is this a shirt no its not

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Today I wore my sloth or chocolate croissant shirt to school and when I got to history the girl I really like wanted to see it so she made her way across the room to open up my jacket and take a look. She said it was cute and I was like yeah its my fav. Next think I know she looks up and says," I guess you could say its memeingful to you," before winking and walking away. Now I'm sitting here 5 hours later and I'm still dying. Please help my smol gay heart.

what is it with wlw and being fucking useless around pretty girls?? someone save us


Metal kid Keith ft. Lance III

I had way too much fun with the battle vest and creating the VOLTRON and BLADE OF MARMORA band logos. I kinda want to make some fake band shirts with them.

Edit: idk if its just me but tumblr has been killing image quality lately so please click for a better view!!

I’m so excited, one of my close friends is getting married in June :D
I’m going to be a bridesmaid, along with my two other closest friends
It’s gonna be really relaxed and informal but I’m still super excited, and I’m super happy for my friend and her girlfriend :D

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Just watched their comeback stage and that was beautiful 😍😍😍 the choregraphy of Spring Day is just perfect 👏👏

(But tbh I think its rlly difficult to dance with the oversized shirt jacket or wtv, it looked like Jimin was struggling :^//////)

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6. Do you have a favorite pet? If so what’s its name?

That is such a tough question! I really don’t have a favourite! As well as my two budgies I also have a hamster, Popcorn, and I do love them all. 

I do have a stronger bond with the birds however, as in they seem to enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs. Having two birds greet you excitedly as you return home never gets old, haha!  

My hamster Popcorn is very indifferent towards me, she see’s me as a source of nice food and sometimes likes to snuggle inside my t-shirts, but that’s very much on her terms as she’s such an independent little lady.

7. What is your favorite petblr blog?

Another tough question! I really enjoy @pepperandpals​, @sweetiesugarbird​, @nestregards​, @flock-talk​, @tinysaurus-rex​, @littlerosebirb​, @tieltavern​ and many, many others. Basically I adore every petblr I follow, and seeing all your lovely pets makes me so happy. I would list you all if I could! (I’m going to post this and immediately remember several more blogs I could have added!  Even if you’re not on the list, I still love you all!)

10. Do you own any pets that you don’t post about on your blog?

I do! This is my little hamster Popcorn, she has her own blog here, although I rarely post there. She’s a Syrian hamster, but she’s tiny compared to other Syrian hams I’ve known!

I’ve had her since May of last year, and I don’t really know for sure how old she was when we adopted her. She’s probably about a year old. I once made her a completely handmade, custom build cage, but she decided she was going to try to gnaw her way out in less than a month. She now lives in an Ikea Detolf hack, and its the best cage ever!

15. Are any of your animals rescues?

Widget and Popcorn were both adopted. Popcorn was adopted from Pets at Home, where she was up for adoption as nobody would buy her because of her “creepy red eyes”. Like seriously? She’s adorable! I’d been wanting a hamster for a while, and had done a ton of research, and then I saw her little face and I fell in love.

Widget was re-homed after three weeks because he was “not tame, too wild and aggressive”. Yup. Look at how aggressive he is.

20 - already answered here:

Deeply enjoying the winged!Dirk Gently trend but on a more angsty note, I really can’t imagine the CIA letting Dirk keep his wings if they wanted to train him as a psychic operative. Intuitions would make him a more effective agent, but he’s never going to blend in while they have to cut holes in his white regulation shirts.

His wings are beautiful and unique and special and he knows they make him stand out far too much for the CIA’s liking. One scientist jokes that they’re the military, not the air force, but Dirk doesn’t laugh. He just curls his wings tighter around his shoulders defensively. He doesn’t need the universe to tell him that the scientists assigned to Project Icarus have gotten all they can from him in that regard.

The CIA figure he’s never going to be flying with them anyway, so why bother letting him keep them? Riggins tries to tell him that it’s for his own good, that his wings would just make him a target (he already knows that he’s a target, he never needed his wings for people to find him interesting and sometimes he hates being interesting).

They cut his wings off while he’s unconscious and he feels like he’ll never be whole again, and he doesn’t know how they expect him to be Icarus if they’ve grounded him permanently.

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what dya think of the "if you dont skate dont wear thrasher" bc imo its dumb like as long as people are buying the genuine garms that means they'll probably be buying from skater owned stores and supporting the scene which is what we badly need right now

it’s a poser move bc they’re tryna cash in on the street cred of skating. skater-owned shops don’t get much of a cut for selling one thrasher shirt. it’s still legit, but it’s done so well capturing the online video release market that as a brand it doesn’t need anyone’s help. if ppl that don’t skate are buying gear from small board co’s THAT i would fucking back hard

It's not for you.

I wrote tonight,
Something I haven’t written in a long time.
But it’s not for you,
Or anyone else.
I focused to conjure it again,
Every word in its place,
Like a room of a loved one
Who left long ago
And won’t be coming back.
The mug on the side table,
The coffee stains on the inside,
The lamp,
The bedding,
Some unopened mail,
The shirts on the hangers in the closet,
The sweater, careless, on the armchair in the corner.
I wrote tonight
To make sure I remember the verses
Each in their place,
remembered like a hymn, or old cursive writing,
In the way they used to sing, and write letters,
The way no one sings like anymore.

4 song fsts; the core four

just a little project done for the fun of it, nothing to take too seriously. please enjoy! ❤

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❣ archie andrews

I’m lost at sea, the radio is jamming but they won’t find me; I swear its for the best. 

❣ betty cooper

and the scars are still there in the mirror, everyday that she gets herself dressed.

❣ jughead jones

it seems so frightening, time passes by like lightning; before you know it you’re struck down.

❣ veronica lodge

if I could change anything, I think I would start with the name — the truth is all those angels started acting the same.