is this a miracle

  • Kise: Did you hear that? It sounded like.. Despair.
  • Midorima: That was probably me.
  • Kise: No, no, not bitterness. Despair.

Lynn: “It doesn’t matter what happened - or how. You should’ve told us.”

Caleb: “I didn’t even consider this as an option until Tyler made that terrible joke. Don’t tell me you would, mum.”

Lynn: “No, I wouldn’t. It’s really strange, but who cares? I’m so happy for you.”

Sebastian: “Aww don’t lie Lynn, your biggest reason to be happy is having third grandchild. She’s so tiny and sweet…oh look, she smiled at me!”

The grandparents took the news very well.

anyway i wanted to wait until after the episode to make sure i don’t change my mind but yep i think i’m just gonna become a book blog (not tsc tho not switching to the book fandom side lol no thanks) in a couple days so just a fyi like i know i’ve been kind of talking about it lately but i think it might be official now

I don’t usually do this ( guess it’s the first time) because I know it’s hard, it’s a little annoying & people usually don’t like oc kids but… Cat [ @redheadarcher mum] and I are forming a super small squad and we need this awesome guy here to join us. So would someone be interest on playing a Sam Wilson’s son, Stefan Wilson, with this lovely FC here?If yes, just come to our IMs or ask so we can tell you more about him & plot stuff!