is this a shirt because i'll buy it

Help out Latesha Clay

from her mom:

Ok.. Latesha Clay court date is the 27th of January not sure of time..
For those helping to get her things
Shirt size is medium
Pant size is medium
Shoe size 7 ½ women’s
5 ½ boys.
And she said weave 27


i will pm an address for anyone who wants to send this baby things; she has spent the last year, from 15-16, in the women’s prison in Ypsilanti because she was used as bait by two older teens in a scheme to advertise sexual access to her body online and then rob the pedophiles who responded and set up dates.

unbelievably, none of those pedophiles were charged with anything!

Latesha has two children and had a hard life BEFORE this, please support her now that she’s gotten a break!


WOW… OK SO… i bought two shirts off the haim website because i don’t have these two and it was an impulse buy (top picture), and before i ordered i saw pictures of alana and mama haim hand wrapping other people’s merch with tissue paper and sending everyone the note with the button and i thought.. hmm… and there was a box on the site when i ordered for “note to seller/special instructions” and i thought.. hmm… and so throwing caution to the wind, i wrote a short note telling them hi and who i was (met them in may, made them bracelets) and how much meeting them meant to me, and i figured that if they don’t see the note, oh well, BUT… MY PACKAGE CAME TODAY… wrapped in a haim tote bag and with haim sunglasses included and i thought OOOOH FUCK… THEY SAW THE NOTE…. so i looked and THEY didn’t see the note, BUT MAMA HAIM DID… and SHE WROTE ME A NOTE BACK AND GAVE ME EXTRA MERCH…. SHE SAID SHE WOULD TELL THE GIRLS ABOUT MY NOTE…… SO I’M BASICALLY BEST FRIENDS WITH MAMA HAIM NOW TOO

There were many scenes in the anime when Eijun was wearing Miyuki’s shirt and I wonder if maybe Eijun didn’t take Miyuki’s shirt from the laundry room by mistake? And then Miyuki, instead of telling Eijun that, decided to be quiet because he enjoys seeing Eijun in his shirts?

So Eijun wonders when did he buy that shirt, Miyuki tries not to glow with pride every time Eijun wears Miyuki’s clothes and everyone else wonder if when those two finally get together, things will turn even more sappy.