is this a queue which i see before me?

Shout-out to the aros with alterous attraction. To the ones who literally can’t tell the difference between “omg I wanna be your friend So Bad let’s be BFFs” and “wow wait do I like you?”

It’s really rough parsing our what’s alterous attraction problems and what’s grayromantic/WTFromantic problems, which is the boat I’m in right now.

Just know, I see you. You are valid and deserve love in whatever form you want.

Seems like it’s the time of year again when my tags stop working

Beginning to get kinda fed up with this, @staff.

Is it normal for tags to only selectively work on certain posts, and for the problems to increase if a post is uploaded from your drafts or queue?

Again, thank you to everyone who’s helped me sort out this problem before and if you can see this please like or reblog! I hope you all have a wonderful day!