn’t Taehyung that called you, he was the only one aside from Yoongi that could quickly pin point your voice and how you were feeling, if you were crying. So he immediately knew he was correct once the lie left your mouth.

“(Y/N), what’s going on?” Alarm set on his voice.

 “I’m sorry Tae… I-I just can’t do it anymore.” You cried out, the tears burst like water from a dam down on your face. You felt the muscles on your chin tremble and you look towards the window that was placed near the end of your bed looking towards the sky’s colors of orange seeing the sun set.  “I’m sorry.” You clicked the red button ending the call and you tossed the phone on your bed. Calls came one after the other as you ignored each one of them.

You were rocking back and forth, there was a static in your head, a side effect of the constant fear you had been dreading. Your walls which had been so strong had finally collapsed on you, you pulled your dresser’s drawer open and saw the multiple pill bottles in them, you easily grab one fighting to open the bottle open. Now having the pills weren’t a secret to anybody they all knew you had taken some pills when it came to stress and anxiety but they hadn’t seemed to worry about you misusing them for the purpose you were aiming for. Maybe that was because they knew you struggled with the cap like you were struggling now.

“Just fucking open!” You cried out, you were pushing and pull just to get it open but there was no use, it was like the cap was glued shut.

Tears were flowing down your cheeks, releasing the sadness that you had built up over time. The noisy sobs echoed through the empty apartment, anyone inside would have been able to hear them, you were pretty positive anyone outside the apartment could hear them too. You didn’t care.

You heard the front door slam open and your bedroom door soon after. Once he saw you hysterically crying on your bed he ran up to you and held you against his chest. Your hand still clutched onto the pill bottle as if it was something with meaning and was going to be ripped from you. He clutched onto your body harder, terrified of what you might’ve done.

“Jagi, you can’t just end it. You need to keep fighting, you’ve always been able to fight this off.” His sobs were now heard. His heart was racing against your back as his heart broke seeing you. His words came out in shaky manners, terrified of what had transpired. “You need to come to me when you feel like this.”

Losing you was his biggest fear and here he was holding you against his body. His hand came over yours, your hand loosened its grip on the pill bottle allowing him to take it from you and tossing it to the ground.

“I can’t lose you.”