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Here’s the first post with the first list of ideas
Now for the rest of the ideas

  • There’s a gimmick we thought about where at the last song of every show, they have a paint fight. And the front row is always warned about it because Captain and Davy will go down and imprint their hands on the first row’s shirts
  • And Victoria, of course she has front row, gets it above her heart and OF COURSE SHE HAS  A BAND BLOG THIS NERD, and posts it
  • (this is like way later tho, Chloe finds out that Vic is a huge fan) Chloe also has a blog for trolling ppl with random details about their band, and Sees vic’s post
  • “She touched my heart”
  • chloe is like “She toch dat titty”
  • And Max always calls Rachel Coupons
  • Maybe during a paint session in art class Max leaves a handprint on her shirt and Vic swears to fucking god it looks just like the print on the shirt she has framed at home but Nah it must be her imagination
  • Chloe took drum lessons because her mom wanted her to channel her excess energy and anger through something and it was a good idea for drums, Max was taking music lessons out of her own interest as a kid.
  • But also Max has always had a crush on Vic but Vic and her have never really interacted except for photography class until Vic hears her trash talking top lul. 
  • Vic isn’t a huge mega bitch, idk this is college time to grow up vic.
  • Vic starts her internship at the company that usually takes the photos and covers 21pirates Concerts. (”No Taylor you don’t understadn this company has great internship programs, look they have the best equipment too-NO THERE’S NO ULTERIOR MOTIVE TAYLOR.”)
  • Max and Chloe reveal their faces after graduating college through a dumb vine.
  • Chloe is super whippedTM
  • Rachel and Chloe meet because Chloe decides to tag along with Max one time to a photoshoot.(”You just want to see coupons.” “Nawww” “I don’t even know if she’s our model today.”)
  • Chloe and Rachel hit it off pretty well, after Chloe stops being a nervous mess hyper mess.
  • They exchange numbers and hang out more.
  • Unlike Victoria, Rachel is super perceptive and finds out Chloe is Davy after a while. Later on she finds out who Captain is too because Chloe’s a dumb-dumb and lets it slip.
  • Victoria goes through the 5 stages of grief when she finds out who 21pirates is
  • Max and Vic get closer to each other through photography and top stuff.
  • Victoria confronts Max after the face reveal vine which turns into Max calming Vic down and confessing, they get together later.

I’ll add more later

One thing I’ve learned through seeing so many people meeting Taylor is that you can’t always feel sorry for yourself because they have what you can’t have. Every time I would see someone’s picture with Taylor I’d be genuinely happy for them, but there’s also be a lot of jealousy behind it. Well, not anymore. I don’t want to keep feeling sorry for myself and crying because I haven’t gotten a chance to meet Taylor. It’ll happen when she decides she wants it to happen. I have to be happy with what I have, not be upset with what I don’t have because idk when I’ll lose it all. I have a loving family, great friends, an amazing boyfriend, and a role model who wants nothing but to make people happy, whether its by meeting them or through her music. Taylor, I would absolutely love to finally meet you after 6 years. And I’ll be here waiting 60 more if I have to. Go out and meet fans, make them happy. I know my day will come, just like theirs did.


My asexual spectrum questionnaire

Tumblr URL:

Sexual/romantic orientation: Biromantic Demisexual

Age group? (13-17, 18-25, 25-39, 40+) 13-17

How long have you identified as Ace spec? A couple of months so far

Favorite color: Pastle green, pink, orange or purple

Favorite food(You may not say cake. We all love it, okay?) Lasagna or red velvet cake!

Biggest pet peeve? When you’ve just put on mascara and then you sneeze 🙄

Hobbies: Dance, horse riding, reading and writing Fanfiction

Favorite movies/tv shows: I’m a big fan of doctor who big bang theory

Favorite genera of music? Pop/rock

Favorite artists? Taylor Swift, Panic! At the disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall out boy and I like dubstep too

Who do you consider your role model? Chloe Bennet or Jennifer Lawrence

What is your hidden talent? Idk I can horse ride

Best/favorite pick up line? I don’t really have one 😂😂

Who would you want to be marooned on an island with? Bear Grilles (if that’s how you spell it(

Chocolate or fruity candies? Chocolate everyday!

Name (optional): Ami

Country/state/region (optional): I’m a proud Brit!

