is this a shirt no its not

The Fourth Soul: I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you enjoy this drawing I made for you!

*Despite everything, it’s still you.

Ahhhh birthday gifts <3 I should put these on the Fanart Monday???? Nah, birthday gifts enter a new cathegory :P

My cool dude shirt, man, I want to wear it now <3 <3 <3 Thanks a lot for thinking of me <3

  • me: *wears no socks to bed*
  • me: *sticks feet out of covers*
  • me: *rucks pyjama shirt up so tummy is visible*
  • me: *braids hair back away to leave neck bare*
  • me: *sleeps with arms folded behind head*
  • me:
  • me: wow i sure hope there are no tickle monsters or anything under my bed that'd be unfortunate
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pairings/characters: jung hoseok x reader x min yoongi

words: 6743

genre: angst, smut

trigger warnings: mentions of alcohol and graphic smut

summary: when one ruthlessly breaks his heart, he’s only left with nightmares of her. No memories just plain fear. When this fear leads him to run away from every person he had ever loved. Can you sort out through this mess and pull him out of his nightmares?

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There was a loud knock on the door, the little thuds against the hardwood, loud enough to wake him up. His eyes fluttered open, only to notice the lack of light in the once bright room, signaling the fact that its way past sunset. He was still clad in the same clothes, the white shirt clung to his chest, jeans suddenly looking too tattered to be worn on a night out. His jacket was thrown across the room, probably a protest from his body to sleep comfortably.

Everything else was the same, the pictures, the books, the emptiness and the lies. They were left intact, making him wish that there was a tornado that could rip each material to shreds.

After spending an exact 2 minutes staring at the barren ceiling, letting the air of the air conditioner graze his skin; he stands up sharply, still a bit lost from his unprecedented nap. He shook his head a few time, blinking his eyes open to gain consciousness.

His blonde hair was a mess atop his head, fly sways straying away from his head to poof up into a mess. But he still looked good. (Well in the eyes of any female, he would still be attractive)

He was still a bit dazed, the feeling you have where for a few seconds you can’t comprehend a single detail in the universe and suddenly you feel like a new person. That’s exactly what he felt, like a new person that emerged within him.

“Hyung we’re leaving in 5.”

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Remember when Eleanor posted a pic of her PJ's drawer and said "omg i cant believe i organized my pyjamas drawer its never been so organized before!1!1!1!" And u can see her "i ❤ Louis" t-shirt merch? Guess this is where Taylor's team got the inspiration from to make Tom wear an "i ❤ TS" tank lol

this is harry ❤️ louis shirt appropriation


Piccolo. Wearing a Scouter. And Goku’s Shirt. Enough said.

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Omggg the watermark make it looks like a doujinshi cover and I'm so sad its not a comic ಥ⌣ಥ #aesthetic

Ahh, thank you! ;A; I’m glad you liked the watermark, I tried to keep it “aesthetic.”

I was kinda going for that look where you know how on some Asian merchandise, like t-shirts or notebooks or whatever you get the “aesthetic English”? And it looks very pretty and aesthetically pleasing with nice typography, and then you actually look closely and it says something like, “You are smiling beautiful today! Pretty tomorrow butterflies! You are walking pants! Darling turtle eating puppy,” or something? Yeah I was going for that look ^ ^;;;

One day! I’d like to publish a doujin! It’d definitely have PhichiYuu in it LOL

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ok so im a major lesbian but ive been having major identity crises bc sometimes i look at a man(meaning a total of 3) and find him attractive?? but then i mentally put myself in a situation where i'd be romantic with said man and I feel ??? Unpleasant. It makes me feel like a fake lesbian and then im scared im faking everything despite having an undeniable attraction to women. Ive been a self aware lesbian for years now but im just now struggling w this. Am confused??

lesbians can have aesthetic attraction toward men n it doesnt make them any less of a lesbian ! like i had a cis gay white guy who came into my class wearing a lana del rey shirt n no one questioned his sexuality its fyucked up that we have do go thru hoops to prove we’re truly gay lol so you’re fine its okay  its normal you’re fine



We finally get a more comfortable closet design♥ I found out recently, and I’m thankful for the people that complained about this and Beemov for fixing it! 
No more 7 layers of shirts, finally

Estoy tan feliz meloncitos ^^

Por fin obtenemos un diseño mucho más cómodo para vestirnos en el armario, ya no hay que ir viendo las +800 páginas para encontrar una remera/peluca/lo que fuere. Gracias por las sugerencias que hicieron y gracias al equipo de Beemov por tomarlas en cuenta ^^

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Spencers is having a sale on beach tank tops that say "Wifey Material" imagine Mikey absolutely unironically loving it xD also just for giggles, imagine the rest of the guys wearing it cus its a funny thought!

okay so
i went thru the entire website and found things they (2012 turtles) all might like oh my god
i didnt find the wifey material shirt but i s2g mikey would love to wear it ashjdbf

-Mod Yaka



(…he would wear the sunglasses and fedora around the most imo; i think he’d dress similarly to rob paulsen)


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i'm an lgbt male and honestly the shipping within the community never bothers me until the straight fans take it too far (like that shirt @ the got7 fanmeet- when shippers get way too militant).. but i get that varies between people. things like fanart and fics are fine to me so long as they're never shoved into the idol's faces, they at least give me gay content to consume lol

I personally don’t have a problem with the content itself, its just that its usually made by and for straight (usually fetishizing) fans and that gets me like :\ but I acknowledge that some lgbt fans like and I’m okay with it! So I guess I’m neutral abt this? As long as it isn’t some fujoshi shipping idols

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