is this a real conversation they had

“I never liked admitting that I was wrong.”

“I’ll stand over here and watch you dig your own grave in that conversation.”

“You’ve got to be testing me. I know you are." 

"Well, we’ll never get anywhere if we just stand here, doing nothing.”

“I’m having a hard time believing that all of this is real.”

“You have to believe that I had no other choice.”

The Cherry on Top

Pairing: Cas x Reader, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1794

Warnings: Flirting, Teasing, Foreplay

Summary: Cas has been flirting with you for months and refuses to make a move. Will you be able to get him to tell you how he truly feels?

A/N: This gif was submitted by @thegreatficmaster for my 1K Follower Celebration. So it was supposed to be a drabble, but I’m wordy and got carried away by Cas. I just couldn’t help it. Nini, thank you for this glorious Cas gif! It helped me find my muse again!  This is my first attempt at trying to make something gender neutral so I hope I did this justice for you.

Cas couldn’t taste food, but he still joined you, Sam, and Dean for meals as often as possible. He said he enjoyed the conversation, but you knew the real reason. He had been flirting with you for months, but wouldn’t make a move. It had been driving you crazy.

You decided it was time to try to step things up a notch.  You spent all day planning and cooking the perfect dinner, designed to tease him to the breaking point. For dinner, chicken alfredo on a bed of angel hair pasta and french bread on the side. For dessert, chocolate covered strawberries and the real kicker, milkshakes topped with whipped cream and a cherry. You know that Cas can’t taste any of the food, but he remembers what it is like to be able to and that will hopefully make your plan for the night very effective.  

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im just gonna say real quick that sexual abuse survivors are under no obligation at ALL to tell their sexual partners all about their abuse, and insisting that capri/tsp fell short because they didnt contain that conversation about laurent’s abuse, (even tho it’s a conversation they may very well have had that we simply did not see!!) is……………..😒😒😒

it’s one thing if u wanted to see it and ur bummed that u didn’t, its another to insist that it’s “unhealthy” to forgo that conversation and that they NEEDED to have it!! that is just not ever inherently true and it’s always a personal decision made by the victim!! stop projecting ur ideas about how abuse should be handled onto Laurent & treating it like deep meta!!! especially bc you dont actually KNOW if they had that conversation!! goodbye!!!!

I was honestly planning to go to the march downtown tomorrow, but I wondered if I would have the time, energy, or even ability to go (shout out to public transportation lol).  As I got closer to the end of the week I wondered if I would have too much work to do and couldn’t make it.  

Then I got to today.  Today I had two meetings, one with the dean of my college and an organization I’m president of, and one with one of my academic advisors.  Between the two of them, I spent six hours in conversation about race, diversity, and how to move forward given these circumstances.  And both of them listened.  They asked questions, they allowed me and my peers to tell them what we’ve gone through and what we want to see change.  It was a blessing.  I realize I can’t make the march; right now I’m too emotionally drained.  But I had some REAL conversations today and I know what it is I need to keep doing; I know what my work is.  

So, I guess I’m saying, may we all find our own ways to march.  Stay safe, stay strong.  

Jordan Carlos, Comedian

What inspired you to get involved with The Ally Coalition?

The lineup itself is amazing and to be asked to do it and I was like “duh” that was my answer… I just feel like especially now after the election, things like this are so important. The forces that have been unleashed by the election need to be met in kind by standing up, by vocalizing, and not passively saying, “well looks like our side lost.” I feel like with that said, lending whatever talents I have, I’m glad to do it.

What’s a piece of advice you have for people who want to get involved post election?

Don’t miss an opportunity. It could be at home. It could be people saying things at home. You don’t have to be friends all the time with your loved ones. I’ve had plenty of kitchen table conversations with my parents about LGBTQ issues. It gets real sensitive in the African American community and just like, “hey you raised a generation of kids that don’t feel the same way, sorry.” Just knowing that there’s still love there and even though I might not have changed my parents minds to be exactly like mine, it doesn’t matter. They still respect my point of view and their mode of thinking, event though their openminded and fought for civil rights, it’s 2000 new. So that’s my own personal experience. Don’t be afraid to have your thoughts, feelings, or ideas in front of your family. I know people talk about being in a bubble in public, but really I feel like people always say that Thanksgiving dinner was awkward with my family, it’s all about your relations and your friends. And don’t just unsubscribe or unfriend people because they have different points of view, keep them on, say “you know what, I’m here too.” And just by you being here, your existence is a form of resistance. 