For @demisexual-kingdom

When karlie was 15, her dream was to become a model and she worked her ass off for it. When Taylor was 18, her dream was to sell out stadiums and have the world know her name. 7 years later Karlies the highest paid model of 2014 and Taylors the only person in history to have three consecutive albums go platinum in its first week AND IF THAT ISNT INSPIRATIONAL THEN IDK WHAT IT

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idk if this is the *exact* model of Taylor's necklace, but it's extremely similar if not exact: www(.)tiffany(.)com/jewelry/tiffany-alphabet/tiffany-notes-alphabet-disc-charm-pendant-GRP03133/tiffany-notes-letter-j-disc-charm-25875133?trackpdp=pr the charm itself is $75 and the chain is like $50 (USD prices)

oh okay yeah i think i was looking at a different one that was very similar lol. thats adorable. the small things mean the most x

Questionnaire Response 😊

Tumblr URL: deepspacepam
Sexual/romantic orientation: demi/bi
Age group? 18-25
How long have you identified as Ace spec? A few months! Since July 2017, to be exact. :)
Favorite color: Yellow!
Favorite food(You may not say cake. We all love it, okay?) Chicken Parm or Pizza XD
Biggest pet peeve? Displays of arrogance :/
Hobbies: Writing, photography, viewing films
Favorite movies/tv shows: STAR TREK
Favorite genera of music? I like so many genres I can’t choose! I think I really like 40s style swing, 80s synth pop, & punk pop best though. OH AND BOSSA NOVA
Favorite artists? Taylor Swift… XD
Who do you consider your role model? My journalism professor I suppose
What is your hidden talent? Well idk if it’s hidden but I can be a pretty good writer
Best/favorite pick up line? Lol idk, I guess “Will you boldly go out with me?” Bc Star Trek XD
Who would you want to be marooned on an island with? My journalism professor— I just want to become friends with him lol XD
Chocolate or fruity candies? Chocolate 🍫
Name (optional): Pam!
Country/state/region (optional): USA

i was at a party last year and idk how it came up but this guy started talking about how taylor swift was a bad role model for young girls because she was anti-feminist and i….. went… OFF like i just got so mad and he clearly didn’t even care that much but i would literally like leave for half an hour to talk to other ppl or get a drink or whatever and then i’d come back to this poor fucker and be like ‘AND ANOTHER THING’ and i was pretty drunk so i was literally YELLING at this guy and at points i was near tears pulling out exact quotes and song lyrics he was probably like 'what the fuck’ and anyway like 3 days after that party i saw him on a bus and i got off 3 stops early so i could avoid him

Hii Taylor taylorswift ❤️
chancedetaylor wants to tell you this ❤️
Please read it and maybe follow her❤️
It would mean A LOT ❤️

Hey Taylor i know you’ll never read this, but I try the same. I want to tell you some things. Well I’d like to say thank Y O U, thank you for what you do, thank you for being my inspiration, you are my LIFESAVER, and especially thanks to exist, you’re so special, you’re a beautiful person, inside and out. I’m so so so proud of you.. So i’m writing with tears in my eyes, what I feel for you is a feeling so strong, and I’m so happy you came into my life. I would hug you, this is my dream, are my dream. Iwant to feeling good in your arms, and thanks to save me every day, and to be my “bestfriend”, even if you are far away. You’re there with your music. You know what? I was madly in love with your voice (and i am). So pure, the voice of an angel. And I will be so much in love with you and your voice (Like always). Idk i just need you with me now, I’m feeling so sad, and i want to hug you so bad. But i know that one day maybe i will hug you. I hope you’ll see this. And if you do I will be the happiest girl in the world. Taylor, Thanks for all the love you express through your songs. I love love love YOU Taylor, to the moon and back. You know..I feel so lucky to have an idol like you, you’re an inspiration, a role model. You’ve always been there, and I know you’ll be there forever, through your music, you’ve SAVED MY LIFE, and i can’t thank you enough for this, and i bless the day I started to listen to you, because now I’d be lost, you gave me back to life. If I am angry, sad, happy, you’re there, you understand me like nobody ‘else. You are my salvation, you know? OH MY GOD THANK YOU. I will never leave you, I swear on my life. You can not get out of my life, because my life is you. As long as I have you i’ll never be alone, I know. Become Swiftie was the best thing I could do, okay. And it’s a promise this, darling, Swiftie is a promise. I love you to death,, I love you to live. Thank you for saving me.
Love, Alexis"


