is this a shirt because i'll buy it

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Hey, I love your boob printed shirt! And I was wondering if you have that photo around because I'll really like to get one for my bff.

You have to buy it from @soaestheticshop, u can use my code “teakip” for 10% off ヽ( ‘o’ )ノ


Miss Martian in “Welcome to Super Hero High” (x)

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I thought I submitted this request, but it was never answered so I'll try again xD Fluff with Bertholdt, Reiner, Marlowe, and Jean and a really petite s/o please!!! :3 Thanks!


  • It makes him a bit uncomfortable when they go out in public, just because his partner is so much more tiny than him.
  • Likes to buy clothes for his partner, but somehow always messes up the sizing and gets them shirts that’re way too long.


  • While body type doesn’t matter to him at all, it’s always nice to tease them about how small they are compared to himself.
  • Likes to pick them up a lot simply because he can.


  • He thinks his partner is cute, and sometimes he finds himself blushing in reaction to their antics.
  • Marlowe enjoys sleeping on his back. If his partner ever wants to cuddle, they’ll probably just have to lay themselves on top of him.


  • Sometimes finds himself admiring the size difference between the two of him because it makes him feel a bit bigger and stronger in a way.
  • Jean finds himself patting their head or shoulder a lot. It’s just something he does without thinking and he’s not sure why.

There were many scenes in the anime when Eijun was wearing Miyuki’s shirt and I wonder if maybe Eijun didn’t take Miyuki’s shirt from the laundry room by mistake? And then Miyuki, instead of telling Eijun that, decided to be quiet because he enjoys seeing Eijun in his shirts?

So Eijun wonders when did he buy that shirt, Miyuki tries not to glow with pride every time Eijun wears Miyuki’s clothes and everyone else wonder if when those two finally get together, things will turn even more sappy.

y’know, i’m not even gonna beat around the bush, i cried earlier because i decided to buy a white shirt. and it made me look more tan than i’m used to and i was okay with it but it reminded me that as i was younger, i was so scared to wear white nail polish, accessories, shirts.. because representation was focused in white, asian, and black 

being mexican and not the stereotype of extremely sassy hurt me. like.. i wasnt what i was supposed to be when people find out i’m mexican. that thought process as a kid. i just thought it’s so goddamn sad. you have no idea, no fuckin idea how happy i was to know that overwatch had added sombra. like

and reaper is mexican, like he has a dia de los muertos skin, his last name is reyes, like im pretty sure he’s mexican, i was insanely hyped. i just

wish i had more mexican representation as a kid. i pushed any mexican heritage stuff away as a kid cause no one found it cool or anything, now there’s dia de los muertos sections in fuckin stores for halloween, (thats a little iffy for me but thats not the point) hbnwgoibqeigbebnrui i wanna tell small me that its okay to be mexican and learn spanish

i want a metal pendant with a full moon stamped on one side and the canis major constellation stamped on the other side

and people will think that im just turning into a hipster

but in reality I’ll just be discreetly showing my love for my lil marauder boyfriends uwu

  • me in 2010: ew who even is this one direction what a bunch of prepubescent, untalented, overrated, not-even-cute boys ew why are they even popular omg
  • me in 2011-november 2014: eh one direction who are they lolol remember that one hit back in 2010 lol u dun know ur bootiful ahaha
  • me after using a cover of their songs in my prac class in mid-november 2014: *downloads all their albums* *researches Larry fanfiction at ungodly hours of the morning* *cries when Louis sings* *actively searches for 1D shirts that I can buy* *googles tour dates for when they're in Europe next year, because I'll be in Europe next year too* *cries when Harry is on my dash* *cries thinking about Larry* *imagines scenarios of me meeting niall and us running off into the sunset together* *gets sad knowing that harry and i can never be together because larry* *gets sad knowing that louis and i can never be together because larry* *thinks warmly of Zayn* *doesn't care for Liam, but feels slightly bad for not caring for him* *clutches heart listening to Louis' voice* *cries thinking about Niall* *cries thinking about Harry* *cries*
  • Me last week: UGH why is there Star Wars stuff EVERYWHERE? I'm so sick of this. LET ME LIVE. I can't wait for this supersaturated merchandising phase to end.
  • Me Friday: huh that was a good movie but idk if I'll get obsessed
  • Me Saturday morning: Uh Oh
  • Me Saturday, Sunday, and today: *literally physically screeching about my faves*
  • Me right now: *buys Youth XL The Force Awakens shirt at the airport because it has Rey, Finn, and Poe on it*
  • Me right now: I *clap* need *clap* more *clap* merch