In one world, I love you and you love me. We are happy, living our lives by each others side. Nothing goes wrong. We make it.
In another, I never met you. I don’t write bad poetry about your eyes because I’ve never seen them. I go through my entire life without you and I am okay.
In another world, we became friends. We didn’t work, but as friends we love each other. I eventually move on and I stay right by your side. We are okay, you and me. Friends, nothing more.
In this universe, we never spoke again. It’s been forty-five days since we last had a real conversation. Not a day has gone by that it doesn’t hurt. In this universe you don’t care and never did.
—  4am



we need to have an intervention with white men. we CANNOT have dialogues and protests &c keep being coopted by them so that they’re what shows up on the news when they are a tiny fraction of the people out there, they don’t suffer the repercussions from their actions, and they dominate the conversation that HAS to be about the real dangers everyone BUT white men is facing right now.

i went to see if anyone needed help tonight and i had so many conversations with terrified immigrants and lesbian moms and women–

and then i watched the news crews eat up the damage white men caused tonight so the news has an excuse to not cover the real threats to trans people, lgbt people, people of colour, and reproductive health.

we tried to clean this shit up but it’s still what is dominating the news.

we need an intervention. THEY need an intervention and it’s my and my fellow pasteys responsibility to have it so i’m hoping we can come up with some ideas.

and before anyone not all mens me, i met two white guys while we were cleaning up who were as upset as i am about it, and i should have gotten their info because they might know how to host a mass intervention with other white men

  • Sana: Bro you know what I just realised
  • Momo: What bro?
  • Sana: The letter W is produced "double u." Instead of making up a new sound for the letter, they were just like ok let's stick two u's together. But when you write the letter W on paper, it isn't even two u's stuck together, it's two v's stuck together
  • Momo: [softly] fuck

yesterday my lyft driver had a gps that read off directions in what was obviously some sort of specific customized voice

so i was like ‘hey, why does this sound familiar?’

and he was like ‘oh i downloaded it special. it’s colonel sanders.’

never in my life had a stranger thrown me such a goddamn conversational curveball. 

was this an official branded piece of content marketing by kfc? why? why would you go to the trouble of auditioning and hiring a voice actor to impersonate your now-dead founder guiding people onto the i-95, like the world’s least interesting benevolent spirit? colonel sanders was a real dude who is now dead; that is a flipping weird thing for a company to spend money on. is this some misguided corporate attempt to try to revamp his image, like ‘yeah he was a plantation-y southern gentleman and symbolically there’s no way it’s not at least a little racist to glorify him but look…he did just help you get to ikea’

on the other hand, if it’s not affiliated with the company that raises SO MANY MORE questions, like who did this? does colonel sanders have some sort of underground fan community? was there a forum somewhere on the internet where colonel sanders die-hards were all wistfully expressing their longing to have that fried chicken guy’s voice drawling in their ear during long road trips and then finally one lone man stepped forward to fill that gap with a microphone, a dream, and a sub-par fake southern accent

what i said was, ‘…huh’

‘i had t-pain’s voice for a while but it got old really fast,’ said my driver

‘turn right,’ said colonel sanders

‘mm-hmm,’ i said

‘there’s a traffic camera up ahead,’ said colonel sanders. ‘if anyone asks, i was with you last night.’ then he chuckled, in a warm, folksy manner.

i realize this probably sounds like some sort of twisted postmodern tumblr joke, but no, these were the actual pre-recorded words the actual app said.

‘did your gps just jokingly imply colonel sanders committed a murder yesterday and needs an alibi,’ i asked.

‘what?’ said the driver, changing lanes. ‘yeah i guess.’

never in my life had a gps thrown me such a goddamn conversational curveball

like. was it a gps at all, or some sort of experimental new form of fiction, an avant garde crime story delivered in tiny dribbles in and among every hundred navigational tips? but no, if so we are talking some TRUE UNSOLVED MYSTERIES shit, because why the fuck is your dark antihero colonel fucking sanders?

was it a gps at all, or was the deceased wing-and-drumstick magnate now a vengeful ghost and my driver a bold and resourceful ghost-hunter who somehow managed to trap that malignant specter inside the car and bind the colonel’s will to his own and then use that will to get us to the airport via the most efficient available route?

either way, the driver did not divulge his secrets. the colonel droned on. the ride ended. the car drove away and still the truth eluded me, slippery as greased corn.

somebody call a paranormal investigator because we have a lot of shit to work out

star wars AU where everything is the same, with one exception: the skywalkers all know about each other and know they are all related. They are still loyal to their respective organizations, still raised by the same people. They just–know they are related. Like if Bail had told Leia about Anakin Skywalker, so Leia went to Tattooine and met Luke. And then Vader (because of course Vader is spying on Bail) heard about it, but otherwise nothing changes.

- so the first scene in ANH quite literally ends with “ARGH LEIA GO TO YOUR ROOM.” “FINE I WILL BUT YOU AREN’T MY REAL DAD” “I am absolutely your real dad that is WHY WE ARE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION AND YOU ARE NOT DEAD.”

- Alderaan blows up and it results in awkward shoulder pats from Vader and a half-hearted “have you considered using your rage for the dark side?” speech, which Leia promptly ignores.

- Luke rescues Leia. Leia immediately tells Luke “Do not tell Han we are related. I want to fuck with him.” to which Luke sighs “ugh Leia again?” implying that this is not the first time Leia has hooked up with a dude and made him jealous by hanging out with her brother.