although alex’s family would probably still disagree with her vehemently, there was not one single regret she had about dropping out of college. after her first semester she knew it just wasn’t right for her – though she wouldn’t admit that the events of the previous spring had had a hand in the decision. in fact that was definitely the reason that she moved to los angeles instead of back to new york city. the thought of going back to that city for anything more than a family visit was nothing short of revolting. as time passed and she picked up a few minor roles in television shows and movies, not really ever finding anything of note, she fell into modeling. from there her career seemed to take off and although she was dubbed the new ‘it’ girl, she surely made herself into a fixture in the business.
by the time her twenty-first birthday rolled around, alex was nothing short of a household name and proud to be so. however, she wasn’t the only one who had found herself becoming a public figure. it wasn’t rare to hear his voice on the radio anymore and this drove the girl crazy. as much as she tried to insist that she was completely over her ex, the brunette still carried a torch. so although she had gotten great at switching the station whenever a familiar sounding song came on and ignoring just about any media that had to do with the man, any time she did catch a glance or hear a note, it felt just as awful as the last. 
award show season was a huge deal in california, but alex never really knew how big of a deal it was until this year. somehow over the almost two years she’d lived in this city, she’d found herself making fast friends with plenty of other up-and-comers. her closest friend was finally making a break into the world of music and was somehow even nominated for best new artist among other categories at the actual grammys. while it wasn’t her first answer, eventually the girl was coerced into accompanying her friend to the event, the two anxiously picking dresses and getting ready together.
the night started off far more fun than she had actually expected it to be, and messing around on the red carpet with her best friend made her glad she had agreed to go. after the two had found their seats with several of their other friends, they decided to check the place out, both excited to be at their first event like this. at least alex was excited until she saw a familiar face at the end of their row. only for a fraction of a moment did she let her emotions flicker across her face before looking back to her friend with a grin and suggesting they go mingle, trying to ignore how it so clearly felt like she had had the wind knocked out of her once again and not daring to glance back once more to confirm that she saw what she was sure she had.

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What did Eliza mean by "the fans will be very happy" in the TV guide interview about the finale? What fans? Because I'm pretty sure everyone is going to sad and upset with having to watch Lexa die yet again.

I’m pretty sure the only fans Eliza is talking about are Clexa fans. Let’s be real, every single interview she has she mentions Clexa or goes out of her way to mention how Clarke likes girls. “She’s a leader chick, who likes chicks.” Eliza knows who supports her the most. Clexa fans have been the most loyal and supportive and she empathizes with us. Also, she knows her audience and how Clexa to us is equal parts love for Lexa and Clarke and that is why we love Clexa so much. 

I am really torn and am trying not to get my hopes up for anything. (even though i think my theories make so much logical sense on both a story telling and business model.) Maybe what we will get is closure and that is it. But, ADC also said that she thinks that “people will be pleased with the way it pans out”. Idk what she was referencing (the finale, Clexa making up and falling in love, etc.), but it is possible that she is referring to the finale as well. 


can i just say that these pictures are indeed mine, no one else’s. this past weekend has been the best in my whole life. just look at how they all hold my waist like they’re holding me tight and close to them omg. AND I KISSED MATT ESPINOSA. i also kissed nash and jack and taylor and cameron and hayes and basically everyone there (on the cheek). is it weird to be completely in love with guys you’ve only talked to in person twice? and it was only for like 30 seconds too. okay so heres like the whole magcon experience i had:

so on friday was the VIP experience, and it started at 6. my friends and i got there at 5, and were #319, #320, and #321 out of like 600 girls there to meet the guys. so we waited for like 4 hours taking selfies in the crowd with the guys who would come up to us. hayes came over like 10 times because we had cupcakes (and i think he had a thing for my friend) and he said that we were his favorites. we also gave him cheese puffs and kisses on the cheek and hugs. and matt and cameron came over a few times, and aaron carpenter came (he followed me on twitter) and shawn shot nerf darts at us hahah. then when we finally go to meet them, they were soooo sweet. I’m taller than all of them, even the tallest guys (nash, jack gilinsky, shawn and matt) but only by like ½ inch. they went on their toes to be taller than me and it was adorable. I’m basically the same height as shawn and we were talking about how its cool to be tall haha. they said i was the tallest girl thats gone so far. when i went to cameron, i said “hey I’m really tall sorry” and he was so sweet he said “its alright beautiful, i get to take a picture with a model” and i died inside like omg. then we left and said goodbye to them 

on saturday the event started at 12 and my friends and i got to the hotel at 9am, waiting until they let us get in line at 10. we were like 5th in line and we were so excited. we ran to get spots at the front, right in front of nash’s table so we could give him our bag of stuff for him. he looked over at us a few times and we tried to talk to him but everyone was SO LOUD. then jack gilinsky came over a few times giving us hugs and taking pictures with us. nash went up on stage and said “hey guys i need some chapstick” so i threw my chapstick at him AND HE USED IT. i was screaming hahaha. he kept it and i saw him take it out a few times and talk to the guys about it. ( i think he was talking about how minty it is because it has like pure peppermint oil in it) then they had like performances and stuff and then cameron came over and i gave him the bag of stuff for him nash and matt and he gave me a hug and said thank you. but then he left it over by the dj and i was really sad:( then some girls and i were yelling at taylor telling him he was hot and then me and my friends and the other VIPs were getting really mad because the priority and general admission were getting to go meet them like 3 times but we had only gone once. so we started chanting “VIP” and they said “ok start lining up VIP” and we ran over but then they were like “jk lol” so we all got mad and chanted VIP again and then they said “ok start with 400-450” and people went in and then when our numbers were called we went in and i took a picture with jacob and carter and a picture of me kissing jack gilinskys cheek and he went on his toes again trying to be taller than me and i talked to jack johnson about hunter hayes (his look alike) and then i got to nash and he signed my shirt with a heart<3 and i told him i loved hims nd he winked and smiled and i told him about the chapstick too and he laughed and was like “idk where it is” and then i got to matt and talked to him about how they can’t kiss our cheeks and we have to kiss theirs for some weird reason. so i got a pic kissing his cheek and then i went to shawn and aaron and i talked to aaron about him following me on twitter and then taylor was so nice and cute and i took a funny picture with him too and THEN WHEN I WENT TO CAMERON OMG. i went over and he was like “oh theres the model, hey beautiful” and i died inside 4 times. then i was like “you left my bag over there” but he didn’t remember and then the security guards were pushing us away so i was like “okay bye i love you cameron” and he said “i love you beautiful” and then i went to hayes and then we left again. and we fangirled. ahhaha 

and now its 3 am and were trying to get hayes to follow us because we want his love. WE NEED IT. idk. okaybye 

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It's 25 years later and all the boys are gonna get married who they gonna be??

Well shit anon I’m not raven and have some hella psychic skills okay….but I’m still answering this cuz I have nothing better to do with my life…

I can Definitely see Cameron going for the California surfer type girl with blonde beachy waves and totally down to earth and a little tom boyish but incredibly flawless

Nash: hmmm ummm well either me ;) or I can see him going for at first the for some really famous Disney child star that’s his age and then she ends up cheating on him and he ends up going out with a long time fan of his but not like an obsessive fan like a real chill cool fan

Shawn: okay honestly if shawn doesn’t end up marrying a long time childhood friend from his home in Ontario then idk what life is any more

Matt: I’m thinking a famous vine/YouTube star someone who’s really funny and quirky (I’m thinking their gonna have glasses lol idk) but everyone loves her and they will ship her and matts relationship like theirs no tomorrow :)

Jack G: someone who’s a sex god is gonna end up marrying a sex goddess…just saying…. So I’m think some sort of long dark haired really tall European model with an accent yup I think that sums it up

Jack J: hmmmmmmmm ummmm well if shawn doesn’t end up marrying his childhood Bffl then it’s gonna be shawn or… Idk I can see him marrying a girl who’s the lead singer of a rock band tbh

Taylor: oooo tough. I’m stumped. I’m thinking a fan :D ya I can see that !!!

Aaron: princess Lauren. Yes.

Carter: I’m thinking someone short and has an alternative style with a lot of sass but she’s super fun and cool to be around