- “THAT’S NOT COOL DAD! STOP KILLING OUR FRIENDS!” after Obi-Wan dies. Vader yells back “HE HID YOU FROM ME FOR 20 YEARS!!!! HE DESERVES TO DIE!” “yeah okay that’s fair”

- on Bespin: “You’re dating this idiot?” to which Leia glares and says, quite plainly, that Vader has no authority over who she chooses to date.

- instead of fighting, Luke and Vader just chill on Bespin until Leia picks Luke up. Vader once again attempts to convince Luke to join the Dark Side. Luke goes “Dad you don’t even like Palpatine. Half the time you try and convince us to join you just to defeat him. Why don’t you join the Rebel Alliance huh?” And Vader mutters some half-hearted Jedi bullshit about how once someone joins the darkside they can never leave and besides the rebels would never accepted him and HONESTLY HE JUST WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH HIS KIDS so maybe he will think about it

- Vader finds out what happened on Tattooine, and sends both Luke and Leia like half a million credits each and a super encouraging encrypted email talking about how proud he is of them for KILLING A HUTT that Leia absolutely does not keep shhh SHUT UP HAN why are you going through her stuff anyway huh???

- basically, all of the awkward dad vader attempting to parent his children while also fighting them.

the first clip of episode 8 will always be one of my favorites?? they were able to pack so much into a few minutes (a few minutes which, let’s be real, mostly consisted of even being a dork)

  • it helped establish that even wanted to go public with isak, that he had nothing to hide. for isak. his relationship with even has been something that he wanted to keep to himself, something he thought he should be ashamed of. he’s scared of how the rest of the school would react, but ironically, he’s even more worried about what the people closest to him will think - the people i think he knows, deep down, will eventually come around. he’s more worried about the subtle changes in the way they treat him - expecting him to act gay gay with tights and mascara and everything he knows he’s not ready for. in ep5 we don’t see even’s interaction with kollektivet at all, even though he’s presumably met them. but episode 8 shows us an even who’s ready to meet isak’s friends, wants to show off their relationship because he’s so proud of his boy, and that goes such a long way in letting isak feel free to be proud too.
  • isak got to confront even about his insecurities!! ep7 was all about isak learning to be straight up, to let himself feel free to want things. we saw isak smile at all of even’s drawings - i think a part of him would’ve been okay with these small signs of affection. not a relationship, but proof that even likes him. but it’s not enough, and in the last scene of ep7, his friends help him realize that he deserves something more substantial. isak, for a long time, has struggled to really want things - we see him occupy his time with netflix and video games and nothing of real substance. he’s barely allowed himself to admit that he likes boys, and something even more than that seemed like an entirely new realm of possibility when he could barely admit that he’s gay. so actually communicating to even his insecurities, wanting a real relationship with him, was such a huge step for isak and i wanna give him a hug.
  • “only you can feel what you feel” is such an essential theme of this season. isak obviously doesn’t understand the weight of it when he says it in that kitchen - he just wants to reassure even. but that’s one of the things isak has to come to terms with regarding even’s bipolar disorder. mental illness doesn’t make someone a different person, doesn’t invalidate their feelings. i think this line (and minute by minute later on) helps boil down isak’s two biggest takeaways from being in a relationship with someone who has a mental illness
  • it’s honestly just so nice to see them being domestic and having fun together. we got so many episodes of angst, and then tentatively getting to know each other. this is still getting to know each other but in a more intimate setting, when they already know what they mean to each other and that they’re willing to commit. skam does a great job of building up even as this unattainable cool dude who walks around like he’s in a movie and lives every moment like it’s being recorded, and then episodes 8-10 break down that image to make him more human. this is actually such a fun and lighthearted start before the angst happens? even is supposed to know rap and cool dude music and then he likes gabrielle!! he’s just like everyone else!! isak has spent so long building up the idea of even in his head that these little moments where even, the real life boy, shine through are so integral to their relationship.
  • isak accidentally saying real cute things and then taking them back when he realizes he’s accidentally let out an emotion is my jam like…let me live. they know how to push each other’s buttons in the best kind of way. it’s one of those scenes where you feel like you’re intruding on a private moment (i think having eskild and noora show up at the beginning was a really great touch because we, as the audience, are standing in their shoes), and the way they interact feels so natural.
  • we also get to see the oncoming signs of mania, with even’s heightened energy, as well as signs that there’s something sonja knows that isak doesn’t. it just gives you so many mixed feelings about this scene because on the one hand it’s so happy!! bright colors!! purity!! but that happiness is mixed with unease. skam was able to build this scene without taking away from the happiness or sacrifice the foreshadowing, and they’re able to tell us so much with limited time.

“so dogs do have breakfast.” -cas probably

(inspired by cas taking crowley’s words relating to a dog’s breakfast quite literally like the precious cinnamon bun that he is)

Apartment Shopping A While Down the Line
  • Real Estate Agent: (to Sun Jing and Qi Fang) I think you guys would be very happy here.
  • Qi Fang: Oh no, we're not together. We're not a couple. We're definitely not a couple.
  • Sun Jing (offended): Wow, you seem pretty insulted by that. What, I'm not good enough for you?!
  • Qi Fang: We are not having this conversation again.